Ripple/XRP-Binance & Ripple/UAE Connections,XRP/ETFs Supply & Demand Shock Incoming For Price

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines here well we know About binance and what happened to that But guess what there's some deep Ripple Connections you may not know about we're Going to hear from palao on the public Stable coin on or on the public stable Coin under the public Ledger my goodness I ate too much yesterday at Thanksgiving I can't even think we got that and so Much more what would the effects of the ETFs and etps be on xrp we're going to Take a look at it somebody roll that Beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now we are at $149 trillion market cap for crypto the Market is actually up 1.3% and I use the Word actually because we know it hasn't Been Bitcoin right now 37,700 plus ethereum $2,100 right now up 7.3 on the seventh Day keep an eye on that what's going on There and we have 88.5 billion plus Right now for tether market cap xrp is 61 cents up 0.9 on the 24hour up 1.6 on The 7day the range of price right now Between 61 cents on the bottom and 62 Cents on the top we know we're in a Crucial point right now whether we go up Or down we'll take a look at it before

We get out of here I want to tell you About this because it is Black Friday And pure VPN is running the Black Friday Special right now listen don't mess Around with your protection on the Internet I use many different layers of Protection on the internet and you could Get most of those layers right here for 83% off with your golden ticket for $344 a month are you Kidd kidding me Highspeed VPN secure password manager End to end file encryption and more Click the link for Pure VPN underneath The video I'm telling you you don't want To mess around when it comes to Different layers of security you want to Have as many in place as possible Michael Branch right here says a court In Puerto Rico I think that's correct capital of Montenegro has approved extradition of Terara founder Daquan to either South Korea or the unit United States H we'll Keep you posted then there was this for A brief time yesterday it says here Binance CEO ex binance CEO and founder CZ account had been restricted now there Was a comment underneath of this from Twitter or the reader poll thing that They have and said that this was Actually temporary and was only it was Restored after about an hour or what Have you but you know what this is why I've started the freedom Zone because of

What happened to the largest influencer In the xrp space digital asset investor Who still has not been reinstated this Also happened to metal law man who's Amazing and he was banned to I tell you We cannot afford to lose touch with one Another and we're having an incredible Conversation in time inside the freedom Zone click that link and for almost Nothing you can join in there and we can Stay connected forever without any worry Of something like this taking place Temporary or Longterm then we see this just in from The cftc says case against uh Chang Chang Pang Zhao CZ binance is just the Beginning of aggressive Pursuit says Whale wire and that there are no borders When it comes to Prosecuting non us Entities the money laundering charges Are merely the tip of the iceberg There's a lot more they're going to Discover now that they have access to All of binance's Records uhoh but you Know What the person who was put in place was Richard Tang Abu Dhabi based Lulu Financial Holdings appointments for adgm fsra CEO Richard tank Lulu Financial is a ripple Partner and now this guy is the new head CEO of binance oh it gets better because Again like I said Ripple is a partner With Lulu Finance over in the

UAE then Dark Horse shared this here as A reminder to everybody there's an even Deeper connection remember this guy Norman Reed I've met this guy had lunch With him he's a great guy super smart That's for sure this is the guy that Signed off on the finsen settlement with Ripple when he was there general counsel At the time uh for ripple and now General counsel at binance us this gets Very interesting seeing the connections Here to the UAE and Lulu Financial now The head CEO Richard Tang general Counsel Norman Reed used to be at Ripple You things that make you go H you know Shout out to Dark Horse for that Reminder right there and then we go to This which is xrp approved by Dubai's Financial Services Authority in the UAE Nice Richard Tang as we said working in The U AE Richard Tang the former Abu Dhabi Financial regulator named as a new Binance Chief binance wins operational License in Dubai let me guess this is Just a coincidence exactly there are no Coincidences at this level right things Are happening here and it's quite Exciting to see it all take place then There's this I'm not going to play the Whole thing here but I just want to grab A quick clip here remember palow is been Has been and in the process still of Piloting a stable coin project on the Public xrp Ledger now this is extremely

Exciting let's listen to this Quick Clip Here so why a stable coin specifically We use the word stable coin because uh We are an American a former American Territory uh so we still have a lot of The American influence uh including in Our banking system we use the US dollar Our major banks are all us branch banks From the Region Bank of Hawaii Bank of Guang Bank Pacific uh but they operate Under US Federal rules that doesn't Always uh help people in country to Access Financial Services or to be Included in banking per se so the uh Stable coin is a way that that allows us To bridge uh using technology those Challenges and allow people to Access Financial Services and make payments and That itself will help grow our economy And make our economy more efficient a US Dollar stable coin on the public xrp Ledger I like hearing about it that's Good stuff keep your eye on it then There was this here from Crypt Basics Crypt Basics Says grayscale debuts new crypto sector Index series is ETF weit continues now We all know ETFs for Bitcoin and Ethereum spot Bitcoin ETFs in Ethereum are in the waiting for SEC Approval and this is exciting now this Article says here according to Crypt Basics Grace scale world's largest Crypto asset manager company with over

30 billion in assets under management is Expanding its offering today the company Announced launching a grayscale crypto Sectors index Series in partnership with The leading Global index manager ftsc Russell grayscale latest offering aims To provide investment opportunities Investors who wish to diversify their Portfolio Beyond Bitcoin and ethereum According to Grace scale CEO Michael Sherson uh the company has seen Increased interest from investors Seeking such exposure and often turns to Grayscale support and understanding the Emerging asset class you can see is Posted there but it goes on here and Basically saying uh in this according to Grace scale's rating the currency sector Include crypto assets that primarily Play the role of being either a store Value or medium of exchange or unit of Account the company's groups Bitcoin Bitcoin cash xrp and Litecoin under this Sector then they go and talk about smart Contracts and put ethereum salana Cardano and polka dot and Tron in the Smart contracts platform sector uh as Well so look this is exciting because we Already knew about this right here shout Out to Wall Street bulls for this and we Covered it as well Etc group physical Xrp right and this is an exchang traded Product right and there are exchange tra Traded products different kinds and one

Of those kinds of exchange traded Products is ETFs an exchang traded fund So it's like saying exchang traded Product is like saying automobiles right And exchange traded fund is like Defining a car versus a truck right They're different products inside of Etps and I've had a couple questions About that so I wanted to clear that up But we know that these things are coming Our way and already exist in some areas Of the world already so what does this Mean I wanted to put this out because I Believe that this is a great way I'm a Visual learner I love it so this is what I wanted to put together here think About this for a moment what supply and Demand effects for etps and ETFs looks Like for an asset like xrp that will Also have a growing demand for its use Case utility for crossb payments and Beyond if you look at xrp supply and Demand on on this chart you see xrp Supply and it starts off with these ETP ETFs right and people wanting to invest In them in that demand well that means That those funds have to go to the xrp Supply and grab it and lock it up into Custody once they lock that up to back The actual fund which has to be done Then you have to understand that that is No longer available for payments now Uphold and ripple are actually going Live in December of this year next month

And days Away with payments together which is Really a live living breathing breathing Version of Ripple liquidity Hub in Junction with Uphold to serve payments back in this is Going to be massive for everyone Involved but again that is going to Create a bigger demand for using xrp Every day because the market Participants demand for payments will be Necessary and they're going to want to Take advantage of what they can get and The savings and the speed and efficiency Of getting it done immediately that Demand on the xrp Supply Plus locking up The crypto for these backing These funds That are going to continue to grow can Really drain non OnDemand liquidity Exchanges of the asset bringing it Underneath of the fold of the large Institutions which they want anyway but The also the other effect which we would All love to see is what happens to price Effect over over time when you lock up The actual asset and you can't unlock it Because you're backing a fund and you Got to demand every day for payments That are constantly growing ultimately The price is going to go up for xrp how Quick how fast I don't know but here's What's going on on the chart egg rag Crypto says xrp escaping the descending Channel possible inverse Head and

Shoulders if the breakout is not legit And a fake out then we need to retest The DC and build build the formation of Inverse Head and Shoulders marget a Measured Target is 70 but now if we look At this and you can see where he's got His here right here so we have to watch To see if this actually finishes forming And then we go on to test and try to Reach up to that 70 cents if not we have To pay attention that we could go all The way down the 53 or 50 Cent region Here and find support hopefully we don't Go any lower than that but if we do I Know what I'm going to do I've been in This space a long time and that's not Financial advice but what I do love here Is that xrp uh uh Army stay steady Because in the future our targets will Be $70 $700 and so on and I believe this I Believe this and I know that we watched It happen for Bitcoin and we watched it Happen for ethereum right I certainly Got to see it happen for ethereum no Doubt about it and I watched ethereum go From like eight bucks to I forget what It was 800 bucks or 500 bucks I can't Remember it was a a massive jump in a Very short period of time because look Let's understand this regardless of the Free pass that ethereum had regardless Of eth gate and how it got that free Pass we do know that ethereum is smart

Contracts there's functionality there That didn't exist in bitcoin's network That demand created an enormous run on The asset itself why couldn't it happen For xrp I don't see why it can't happen The other thing is is that we also have Learned since then that ethereum gets More expensive as it goes so there is a Hurdle and many hurdles in front of Ethereum as well we also know it's a Siloed Island that's why it's so Exciting about the Xs-3 which is a cross chain to the evm To really allow interoperability between The xrp Ledger and ethereum network that Is hugely exciting combined all of that With ETFs etps and the demand for Payments constantly growing over time I Couldn't be more excited that I'm here This early and I hope you are too not Financial advice from me or anyone else Join us in the freedom Zone ladies and Gentlemen I tell you the freedom Zone You can join for next to nothing but if You want to get into deep level Conversations about wealth creation how To protect your wealth how to grow your Wealth how to understand the market and The market conditions the dpmg is where You want to be it truly is a mastermind Group and with a very new special that Is very affordable for everybody to be Involved you really cannot afford to not Be in one or both of these groups and as

A reminder if you join the dpmg you will Get the freedom zone for free I will see All of you on the next One


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