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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have for you here Automated market makers what are they How do they work we've got it for you Vanc advises raas registered investment Advisors on xrp Clarity ladies and Gentlemen black rocks in the news and so Is Swift in 80% a high value payments You're going to love it somebody rolled Up beautiful Intro Digital perspectives with Brad KES come On In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now 1.08 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is off by 1.3% Bitcoin 26,700 Plus right now 1500 plus for ethereum Teda market cap 83.4 billion plus number Five Spot is xrp at 47 cents now falling Like a manhole cover from the sky off by 9% on the 7 day and 1.8 in the last 24 Hours not what we want to see but you Know what this is it's linked to it's Where you can get access to private Equity the best private equity in fact In the world and you can get it at a Minimum affordable minimums and I tell You all you need to do is to go register Right now to get started they have Changed Chang the game over at link 2 it Is no longer just for the ultra wealthy With these new affordable minimums you

Won't believe the opportunities that Exist on this platform right now Ripple Is available but that window is closing Ladies and gentlemen and so many other Great opportunities and you can buy link To private Equity as well which is Already announced they're going public In the near term so don't mess around Click the link to the sponsor and take Advantage of the opportunity here we Start with Paul gral here who has been a Target from coinbase of SEC uh Ripple and all of us as xrp Holders certainly know about this Wishing them the best he says today the SEC provides uh the court ordered update To the third circuit in coinbase's Me mandamus excuse me action yesterday The SEC staff made some kind of Recommendation to the commission related To our rule making petition that's it That's the whole update and it's right Here it says Council for the uh security Exchange Commission submit this update In response to the court June 20 23 Order and in April 23 it says here Coinbase filed a petition to the r Mandamus seeking compel commission to Act on coin bases July 22 uh rulemaking Petition within seven days and then it Says here uh the commission filed a Response and then coinbase filed a reply Thereafter in response the council the Commission submitted a letter addressing

The status of coinbase will Mak a Petition explaining that under the Circumstances the staff anticipated that It will be in a position to make a Recommendation to the commission Regarding coin bases rulemaking petition Within 120 days and that should the Court be dis uh disinclined to deny the Mand Davis petition at this time Council For the commission can provide the court With a status report at the expiration Of that period by October 11th and Basically here the court stated that it Would retain jurisdiction but will not Rule at this time on the mandamus Petition and ordered the commission to Update the court I tell you this is a Lot of just stalling what a quagmire all Of this is you know uh just despicable The SEC and what they've done to this Entire space he Paul gral says we're Grateful that the court ordered inspired This small step but a formal public Answer to the petition is still long Overdue and that's the problem here Right and given their ongoing Enforcement campaign against crypto the SEC should at least tell the court its Timeline for a decision no more kicking The can down the road please and he even Says please but you know what it's it's This is what the SEC does and it's Obstructive at the very least it's Obstructive and beyond that it gets it

Gets quite Dark which I lean into heavily here but Nevertheless you can't talk about Certain things on the channel things Will happen to you free deai why is he Not back on the Twitter xplatform It's ridiculous I have it pinned at the Top of my profile please share and tag Let's keep it alive let's get Dai back On this platform you know uh I will be Making changes to the format of what I Offer as well I have been victim as well Of multiple multiple censorship moments In my career in the influencer world and It just there comes a time when you have To make a pivot to try to take the power Back because the freedom of speech is Not what they say it is I tell you that And here's uh not so stable from Michael Branch polygon based stable coin Usdr backed by ill liquid real estate Assets has lost its Peg and Fallen below A dollar trading at 54 cents at the time Of writing this you know uh I I had a Conversation back in 2019 very quickly With David Schwarz and one of the parts Of that conversation we had was about How stable coins themselves uh you know Are usually ped to one thing right here It's real estate Assets in other cases It's pegged to a dollar of some sort you Know and that really can be the Vulnerability and as it is exposed here And just like we saw with terara Luna I

Mean we've seen this over and over again But you know I think there is a Direction we could go and The xrp Ledger Has reached 83 million ledgers closed Underscoring the evolution as a smart Contracts hubs Hub and then it says here R Ripple is expanding globally with a Focus on the Mena region sologenic is Contributed to its mission of attracting Institutional investors and I say as the Introduction of automated market makers Come on the scene it could change the Integrity or characteristics of what xrp Looks like to a regulator we'll get into That but how do you say Ripple net Without saying Ripple net well I tell You you say it with the digital pound Foundation involved and essentially this Is what they describe is Rip on that I'm Not going to play the whole clip but Take a listen solution that also fits in Uh with with the risk appetite of Regulatory regulated fmis like the Banks I think Laura you also had some Thoughts on um Innovative applications In the payments and cash management in The credity management Space yeah so maybe along similar lines To um you know what sh see you've been Saying um um but if you think about sort Of you know digital settlement assets as A sort of you know a kind of used in Payments and you know how are payments And and and what sort of needs are there

Particularly say around sort of Treasury Liquidity Management in payments I think You can potentially see some use cases Advantages um to having um you know a Technology and system where you know you Can use Smart contracts and thinking About sort of liquidity Management um kind of you know zero Balancing and all of those kinds of Products that are out there today to to Help corporate groups and and others Kind of manage where are there you know Where are their funds sitting um how are They working most efficiently again I Think you can see advantages potentially For for the technology to just make that More efficient more Automated I agree and we do know that That as ISO Samurai rightfully points Out Ripple net does not have Smart Contracts though he's absolutely correct In that but I thought the same thing That Mr Man did he said The xrp Ledger Does not have native smart contracts is Correct but don't forget about Hooks right and don't forget about Codius wherever that is right think About that but they are describing what Sounds a lot like ripplet to me and Don't forget you know I'm highlighting This because it's a rip it was the Digital pound foundation for which Ripple is a part of even though they Weren't in that particular discussion

Now where are we in this cycle of crypto Winner and you're going to hear in 49 Seconds here past and also like Economical crisis so how do we compare This one to the previous ones and what We can what can we learn from past Crisis and from this One um yeah I think the positive thing Is that we know it's a cycle and so we Know after the winter comes to Spring Which is which is nice we by now we also Know that um there's like a similar Price development though uh depending on Which cycle also on different orders of Of Magnitude we see similar behaviors we See what is for instance very typical That um if you have a crypto winter good News tend to be Ignored that's right and we are in a Crypto winner where good news is being Ignored because it doesn't show up in Price reflection and what a mistake and Shortsighted approach that is to this Market I believe and here we see here Just to show you very quickly here 80% expected by November 2023 cannot Wait till 2025 no major changes expected There shout out to let's do it uh and Basically what he's talking about here If I could just get you to this it Basically says according to the Swift Statistics over 80% of the banks plan to Use

Iso20022 format by November 2023 and we Know as I talked about in my earlier Video this morning that that will be a Coexisting phase that we are currently In right now and that will run till 2025 As I understand it so very very exciting Because iso20022 a messaging language That has been ad opted as the Standardization to messaging uh for Financial payments is really been around For more than a decade but nevertheless They've set it up so they can Standardize the payment messaging world And open up the coding to be able to Move digital tokenized uh uh assets Along with that messaging which is Really where the standardization comes Into play now Black Rock completed a Transaction on derivatives Market using Onyx the blockchain platform developed By JP Morgan the transaction used Tokenized collateral ladies and Gentlemen just very quickly here let's Take a look at it it says the asset Manager use these tokens to settle a Transactions with bar Clays in an Over-the-counter trade these operations Occur between two parties in detail Regarding the price order size and other Details remain hidden from the public This from T Tom McGrath the Deputy Chief Operating Officer cash management group At BlackRock says money market funds Play an important role in providing

Liquidity to investors in times of high Market volatility the tokenization of Money market fund shares as collateral In clearing and margining transactions Would dramatically reduce the Operational friction in meeting margin Calls when segments of the market face Acute margin pressures this is huge Seeing Black Rock take part in this Right here with the onyxx platform Developed by JP Morgan this is telling Me that there is a crypto winner but There will be a crypto spring and it Sounds like utility and the use of this Utility of this blockchain DLT and Tokenization of traditional market Products that's what's coming and There's more evidence of it right here As vanc is advising registered Investment advis that tokens are not Securities if purchased in blind bid ask Transactions like xrp in the Ripple Versus SEC case and here it is right Here if you take a quick look at this And we just go into this very quickly Here it says this right here on vanc It's saying as documented in the Ripple LA versus SEC summary judgment on July 13 23 I don't think any of us will Forget that date PR programmatic Secondary sales of the tokens are not Considered to be Securities while this Case is still in trial it provides some Clarity and a reference of how the

Trading of tokens in blind bid and ass Transactions on decentralized exchanges And protocol is currently perceived by The courts major major piece there for Vanc to be showcasing that judgment for Basically registered investment advised Is known as IRAs right so that is really Really key shout out to R com for that Here from Bon Ripple CTO clarifies The automated market makers amendments Limited impact on xrp Ledger performance A developer questioned CPU usage and Schwarz emphasizes it's a minor concern Automated market makers integrated with Xrp Ledger core payment and liquidity Features remain valuable and as of today The automated Market maker is something That is being voted on right now and as I as I know of it there's only one vote From ripple at the moment we'll have to See what happens there I don't know if It's going to make the cut but here is a Great clip here by Daniel from casino Coin and he shares a six minute really Powerful video if you want to understand Everything about automated market makers He's got it right there in that video he Did and shout out to him that's the Contribution to the community we all Need there that is leveling everybody up And I was good I was glad to watch it Because it made sure that I I do Understand it exactly the way it goes so Thank you to Daniel for that and I want

To give you this little short piece out Of this where you can get it in a Nutshell about automated market makers Take a quick listen what is an automated Market maker amm an amm is like a robot Banker that helps people easily swap Different types of money using a big Shared Pot people who add money to the pot get Special tokens and can earn earn fees From the swaps but there are some risks If the market changes a Lot they can also vote on settings and Bid for fee discounts if the pot empties The robot goes away but can be brought Back by refilling the Pot an amm can help you to enjoy the Convenience of instant hassle-free Trading if you want to learn more check The comments for the link to the full Video and it's a great full video I Don't have time to show it today but it Is powerful you can find it on my Profile again shout out to Daniel from Casino coin for putting that out and I Want to say that with automated market Makers ultimately making their way to The Ledger at some point maybe not right Now but at some point I believe it could Create a discussion about how it could Change the characteristics of how xrp is Seen as a virtual currency certainly not A security but to the regulatory Industry and how and the financial

Industry at that point 2 so uh or Regulatory uh agencies I should say Rather so this gets extremely exciting For me ladies and gentlemen don't rule Out the fact that automated market Makers could change the conversation and Have xrp looked at as a stable coin Because an automated Market maker works As a stabilization mechanism not Financial advice from me or anyone else It's just my digital perspectives I'll Catch all of you on the next One


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