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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines quiet desperation Equals a plan for your Escape I'm going To give that to you today and we're Going to talk about global warming is it Something that's happening or is it just Another attempted tyranny somebody wrote That beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on In welcome back to the show everybody You can follow us on Twitter and YouTube For exclusive content right now the Crypto Market is $1.55 trillion it's up 1.8% and by the way you could be one of The people that is living their life in Quiet desperation well I'm going to give You the plan for your Escape today in The freedom Zone I hope you will click The link and join us as well as we will Take on global warning warming and what That really is I'm going give that to You in multiple angles inside the Freedom Zone as well right now Bitcoin 39,400 plus ethereum 2,100 plus as it's Still moving up tether market cap 89.5 Billion plus xrp 62 cents right now up 2.2 on the 24-hour off a half% on the 7day range of price really quickly very Tight right now 6138 on the bottom 6319 on the top it's opened up a little Bit but we're sitting smack dab in the Middle at 62 cents and right now ladies And gentlemen it's link to private

Equity if you haven't done it what are You waiting for join the over half a Million registered users click the link Below sign up and register and find out What's available to you you're not going To believe it yeah send me a message Like the hundreds and hundreds of others That I've heard from that are just Incredibly happy happy about the Opportunities they've discovered don't Count yourself out Now right here we start with this the Secc sought Jeff or chief judge Robert Shelby's backing through an expar filing Meaning without notifying defendants now Before we go any further this is all Based off of steuart alder's tweet that We covered the other day where he called Out the massive inconsistencies I'm Politely referencing Uh that were made and cited by different Judges in court cases from the SEC court Case against ripple from the one in Coinbase case and then the grayscale Case and how the judges in each of those Cases have cited the uh improperly imp I I should say improper approach to these Cases uh by citing the faithful they Lacked a faithful allegiance to the law And uh they had a duty to respond in Good faith the coinbase's petition and The court finds that the SEC was Inconsistent in their treatment and Arbitrary and capricious in the

Grayscale case it's like the list goes On and on with what has happened here It's really really despicable and with That we go back to what uh Cowboy crypto Cited here asserted required emergency Action given attempts to transfer assets And investor funds abroad shall be later Found the SEC urgent claims were Misleading or outright False no proof was found that asserts or That asset transfers overseas were Happening when the SEC applied for an Asset freeze statements also imply the Commission's investigation was covert Which what has not been established now This is more Despicable actions Happening inside of the SEC a long list Now in multiple different cases when is Congress going to act not only for Legislation putting the SEC back in its Own lane but when are they going to Issue the subpoenas that they they Threaten that they going to Do oh boy vote them out I don't give a Crap what side of the aisle they're on Vote them out until they start hearing Our Voice vote them Out Rosie re xrp's primary purpose is Facilitating crossb payments while other Cryptos find their value in Speculation clearly distinguishing here That there's use case for xrp that will Determine its price it's young life has Been hung up in speculation because of a

Lack of clarity hello Congress and again China out in front Releasing their digital Yuan we know What they did this was from back in 2021 Setting the stage for the conversation Today this is Anthony welfare advisor For ripple here I'm not going to play This entire clip so uh let's check this Out I want to talk about a major point That he brings up here taking cbdc Seriously we work lots of different Banks the most important part though is To start with stable and resilient and Secure base if you think about cbdc it's The country's money it's the Sovereign Nation money it's the most important Money Digital currency whatever we call it That we have in our countries and there You have it he's giving respect and Paying homage to the current currencies Of the world and where they are the most Important the most respected currencies Of the world going back to the idea and Understanding what Rosie Rios has told Us years ago the primary purpose of xrp Is to facilitate crossb payments we also Know settlement of derivatives products And things of that nature as well which Also have huge crossb uh implications But the reality here is it doesn't Compete it's not a speculative asset While like other cryptos as she Highlights there he's highlighting in

This that xrp does not infringe on the Other currencies but actually Complements the other currencies and Helps take and remove the friction from The system now here we have a couple Powerful clips from pegas salani the Head of payments products at Ripple Alongside of Google and NASA as she Breaks down the Legacy system is a $1.6 Trillion problem with a 6% failure rate How about that one let's listen to this Clip Pega suani peka is the head of Payment products at Ripple where she Leads development for Ripple's payment Solutions which leverages crypto Liquidity and blockchain Technology to Enable crossb payments Globally prior to joining Ripple she Held a variety of leadership and Consultancy roles in financial Technology across early stage and Established companies including McKenzie And Morgan Stanley pegga holds a Bachelor's from University of British Columbia and an MBA from London Business School so welcome to each of the Panelists and we shall start ladies First what specific advantages Does cryptocurrency offer in the realm Of Crossborder payments and what is the Compelling Utility thanks Lisa and great to be here With Bryce and Chris as well nice to

Meet everyone uh so to answer your Question let's start with level setting On some of the pain points I know There's a lot of people from different Industries in the audience and Traditional cost border payments today Are done based on what's called Correspondent Banking and correspondent Banking networks use really old Technology so it's pre- internet era Pre- digitization of Commerce it's Really fragmented super error prone and Results in slow payments And it also results in a lot of capital Trapped around the world where people Try to mask some of the issues by Pre-positioning capital in the fintech Space we've seen a lot of apps come out They make a shiny front end try to Enhance the user experience make it Pretty whatever but the back end remains Very much the same old system that was Used for decades and blockchain and Crypto can really address this Infrastructure layer to provide better Efficient more transparent payments for Consumers crypto solutions for crossb Payments like Ripple payments that we've Built they modernize the payment stack So as a result customers can have always Available payments so right now payments Are limited by Bank hours or holidays or Weekends with crypto it's on all the Time

247 Global real-time Settlement and that removes prefunding The capital that people are having Having to put around the world and Provides it at a lower cost at Ripple in Particular we use xrp to bridge between Different Fiat currencies and xrp runs On xrp Ledger which settles in two to Three seconds um and we've used the Solution to serve hundreds of customers Around the world achieved various types Of savings and the savings are Multi-dimensional one bucket is around Financial savings so that's removing the Prefunding because it's 3 to 5 days to Settle other otherwise and it's also Removing lost Revenue because if you Haven't forecasted properly or planned Properly for the payments that you need To do then you can't serve that customer The second Buck KET is around Operational costs so error rates can be As high as 6% and every time a payment Fails like there's people literally Calling each other or like maybe fax Machines but it's quite expensive and Then the third is maintaining the um Legacy technology that these systems are Running on which is estimated at $1.6 Trillion annual cost for the industry Now think of that $16 trillion just to Run and maintain the Legacy system that Everything is failing at 6% error rate On yeah that's not a solution for the

Future make rate there but Ripple and The xrp Ledger is ladies and gentlemen And what's it going to take it's going To take Congress it's going to take Fsock it's going to take the treasury The FED that sit on fso and the other Agencies as well I believe working Together collaboratively because stable Coins are not just the on and off ramp As we all understand that's how you get In and get out of the digital asset Space they are also the golden brick That is going to bring banking 247 360 5 Into the new world into the fourth Industrial Revolution because once you Have legislation properly in place for Stable coins banks will not have to sit On the sideline anymore instantly as I Said they'll be 247 365 and then you're Going to have a real need for a bridge Asset to settle all of this digital Friction that's moving around to speed Up the paper world take a listen here The Federal Reserve has a strong Interest in ensuring that any stable Coin offering operate within an Appropriate Federal credential oversight Framework but when are you going to move Into stable coins Yes When Yes now that seems very calculated to me Cuz like yes we're excited too but it Sounds like a very SM smart business

Calculated move like we need Clarity Without saying we need Clarity is what I'm hearing here we get clarity and We'll happily dive into stable coins but Maybe it's just that they don't want to Dive into stable coins deeply until There is legislation so there's no Question about what's taking place on The xrp Ledger isn't it look I I think The stable coin Market is fascinating uh Uh will we do or say more than that not Today the federal not today we say more Than that not today why is that such a Touchy subject why is that such a place That Brad can't Go why is that I find it fascinating I Really do the reserve has a strong Interest in ensuring that any stable Coin offering operate within an Appropriate Federal credential oversight Framework there it is the potentially Fast and wide adoption of a global Stable coin potentially a Global Currency governed only by the incentives Of a private company only by the Incentives of a private company is Something that will deserve and will Receive the highest level of regulatory Expectations and you know this is the Thing right here and look give 24 hours Crypto follow for putting this Great Clip together it goes on and on and on You get the point Point Here Jerome pal from the Federal Reserve

Isn't saying Global stable coin for no Reason something's Coming is it a new Dollar on the back of Xrp is xrp the new wholesale cbdc for The United States back end there's Multiple ways that this could Go multiple ways that this could go and I'm excited to see which one of them is The way that it goes and until then dark Defender reminds us here that $188 in the short term xrp is continuing Towards it however we need to see the Primary and most substantial level is Still met which is 66 cents we're Currently at 62 because the Fibonacci Level says so that's the weekly Trend Intersect right there the weekly candle Closes to this level it says uh bullish Indicators it says I expect xrp to break Here next week to continue the $1 Target And I wouldn't be upset about it and I Know you wouldn't either but right now It's time for us to get into the freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen where we are Going to give you the plan for your Escape for anyone who is living their Life in quiet desperation and I know There's a bunch out here but I also know That someone out here is going to be Triggered to take action after they hear It we got that so much more in the Freedom zone for the cost of a cup of Coffee you can be in tune with it all And zero Google ads on The Daily content

We provide on the channel as well as Well as a private full access digital Perspectives telegram group join us Inside ladies and gentlemen not Financial advice from me or anyone else I'll catch all of you on the next One


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