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Hello this is Matt on the moon family Set day and channel I've got three Stories to share with you in this latest Tepid Jam I'll be starting with this one From you today Ripple CTO hence at Satoshi nakamoto's identity and reason For enormous wealth untouched and one of The things that I do want to highlight Is that uh Bitcoin Maxis are incredibly Inconsistent when it comes to the logic For the things they purportedly believe And hypocritical because as it turns out Satoshi Nakamoto has a ton of Bitcoin And could take markets but what did they Say about uh Ripple holding the amount Of xrp that they hold Um also looks like there's a some some Level of collusion between United States Senator Elizabeth Warren and Gary Ginsler there is a senate of a hearing And I believe it was September of 2021 And testimony was given and by attorney Gary ginzer to questions it turns out he Had beforehand Kid you not and this has been on Earth Thanks to Um I believe it's a not-for-profit and He that ended up doing a a requesting Rather some documents for your requests Freedom of Information Act request and Uh Sheriff you would attorney Hogan as Well as attorney Deaton had to say about This and then there's this headline from Coindesk Department of Justice claims

Sam bankman freed tried to influence Witness testimony asks for Communications man Ah now folks I do not have a legal Background of any kind but um that Sounds illegal to me what do you think Cucumber loving son of a is at it Again but before going further I do be Clear I do not have a legal or financial Background of the kind I'm not offering Legal or financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube videos about crypto related Topics but just as a hobby and just for Fun all right so into the first topic And I will note that there are there Have been all sorts of people over the Years speculating that actually David Schwartz himself you know of course you Know co-creator of xrp and The xrp Ledger Ripple CTO currently uh there's Been all sorts of uh speculation that Perhaps David Schwartz being the genius That he quite literally is uh David Schwartz is Satoshi Nakamoto the creator Of Bitcoin and so here is an article as Recently as October of this past year Titled Ripple CTO David Schwartz denies Being Satoshi Nakamoto and this type of Thing has been discussed for years and One of the things that cited in this Article is David Schwartz uh publicly

Stating that he actually didn't even Know about Bitcoin until 2011 but still Who might Satoshi Nakamoto be well Here's the headline again from you today Ripple CTO hence that Satoshi nakamoto's Identity and reason for enormous wealth Untouched and rather than read the Article I'm just going to go to the Source of what's prompted the article to Be written so we can discuss it it's This Twitter thread that's on your Screen there's an xrp Community member Named Stefan Huber who just yesterday Wrote The Following what I will never Understand The 100 certainty that Satoshi Nakamoto Is gone the probability that he simply Gave up his alter ego and holds much More in other walls isn't low isn't it And if it was a group then the Probability is even greater so pause to Think about that like all sorts of People speculate that the reason we Haven't seen any of satoshi's Bitcoin Move but again it's it's over one uh one Million Bitcoin out of a total Supply Ultimately once it's all mined of 21 Million that's you know that's he has Over five percent of the supply well if There's speculation that's because Satoshi nakamoto's dead but what if Satoshi nakamoto's a bunch of people Doesn't that increase the odds that's What Stefan Huber's getting out here and

It's a perfectly good point to make but If it's a bunch of people well David Schwartz responded to that and said a Group of people just decided to forget About a claim worth tens of billions of Dollars Look although technically possible it's Kind of hard to believe and so I Understand like the more time passes the More confident people are that oh yeah Bitcoin's never going to move well maybe It never does but I'm not as confident As the people that think that and in Fact if anything Um you know the longer this goes on the More people are brought into the world Of crypto and Bitcoin that are Potentially at risk of this happen now For me I understood this risk back in 2017. and so I decided I'm going to buy Bitcoin and hold it anyway and then I Understood how much xrp Ripple had I Said you know what I'm going to buy xrp And hold it anyway And if bad stuff happens bad stuff Happens but you know once once the Bitcoin or xrp is dumped anyway it's Just like okay well it's done then Um and now a ripple employee another Ripple employee Neil hartner jumped in And responded to David Schwartz and said Maybe they lost the keys and decided to Let the Mystique live on rather than Admit even the smartest people can lose

Seed phrases to which David Schwartz Responded that makes sense it could also Have been a group of people and some of Them have died leaving the remainder Unable to access the keys and so you Know that's something that's possible Too but if you're part of the group that Is Satoshi Nakamoto assuming it's a Collective which seems more probable Than just one single individual I Suspect anyway uh you're just gonna be Like uh yeah you keep the keys I'm not Gonna worry about it really is it why Just because it started zero dollars I Mean I guess it's possible where people I mean they back then not so confident That you know Bitcoin would be as world Changing as it certainly has been to This point you know creating an entirely New asset class I guess it's possible Here but I'm just saying like the idea Of that Bitcoin never moving I think Okay fine maybe it doesn't ever but Are we sure I mean look people have been Talking about this forever like look at This article from October 31st of 2017. It's about a week and a half before I I Jumped into crypto myself It's looking from 2017 what if Satoshi Nakamoto sold all his Bitcoin today it's An article from cointelegraph and I'm Going to cover just a small part of it Uh Matt Greene a cryptocurrency Professor at Johns Hopkins University

Says Nakamoto has the power to tank the Currency if he wants to bitcoin has a Finite supply of 21 million which is Expected to be reached by the year 2140. Nakamoto's 1 million Bitcoin amounts to 5 of the entire cryptocurrency and by The way I'll note I saw another article Where it's actually closer to 1.1 Million but anyway uh Matt Greene said Quote The thing about Bitcoin is if you Control a million of them you have the Ability to flood the market at any point Think of them as rare baseball cards They're valuable because they're rare if Somebody could dump hundreds of Thousands of Mickey Mantle trading cards Rare ones onto the market they wouldn't Be worth so much anymore end quote Exactly and so this is where I would get To the point that I mentioned at the Outside of the video the hypocritical And you know completely ridiculous Bitcoin Maxis out there you say uh look Xrp my God it's it's obviously Centralized because Ripple holds a bunch Of it never mind that it's not proof of Stake so that makes no damn sense from a Technical perspective you know just like With Bitcoin the amount of uh you know Bitcoin held It has nothing to do with having special Permissions over the blockchain same With xrp so it's a nonsense argument but

If you're purely talking about you know Power to dump on the market fine so Ripple's got a little bit less than half Of total xrp and you're talking about Satoshi Nakamoto with five percent well Five percent versus close to 50 okay Fine big big difference but I'm telling You even with five percent if that all Hits the market the price plummets it Will send people into Terror and they Will Panic sell and they will Financially wreck themselves the risk is Just as real with the Bitcoin as it is With xrp when you're talking about Holding five percent that is so much That if all hits the market at once Uh it doesn't matter whether it's it's It might as well it might as well be Almost it doesn't matter at that point Because mind you it's you say five Percent you might think oh it's just Five percent it's only five percent Reason well no no that's not quite how This works first of all not quite all Bitcoin has been mined but also not all Of it is available for sale in fact most Bitcoin is not available for sale last I Checked and admittedly it's probably Been like a year and a half but they Were like at any given moment maybe I Can't remember if it was like a few Million Bitcoin for sale The rest of it's either lost or in Cold Storage this or that not on exchanges

Whatever so if you're talking about Going from like you know three million Bitcoin being available for sale to 8 Million Bitcoin being available for sale You wreck the market and so I just Wanted to highlight this it's just the Idiocy nonsense from the Bitcoin Max is Like well but Ripple's got some sort of Okay fine so they got almost half but I'm telling you in terms of what's Available on the market it doesn't make A difference and then don't forget also Ripple does have uh you know the vast Amount of their xrp escrowed anyway so There's that to consider Uh on to the next topic now uh xrp Community remember Kryptonite Share this as a video clip uh and it was This was on Fox news by the way and Wrote these people need to answer for The blatant corruption and so this is Actual evidence and this is not a maybe The person did this thing though this Happened United States Senator Elizabeth Warren uh her she sent or people on her Behalf sent to Gary ginsler's office uh The questions that would be asked at a Senate hearings and I believe it was Again September of 2021. And and so not only were the questions Sent but recommended answers to the Questions were also sent to Gary ginsler I kid you not What a song and dance folks it's a show

And and look at there are a couple Quotes on your screen right here I'll Read those to you and so this is again From Elizabeth Warren our or her office It doesn't matter I mean if it's on her Behalf it's it doesn't it's the same Thing as far as I'm gonna split here's That but anyway quote let me know if You're okay with the questions as Currently written end quote that's right You don't like the questions that if They're a little bit too tough let me Know we'll change them in fact here's Another quote from Elizabeth Warren or Somebody from her office regardless Let me know if it's looking like the Chair has any issues with the framing of The questions definitely don't want to Put them in a tough spot end quote Oh Yeah poor little Kim Jong games you Don't want to put him in a tough spot Mike isn't this gross and disgusting and So I looked up the actual definition of The word collusion on Merriam-Webster Here and the definition is as follows Secret agreement or cooperation Especially for an illegal or deceitful Purpose well I'll tell you this at a Minimum that sure as hell is deceitful That is a secret agreement that they Didn't intend to get out they didn't Know that a Freedom of Information Act Request would be satisfied and that it Would end up being blasted out on Fox

News but it was And so attorney Jeremy Hogan he was Tagged in a question by XR plumber XR Plumber on Twitter wrote hey xrp lawyers Does Senator Warren emailing Gary Ginsler the questions she would ask Before a senate hearing violate any Ethics rules And uh Jeremy Hogan did respond attorney Hogan says it's not illegal that I know Of but definitely unethical since her Job is to provide oversight of the SEC And that obviously conflicts with her Feeding questions and answers to the Head of the agency she is supposed to be Keeping an eye on This is completely outrageous everything That Gary ginsler touches is just bad It's completely and and obviously Senator Warren is awful I don't know why She exists to be frankly uh to be frank With you I I don't know like how it came To be that nature accidentally made that Thing I I don't get it I'm surely it was Some sort of mistake because that that Something ain't right that just ain't Right and you know I'll tell you another Thing that's amazing too I've not seen Maybe maybe we'll come out or maybe I Missed it I guess but I I've tried a Number of different Google searches I Found zero stories of this zero Um from uh from any other mainstream Media outlets in zero in crypto media

Zero now again I admit it's possible That I could just miss maybe I'm like Really not as good at the Weber Nets as I think that I am but but still typing In a few key words like Elizabeth Warren Gary ginsler SEC being given questions Stuff like that you'd think that that Would yield results You would think that it would so if that Wasn't gonna okay fine but Nobody's talking about this It's just amazing here's what attorney Dean had to say he wrote In other words Elizabeth Warren has Dishonored her oath And her office And so she's basically she would love to See crypto destroyed as you know SEC uh Supreme leader and dictator Kim jong-ins Would love to see it completely Destroyed completely decimated so They're working in tandem I'm just glad That there are people on the other side Of this that are Um very Pro crypto there are a lot of Others out there that are actually Pro Crypto Um and then there's this from coindesk Department of Justice claims Sam bankman Freed tried to influence witness Testimony asks for communications band And by the way I'll just share with you Now In reference to this Attorney John Deaton wrote The Following I found this

To be well reasonable and also pretty Damn funny he wrote This guy SB fraud is every defense Council's Nightmare and then he actually Tagged SBF here on Twitter and John Deaton wrote hey SPF let me give you Some valuable free legal advice that I Guarantee your lawyers won't object to STFU which of course stands for shut the Yeah you got the rest And that was free you didn't even charge SPF for that I just amazed as the stuff that he's Doing all this stuff that he's done Pre-trial I just I don't know how he Could possibly think That this is somehow going to actually I Mean I understand it's it's pretty clear That the approach that he's going for is Not that nothing went wrong but that There was no intent to defraud or Investors or steal from investors it's Just we did in oops with Doodles he so He's trying to get away with that Narrative which I don't know how that Flies anyway but him coming out and Saying all this stuff regardless even if That's the narrative you want to go with I don't see how saying all of these Things sometimes you know conflicting Words from Sam bacon Freedom recent Months I I don't see how any of that Actually helps with me but anyway let's Turn this piece from coindesk here I

Want to share with you part of this you Can cut to the Chaser but Federal Prosecutors wrote a letter to U.S District Court Judge Lewis Kaplan on Friday requesting that he modified the Conditions of Sam bankman Freed's bail To include ban on private Communications With current and former employees of FTX And Alameda research the department of Justice's request comes after bankman Freed reached out to at least one FTX Employee identified as Ryan Miller the Current general counsel for FTX U.S To allegedly attempt to influence his Future witness testimony quote I would and this is from SBF here I Would really love to reconnect and see If there's a way for us to have a Constructive relationship use each other As resources when possible or at least Vet things with each other end quote That's that that's quoted by the Department of Justice Uh how can you be this stupid oh my God You little butt nugget with a fruit like What how could he think that teaching Out to somebody who's like a witness uh Undoubtedly I'm all maybe not Undoubtedly but Pretty reasonable suspect this Individual Gonna be speaking out against Sam Bankman freed and you think that Pre-trial it's a good idea to reach out

To him You sure about that Sam bangman freed This is a completely ridiculous story And I can't wait to see the movie There's gonna be multiple movies on this I'm sure by the time it's all said and Done This is completely I'm sorry I just hope When the movies made that they don't Leave out the Cucumbers because I mean That's a big part of you Sandman free Dizzy's cucumber loving son of a All up in this I'm not a financial Advisor you should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say right That would be a very very very bad idea Until next time to the Moon family sedan

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