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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we've got a former Corn based CTO saying that Bitcoin in a Million dollars within the next 90 days What in the hell does he know and then We've got an xrp technical analyst That's telling us we got three points of Confluence that say xrp could be a Hundred and thirty dollars and we'll Tell you when somebody rolled that Beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now It's 1.2 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto it's off by 1.8 percent happy Sunday morning it is 27 100 plus for Bitcoin it is 1700 plus almost 1800 Bucks for ethereum and it's a 76.5 plus Billion dollar market cap for tether xrp Is 39 cents this morning it is up 6.7 Percent on the seven day ladies and Gentlemen now we've been watching a lot Of Bank issues collapses runs and they Say it's not over this here from Jason Collins if you haven't checked it out It's hashtag goldfi glimp pay baby yeah As The Dominoes fall we wonder which Bank is next will depositors be bailed Out even when the accounts are above FDIC Fscs Insurance levels which banks has

Had exposure to svb signature at Swiss Bank gold is security glint it's key you Can check out the link underneath my Video I know a lot of people are doing So and I absolutely love it myself John Deaton adds to this to the conversation Here Uh the original post from unusual whale Says mid-sized banks are reportedly Requesting the FDIC to ensure all Deposits for two years That's how scared they are about what's Going on John Deaton says I bet two to Three hundred banks will go under if There isn't some FDIC guarantee and this Crisis has nothing to do with crypto uh I think that's exactly right on all Accounts there is trouble coming ladies And gentlemen it is clear to know and Brian Brooks is going to tell us exactly What's going on here and it is a Coordinated effort to crush crypto Listen I think it's pretty clear there Has been a decision across the bank Regulatory agencies in this Administration that crypto is inherently Risky and needs to be extricated from The banking system the way the bank Regulators work is that they are highly Coordinated I mean when I was running The OCC I had a weekly call with the FDIC chairman and with the vice chairman Of the FED First Bank supervision we Talked every week for an hour and talked

About what our priorities were for the Coming week how we could support each Other how our actions would affect the System so these things are not accidents At all I'm highly confident of that I Think it's pretty clear I think it's Pretty clear too John Deaton says this Is why we must fight Regulators in court Brian Brooks was the Comptroller of the Currency he oversaw Banks he authorized Banks to custody digital assets today The government seizes Banks if they Service crypto companies until Congress Acts we fight in court that's exactly Right This here from the former coinbase CTO Wages two million dollars on bitcoin Surged to one million dollars in 90 days Amid banking worries And there's not much else to read here Other and that's exactly what he Believes Is that the banking concerns and the Runs and collapses that are taking place Could absolutely send Bitcoin parabolic I don't know if this gentleman's right But I tell you what in the world does he Know that is still coming in the next 90 Days that the rest of us don't Ripple executive says uh xrp ruling will Have little impact on global business Operations remember Brad garlinghouse Said we're operating as if we've already Lost a lawsuit remember that

Yeah exactly and this right here says Brooks That Whistle Ripple managing Director of Asia Pacific Center North Africa stated on an identical convention That the way forward in crypto business Is uh within the U.S itself might be Influenced drastically by the ruling Within the SEC versus Ripple but you Know they are really really growing like Crazy and to be truthful too I think It's 70 plus job positions that are open Right now at Ripple But yet take a look at this now you can Anyone spot the irony I know I can shout Out to I must be new LOL here for this One 186 Banks found to have similar risk as Silicon Valley Bank well that first of All that tells you how big this problem Is and look who just happens to be Advertising on top of that post right There Ripple baby You know we cannot rule out the idea and Understanding that something could Happen in a Black Swan event it is clear To me that the banking crisis is Certainly just getting started and is Not over by a long shot Now Cowboy crypto asked uh chat GB GPT Here and listen to this It's certainly possible that Ripple xrp Could be leveraged in a National Financial emergency to provide liquidity To failing banking system the use of

Blockchain technology and digital Currencies has already been explored in Various countries as a potential Solution for managing financial crisis And ripples focus on cross-border Payments and improving Payment Processing times could make it valuable Partner in such a situation you know When I read that and of course we don't Know if chat gbt is correct or not right Obviously it's a speculative thought Exercise but the reality is is what it's Designed to do I mean the reason David Schwartz said we Focused on payments first I mean whether It's a bank whether it's a mortgage Doesn't matter what you're buying right You focus on solving the payments issue First and that's what they've done and I Think we're going to see a constant Expansion as we do uh you will see here In just a second when we say when work At xrp Ledger Labs with the wallet just One moment here Meanwhile Russian lawmakers approved the First reading of draft laws establishing Cbdc regulation and issuance ladies and Gentlemen and here is a more macro look At the Central Bank digital currency World cbdc transactions to surpass 210 Billion dollars in less than a decade Says a study now you have to wonder if That number could go up considerably Based on some kind of massive event

Happening in the banking world Now listen this is a powerful clip here I want to show you from Jeremiah Lair Here on I think is it bankless yeah a Show called bankless here and this is From Chris black and shout out to Chris Black for sharing this but watch Ryan Adams nearly cream his pants with Jeremy Lair suggests usdc should buy be able to Bypass the banking sector entirely and Become a cbdc itself I've been saying This Exactly what I've been saying for a long Time usdc is poised to become the new U.S digital dollar for the United States And if it is true the U.S isn't behind They're light years ahead right in front Of our eyes shout out to these gentlemen For a great conversation listen to this Now I'm seeing sort of the the end state Vision and I'm almost wondering if that End-state vision for Circle and usdc is Something like a proxy Central Bank Digital currency okay like I know we're Steps before that here and maybe I'm Getting too ahead of myself but it just Feels like that vision of like yes you Shouldn't have Commercial Bank Pro I'll Call it protocol risk because we have Crypto here it should just be one to one With a t-bill it shouldn't take any risk Of the banking or literally the Central Bank liability itself right can we just Make that can we just uh well my

Question is so yeah I see that you see That a lot of people in crypto see that We also see a complete absence of a U.S Central Bank digital currency strategy Even though they're writing weight white Papers on it all the time China's like Miles ahead of the US they need a Strategy they may not know it yet will These events precipitate that Conversation could it actually move Forward in that direction and actually Be a kind of a growth Catalyst to get us There faster Uh listen spot on right here shout out To Ryan Adams there because I know I've Been down on this road you guys know I've been pounding this this for a long Time I think this is exactly where we're Going and if that is where we're going Microsoft Edge might be aware of it too Because they're developing a crypto Wallet uh-huh It's not going away It's just going to get highly regulated And a lot of it's going to get regulated In weight it makes a lot of people very Upset about how that happens Stably right here discover how easy it Is to buy xrp Ledger stably USD on the Zum wallet The number one self-custody wallet for The xrp Ledger Come on in You know things are happening much

Faster than a lot of people really Realize it it really is true and this is What I want to uh get to here next Because I don't want to run out of time Is I want to talk about this technical Analyst that breaks down how they Believe that xrp is showing three Different Confluence points with charts And tools about how it could reach a Hundred and thirty dollars by September Of this year Pretty remarkable let's take a look at That very quickly right now Shout out to Baba ganous for sharing This I want you to listen to what he Says here and again it's obviously he's Speculating looking at the charts trying To read the tea leaves look at the Charting tools find these different Areas of Confluence I find these two Videos to be pretty remarkable the way He breaks them down and again it doesn't Mean that that's going to happen but the Charting tools are aligning to suggest That there's leading indicators so it is Something to pay attention to at the Very least right so let's let's enjoy This check it out All right so Um this is going to show you how I've Come to the conclusion that in my Opinion uh we will see a pretty Significant move in xrp this year all Right um and actually I mean

By September here's what I mean okay We've been working on the premise of This being a a big one too from the top Where we have a one two three four five Um some type of Correction here gets us Just below the previous four it's also I Mean if you've seen a previous video That I have Uh pinned it's also at the time FIB of The 0.618 of this entire move and that Goes into play with what I'm talking About next right and if you've seen my Previous videos I do believe we Eventually get to ten thousand dollars Maybe even beyond that but for now Um I want to talk about this one to one And when we could reach this one to one Of a hundred and thirty dollars all Right if we measure the length of time It took for the one wave move it over to The bottom of two so that way we're Looking for projections of when we could Potentially see these bigger targets if It goes to the one six one eight and We're looking at 2025 potentially for The ten thousand dollars but this one to One okay as far as time is concerned is This year on September 11th all right so Um there's a couple things that line up With that date in particular that I want To point out all right for one the time FIB okay Um another common uh tool that we Utilize is the Pitchfork right and if

You uh knows the statistics on the Pitchfork this median line uh this red Line gets tagged eighty percent of the Time okay Um so we have not tagged it yet and it's Just so happens that that median line Crosses directly through That one to one as far as time is Concerned and that one One as far as prices concerned right on That date of September 1st or September 11th excuse me now another tool the Electricians use is to draw a channel And what this is is to try to project And determine if the the third move that We're in up is that a c wave or is that A three wave and how we Determine that is you go to the zero Wave so the beginning of the move right So in this case that's here and you draw Your channel to the bottom of your two Wave and then drag that channel up to The top of the one wave right so now we Have this nice big Channel at the top of This channel is where you would normally Get resistance on a c wave on a one to One so if you had a move here an A B and Then a c wave up here to the one to one Then you would usually hit that one to One near or at the top of that channel We'll look where that channel happens to Go through the same exact time frame of September 11th So could something happen potentially

That gives us a big spike and we have an Absolute magnet let's see what's isn't That what you're supposed to do you're Supposed to put a magnet on the screen Well I have to tell you that is quite Compelling seeing all those three Different and let me just back up here a Little bit for a clean that that picture Up to see the different time ratios Right here where you get the one right And then you have the one to one here Right and then the red line that he Talked about moving through here and Then the channel line that's created Here all those things lining up right There again projections indicators They're not absolutes it's something to Pay attention to for me I look at is Like wow that's going to be fun to watch You know and do we get there and if we Don't do we get halfway there do we get No way there right it's going to be fun To watch but I tell you he does go on in The end of this video to suggest that You know the way I've talked about too There may need to be some real Fundamental news like a positive ruling In the SEC versus Ripple case either way I'll be watching this all along the way Up and till September and more Importantly I'm going to be watching Very closely the SEC versus Ripple case And if that judge gives a ruling Possibly within Days by the end of this

Month if James violence got his Prediction right not Financial advice or Me or anyone else it's just my digital Perspectives I'll catch all of you on The next one


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