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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel what if I told you that there Was a major xrp influencer with over 85,000 followers who is confused about Ripples escr xrp and the nature of it What it means and the fact that it Happens a release of estro happens every Single month like clockwork what if I Told you there was such a person with Such a massive following that doesn't Know this would you believe such a human Exists well he Does And hundreds of thousands of people are Seeing his nonsense on social media and That's just the tip of the iceberg now Truthfully does he actually know yes but What's he doing something that he's up To no good I I will show you exactly What's going on here I think it's it's Like a it's a public service at this Point I feel I feel like it's the right Thing to do is to highlight this frankly That's how I feel at this point because It's it's not about just being wrong About something it's about a sustained Pattern of misleading hundreds of Thousands if not ultimately millions of People having to do with the topic of Xrp and just it's just it really is Sustain for like a really prolonged Period of time time time and just Consistently consistently the most hypy Nonsense sounding stuff I mean gez I I

Understand like he wants to grab Attention but don't you don't do it at The expense of lying if you want to Sound exciting sound exciting but don't Do it at the expense of misleading People is that too much to ask Apparently then there's this headline From the crypto base said crypto lawyer Sees Michael sailor buying Bitcoin at $100,000 I I wanted to talk about this Because first of all it's just Interesting I always find this to be an Interesting topic and just I appreciate And admire the conviction here in terms Of consistently purchasing in this case Bitcoin because it's like the mentality It's it's it's in line with what I and I'm sure many of you think in terms of Just our convictions right even if You're not excited about Bitcoin and I'm Not really I hold a bunch of it but I Know um but there's that and then also I Want to share with you what Attorney John Deon had to say about this and then I'll wrap up the video with part of this Article because it's just interesting Because I haven't talked about uh SPF That cucumber loving son of a I Haven't talked about him in a while uh But here's a headline from crypto news New details emerge about spf's life in Prison no cucumbers up in there are There son but before going further I do Want to be clear I do not have a

Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun all right Edo Farina let's Talk about this this guy has over 85,000 followers on social media Platform X if he was just making a Mistake here there hey we're only human I make mistakes you make mistakes we all Make mistakes That would be one thing but what if Every single day literally there were Multiple posts that go beyond just Sounding exciting and hypy but are Actual outright lies intended to be Misunderstood or misrepresenting reality I mean what if he's posting stuff about Uh you know the FED buying back xrp Which he did today by the way I'll Highlight that one as well the FED Buyback xrp he's misleading people in in The realm of fin if it's again it's one Thing if it's a mistake we all make Mistakes it's sustained it's multiple Times per day and with that big of a Following I just I'd feel at this point I feel wrong if I'm not if I'm not Pushing back against this stuff because He's tricking people in our community no I'm not going to stand for that and to

The people that say why are you bringing Attention to someone like they you're Just you're just giving them a bigger Platform shut the hell up with that Nonsense you shut the hell up with that That makes no this is the most weak Approach you could have Okay so this Person's out right just lying to people In our community hundreds of thousands Of people bare minimum on a daily basis And we should just let them run free There should be no recourse there there Should be no criticism whatsoever Because then we're platforming them no They're he's growing and growing and Growing protect people that are Listening by letting them know hey this Guy's up to no good here and I I presume I can only speculate here that it has Something to do with the more views you Get on X the more money you get he's got A blue check mark he's getting paid he's Getting paid for And so here you have a post this is this Is one from yesterday and I'm just going To highlight two one from yesterday one From today there's multiples per day I Kid you not and it's all along the same Lines and like he is I've never seen in Our community somebody in Fringe the way That he is just on common decency and Truth I've never seen anyone do this not To this Degree and so yesterday he wrote here

Breaking after the SEC closed door Meeting to today Ripple is unlocking Huge amounts of xrp from escrow and then He shared a whale alert which does show 500 million xrp being released from Escrow I I made a video talking about The closed door thing yesterday and I Said look um this looks like a bunch of Hypy stuff I said uh that there's even If the SEC is talking about Ripple okay It's fine to presume maybe there could Be a discuss there there's no reason to Think that this would lead to settlement And even if it is going to lead to Settlement somehow it's not that we'd Have news on this today don't expect Anything and I think that that's the Truth it's it sounds more boring than What he's putting out here because what He's putting out here that's a lot more Exciting what I just made a video about Yesterday right what if I made a video Yesterday I was like yo bro uh hey we Got Ripple they're unlocking a bunch of Xrp here and it's at the same time as The settlement stuff with the SC oh oh That's my that's my best Randy Marsh Right there that's what he that's like What I'm thinking of as this guy enters My Brain like what are you freaking Kidding why are why are you linking These two things so I responded to him And I wrote dude escrow release happens

Every month this is scheduled why Mention the SEC meeting in the same Breath it's Unquestionably unrelated and you help No One by insinuating they may somehow be Connected that's what I wrote Because It's the truth and this thing got seen You because this is published on X that Post from him and this is just one he Does multiple of these per day this is Why he's getting such a big following so Quickly because it's so exciting he's Got all the exciting stuff 219,000 views 219,000 views that is Insane he is Dwarfing the amount of views that that The typical xrp Community member gets Because of the the misleading stuff he's Putting out There this is not normal this is Definitely not normal and by the way one Bill billion is released per month as I'm sure all of you know um one piece of Information that I don't think everybody Does necessarily know because it gets Into the minutia there there it actually Used to be the case years ago that there Was 1 billion xrp in one escrow and then That one billion would get released all At once but for for years I can't Remember exactly how long i' have to go Back and look it doesn't really matter But um for recent in recent years it's

Been the case that there's yes one Billion released from escrow but from Two separate accounts two separate Escrow releases one's 500 million xrp And the second one also 500 million That's that's what so if you're Wondering why it says 500 million here Instead of a that's the reason why and I'm not sure how many people are aware Of that but here he goes linking the two Together why it makes no damn sense and You know what he did he went ahead and Hid my reply so people can't even see my Response here you can see this is my Response and he wrote this and it says Here this reply was hidden by the Original post author so and you do that If you're the original post post office You can hide any reply that you don't Like and so he didn't like my reply he Doesn't want people to see it he doesn't Want the truth so he just hides it it's Not in his interest it's in your Interest and everybody else is in the Xrp community to know that these up to No good it's not in his interest though Right and um and then there's this one And this one's more offensive in my Opinion and this one's from today and Again these are just two quick examples You can just go down his damn timeline And find all the ridiculous non since He's regularly posting for his benefit Getting the views to get paid by

X so this one's from Today and he wrote according to Google Quote the Federal Reserve plans to take Ownership of xrp as a global payment Solution end quote it also reports Ripple is buying back xrp as part of Their buyback program to quote take it Of take it of from retail hands and into Institutional hands end quote and so This is not literally not true he he Typed In a Google search that doesn't mean That Google says that's the case that Means he typed in something into Google It yielded results from a search which Links to a page on the internet which is Not Google so it's not according to Google it's according to a result from a Google search that's the closest you can Get There this is nonsense obviously the Federal Reserve is buying back xrp so Let's dig into I saw that I'm like ah Here he goes again here goes Eddie again Little Edo finina going at it again Trying to mislead people and this one Was earlier today so it doesn't have as Many views yet but it probably will 80,000 views So Far So I responded to That one and I'm just the the amount of Audible size and face palms and eye Rolls coming for me cannot be overstated Cannot be overstated so I wrote to him And I said holy s wordo have you no

Shame this and what this is true he what He linked here and I'll show you the Screen this this is the screen grab from His Google search here I Google searched The exact same term and that popped up It's from a fake news article which References a YouTube video from five Months ago check this out so I wrote The Following this is a fake news article Which highlights a five-month-old YouTube video from Crypt cryptogeek news As the core Topic in the video which I Know you didn't watch cryptogeek says The FED will not be buying back xrp Again not be buying back Xrp this article just linked to his Video and said a bunch of madeup sord That was only Loosely based on the Subject of the video they were using the Video as an authoritative source to gain Credibility then lied about the content Of the video you are clearly engagement Farming which I wouldn't give s-word About if you were covering something Mundane like pop culture But you are misleading people in the xrp Community on a regular basis you do this More than anyone else I'm aware of in The community I don't care how much X Pays you for the views knock it off and What do you think he did to that do you Think that he engaged or do you think he Took down the false information once Once I informed him that it was actually

A fake news article and that they were Completely misrepresenting which what Was in the YouTube video that was Referenced in there do you think he took It down or do you think he kept it's up Because I'm recording this video right Now and you can see that the post is Right there with over 80,000 Views 83,000 view it says 83,000 views Now unfreaking real and so he he did What he did in the last time he he hid My comment again um I don't know if I oh uh do I have it here yeah here we Yeah here's mine this one's mine so the One I just read to you that's it except For says this reply was hidden by the Original postart he doesn't want you to See what I Wrote but it gets worse than that a Bunch of people were agreeing with me And critiquing him it was just this big List of people that seeing that Obviously they could see they can see Through them there are a lot of people That can see through now the Casual Observer they may not catch on and so It's not like everybody's stupid and That's why they're following him I'm not I'm not claiming that they're being Tricked they're being lied to and to the Casual Observer they may not be aware of This stuff they could think that there's Something to this and and they they're Trusting

Him so here's so you know what he did When he saw that there a bunch of people Pushing back against him he just made it Impossible to RE reply to the Post uh here I'll show you uh it's so Right here there you go who can reply Accounts Edward Farina follows or Mentioned can reply so now nobody can Reply nobody can critique him so what Did I do I reposted that and highlighted It with a screen grab right here Pointing that he did that because he's Just so disingenuous and so slimy he is Not interested in the truth he wants to Mislead intentionally all of you that is What he wants to do and he's been doing This Consistently so I wrote The Following With this screen graph after being Critiqued by multiple people including Me for spreading fake news about xrp Rather then remove the fake news Edward Finina has decided to remove the ability For people to reply to his post problem Solved no more criticism no more truth Hooray 85,000 people follow him with each Follower indicating a vote of trust in Him but he is engagement farming Spreading misinformation and lies at the Expense of the xrp community constantly This is not a one-off mistake I believe It would be wrong of me to ignore this So I'm saying

Something so you all can do what you Want with that but since I have a Platform that that is reasonably large Within the xrp community I I I I think It's fair to say and I very genuinely Appreciate appreciate all the support And since I am interested in truth and Honesty and transparency since I do Value those things and since I do have Integrity I thought it would be the Right thing to share this with you Because again it's not about a Difference of opinion it's not about a One-off mistake it's about every single Day multiple posts misleading the the Community that I've never seen anything Like this not to this degree not to this Degree This is Absurd and what do you think the Incentive is and why is he shutting me Down rather than engaging in convers if I'm wrong why is he blocking this Stuff because he just wants to keep it Going it's a gravy train he's making Money from X he's literally getting paid To lie to all of you and I consider the The the the community aspect of the xrp Community I genuinely value it's a real Thing and I made real friends here I Know you guys are on the internet but I've made real friends here and I value This tremendously it's a it's a Substantial part of my life and so to

See somebody taking advantage of the People in this community which I Genuinely value disgusts me and it Angers Me really burns my vegetable Suns Burns I can't even think of my own damn stupid Lines burns my vegetables it steams my Vegetables man it steams my vegetables That's how steamed up my vegetables are Man I don't even know my own stupid Lines damn it freaking Edina so anyway now you know and Knowledge is Power I'll shift gears now crypto lawyer Sees Michael sailor buying Bitcoin at $100,000 now look whatever you think of Michael sailor Bitcoin maximal says crap About xrp that's his security he was Found to be wrong obviously but Michael Sailor did say that xrp I that's a Security yeah the asset itself is Security well he's a Maximus he's got Heavy Bitcoin bags let's say but still Despite that and I hate the toxicity That maximalism breeds despite that I Admire the conviction I do admire the Conviction that Michael sailor has and His belief that it's it's Bitcoin is the One and only and so he's acting Accordingly and so for better or worse It is what it is and and you know look He could be right maybe purely because Bitcoin is the the first cryptocurrency Maybe it's just Number One Forever And

He ends up being like the wealthiest Human on the planet taking out who who's The wealthiest man is it Elon M now he Could just be number one and I Understand that it's micro strategy but Still so he could be the the the he Could still be the wealthiest in because He has Bitcoin too obviously and micro Strategy could be the most valuable Company on the planet okay okay super Dup if he's right and maybe but see That's the thing when it comes to Bitcoin if it stays number one Forever I mean considering it's Literally the worst blockchain Technology that exists because it's the First right if it does it's because Humans don't care because first mover Advantage is that crucial and and there Are enough people that just want to use It as a store of value and maybe and and If it really lasts then we do have lirer 2 solutions that get adopted and it gets Used for other stuff because outside of That it's kind of hard to believe it Would always be number one in market cap But there is a solution using The xrp Ledger for example as though it were a Layer 2 technology with spend the bits So maybe that gets broadly adopted and There you go you can actually spend Bitcoin uh just as quickly as you can Spend xrp then honestly so there are Ways that you know Bitcoin could

Continue to be propped up and be number One but it's just fat so he could be Right he he could in theory be right now Of course there's way more opportunity In xrp today even if he's right because There's way less money in xrp so to get A multiplier effect and life changing Yeah way better to be an xrp in my Humble opinion here but take a look at This and this is from uh yesterday Bitcoin for Christmas micro strategy Buys another 600 Million business intelligence firm micro Strategy purchased 16,170 Bitcoin in November bringing its total Holdings to More than $6 billion In a November 30th announcement micro Strategy co-founder Michael sailor said The company acquired the Bitcoin for Roughly $ 5933 Million a price of 36,7 185 per Bitcoin as of November 29th micro Strategy reported it held $174,500 Bitcoin worth roughly $6.6 Billion at the time of publication at a Price of 7,726 yeah so it would be even More than that at the time I'm recording This um and so M Michael saor he shared That post on social media platform X and uh and note that anybody can reply To this because he he didn't pull an ETO Forina and then make it so that nobody

Could reply to it unless he's following Them uh because he's not lying about xrp He's just talking about something Completely different so we don't have to Worry about that here so if you want to Reply to Michael sailor just want to Point out you can do that you can do That because Michael sailor at this Moment anyway not lying about xrp so That's fantastic now Attorney John Deon Reposted that and said the following let It be known Let It Be written Michael Saor and micro strategy will 100% buy Your Bitcoin from you whether at $20,000 $30,000 $50,000 this dude does not worry about At what price he buys does anyone have Any doubt that saor will buy more Bitcoin $100,000 say what you will about him and I've challenged and disagreed with his Everything except Bitcoin meets the Hoy Test comments but it must be comforting To him to have the level of conviction That he does he believes in his soul That Bitcoin will hit $ million so Buying Bitcoin even at $100,000 is a Steal so folks that's what I'm talking About And I have that level of conviction when It comes certainly to to crypto broadly Speaking but specifically with xrp I Sleep like a baby every night holding Xrp for over 6 years my conviction has

Never been stronger my conviction is Much stronger today than it was when I Jumped into crypto certainly and and Obviously it helps that there's legal Clarity for it now but even outside of That my conviction level even if you go Back to like June before the the legal Clarity my conviction this year in June Was higher than it was years ago is you Can see the adoption and every you you Guys know the Stuff so all that to say if somebody has That about something like I admire Whether he's right or wrong I admire the Approach because that is what it takes When it comes to investing to look at Everyone in the face look everyone in The face that says you're wrong and say No actually you're wrong and I'm putting My money where my mouth is because most People do not just accept that crypto is The way like like xrp is going to be It's going to be the one or I don't Literally mean one of the ones but one Of many that ends up finding broad Adoption because if if we were there it Would be too late in terms of investing So no we got plenty of time left I'll Say that so how about everyone's Favorite cumber love and son of a Scam bankr on fraud SPF here's headline From crypto news new details emerge About s spf's life in Prison talking to crypto content creator

Tiffany Fong former inmate Gan Burell Claimed the FTX founder was at one point On suicide watch and did not eat or Shower for several days Burell and Bankman freed were housed alongside each Other at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn as the FTX founder Awaited the chance to present his case Burell claims a fellow inmate attempted To extort the timid bankman freed by Suggesting he pay a fellow inmate for Protection claiming they knew he had a Lot of Money and by the way folks I'm not so Sure that he does at this point even if He does it's not actually is I mean I Think we all know that but um unless He's sufficiently hiding it somewhere Which could be possible I don't know um I haven't seen anything on that if if so Maybe I just missed it but uh I I I I Don't know that he does seriously am I Just if if anybody knows if I'm just Missing something which could be the Case tell me my understanding is that he Was pretty much out of just about Everything and I do recall and this is Just for him so that doesn't mean it's Worth anything but uh before I think Before he got arrested he was claiming That he only had like $100,000 left or Something like that after you know Allegedly being worth what what how many Billions was he worth so to go from that

To allegedly having only $100,000 is What it is then they write subsequently Bell confronted the prisoner in bankman Freed's defense leading to a physical Altercation that caused Bella to spin Time in solitary confinement so this is Just the beginning so he's got a lot to Look forward to I told you generally the Justice system works it's not perfect There is Injustice at times I get that But in the United States it typically Does work fairly well he's Behind Bars And he's going to be there in all Likelihood for decades we'll know within The next few months or so but and and Upwards it could be over 100 years Behind bars he's actually looking at That potentially and I'm not convinced He'd get quite that but he's already I Think his early 30s so what if he gets Another 30 40 50 60 years like his Life's toast let's be real like he's Going to lose all of these years maybe Never get out from behind bars which Really he destroyed so many lives like I'm not sympathetic to him whatsoever Like he's he's just a terrible creature But that's the latest update he's not Off to a good start and it's probably Going to get worse for him cry cry I'm Not a financial adviser you should not Buy or sell anything because of anything I say or right that would be a very very Very bad idea until next time to the

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