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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines here G7 countries Are putting together their crypto Regulations without the us at this point The bricks in the last seven days alone You're going to want it CNN report says America will face A Day of Reckoning Like none before With the U.S dollar and the Dedolarization happening around the World somebody rolled that beautiful Intro [Music] Oh Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now Bitcoin it well market cap is 1.21 Trillion dollars we're up a half a Percent time of recording this video 27 900 Plus for Bitcoin right now ethereum 1768 and slightly over and we see the Tether market cap is 79.1 billion plus My oh my keep an eye on it xrp is 45 Cents and we certainly want to keep an Eye on that and I'm gonna tell you Something I haven't done it and I've Been meaning to do it and I'm what it is Is topping off my glintpay account with Gold I put my US dollars in and I Converted to gold and I can buy save Send and spend gold instantly we glint

On a MasterCard debit card and control Everything on a easy to use really Killer user interface app that's just Been updated I'm telling you this is a Great company great assets uh uh gold to Put on it this is a remarkable Experience it is one of those things When you start using it you wonder why You didn't have it beforehand I mean This is really something with everything Happening on around the world and Certainly with what we're going to take A look at today with all the things in Just the last seven days that are Happening with Saudi Arabia and India And brics collectively here there is a Lot going on ladies and Gentlemen let's Get started here click that link to my Sponsor John Deaton shares this from James rule Shout out to James rule leaders from Japan the United States the United Kingdom Canada France Germany and the European Union are expected to outline a Global cooperative strategy for digital Assets in May Now this is really exciting because we Know the U.S is really behind the ball When it comes to regulations but I do Believe there is a plan somewhere in the Mix but now John Deaton says which one Of these nations is going to stand up And tell the United States to go you Know what yourself and your dumb butts

Approach regarding to the eventual Adoption of blockchain technology and I Really do line a line with his Frustration and I know so many of you do As well but let's take a look at this In the last seven days Saudi Arabia uh In the last seven days here Saudi armaco Uh says here we'll start building a huge Refining complex in northeastern China As soon as next month India is working with Saudi Arabia to Create an investment Bridge emphasizing Greater economic interconnectedness Saudi Arabia and Syria are in talks to Restore ties the Saudi and Saudi Arabian And Iranian foreign minister spoke by Phone and have agreed to meet soon this Week was a historic week reminder China's president surprised many in December emphasizing the importance of Leveraging Shanghai petroleum and Natural gas exchange to conduct oil and Gas trade with transactions settled in Yuan between China and Gulf Nations Things continue to move very quickly and You just can't make it up now you know I Played this for you yesterday very quick Clip here of the president of Kenya Talking about very very different Changes to the market coming in the next Couple of weeks does he mean just in Kenya does he mean around the world does He mean with bricks I don't know the Answer but just listen to this clip

Before we go on to the next thing For the people who work numbers I am giving you free advice that those Of you who are holding dollars You certainly might go into losses You better You better do what you must do Because this Market is going to be Different in a couple of weeks Now that is very foreboding and I like I Said we don't know exactly what he means And what degree he means but he's Talking about US Dollars and losses and The Market's going to be different in a Few next few weeks couple weeks so now Listen to this this is Fareed Zakir uh Zachariah and he is from CNN here and He's talking about what we have been Talking about for years and he lays out The case and I want you to really listen To this whether you think you've already Got your eye on the ball What's Happening Here really listen to what He's saying and how he lays it all out With bricks and what they're doing Neither one of those countries could Actually challenge the dominance of the U.S dollar or the U.S government but Collectively together they can create a Situation that causes the US dollar to Die by a Thousand Cuts Take a listen here Here's my take The most interesting outcome of the

Three-day Summit between Vladimir Putin And Xi Jinping got limited media Attention Describing their talks Putin said we are In favor of using the Chinese Yuan for Settlements between Russia and the Countries of Asia Africa and Latin America So the world's second largest economy And its largest energy exporter are Together actively trying to Dent the Dollar's dominance as the anchor of the International Financial system Will they succeed the dog there's no More of this just a crazy conspiracy Theorist Just a crazy podcaster crazy YouTuber Hello is America's last surviving Superpower it gives Washington unrivaled Economic and political muscle it can Slap sanctions on countries unilaterally Which frees that country out of large Parts of the world economy and Washington can spend freely certain that Its debt will be bought up by the rest Of the world The war against Ukraine combined with Washington's increasingly Confrontational approach to China have Created a perfect storm in which both Russia and China are accelerating Efforts to diversify away from the Dollar Their central banks are keeping less of

Their reserves in dollars and most trade Between them is being settled in the Yuan they are also making efforts to get Other countries to follow suit The Biden Administration has handled the Economic war against Russia extremely Effectively by building a coalition of Almost all the world's advanced Economies that makes it hard to escape From the dollar into other highly valued Stable currencies like the Euro or the Pound or the Canadian dollar because Those countries are also warring with Russia What Might Have Been a sharper turning Point for the Dollar's role was Donald Trump's decision in May 2018 to pull out Of the Iran nuclear deal the European Union was strenuously opposed to this Move but it watched as the Dollar's Dominance meant that Iran was Immediately excluded from the world Economy Jean-Claude juncker then president of The European commission proposed Enhancing the Euro's role Internationally to Shield the continent From what he called Selfish Unilateralism The commission outlined a path to Achieve this It hasn't happened there remained too Many fundamental doubts about the future Of the Euro itself dollar dominance is

Firmly entrenched for many good reasons A globalized economy needs a single Currency for ease and efficiency the Dollar is stable you can buy and sell it Anytime and it's governed largely by the Market and not the whims of a government That's why China's efforts to expand the Yuan's road internationally have not Worked ironically if Xi Jinping wanted To cause the greatest pain to America he Would liberalize his financial sector And make the Yuan a true competitor to The dollar but that would take him in The direction of markets and openness That is the opposite of his current Domestic goals All that said Washington's weaponizing Of the dollar over the last decade has Led many important countries to search For ways to make sure that they do not Become the next Russia The numbers are revealing the share of Dollars in global Central Bank Reserves Has dropped from roughly 70 20 years ago To less than 60 percent today and Falling steadily The Europeans and the Chinese are trying To build International Payment Systems Outside the dollar-dominated Swift Saudi Arabia has flirted with the idea Of pricing its oil in Yuan India is settling most of its oil Purchases from Russia in non-dollar Currencies

Digital currencies might be another Alternative and in fact China's Central Bank has created one all of these Alternatives add costs but the last few Years should have taught us that Increasingly nations are willing to pay A price when they want political goals To Trump economic ones We keep searching for the single Replacement for the dollar and there Will not be one But could the currency suffer weakness By a Thousand Cuts that seems a more Likely scenario The author and investor Richard Sharma Points out right now for the first time In my memory we have an international Financial crisis in which the dollar has Been weakening rather than strengthening I wonder if this is a sign of things to Come if it is Americans should worry I Spoke last week about the bad Geopolitical habits Washington has Developed because of its unrivaled Unipolar status It's even more true economically America's politicians have gotten very Used to spending seemingly without any Concern about deficits public debt in America has risen almost five-fold from Roughly six and a half trillion dollars 20 years ago to Thirty one and a half Trillion dollars today The FED has solved a series of financial

Crises by massively expanding its Balance sheet almost 12-fold from around 730 billion dollars 20 years ago to About 8.7 trillion dollars today All of this only works because of the Dollar's unique status If that were to win America will face a Reckoning like none before Now the question here is is simply this Will it be in the coming weeks or will It be in the coming years I think the question of if this is Happening is off the table What's left for me now is Will bricks Coalition continue to expand and grow And use their efforts collectively to Act as a whole To do harm to the U.S dollar as the Global Reserve currency and the Dedolarization campaign that's taking Place around the world will they Continue to do that and will they make Even more drastic moves to affect the Dollar's value and dominance to get the Job done and if they do doesn't that in Fact make this a Black Swan event a Catalyst for introducing a new monetary System and doesn't that really call on a Digital asset like xrp and more Importantly the World decentralized Exchange known as The xrp Ledger To be able to Institute it and integrate It in ways that could begin to help to Accept the the dollar dominant or the

Dollar devaluation and dollar D uh D Dollarization excuse me uh and be able To help with the spillover shocks by Using a digital asset like xrp and Wouldn't that in fact create what David Schwartz refers to as some version of a Dream scenario Like a threat to Dollar dominance for Example like if there was some credible Threat to Dollar dominance like that Like I know I'm just kind of a fantasy Here but like if there was some other Country but is it a fantasy these days You know let's say a large country like You know China or Russia that like Implemented some system that was some Sort of threat to Dollar dominance then You could see the United States Responding you know if they thought they Had a technological solution was the Best solution they probably you would See a priority that you wouldn't see Under any other scenario despite their Natural conservatism And I think he's got it right there Are these things connected Could this event and what we're seeing Take place with bricks Saudi Arabia and Everyone else around the world become a Huge campaign for the dollar do uh Dedolarization around the planet and What would it mean for a a protocol like The xrp Ledger and the xrp token to be Able to step in and help in a situation

Should it continue to get bigger and Bigger and bigger and more obvious that There are massive moves happening around The world to really take the dollar down From its Global Reserve status not Financial advice for me or anyone else It's just my digital perspectives I'll Catch all of you on the next one


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