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Oh my God this is actually happening in Today's video I'm going to break down at A very very very deep level how Unbelievably massive this transition is In 2024 the truth is very few people will Want to understand this and understand How radical this transformation is and How critical this is for your family's Future Financial spiritual and mental Timeline my name is coach JB what I work To do is make complex math macro and Microeconomic strategies very simple so The normal de day person can Implement Them my goal is to help over a million People by 2025 we help people ensure Their money in tier one Capital which is Insurance we call it the infinity Banking concept people call it many Different things right it's tax code 7702 we ensure our wealth in the Description of the video down below Click the link for a absolutely free Consultation there's no Hoops to jump Through it's absolutely free okay uh Again watch out for scammers on social And stuff like that we never ask you to Send us money any of that stuff okay we Also have a 16 page absolutely free Guide on exactly it's a book on exactly How I do this in the description of this Video or in my social media platform so Let's jump right into this so before I Start this I want to share with you guys

We win in the end okay we win in the end But we have to understand the pattern That's happening and so what I'm going To ask you to do if you choose to please Do this is I want you to take off your Biased lens okay I want you to take off The left lens and the right lens and Just be neutral as you listen to what I Say with disc sermon that's all I'm Asking you to do okay you know maybe You're for the left maybe you're Fighting for the right but what I want You to do is take off the bias lens and I just want you to listen to what I'm Saying from a human cyclic pattern Behavioral way okay so first thing I'm Going to show you is I'm going to show You guys this over and over again if you Haven't read the changing world order or Uh checked out Ray Doo's YouTube channel The things that I'm saying often come From there but where does my knowledge Come from Ray Delo changing world order The Bible spiritual patterns historical Days um all these different things Robert kosaki uh Kathy Woods um I'm Trying to think of all the all the Greats out there all these great people I study this stuff incess but all of it Comes back to spirituality that's the Foundation of God okay so the changing World order we are actually experiencing This guys right now this is so Unbelievably important so taking off

Your bias lens and if you knew that you Were experiencing the changeing world Order which is 13 14 15 16 177 18 which Is going to be on the back in this Year's Civil War Revolution would you sit here and fight An invisible enemy would you sit here And cheer and try to wait for somebody To save you or would you take action now Because if you don't take action now if You don't start to do something about it If you don't start to change your own Patterns you're going to end up in the Exact same situation it's a wave of Energy as you can see with the changing World lord it's just a wave of energy That happens over and over again if you Do the opposite of the wave you're going To end up in the 1% if you do the same Of the wave you're end up in the 99% Because as the wave is going down the 1% Have the tools to keep themselves up Here and they manipulate the 99% and Then it just waves up again okay so when Everybody's selling I'm buying when Everybody's buying I'm selling okay so Take off your unbias lens I want you to Think about this okay right now what I'm About to show you is the left you know Biden and that that camp are literally Doing everything they can to stop Trump But they can't he keeps winning he keeps Winning this isn't for any just listen He keeps winning keeps coming back keeps

Winning so their energy is spent on Taking him out they are the president of Your United States they are here to Support us here to help us and as They're doing this they don't care that You are not able to pay your bills They don't care that your kid can't go To college or whatever you want to do They don't care that your daughter has a Wedding coming up they are in a position Where our economy is smashed the US Dollar has no value we're buried in debt We have to borrow to pay for critical Services they're using your taxes to pay The interest on the debt and we're Worried about left and right right now They don't care about you they're Focused on taking Trump Out think about that that's all they're Focused on so what you're about to Experience now is a crazy crazy Historical pattern that's about to Happen and it's Capricorn to Aquarius We're breaking the old industrial era You're going to come back to this video And you're going to be like wow that age Well we're breaking free from the old Archaic banking system the old Industrial era the old way of doing Business the old way of doing banking The old way of doing all of it and we're Moving into a new era the new era fast Connectivity all these things you're not Going to stop this okay so let's listen

To what's happening we have to pay Attention to this narrative on the back End of the video I'm going to share with You the pattern that I see happening the Wave that I see happening and exactly What I did in 2020 when the wave went Down I went up I raised my energy up I Did the opposite of 99% that helped me Build some some momentum and from there As crypto collapsed I had sold and I Built a pattern and during the down Sloop I pulled my energy up I built a Freaking solid foundation and now we're Going into the we generation okay so Listen to this first and then I'm going To have you um use discernment as I Break these things down and I'm Sean Duffy welcome to the bottom Line what I try to tell you this country You got to make the money First then when you get the money you Get the power I want you to hear that When you get the money you get the power This is all about power guys the the Campaigning the politics the left They're the left is focused on taking Trump out they're not focused on fixing This country and once you have the power You rule American politics the Hardworking ass busting American voter Does not matter at least that's what the Elite in this country think we still Have over nine months until the election And look at what we've seen so far the

Liberal media is doing everything they Can to Shield Americans from the leading Republican candidate they did it after Iowa and again last night after uh New Hampshire was called for Donald Trump Both CNN and MSNBC cut away from his Victory Speech this is a decision that we re Revisit constantly and that we will Revisit constantly but tonight uh we're Expecting Trump to speak momentarily we Are going to go to those remarks uh to See how he uses this moment at least at First we'll see how it goes again this Is a decision that look what she just Said we'll see how it goes you're going To you're going to decide what we're Going to see whether we like him or not Or you do like him or you don't you're Going to decide what we get to see from His remarks we can't make the decision We're not Adults m M NBC MSNBC we can't make that you will Decide what we get to see um is one that We consider to be an open-ended live Decision former president Trump uh Giving the mic uh to a second person in His Victory celebration let's bring in Daniel Dale because I heard at least two Or three things uh that need Factchecking We have the internet we can do the Factchecking it's not just the itty

Bitty High futin hoty Media trying to Sway public opinion of trump follow the Money first big donors threw their cash At DeSantis then Tim Scott both men Showed they didn't have what it takes to Get to the top of the ticket the Billionaires became cheerleaders money Men for their new Honey Nikki Haley and If she loses well she did last night They're not guaranteed to shift their Resources to Trump well she did last Night and the one billionaire already Pulled his money out of her campaign so What is happening right now again take Off your biased lens left or right guys Let me ask you a question by you sitting There and fighting this invisible enemy And cheering for one other side how is That going to change anything for you Because here's what's happening right Now as they're playing titly Winks as Their egos are freaking kicked in as They narcissistic behaviors are Happening housing is unaffordable in America unaffordable in America okay your gas is through the Roof your milk is through the roof People are now stacking their credit Cards the stimulus savings is dried up Okay and it says something is breaking In the financial markets here's what Behind the sell-off so rates are Expected to stay higher for longer an Idea fed officials have tried to get the

Market to accept and which investors are Only now beginning to absorb so if if You don't understand investing what's Going to happen guys what's let me go One more little news clip here and I'm Going to go into my little soapbox Speech about what I'm doing okay um Central banks navigate tricky path to Rate high Cuts okay the European Central Bank on Thursday left interest rates Steady and reiterated its comment to Fight inflation the Bank of Canada on Wednesday said it focuses its focus was Shifting to when it can start easing so They're all shifting now to start easing But I'll share with you what's that's Going to do major rate Setters have have Hiked borrow cost by four four 4,15 Basis points so far the cycle with Japan Expecting to end its negative interest Rate policy soon okay so everybody lock Step making these moves okay and so What's going to happen is as we're Sitting here fighting this invisible Enemy watching one group go after the Other they they're going to try to get Reelected and what's going to happen is They're going to lower interest rates Okay I I'm repeating the same things Over and over again the Bitcoin having Is is going to make Bitcoin uh more Scarce right it's going to it's going to Lower um what is it the the amount that Can be mined or the rewards for mining

Right so it makes it more scarce so it's An asset that 70% has not moved 30% is Available to the to the open market There is uh it doesn't has a fixed Supply it it's like no other assets have Been created right so Bitcoin will go Parabolic probably August July that Profit will start going into alternative Coins which is like xrp xlm altern all The coins right and then they're going To lower interest rates Excuse me to try to get reelected and That's going to make people run from the US dollar back into assets and they want To do that because they want the markets To look good before the presidential Election but we have to use discernment Guys you're fighting this game that has Been a cycle over and over and over Again Ray Delio teaches us a changing World Order happens over and over again Guys we are the Bears of low interest Rates bad financial policies and a Switch into a monetary system so what Happens is we go into Civil War then we Go into a world war and after the world War there's usually a new uh a new um Dominant currency there's there's uh Innovation in technology World War II we Came out with the bretonwood standard Which made America the dominant currency Okay then they detached from the gold Standard in 1971 they realized oh Our money has zero value so they traded

All money and oil in 1974 we went into The Petro dollar to protect Saudi for Arms right guys this is all a play of Power and money going back and forth and Unfortunately you are the unsuspecting Victim in that it is always been that The public is always the unsuspecting Vis victim think about Jesus man when he Came back it's the same story he comes Back on the Donkey and he's like flipping over the Money changers he's like come on guys You're Sovereign here you're Sovereign Here man and the guy walks up to him Jesus Jesus who should we pay he's Trying to mock Jesus who should we pay Our taxes to and he grabs the coin he Looks at it and he says who's on the Coin he says Caesar he says pay your Taxes to Caesar and give to God what is His and give to me what is Mine give to you what is yours and give To God what is his you are already Sovereign you are already healthy you Are already wealthy it takes decisions Everybody can have a piece of this pie Nobody's stopping you and I'm living Breathing walking proof of this I Finally said enough is enough I drew a Line in the sand when I ended up back on My parents C it was embarrassing I was Like you know what I can be embarrassed About this or I can do something about This I can learn how money moves through

The system I can get discipline I can Get consistent I can build financial Literacy Financial discipline then I Learned how to earn then I learned how To secure I learned how to compound and Now I'm learning how to protect that's The next Phase you can do the same thing so Number one I have a very diverse crypto Portfolio in many different sectors and I'm exiting 50% from 2024 to 2025 as I Exit I'll be using my exit plan in Merlin you can all download Merlin 30 Days for free down there we created we Created this 36,000 Lin go is to help You exit the markets properly we have FAQs we have customer service we can Help you it's 30 days for free you can Try it out so when you click into Merlin You set up your exit plan as I'm exiting I will be Max funding my insurance Policies okay Max funding my insurance Policies if you want help with that I Have a whole team of Agents 50 states That will help you with that okay from There I will either borrow from the cash Value to buy more assets or I will Borrow from the 50% less I will Collateralize some of my crypto to buy More assets you borrow from assets Because it's taxfree okay when you Borrow from assets and you buy taxfree You buy another asset then you can pay Off that loan with the asset right I

Will not buy any liabilities unless it's Paid for by an asset the vehicle that I Drive is paid for by my company okay if You ever see me drive in a Supercar or Any super nice car it's going to be an Paid for by an asset that is something You have to rewire your brain because a Bunch of people are going to make a Bunch of money in crypto and they're Going to go buy L we've seen it with the Influencers man they buy they buy Lambos And these big houses and they're not They're not investors guys they're just Making money off pumps and then they get Dumped and then they cap to get rid of Their stuff it's like that's not Investing that's not crypto is a Spective asset that can make you a large Amount of money investing is taking your Money securing it compounding it have a Diversification strategy a risk profile Like a risk appetite like you know to Have some in riskier assets you have Some in Secure assets you have some Things are set for retirement we have to Start to think like the wealthy that That's the key because I think we're all In this for freedom and you know the People that follow our Channel and the People that I meet out there you know We're not out there trying to show off We're out there trying to build Safety And Security and protection for our Family when I see you guys it's just a

Mere reflection man we're all just Trying to get freedom of time freedom of Choice and for me freedom of speech That's why I created my own ecosystem so I can talk about God and the life of Jesus and all the things that I enjoy Within my life that's why I don't have Any sponsors that's why we've never been Paid by a cryptocurrency company that's Why I don't monetize my channel I have Companies that are monetize you know my My money comes from my companies so why Would I monetize my YouTube channel Right I don't monetize my YouTube Channel I don't monetize my Tik Tok Nothing's monetized I have businesses I Have real companies with real people and I want to expand Consciousness with you That's my goal and I'm very proud of the Things that we built because it took Hard work and dedication we could have Taken the short road we could have taken Money from these cryptocur we never took A dime from a cryptocurrency company we Could have made Millions like these Influencers did we didn't take a dime Because I knew that if I followed the Path Less Traveled if I stood tall with God and walked with Jesus through this Path that we'd be greatly rewarded and We are being greatly rewarded and what We know is as we're being greatly Rewarded that we're supposed to pass That abundance onto other people we're

Supposed to lock arm and arm and expand Consciousness we're not supposed to Repeat Consciousness we're not supposed To repeat these Cycles so in order for You to break this cycle when it goes Down you need to be going up when it's Going up you need to be going down okay There's waves of energy you're not going To stop how God created this there's Waves of energy all this is is a wave of Energy so you can attach to identity of Left or right and fight an invisible Enemy you can understand it's a wave of Energy and how do you fit within that Wave of energy and when you see where You fit within that wave of energy you Make the Changes you get your together and Stop waiting for a savior love you guys Appreciate you as we always say Warriors Rise get your together if you love This type of contact the spiritual stuff I created another channel for that so I Don't mess up the context of this it's Called refined Integrity refined Integrity on YouTube it's my deep Spiritual walk I'll be bringing some Special guests on uh my coach that I Work with um the author of a very Powerful book um I my spiritual walk is One of my number one things that's Something probably the thing I work on The most outside of macroeconomics Because I love getting closer to God

Every day I love walking close as I can With Jesus and um yeah this is this is a Greatest time in human history family so If you want that type of information Refined Integrity I love you guys Warriors Rise


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