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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lifp [Music] Off hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and I'm drinking a lot of Water my throat my I've been having a rough time this Morning but I'm getting through it I Don't I don't normally let being sick Stop me and I'm not starting now um Circle is I just wanted to show you this Because they're they're doing Advertising left and right you'll you'll Probably notice the ads popping up in Your feed on on the xplatform this is Just another one of their advertisements And I just want to remind everybody that Link to has had Circle up on the Platform link to is one of my sponsors They've got it last time I checked they Had it up on the uh platform I am a Circle private Equity owner in full Disclosure all right check it out it's John Deon was doing a live stream Today where he updated us on the Possibilities of of uh settlement in the SEC versus Ripple case the one thing I Can say and what's this mean for XR P um It means that I don't think there's any Talks of settlement and I've said that For a long time now um they're just not This is still scorched Earth litigation Even in the remedy stage I don't believe There is that doesn't mean it won't

Happen that doesn't mean that uh it Can't be a phone call and and come Together ra rather quickly it doesn't Matter that if there's a ruling from This judge and the SEC thinks that they Can get more from Ripple in a settlement Than than she might rule maybe that'll Make them come to the table because then They can spin it versus getting another Ruling that embarrasses them as an Organization so I'm not saying Settlement can't happen or won't happen I'm just saying updating you all that It's not happening today as far as I Know and this l ation sort of proves That okay so that's where he's at now I Wanted to show you this and I I don't Remember if I showed you this clip Before but we' s we saw this week Saudi Arabia joins the bricks and so this Stuff's all kind of coming to ahead There's two videos I want to show you And in the second one he's going to show You what's the final nail in the coffin But this kind of sets the stage for it But look over the last several years What we have seen is a concerted effort By the by the way this is Andy Sheckman uh from Miles Franklin one of My sponsors very powerful uh money Centers the central banks in particular To use the Western suppression of the Comx markets to accumulate natural Resources and look it's not just um gold

And silver it's you know there's a long List of of Commodities um grains Soybeans soybeans aluminum gold uranium Titanium I mean the list goes on and on That would beat China and it goes to the Point that these countries are the Reason they're not bitching yet is Because they're accumulating it but once It becomes obvious that the availability Of of Commodities is becoming you know Very very scarce that that no one wants To sell it at these make believe prices And the public realizes my goodness what Have we been maybe con with um a a Breakdown in the financial system or the Banking system that's when you would see That type of implementation where the Public you know manipulation be damned I Do think you have make believe prices in Gold and uh silver and some of these Precious metals uh give it to me I need It now well that's when you would start To see the circuit breakers be put into Place in the meantime people pulling the Strings well they don't want the circuit Breakers triggered because that shines a Light on what they're doing instead they Continue to manipulate and suppress the System not only the actual exchanges but The rhetoric surrounding them in order For them to run cover for the Dollarization to be sitting in the cat Bird seat when the rest of the world Says oh my god what have I missed and

Bang you start to see the circuit Breakers triggered and uh that's Something I think you could definitely See happening but that would be a very Late stage phenomena where the big smart Sophisticated well-funded and Well-informed Traders have already you know they're Sitting on their deck seat you know Sipping a a margarita watching the chaos Unfold and as the rest of the people Scurry for whatever scraps are left I Like the hash comix 589 um then he was on with kitg go news This week and this is where he tells you What would be the final nail what would Be the the flip to switch moment of all This I want to be clear what you think The key moment is is it the Saudis Taking a step as bold as refusing the Dollar for oil at some point saying we Only accept this new common currency What does that flipping of the switch Actually look like look these bricks Nations wouldn't even have to do Something that provocative although I Think they may they could say one or two Things they could they were taking other Currencies besides dollars and just that Admission alone but they've said that They they've practically said that they They said we're open to it but they Haven't said we're going to anyone we Can we'll take these five or six

Currencies or maybe it's more along the Lines of they just say to all of the Bricks members which represent the Majority of human population is that We're going to trade in local currencies Or we're going to trade in gold or Whatever it may be if the desire or the Need to hold US dollars is waning to That degree or in fact is completely Disent uh Disincentivized yeah it creates a Massive massive problem for the US a Country that has chosen inflation over Austerity the way that we have a country That is when youf facturing unfunded Liabilities 150 trillion in the whole With five trillion in assets a country That is in essence insolvent that goes Around the word bullying people and Doing things in a coercive manner I Think is incentivizing the world to find Alternatives and that's just it is that Yes all people say well the dollar in The US bond market is the the cleanest Dirty shirt in the laundry hamper but I Think that's where gold comes into play I think that's where blockchain Technology comes into play and that's Why I wanted I want to get clear on on This flipping of the switch because we Are already seeing these countries Saying we're going to trade in our own Currencies and doing so we're already Seeing oil being sold for Dram and for

Rupees and for rubles and uh for petol Youan converted into gold it's already Happening so again what what is that Sort of water a shed moment that makes That switch flip irreversibly what is That write admission an outright Statement from from OPEC we're not Taking dollars anymore I mean Brazil Just applied to OPEC you have the Majority of all of the oil production in The world if they say we don't want Dollars any longer it it creates a very Very very Big uhoh OPEC check this out I mean you It it just feels like all the dominoes Are falling folks look at this this time Is different correct it's worse strap in Folks bank failures by the Year this is From Zack Rector bank failures by the Year this is 2008 this is 2023 that is pretty creepy now look at This two of the biggest bank failures in US history happened in March 2023 Silicon Valley Bank and Signature and then ever since then it's All everything's hunky d right these Were bailed out as I recall now check This out this guy somebody finally says This it's not just about Bitcoin and Ethereum you know the partnership that We have with footy Russell to deliver The crypto sectors and so this is not Just about Bitcoin and ethereum this is About an entirety of an asset class uh

That's being developed and the way to Think about it and to Divine a Vernacular and to think about you know Crypto uh investing in the form of Sectors just like you know investors Have you know become very comfortable in The Equity Marketplace about thinking About sector allocations and overweights And underweights um and so we're really Excited about the future we think that This is just the beginning we're super Pleased at the engagement we had and the Ability for us to deliver on our promise To our investors uh and this is just the Beginning now I think this is very Important I wanted to show you this We've we've we've talked a lot about Cbdcs and how there are people who would Love like the I can't say it out here on YouTube I'll say it in the private group But people who would um love to use Cbdcs for evil and I've talked many Times about how all of this could be Used for good or for evil any technology Could um you can use nuclear for energy Or for a bomb and that that goes for Anything I can use a drone for um to do Aerial surveillance for Real Estate to Show people property or it could be used Used to put a bomb on it and blow people Up I mean so that it goes like this for Any technology that's why I don't I've Never understood these people like we Have to ban cbdcs and all we have to ban

This or that it's not a matter of that And I think that Chris Jin Carlo who's With the digital dollar project is Addressing it here A Benchmark thus far Is China's digital Yuan which is Designed for full surveillance of the Population and if that model were to be The basis for a currency here in the United States it would be a disaster it Would violate the Fourth Amendment of The Constitution amongst other things But it would be a disaster but let's put That in context for a second so can a Stable coin okay so can any type of Centralized system of value is going to Be a Honeypot for a massive amount of Data so whether the government does it Directly with the digital currency or Does it indirectly by pressuring Stablecoin operators to suck out all the Data and hand it over to the government As we've as they've done with social Media platforms right um the concern About privacy is the key concern that's Why we form the digital dollar project To really encourage the United States to Lead with its values the the United States doesn't need to focus on whether Or not to deploy a digital dollar right Now but it must take a leadership seat At the table that is today deciding what These digital networks of value both Sovereign and non-sovereign are going to Look like because our economic

Competitors like Europe and our economic Adversaries like China are at the table Right now and in China's case they do They want to ensure a digital future of Money that is safe for surveillance and Safe for censorship we need to ensure a Digital future that's safer democracy Right and so if China does one that's For surveillance and we do one that's For Freedom guess who wins guess who Everybody in the world would want to be Involved in not China that's how you win Now this is the digital dollar projects Website and I just want this is the Global convening section just wanted to Show you down here who some of the Companies involved in the digital dollar Project are there there is uh Stellar There's H Bar um keep going we'll see there's Hyperledger Accenture Visa oh what is that Ripple I see yes It's Ripple go figure folks now you're in Luck because Christian Carlo who's Running the digital dollar project is Going to be at xrp Las Vegas here he is Right here he's going to be one of the Speakers and so is perianne boring um She's going to be there as well and many More David Schwarz um and I've I know That there are other major people in the Works that can't be talked about right Now um and they're they're also going to

Have the satellite event chamber of Digital Commerce this is this is not Included in um the the payment for xrp Las Vegas is totally separate from this Uh but this is Brad Garling house is Going to be a guest speaker as well as John Deon Michael Arrington um Elanor Ted and Chris J Carlos this will be an Intimate setting for their fundraiser And they just they just lowered the Prices on their fundraiser by the way Um I think they cut them almost in half Or lower so if you haven't checked it Out yet go check it out that's a Satellite event at xrp Las Vegas if you Want xrp Las Vegas tickets I have all The links in the description of this if You want a discount go to Da my Member group we're going to go into the Member group now and I'm going to show You a Video I think this changes the game Folks and we need if we we had hundreds More people doing what this guy did it It would it it probably would straighten Out our country once and for all these People need to be exposed for what They're doing to this country and the Lies they're telling and this guy does It I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family you got to check you

Got to see this this is wild here we Go [Music] [Music]


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