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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel let's talk xrp price targets as Everybody knows at this point of course A few days ago xrp started an incredible Rally to the upside hitting as high as Just over 73 cents and had a pullback Starting yesterday a bit over 24 hours Ago though down to I think a low of About 66 cents but been holding its own In fact at the time I'm recording this Xrps at 69 so where can we reasonably expect This to go is xrp at actually destined To move to the downside or support going To hold here and move to the upside I'm Going to share with you perspective from A few chart analysts um but I'm not Going to tease you a whole lot I'll just Tell you from the outset here the Broadly the expectation from the vast Majority of analysts that I follow with Any amount of regularity is that we are Going to be seeing a move to the upside So the question is exactly how high are We going to go well I think the worst is Behind us it's fairly safe to say that Knock on would right but uh before going Further I do want to be clear I do not Have a financial background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube videos about crypto related

Topics but just as a hobby and just for Fun and uh by the way uh Bitcoin has Been ranging for quite a while at this Point actually but within the last 24 Hours it had a spike just a hair shy of $36,000 at the time I'm recording this $ 35234 uh a little bit later the video I'm going to share with you perspective From one or two analysts uh sharing the Reasons why they think we should expect It to go much higher here and that's What's most probable anyway which is Fantastic because uh Bitcoin leads the Market xrp will file that's just how it Is by the way we also have the crypto Fear in greed index it's 66 out of 100 So not surprisingly with price action Like this even with a lot of sideways Action for Bitcoin U you know people are Feeling greedy and I say yay I'm all for It no no by the way I got to touch on This I've been talking about this a Little bit over the last couple days Ripple swell event kicked off and I'm Going to have a you know full in-depth Coverage of that in a separate video but I I want to mention in terms of the Price action can I just take a moment to Talk about this because there is Broad Acceptance of a false narrative that uh Every year that Ripple has one there There swell events an annual event That's this is the seventh one actually In 2023 the seventh one ever but there's

A narrative that every time this happens Xrp price pumps and then then uh then Falls once uh once swell kicks off and And it's just not true excuse me folks I Actually went through uh through this in A video yesterday so I don't want to Rehash it today but for those of you That might have missed it I'll just note I went through the price action for Every year dating back to 2017 the first Swell event and it turns out there was Only one year where we had a pump uh Actually leading into swell is in 2018 And it was a buy the rumor sell the news Type of event there was a rumor that uh You know xrapid was going to be Launching which became known as on Demand liquid liquidity and of course on Demand liquidity now has been ditched For I don't know what do we call it Ripple payments now it's just Ripple net With the addition of positioning exerp Of British currency anyway naming Disaster aside the point is that there Was a rumor that was going to happen and It happened to be true so whether Something leaked or it was a guess and It just panned out it ended up being True and so that was built into the Price of xrp and then not surprisingly As frequently happens in cases such as This the price did tank the moment that Swell started and that was announced but That that's the only year that we've had

Something like that other than that you See normal volatility surrounding these Events and so this thing kicked off About 12 hours ago the time I'm Recording this by the way it is 12:44 P.m. central Time uh Wednesday November 8th 2023 and you know this thing kicked Off and it's in Dubai and price did not Respond in fact here here's the 24hour Price chart for xrp it just looks normal It's just up and down and up and that's What it's been doing The swell event did nothing to change That right and so I'm not surprised but Most people don't believe that's why I'm Telling this this narrative it's broadly Accepted it's just wrong but I put out This poll uh 1,96 people responded to it And I wrote will xrp price drop when Ripple swell event begins or ends due to A buy the rumor sell the news type of Situation uh 64.8% of you said yes 35.2% Of you said no and there's still a Chance I could be wrong I admit that if It is I'll talk about it because fine But I'm what I'm sharing with you is Even if I'm wrong what is what's it most Reasonable to suppose at this point Based on historical data because we have Six data points and this will be the Seventh one once it's complete we have Six years of data showing that there's One year where we had a we had a event Where xrp was just ramping up it it

Increased substantially and then it did Break down after as a result of swell we Didn't see that any other year so this Is a narrative that you hear every year And I just keep seeing it spouted year After year after year and it's just not True so finally I was just like let's Just talk about this because it it's It's not that it can't happen because it Did happen once in one year but what's Most probable and I still just say the Answer is no uh here's a headline from FX Empire xrp oh it's actually on Nasdaq's website but they cover uh this Article written by FX Empire um xrp Price targets $1 as 120 millionar flows Into derivatives market so I wanted to Highlight this and I don't really really Feel the need to read the article but Did want to highlight that particular Bullet point because it jumped out at me They wrote here derivatives Market data Shows that capital inflows in xrp Futures contracts grew by a staggering $120 million within the last two weeks And again this is just one metric to Look at but I want to I wanted to Highlight it because as people were Feeling down for much of the last Several months or so because xrp was Mostly heading downwards even after it Got legal Clarity I was saying well no It's just following Bitcoin Bitcoin went Down for months on end and I said the

Good news is xrp as we would want is Moving in in a in a correlator Correlator fashion s right so that's why I I said leading even up to this Point there is no cause for concern and So what's what's been happening over the Last couple weeks as bitcoin's ramped up You've seen xrp ramp up as well and Broadly speaking the the entire asset Class has been directionally doing the Same thing and in case some of you Missed it I don't know there's a post on Your screen here From dark Defender he shared this on X Just yesterday and I I I shared in a Video yesterday but just as a quick Refresher before I share the latest from Him um he did note that short-term Targets here are 87 cents and a buck5 But he noted that you know 66.4 n cents Is a key level that must be held and Then after that assuming this is held And we break up to those levels that you Cited and past a buck5 um he does Believe that key levels after that would Be a buck 88 and $585 and so again these things always Seem impossible possible until one day a Wake up and it's actually happen and I Will tell you this um when I was buying Xrp 3 and a half years ago at 15 cents And it actually got as low as like 10 or 11 cents depending on what exchange You're were on uh people felt like it

Was impossible for xrp to be at the Price it's at today if you would have Told them yeah but it's going to be fine In the like yeah I know xrp is 10 cents Right now but in the future on you know November 8th in 2023 on that date it's Going to be uh it's going to be 69 C Well people would have felt great but It's it seems hard to believe in the Moment because you don't know for sure That's going to come to pass well same Thing with these other targets can you Just imagine xrap around for decades and It doesn't blastp pass this like it's Just absurd to me there's so many Reasons that I could not be possibly More bullish on xrp that's why I'm I I've never had stronger conviction than I do today I have stronger conv Conviction than I did when I jumped into Crypto which makes sense because I still Had a lot to learn especially after I Jumped in but even compared to a year or Two or three ago uh yes especially with The legal Clarity here uh so here's an Update I got two updates from dark Defender this one's from uh yesterday so About 24 hours ago and he wrote xrp well Defended the 66.4 n c line like Clockwork and then there's his most Recent po post on this this is today Just this morning 4:56 a.m. Central Time A quick xrp update we are still in Correction with b-wave and can check 72

Cents and back test the 66.4 N Cent Again with seawave we will then continue To climb cheers and so that's what he Thinks is most probable even if we go up A little bit and then back down what he Thinks is most likely is that this level Of roughly 66 cents is going to hold and We're going to climb and so if you're Talking about xrp price targets he cited Them yesterday and I covered him Yesterday I just wanted to share it as a Refresher because I know not everybody Would have necessarily seen that but We're looking at upwards of a buck5 in The Shortterm and by the way Freedom ain't Free it cost a buck5 that's a fun fact That's science bonus points if you know What that's from without Googling it Without Googling it and um and uh but Then after that yeah I mean just the Idea of xrp not heading price Discovery At some point it's absurd now I'm of the Mindset that yes we do need to see Bitcoin get into Euphoria mode but um Sometimes coins run independently I have Seen that coins I hold have done that Without being in like an ALT season I'm Just saying that historically like based On historic precedent that there is none For xrp to do that so I'm not counting On it not that it's impossible at some Point in the future it's just not what I Would find to be most likely but that's

Okay again I'm happy to see xrp followed Bitcoin's lead that's perfectly fun now Take a look at this from chart analyst EG Greg crypto because uh man this guy's Bonus now of course I am too and I'm Willing to bet the vast majority of you Are as well but he shared this chart It's a xrp market cap chart and he wrote The Following and check this out xrp Market cap $1 trillion now think about This because at the time I'm recording This market cap is here we go $37 Billion now if xrp is going to have Long-term viability and this crypto Pi Just keeps getting bigger and bigger and Bigger how could xrp not eventually be There so the which doesn't mean that It's a guarantee it will happen we could Be wrong about this and I guess xrp goes To zero that that is a possibility I Just don't think that's remotely likely But if we're right in the X the Crypt Gets bigger and xrp maintains its Long-term viability why wouldn't it Eventually have a market cap of a tril Or a m multi- trillion dollar market cap And so he then says in the wake of xrp's Previous parabolic Ascent where it's Skyrocket by skyrocketed by a staggering 100,000% the current surge of 7% might Seem like a mere Drop in the Ocean However let's take a closer look unlike The last time this time around achieving A 7% gain on the previous Monumental

Rise is not only feasible but it's Practically a walk in the park for the Xrp community and so he notes Here for Those of you that care to look at your Screen you can see he's noting that at The peak and he's citing looks like $341 I'm assuming that's the price right Here because the market cap would be 126 Billion and he's citing over 100,000% Increase and so um you know he's picked Out a particular range for that the Number that I I remember seeing which I've spouted a number of times over the Years is it's close to an 880,000 per Increase from the bottom of the that Cycle to the top so I don't know exactly Where he considered the start just based On the the zoomed out nature of this Particular chart but I just thought I'd Mentioned that not to split hairs here Doubt that it particularly matters um But but he cited there's over 100,000% Increase and it's massive whether it's 880,000 per 100,000% whatever it's Massive we know that but anyway the Point is what he's citing there is that Xrp was at $16 billion market cap and That's going to look like nothing in the Future and so what he's citing here is If you're talking about the numbers as I Just read to you here you're looking at A 983 billion market cap for xrp and That's what he's got here where I'm Circling for those of you looking at the

Screen so just run up and say it's a Trillion dollars just for Simplicity Sake consider this if if if his Target There is actually hit you're talking About xrp price being somewhere in the Neighborhood of $19 and that's about a 30 fold increase From the current price of roughly 69 Cents maybe a little shy of 30 fold Increase Pretty damn close though and again like I keep saying if we are right about xrp Which fine it's not guaranteed but I Think we're right can you imagine enough Time passes the crypto Pie gets bigger And xrp xrp continues to get used can You imagine a world where like that Doesn't happen like I mean it's possible I just I don't find it to be the most Probable I mean because especially as You continue to have a more mature asset Class the money's going to flock to Where there's real world util And it's not that nobody values utility Like I do and I'm willing to bet that The vast majority if not all of you Listening also value utility that's why So many people flock to xrp even Today um it's just that there aren't Enough people like us that care about it Which is why you see you continue to see Xrp just move in correlation with the Broader crypto Market but I I understand Why it's just there's over 20,000

Cryptocurrencies how are people going to Sufficiently you know analyze every Single one so even if the people that Genuinely take a look at xrp did they Learn enough um who how do they know who To trust there's a lot of hurdles to Getting to the truth and coming to a Reasonable belief so I I can understand Why xrp even though it's clear to people Like me and probably you listening Because we're in the crowd that has Actually researched this which puts us In the minority of humans on the planet So we get it but I understand why it's Difficult for people to get to the Head Space that we're at there's a lot of Hurdles here and there's so many Cryptocurrencies so much misinformation Misdirection and it's a complex topic And then you throw on top of that all The human fear and emotion it's it's It's very challenging so I'm I'm Sympathetic to that but yes suffice it To say as you can see and I think for Good reason a vast majority of analysts Are expecting major moves to the upside And then there was this particular post From chart analyst blunts with 227,000 followers on X he wrote uh oh Here I'll make this full screen to we Shar the chart Bitcoin USD chart he Wrote wholeheartedly believe Bitcoin is Probably in a macro wave three now and Many are un prepared for how hard and

Fast this will run with minimal Pullbacks relative to what they are Expecting based on the pullbacks we had During the earlier parts of this year Those multi-month 30% dips are gone I Think we'll get 20% dips along the way But they'll happen and recover much Faster moving forward so I hope he's Right and I'll just tell you this and Actually happened to mentioned this the Other day it's it's not uncommon even in Bull markets you know leading into like Euphoric bull markets to have pullbacks Of 30% but you know like I mean I'm Thinking back to at the moment I'm Saying this back to 2017 and even when you had massive Pullbacks for Bitcoin that year they're Pretty shortlived so even if you have Those big percentage drops which are Historically very normal they you know You don't have to languish there for Necessarily for several months on end so And and so if his analysis is correct That's where we're at and I don't Pretend to know but that would be Fantastic and I'll tell you he's not the Only one Speaking of Bitcoin a credible Crypto is not I'm sorry blunts is not The only one that's that optimistic here We have perspective from credible crypto Now up to 350,00 followers on X um he shared this Bitcoin USD chart and he wrote The

Following in my most recent video update I talked about how if this rally were to Have legs we would want to see spot Buyers pushing Price on the low time frames that is Exactly what we are starting to see much Of the builtup open interest has closed While spot takers on binance and Coinbase have begun Market buying again This is healthy SL bullish and indicates That this recent rally may be more Significant than initially expected Let's see how things develop and again That's Bitcoin but hey even if you're Only interested in xrp uh okay but fair Enough but I insist that you should Still interested in directionally what's Happening with Bitcoin price action Because it leads the market which is why I'm always going to highlight or at Least until it stops mattering but and I Admit like I hold Bitcoin like I'm Pro Bitcoin I've held It for close to six years now it just Doesn't really Light My Fire I don't get Really excited about it it's not where Like even if I get a a healthy little Profit for it and I finally sell it at Some point in the future it's not going To be life-changing maybe it'll be Modestly important to me maybe but no so But still I follow it and I'm excited For what happens because I know what it Means for my ALT coins which is what I

Really care about in xrp that's that's Where I'm counting a gigantic chunk of The life-changing wealth for me to come From and I know that I'm not the only One that's feeling that way there's a Reason that we've gravitated towards xrp And so even if in the community you're Going to have obviously varing Perspectives of course I'm willing to Bet that a lot of you out there are also Counting on an xrp to A primary driver of your lifechanging Wealth if that's what you're looking for In this and I just I find it completely Plausible just it takes a long time it's A long Journey and it's it's risky but the Opportunity absolutely is there and this Is going to be monstrous when this rally Goes I mean I remember sitting in this Position four years ago you know we Hadn't started seeing the next euphoric Rise up but I I remember that you know We'd come off the highs from 20177 and Early 2018 and I said the whole time Okay I understand people feeling Depressed right now but Market's going To start roaring back eventually just a Matter of time and of course it did it's Just hard for people to accept that with Their emotions but now people are Starting to accept it because things are Moving to the upside so just get ready Because even if you have pullbacks and

Stuff moves sideways for sometimes even During portions of this like it's it's Very clear the bottom was any year ago We're going outside of a wild card Event we're good even if we range even If we range fine the worst is behind us Even it's like say blunts is wrong and Say we we move sideways for another half A year okay fine whatever I am not Worried about I can't control the Timeline I can only control myself and My what I do if I feel emotions which I Don't because I'm a robot basically not As it pertains to you know scared Emotions with when it comes to my Investments in crypto but um I can Control whether or not I do something so I just do absolutely nothing because I Don't control the timeline and either I Have exposure when xrp goes or I don't And I'm doing everything to ensure that That I have exposure to xrp no matter What happens and if that means I ride This to zero so be it but I don't Believe that's the most probable outcome I believe we're going to hit a new Alltime high in Enterprise Discovery and Then I'll have life changing wealth and Many of you listening will as well That's my suspicion there's no way to Know and we can all be wrong but I have Placed my bet and I sleep very soundly And I have been the whole time that I Have held xrp with rare exception in the

Early Days I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy yourself anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next Time to the Moon Lambo


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