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There are two major things we will cover Today number one millionaires will be Made in 2024 and number two number two The distraction of 2023 so that the Thanksgiving conversations are all about Cryptocurrency being a fraud to fudge You out as the greatest transformation And wealth in history is upon us my name Is coach JB from my family's heart to Yours I love you so so much I'll start Out by saying my goal is to help over a Million people in the next 12 months We've helped 7,000 coming up on the 8,000 since 2020 and we have two amazing Resources for you number one people ask Me all the time JV what are you talking About with insurance we don't insure Well we insure our lives but we teach People how to Ure their wealth during These volatile times with tier one Capital Tax code 7702 some people call It the Affinity banking concept leverage Life insurance I'm a licensed insurance Agent I have agents in all 50 states We've helped hundreds of people already Since July and we're going to going to Help thousands thousands over the next Year secure compound and grow their Wealth just like we do so in the Description of this YouTube video you Can set up a free absolutely free Consultation there is no money sent to Us also in my social media platform you Can set up a free consultation with my

License insurance team number two if You're not ready to dive into that you Can download our 16-page guide which Gives you the exact blueprint of how we Did this and how we went from completely Broken 2020 we transitioned from Cryptocurrency diversification and built A Foundation of generational wealth it's A 16-page absolutely free guide remember Cryptocurrency isn't going to save you Guys it should be one small Speculative opportunity for you to make A large amount of money okay so now Check this out so uh binance CZ pleads Guilty and I think it's a four what is It a four billion dollar fine let me Check this out I had it on top of my Head and it just disappeared I think It's about 4 billion something like that But the reason why I want to bring this Up before I go into the positive news For the rest of the year I like Positivity much better I like light and Love and all that stuff but we have to Understand guys this is happening right Before Thanksgiving not by chance guys So we had a Celsius collap last year Clap collapse a stable coin collapse Last year we had the FTX thing going on All during the holidays we had Influencers you know going crazy over That stuff that was the holiday Conversation I remember when I got in The car with my father last year right

Before Thanksgiving I think it was Thanksgiving or Christmas Thanksgiving He said to me oh what about this you Know what's going on with and it was Like my dad knows nothing about crypto But he's talking about the FTX it's Going to be the same thing with this Guys the same thing with this so what's Going to happen right before Thanksgiving the conversation is all About cryptocurrencies of Fraud and then Now the narrative I'm seeing coming out On the news is that binance was used for Terrorist activities right so what that Does is it fuds the public out even more Right and it makes them feel like wait a Minute we need safety right first they Resist resist it then they sue it then They regulate it then they join it they Get the public in to join it because They show you that Hey listen binance Wasn't safe terrorist activities FTX Wasn't safe Celsius wasn't safe so now They have three exchanges three Exchanges that they can use to leverage And say listen guys we got safety over Here you can come in JP Morgan Chase Wells Fargo Bank Bank of America uh Coinbase is going to be a bank Kraken Will be a bank listen safety security That is going to be the stance that they Stand on and that's going to flood the Public's cryptocurrency into a Centralized system that's just how it's

Going to work guys I predict the future By studying the past um the only thing You can do is figure out how to maneuver Through the system like we've done and We've radically transformed our families Lives so let's go into the positive news Okay so we're watch this uh the first Part of this video here guys Cryptocurrency is going to go wild next Year why y okay so we're going to let Watch this video for a moment I'm going To show you some things with Meco and Ripple and xrp P guys hold the line guys Have an Exit Plan do not get greedy when This stuff starts going up make sure at The back in this video I'm going to Share with you guys a little bit more About Merlin how we set up inside of Merlin you can set up an Exit Plan you Have to exit the market guys it's not Profit unless you realize it there's so Many people that were millionaires in Cryptos and they were broke in less than A month in 2022 after everything came Collapsing down prices now more than Double where they began the year and our Next guest says we are just in the early Innings of a new crypto bull market Let's welcome a very [Applause] Speci Brian Kelly it's great to be here Great to be back what's new BK I mean What's new what's new yeah the audience Know but you've been you've been

Operating your Bitcoin fund still yeah Correct yep yep still um still involved In Bitcoin every day 24 hours a day Seven days a week never stops um but It's been um it's been an interesting Year you know I mean in the last year We've had gone from everything from FTX To now all of a sudden Argentina Potentially you know they've elected a Pro Bitcoin president so the yeah that That's crazy the pro Bitcoin president You see Brian Armstrong from uh coinbase Send him a shout out hey we should link Up man because they got a pro Bitcoin Pres that dude's freaking crazy man I Don't know if you guys saw him he's Pretty wild man so things are changing The tides are changing family momentum And sentiment has changed dramatically In that that was ironic huh I just said That and you said sentiment and not to Mention all the the potential Bitcoin ETF filings that are still in the wings Here right so where do you see you know You don't have a price Target Necessarily on bitcoin but what are you Thinking in terms of where you are now So there's a couple things we know in The past that Bitcoin has had these Twoyear cycles that are generally Centered around the happening and so we Have another havening coming up in April And I'm not one of those people that Thinks the havening is the actual

Catalyst but it's one of those sentiment Things that all of a sudden now you have A reduction in Supply couple that with The fact that we have the Federal Reserve that is likely done for some Time being of raising rates if not we Don't think they're going to go to 10% Maybe they go to five and a half right And then the second part of that is we Now have these ETF filings so for the Okay so that's what I want you guys to Hear so we have the Bitcoin having Bitcoin having we have the ETFs and the FEDS are saying hey we might be holding Rates guys because remember when rates Go up this is the economic part of it Macroeconomics when rates go up the Dollar is more attractive when rates Stay steady and they notice not the Rates going up and if they lower Interest rates guys this is so important When I hear real estate agents saying oh Wait till interest rates go down or Purchase or people are saying that uh You know actually real estate agents or When people are just saying wait till Interest rates go down guys if interest Rates go down if you haven't if you need To buy a home buy a home now guys if you Can afford it buy a home if interest Rates go down an $800,000 house is going To shoot up over a million guys if Interest rates go down you're have Hyperinflation and assets which is great

For us who hold crypto it's great for us Who uh any of you who hold stocks any of You hold real estate if you you own Assets it's phenomenal it's horrible for The middle class so we have the Bitcoin ETF we have the feds jacked up system You know we're just balancing guys so All you got to do is watch all you got To do is watch interest rates guys watch Interest rates pay attention Okay then We have the Bitcoin having and then the ETFs right and then we have all this Stuff happening so I'm going to go back To uh this was five months ago right so This was when Ripple buys crypto custody For Meco okay we're going to this quick Announcement that happened here there's So much stuff happening behind the Scenes So the uh the CZ thing will be the Biggest subject the binance thing They're going to say it's all for Terrorism guys so it's it's all Distractions just pay attention stay Non-emotional at countries that are Outside of the US because of the unclear Um regulation are can we expect Ripple To expand uh even more I know we're Talking about Europe right now but can We expect Ripple to to be looking at Other jurisdictions as well yeah well I Think the Meto acquisition as you know Based in Switzerland is a good example In Europe um we are hiring you know

Considerably in other jurisdictions you As our business grows it's a global Business uh I expect that that Trend to Continue y so there we go guys there we Go let's keep so anyway I think that Those five big forces as we look at all Right sorry about that I was trying to Multitask I was pulling something up for You guys at the end here okay so HSBC so This came out on November 8th 2023 uh HSBC to launch digit asset custody token For SEC security so this is HSBC HSBC Holding PLC plans to offer institutional Clients a custody service for digital Assets such as token tokenized Securities the bank's latest move in a New area of Finance HSBC will work with Ripple Labs Incorporated owned Technology firm metco on the safekeeping Of services okay now this isn't Generally talking about xrp but Ripple Labs guys we're also owners of Ripple Preo which you can get into there Through link to uh we own Ripple pre IO Remember Ripple is the company so we own Pre-ipo of Ripple and we own a good a Decent amount of xrp I believe in xrp The asset not Financial advice uh I've Been a huge believer in xrp I think it's One of the greatest digital assets ever Created or greatest assets ever created And I think it's the one of the greatest I I love owning something that's part of Transforming history like literally the

Ripple xrp case versus the SEC or SEC Versus Ripple is one of the biggest Cases in history just to say that I own That asset that I was part in when I'm Sitting with my grandkids Listen I was part of a massive change in The financial system and that's why We're sitting on this 300 acre ranch With our helicopter we can go wherever We want we have freedom because your Grandpa held the line and he didn't trip And he dime in hand that's gonna be fun All right the commitment to technology This came out on November 21st the Commitment to technology key to Expanding digital assets services this Is BBVA why did I even put that up I Have no idea why I put that up guys that Made no sense Sometimes I don't make sense that's okay All right so let's dive into this let's Talk about what we're doing here okay so The CZ binance thing comes out right Before Thanksgiving that's everybody's Gonna be talking about don't even get an Argument with your family guys do not Argue this is wise counsil for you guys I stopped taking counsel from people Number one who are broke number two who Are not where I want to be or number Three have never done what I'm doing I Do not take anything it's I'm literally Become a filter it goes right through me I only become a sponge when somebody

Who's speaking to me who number one is Where I want to go number two has a Together financially spiritually Mentally and as wise counsel okay beyond That I I don't guys I don't I don't I'm Like no I'm focused on Jesus God I call him Christ Christ Consciousness right and I focus on my Family guys I don't care what people say As you guys see with the haters in my Comments it does not bother me at all so If you're a hater I mean you're wasting Your breath guys on Twitter I literally Mute them mute mute mute I don't want Any negative frequency in my mind I Don't I control my frequency all day I'm Not saying the negativity does not exist I'm not saying I'm I'm unconscious of Horrible things within the world what I Do do is I understand that those Conscious levels exist I work to control My Consciousness that's all I can do and I can be a good human being and I can Treat people kindly I can love God with All my heart love Humanity as I love God Treat there's I want to be treated and Pull the log on of my eye stop judging You so okay so this is really important I don't know I'm backwards on the screen Here sorry there we go so this is Merin The smartest way to track your crypto I'm going to be bringing this up Non-stop guys number one everything that I promote I own I'm a co-founder of I do

Not I've never been paid by a I'm very Proud to say this in my whole career Here guys I've been offered hundreds of Thousands I could have made Millions I Never once took money from a crypto Company never never I was actually I'm Actually part of a board of directors or A uh Committee of one company and I Refuse to take the money I will not take Money from any company because I do not Want any of my messages to number one be Censored number two is I if it takes the Fall I'm taking the fall with it it's my Fault it's my decisions it's my team Okay that's really really important for My Integrity honesty and uncompromising Belief in God with business peace Freedom and family structure owning my Own ecosystems is extreme important I Can talk about Jesus all day guys I can Wear Jesus shirts I can say I love God In my company my my CFO can you know Proclaim to Buddha we can do whatever we Want guys it's very important to me Freedom I'm the richest man in the world Because my relationship with God my Freedom to speak my truth my freedom of Travel I can be where I want when I want And raise my kids it's so important to Me and I wanted to get that out my Backwards there we go okay so Merlin the Smartest way to track your crypto so my Crypto has a very strict Exit Plan I'm Opposite of everybody else as

Everybody's excited coming in in 2020 24 And 2025 I'm polling so this is how I'm Doing it I track my crypto on Merlin we Created this 36,000 lines of code built From the ground up okay we have over a Thousand people using Merlin and if You're wondering how to get it it's in The description video you can do it 30 Days for free and if you don't like it You can cancel on the app you don't have To jump through hoops you can literally Hit cancel my my membership okay so it's Um 30 days for free and it's 18 bucks to Track your crypto we don't hold your Keys we don't hold your crypto it's all In one interface okay it's just a uh Display right so here you can display Your daily uh uh what your portfolio is Your daily gains and losses but this is A part I want to show you that that that Why we created this because we carried Around spreadsheets So within there you Can create an exit strategy right so Give you an example so when xrp goes to $3.7 I I'm I'm doing off the top of my Head it's like it's I think I'm I exit About 5% of my portfolio then of 50% so Let me explain so I'm exiting 50% of my Portfolio and I'm holding 50% long-term Forever Legacy okay it'll be underneath My trust all that stuff once I get that Set up 50% I'm exiting okay very Important but when I exit I am very Strategic on what I'm doing with money

So I'll be exiting 50% of my portfolio For example in my exit strategy they'll Be $3.7 will be my first Target I'll Exit about five or 10% I can't remember Exactly what it is then if it goes like5 Or $7 somewhere around that range Specifically like probably five I'll Exit about another 15% of the 50 of the 50% % which will be 100% of the 50% does That make sense so you're going 100% of The 50% then if it goes to say it went To five then to seven then to 10 and Then some silly number that we think it May go to I'll have that as my last Target if it doesn't hit that I don't Exit Okay then when I exit I am Max Funding index Universal Life policies Because that allows me to use my money Twice so I'll be putting it's very very Very very important that the agent that You're working with is not pay attention To this that that's why we got licensed And took took over it ourselves guys That the agent is not maximizing their Commission index universal life is so Important how the policy is structured If they're maximizing the death benefit They're maximizing their commission guys It's about minimizing the death benefit To get the most amount of living benefit That's the key to tax code 7702 we got licens I've licensed every I Coach my agents you do not maximize your Commission you build relationships with

Your clients another cool thing about Insurance why we can do free Consultation we're paid by the insurance Company you're not paid by the client it Doesn't come out of the client's funds Okay which is really important okay so When I exit With Merlin I'll be um Putting an index universal life buying More precious metals we're going into Real estate we're going to be doing 506 BS we're going to be doing group funding Uh we do that within our Academy so if You want to join our Warrior Academy you Can be part of that we do 506 BS um and We are going to do group funding and buy Apartment complexes and I'm going to Continue to expand businesses I'm going To pour a lot of money into my Businesses because that's how um I Became I consider it wealthy so the and I've been very honest with you guys About this you know everybody shows you Their Lambos and their houses and all That stuff I tell you where I'm at in my Earned income I'm not showing you my Lifestyle I'm not showing you what I do Maybe a little bit when I travel but I Don't show you guys my lifestyle because That's not important right if anybody's Showing you their Lambos and houses and Cars they're probably on the verge of Being broke to be honest with you so Basically I went from completely broke On my parents couch 2019 2020 2020 we

Had a you know crypto started to move we I was I was exercising my plan I was Doing the gway strategy I turned a Couple thousand into 10,000 into six Figures in crypto and then I started to My business has finally started to take Off after years of working at them I Learned to go from working in my Business to running my businesses I now No longer operate in my business I'm Just in board meetings well you know Zoom calls now I'm just in Zoom calls With my CEO CFO and my leadership team And I I'm completely free of time so I Now run multiple companies I work to Increase my earned income every single Quarter and that earned income go goes Into investable assets from the Investable assets when I have price Appreciation I pull I secure I compound And I grow and I repeat the process so In the last four years I went from Completely broke having a nice crypto Portfolio I didn't touch that to I think To me a decent crypto portfolio but P Crypto is no longer just my my main Thing right so I went from broke to I Hit 325,000 last year earned income my Business has did well over a million This year our business are going to do Well over a million I think we're g to Breach a couple million and then we yeah We'll hit over a couple million and then Um my earned incomes God willing will

Hit uh close to half a million so that Puts me in the top 1% of the population Of earners now my goal is to get in the Top 1% of net worth which is 11.5 Million but just because you earn just Because you're making 300,000 500,000 a Year does not mean you're going to be Wealthy wealthy is different than Earning guys that's why when these People are showing all their Lambos in Their houses I'm like man they're making A million and they have a $3 million Home like that doesn't make any sense Guys like the cars unless it's like Something like exotic car hacks what I Think think are great that guyy is Amazing where you can buy an asset for a Car but it's very different guys it's Just we have to flip that mindset that's An indoctrination mindset what's my Point behind this so yeah so that's Where I'm at right now um we're Expanding very quickly our earned my Earned income keeps going up every Single quarter you guys can the reason Why I tell you this you guys can do this Guys I'm the freest man in the world but What make makes me the richest man in The world is my relationship with Jesus Guys my relationship with God my Absolute freedom where I can talk about What I want when I want how I want so I Totally digress with that one anyways so Merlin you get 30 days for free

Absolutely free every single one of you All 10,000 of you the watches you all Should download Merlin you all should be Ready with an exit plan because that Will that will allow you to become Wealthy in crypto if you do not have an Exit plan if you follow the emotion of All the fers on crypto on the uh on These YouTube channels you are going to Get wrecked guys I'm I'm telling you Wise counsel right now from somebody who Got wrecked and somebody who fixed it And somebody is now going to build Generational wealth you can do the same Thing don't get caught up in the there's a reason why 1% of the Population owns 97% of the wealth it Will always be that way until you rewire The foundation Warriors rise get your together let's [Music] Go yeah


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