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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. None of what I have communicated verbally or in writing here should be considered financial advice; it is not. Do your own research before investing in any digital asset, and understand that investing in any cryptocurrency is inherently risky. If you do, you need to be prepared to lose your entire investment.

Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel I believe firmly that it makes a Lot of sense to be really stubborn with Xrp I firmly believe that xrp will hit a New all-time high eventually I believe It will Enterprise Discovery and Absolut Melt faces I don't pretend to know when That's going to be this has been my Belief since um well pretty much the Beginning because even after the bubble Popped and was pretty clear it popped in Early 2018 and xrp was trending back Down I I I just I said to myself at the Time xrp at some unknown point in the Future will hit a new all-time high and It will do just what I I firmly believe That it just it moves in tan with the Rest of the market the Market's just Getting bigger and yes it's been delayed Because of the SEC but for me that's why It just makes sense to be stubborn with My Xrp and like we've never been closer to This happening before and I want to Share with you some of my mindset in This video you know and I apply it so I Certainly applied it to xrp I've applied It to other coins and I think I think I Think it what I'm about to share with You like it rings true regardless of What coin you're talking about if you Have conviction about the the coin this Is the right path in terms of behavior So this doesn't mean telling you

Specifically you know you know something Unique about a coin necessarily I mean Yes it's how I treat my xrp uh it's not That you should buy this shouldn't buy That there's a lot of other things to Consider but this is a key component I Think that I know actually there's data On this almost nobody behaves the way That I do when it comes to investing uh But it's just even if you look at how People invest in equities data shows the People that just don't do anything they Don't touch stuff they're the ones that Make money and I I firm believe that con Concept bleeds over into Crypto but before going further I do Want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun all right so I I've said Before and this was not the most F like I was having fun in crypto regardless But it wasn't the most fun this is is More fun now clearly but for the first Roughly 3 years I was most of the time Down on on my investment in xrp Sometimes down Substantially yet I still slept Easy because again I understand that

It's there's extreme volatility and the Fact that like people do have trouble Yes absolutely If This Were easy uh Emotionally for people generally Speaking then everybody would have a Lambo on the moon right now that's not How this works it takes I mean it it Takes true resiliency you know it takes Real conviction and and I've got that And I'm sure that you know a ton of you Out there listening feel the same way But but we're human and so some people Are going to not always feel like that And I understand that too but that's why I'm sharing this particular video with You because we are entering this period Of crucial importance where there's Going to be an opportunity for Life-changing wealth I firmly believe We're we're in Bull mode here right and It can still be botched by people if Emotions get to people that's what I'm Getting at here so that's why it's not Me telling you to get in and out of any Specific position I'm just sharing the Way that I conceptually look at this Stuff because it works for me that That's why and I and I think it's fun to Talk about this stuff and it's important To talk about this stuff and so um I've Been down on a lot of the coins that I've had for the last like coins that I Took new positions in over the last say Two or three years um until recently I

Was down on almost all of them for Almost the whole time so like H bar I've Been holding H bar it'll be almost three Years at this point and that's that's Currently my third largest Holding um you know I've been down on That for the vast majority like almost The entire time that I've been holding Does that mean that XR that H bar is a Bad investment no just like the fact That I was down on xrp for most of the The the first three years that I was Holding it did that mean that it was a Bad investment no that in and of itself Doesn't it was just it was at a lower Level then so now we've reached a new Plateau I don't know if we'll ever see 25 cent xrp again I mean I guess Technically Never Say Never but it's Seems less likely now certainly we're Trading at a different level we're Entering this bull market with xrp Pushing 70 cents like that I mentioned In my last like we haven't seen that Before but also with Flare for example You know I've been well Flair was Launched at the beginning of the year That thing's just been heading downward Non-stop until very Recently but now it's not and so I've Been down on that too and I shared this Um recently but it's it's I want to make Sure that this like I'm sharing this Sufficiently I mentioned it once in

Another video I'll just be brief for This year but um there was a post from The flare commun Community uh account on Social media platform X saying wow Sentiment down that type of sentiment And So I responded yep and I wrote that As a result I'm thinking about buying More flare today sentiment is dismal and It was absolutely dismal people were Saying it's a crap coin it's never going To be thing it's going to zero all that Crap and so I said I'm probably going to Buy more and then a little bit later in The day when I had time I did and so I Also wrote if anything the utility and Future process ects for Flare have never Been better though the price has never Been lower and by the way that was Literally true at that point that was The low point that day October 19th when I purchased it um then I wrote I bought More flare this morning increased my Total Holdings by about 45% and wrapped It immediately and folks this is the Same story with my xrp it's the exact Same thing I was down people told me it Was going to zero all the haters even Some holders losing confidence that they Made the right decision this or that and Xrp I mean the lowest I ever held it was 10 or 11 cents during March 20 2020 Crash and then it obviously blasted off Off after that to over two bucks and now It's close to 7 cents it's like you

Can't look at short-term price action And make a determination that in and of Itself just because that happened that It's somehow some sort of failure that's Just nonsense and so this the same thing Here again true with h bar here there's This post from U xrp Community member Frey on October 27th this year and he Wrote bearish hopium M crypto is going To create a lot of cop opium soon as I Said all bare Market this is why we Dollar cost averaged and positioned Before big moves and he tagged me in That and yeah that absolutely that's What I did when when there were Opportunities I made purchases and October 28th I wrote The Following I'm Ready for it I'm particularly looking Forward to alt eventually taking off I Recently increased my H bar Holdings by 11% my flare by 45% and I also bought Vchain for the first time ever a couple Days days ago I know many xrp holders Have been into vchain for years my bags Have been packed for so long but time Passes and I I I make more money and I Have to put it somewhere so I buy more Crypto so that's what I wrote and that's The case and so now I wanted to mention This for the first time and I couldn't Even tell you how long um I I've been in The green for in my H bar now at the Time yeah so I'm up my my a my my Average price for for harar it's a

Little under 7 and a half cents it's 7.4 Something cents and right now it's it's Almost 7.6 cents and it was as high as 7.7 cents within the last 24 hours so I Looked at that and I was down Dramatically and I put real money into This thing um and now it is moving to The upside and if it goes back below Again I'm not going to give a damn I've Already been through this for years Because in the bottom line is either I'm Right that these things are going to Take off or I'm wrong and I understand That the volatility in between in and of Itself is not an indication of whether Or not my supposition at its core is Right or wrong that's why I'm sharing This video so as you see the volatility Just remember that in and of itself that Alone does not necessarily indicate Something unless it's a Luna type of Situation because there are coins that Ultimately you know go to zero although Even that recently has had a Revival but That was that was like an over 99% I Mean you guys know the whole story I Don't need to get into it with you but But there are instances and there are Rug PES or stuff like that but I'm Saying outside of those types of things Yeah and and so I won't be surprised if You know especially if H bar runs first This could be my number one holding xrp Is Right Now by a lot bitcoin's number

Two for me um I think that you know I Can see I I know what the dollar values Are uh my H bar is probably going to Take that number two spot soon but if it Runs before xrp I'll not be surprised if It takes the number one spot and then I'll sell it and then xrp will be number One again and then when that goes I'll Sell xrp and we'll see what ordered Happens and but this is conceptually What I'm looking at here and so all that To say if you're if you're concerned About xrp in the short term why none of It none of it the price action in the Short term in and of itself is not an Indicator of whether or not you're right Or wrong it's just it's behaving like You should expect it to behave that's Why I wanted to highlight this here and Look at this this is right after FTX Collapsed I I shared I posted this on on Social media platform X November 9th 2022 over a year ago my net worth has Taken a massive hit due to crypto prices Plumy as a result I am no longer Moon Lambo I am Moon family sedan wish be Luck it so that was the day that I Switched to Moon family sedan and I was For something like eight months right Until we got legal Clarity for xrp and Now it's greener pastures now everything It's fantastic uh but uh and then I I Separately wrote and this is the same Day everyone in crypto has been harmed

By the FTX situation but it has also Created opportunity and I'm taking Massive advantage of it just bought a Bunch of coin for $417 harar at 4.4 and algorand at 27 These are the lowest prices I've ever Paid for these coins and so um I don't File file coins now up over five bucks I Think at the time of re maybe five and a Half bucks or something hbar buying that At 4.4 cents It ultimately ran to like I Think seven or eight or N9 cents early This year but then it cratered back down And when it cratered back down uh I was In the the rigan and then I recently Bought more I bought more October 18th At 4.9 9 or 5 Cent somewhere around There um and then it's moved up and then Alran when I bought that a year ago 27 Cents that wasn't Al I mean it looked it Was cheaper at the time for sure so I Was excited for that it went even lower And I was able to buy um I can't Remember when I maybe over a month ago I Can't remember exactly but I bought more It was down at like 11 cents is where I Nailed it and at the time I'm recording This I think it's like 20 or 22 cents so The point is the price action it doesn't You should expect that this is a known Quantity you should expect it to do this So when it does go down it makes no Sense to have the fear and so I don't Have fear because it's not logical to

Have the fear I refuse to to have some Stupid emotion where there's no Underlying logical connection where it Would be reasonable to have that emotion I'm just not going to do it so I bought More and now it's up and I I like I made A pretty freaking big like I Substantially increased my algrant Holdings Substantially and now I'm I'm up on the Hold so like I've been down on alran for Most of the time I've held it I've been Down on filecoin for most of the time That I held it and I might still I think I'm still a little down on F coin but I'm up on H bar I'm up on flare I'm up On algo and almost everything else that I hold and my xrp again it's the same Way I treated xrp and this is how you Win long term this is what I believe you Buy stuff and you wait even if it's Through multiple Cycles that's what I do Most people aren't willing to do that They don't have the patience and then They'll fomo in and they'll Panic sell I Don't I refuse to behave like that so I Just wanted to share that message but we Really are there that's why I said at The outset just be stubborn with your Xrp that's not me telling you to buy or Sell or hold cuz I don't know your Position and I wouldn't want that Personal responsibility but that's what I think conceptually makes sense to be

Stubborn about this unless so like for Me unless something changes on a Fundamental level I'm holding period That is it we've never been closer folks I'm not a financial adviser you should Not buy yourself anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lampo


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