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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel let me share three headlines With you in this video starting with This one from the Crypt basic wallets Holding more than zero xrp Skyrocket 102% to over 5 million and folks wait Till you see exactly the time period When this happened because it's just so Fascinating that despite uh all of the Nonsense that we've had as xrp holders Had to put up within recent years in Particular from the SEC oh my God those Pricks despite that the adoption of xrp Is through the roof might this be an Important metric to consider regarding Xrp's long-term viability uh me thinks Yes look at this headline from you today Xrp Wales reach new 10-year Milestone And then there's also this uh Ripple CTO Reveals strategic move into 10 trillion Doll crypto custody Market with Medico HSBC And you know part of the reason I want To share this article with you is I find It fascinating in the way that Ripple is Shifting it's because of growth it's It's a good thing ultimately but the Messaging towards the public it's Changing it's no longer something about Uh yeah we're a fintech company crossb Payments what comes out of Brad Garing House's mouth first is uh yeah we're you Know a crypto company uh Enterprise Level something stuff along those lines

Um not even stuff that would necessarily Impact xrp now um I don't think for a Moment that means that they're less Interested in xrp in fact all data Publicly available and everything that They they share publicly uh reveals Further adoption of xrp uh as as a Bridge Currency reveals that it's more Important to Ripple it's just that Ripple in addition to that is doing Other stuff that's what it looks like to Me anyway but uh before going further I Do want to be clear I do not have have a Financial background of any kind I'm not Offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun so again first headline Here wallets holding more than zero xrp Skyrocket 102% to over 5 million details the tally Of crypto Market participants holding More than zero xrp has experienced Notable growth of 2% over 3 years Surpassing the 5 million Mark prominent Market intelligence santiment has drawn Public attention to this development in A recent post on X in the post santiment Revealed that The xrp Ledger has Achieved a significant Milestone

Boasting 5.02 million distinct wallets Specifically these are wallets with Non-zero balance of xrp coins for the Disclosure this figure represents a Historic high in the xrp ledgers over 10 Years of public trading furthermore Sanan observed that the number of Wallets holding nonzero xrp balances has More than doubled in the last 3 years Specifically this count has increased by 104% since February 10th 2021 so my Friends that is roughly three years ago Right you know what happened roughly Three years ago this is right after uh Ripple got sued by the SEC which is Basically an attack on all of us xrp Holders since then you're up more than Double more than double since then and Almost that whole time period xrp did Not have legal Clarity we didn't get That until July of last year as you well Know isn't that stunning though and in Fact here I'll show you the this is the Xrp rich list website you can see what This looks like going back to uh April Of 2022 I'm sorry April uh yeah no that's Right isn't it that's uh right so this Is yeah no I I said that right okay so Yeah so yeah you can see what it looks Like it just it just kept ramping up It's Incredible because realistically that's About the worst thing that possibly

Could have happened to uh to you know The entire community and you know the Impact on on the the entire exerp Ecosystem that's what happened yet still The adoption Continues there is something to this I'm Thinking that we're on to something Right it's just astonishing here and Um I just it just seems to me like There's okay we got a decade behind Us Network effect is reached There's Real world utility it's it's not going The wrong direction and in fact they Also noted that over the last 5 years It's up 300% and I will tell you so again just Over 500 uh I'm five just over 5 million Uh xrp wallets and I remember that when I jumped into crypto in 2017 there were Less than 700,000 look at where we at now and so I Just think by the time we've hit a new Euphoric stage of a market cycle it's Going to just it's I don't know how it Couldn't dwarf in terms of Market Activity price action I don't know how It couldn't dwarf what we saw in late 2017 and early 2018 when xrp hit a new All-time high it's just hard to Fathom That I mean look if if if Bitcoins get a New hit a new all-time high everything On a macro levels looking great and Xrp's got this level of Adoption it what it just never happened

It's like to me that's just almost Unfathomable Right and certainly the whales splishy Splashy whales getting aquatic AF uh They kind of know what's up uh so here's The ud today article I don't want to Read the whole thing I just want to make One simple point on this because they're Covering data from santiment also and They right santiment recently published Tweet has revealed that xrp ledger now Boasts 5.02 million wallets that contain More than zero xrp coins the report Stresses that this is the highest number Of whale addresses over the whole 10 Plus years of xrp's public trading well How about That that's why I look I'm excited to See what happens in 2024 I you know I'll acknowledge that Maybe things get incredibly bearish and That would suck but I'm actually more Optimistic than not that we're going to See some serious fireworks later in the Year and maybe even the first half year Could be exciting but um just with the State of things I've been talking about In recent videos and that's not the Purpose of this video so I won't rehash All that stuff but I'm genuinely Optimistic for what's going to be Happening over the short and Midterm in Particular I think we're finally going To get ours as xrp holders we'll see

What happens Though uh and then there's this Ripple CTO reveals strategic move into1 Trillion crypto custody Market with Medico HSBC and look this is good this is smart For ripple Diversifying because really uh it's I Kind of like it's like it's the same Reason it's bad to to be a maximist of Any crypto to have all your eggs in one Basket because if you're wrong about That one crypto you're going to miss This entire once in a species event with The Advent of crypto and the Life-changing wealth that it brings Maybe it's good to be a little bit Diversified so I understand thinking Along those lines that when it comes to What Ripple's doing here they're just Trying to ensure the long-term viability Of their company and so they're moving Forward with of course on demand Liquidity utilizing xrp as of bridge Currency and all that jazz that you well Know but they're doing other stuff as Well which is obviously going to be Needed as adoption of the crypto asset Class proceeds piece reads as follows Ripple CTO David Schwarz has provided Insights into Ripple's strategic move Into the projected 10 trillion do crypto Custody Market with significant players Such as Medico and

HSBC his remark on the subject came During a recent interview on the Thinking crypto podcast specifically the Conversation shed light on Ripple's Acquisition of Medico a custody focused Firm the host referenced last year's News about Ripple's acquisition of Medico and its subsequent partnership With global banking giant HSBC he Inquired about the specifics of these Moves and whether HSBC would integrate The xrp Ledger into its operations in Response Schwarz disclosed that the Decision to delve into the custody scene Was driven by the need for a Comprehensive solution in Ripple's Pursuit of being a One-Stop shop for Institutional adoption of Cryptocurrencies he highlighted the Importance of offering a platform Encompassing access to The xrp Ledger Tokenization and payments he noted that A secure custody solution was a crucial Component of this Vision so I'll just Pause to say here and it's perfectly Fine question that he asked but can you Imagine Ripple jumping into custody xrp Having legal Clarity throughout the Entire day Dam planet and then xrp is Not a part of that for some reason so um It's good to get confirmation from Somebody for ripple still I'm just Saying yeah it's G to be there anyway Peace continues furthermore Schwarz

Expressed that institutions looking to Venture into the crypto space would First turn to a provider offering Custody liquidity Services Payment Solutions and connectivity to onramps And off-ramps and he said quote by Adding custody that's going to make Ripple the leading Enterprise solution Provider in the space end quote and so If he's right about that and that is the The the position that Ripple finds Himself in and they happen to be very Pro xrp might that be good for xrp again Me thinks the answer is yes peace Continues on this premise the Ripple CTO Revealed that after evaluating various Companies Ripple acquired Medico in May 2023 per his admission this marked Ripple's largest acquisition at a Quarter of a billion dollars furthermore Schwarz underscored the significance of The custody Market projecting to to Reach1 trillion by 2030 quote custody is a massive Market Something like1 trillion by 2030 and the Increases in tokenization mean that's Just going to grow end quote said Schwarz so think about that think about Where we are today in terms of market Cap around 1.5 1.6 trillion by 2030 six Years from now1 trillion and of course It's going to kind of depend where we Are in the market cycle because there Will still be a certain level of volatil

By then even if reduced compared to Today but yeah that's why it's like it's It's good to just not get too bogged Down in the minutia of the dayto day in Terms of like at least the emotional Side of holding crypto because it can Absolutely destroy people but if you Just think big picture like Ripple's Absolutely confident that that's going To be that big in 2030 and don't you Think xrp is going to have a certain Piece of that pie whatever it ends up Being don't you think xrp is still going To be in the top 10 Crypt is my market Cap there's no guarantee but I I don't See why that wouldn't be the case it's Going to be unseated for like it's Really good at what it does and like Obviously the the entire world of crypto Has decided that there's a place for a Cryptocurrency that's just really good At payments in general and the good news Is for xrp The xrp Ledger itself has so Much functionality so you can use xrp For so many other things the built and Decentralized exchange the world's first Built and decentralized exchange and There'll be other things with side chin Posting it collateral all sorts of stuff There's all sorts of stuff coming you Know recent nft Functionality like there's Al oh Automated Market maker I'm assuming That's going to get approved at some

Point that'll draw more attention to to The space to the xrp ecosystem Specifically there's a lot of reasons to Be optimistic obviously and this is Going to be bigger which is why it's Just like this why I have my whole Approach to crypto which is I buy stuff And then I do nothing because I'm just Trying to take like look here's way I Look at the more I do if I were to get In and out of positions the more Opportunity it is for me to be wrong and Mess stuff up so I just buy stuff and Then I sit back and I do nothing that's What I'm doing with my xrp and I think It's going to be worth a damn Fortune That's my bet we'll find out together I'm not a financial adviser you should Not buy or sell anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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