Hello this is Matt on the moon family Sedan Channel and here's a headline from Zai crypto is xrp on the verge of Parabolic Rise following this Game-changing Ripple deal question mark Which is why my voice goes up like this Because of that question Um well a couple things right off the Bat here I actually do believe that it's Quite possible perhaps very probable That xrp is on the verge of a parabolic Rise But the reason that I say that is very Different than the reason that they're Talking about in this article in fact The content that they're covering in This article I actually Um like I intentionally it's like look Here's here's the deal when I'm deciding What to cover in a day I have to be Selective and sometimes I'm on the fence And it can be very difficult to decide What topics to cover because there just Isn't enough damn time so basically Every single day when I'm recording I Talk for usually 45 to 60 minutes that's About it sometimes it's a little bit More but that's pretty much it and then I chop that up into three videos so it's Basically like every day I'm running a Very short radio program so I have to be Really selective about what I talk about There's one topic which it's not that It's not interesting I wanted to cover

It I I almost did in fact but it's very Similar to certain things that I Uh have really gone into great detail in The past so I'm going to talk about it Here be just to point out that they are Wrong for thinking this is a thing that Is going to drive the price of xrp when There are very good reasons to believe That xrp even at this exact moment may Be on the verge of a very positive price Move uh way to the upside and I do think That's possible Um but but to be clear and it's before Going any further and be clear I don't Have a financial background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and So you definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube videos about crypto related Topics but just as a hobby and just for Fun and I wanted to mention something Just to kick this video off it's just It's a it's a short story a personal Short story part of my crypto adventure And it just kind of made me chuckle so I Just wanted to mention this Um so you may have heard the news Yesterday that uh coinbase they've Finally air dropped flare tokens to Their customers after delay they should Have done it months ago but they didn't They delayed it there's it's inexcusable So far as I'm concerned they ended up

Getting sued by an xrp Community member Attorney Fred raspoli representing People and that was one of the reasons Why they still haven't given out the Songbird tokens that's a whole different Thing but the good news is they finally Distributed the flare token and perhaps Sooner than they otherwise would have if Not for the lawsuit so there's certainly A possibility there's some credit there But there's a tweet on the screen here From the Flair Community Twitter account Who wrote did you receive Flair from Coinbase today start utilizing it ASAP I Would recommend with drawing wrapping And delegating in order to be eligible For delegation rewards and future flare Airdrops and then probably the link to Guided that and I would recommend also Like if you're interested look into that Because I personally did rap and Delegate my flare but that's a whole Different thing that's not the reason I'm talking about this the reason I'm Even mentioning this again is because Yesterday I came across a story which Stated that coinbase not just did they Do the airdrop but that they um that They had already begun trading for Flair On coinbase now I thought that doesn't Sound right because I had read from Coinbase themselves earlier in the day That yes they intend to allow trading For Flair on their platform but

Liquidity conditions have to be met and So you know and I get that that's that's Fine so if it takes a hot minute to get That going they want to make the money Off the buying and selling a flare so Yeah sure Um so I thought that that seemed a bit Peculiar so I was like okay rather than Trying to Google around and you know Just seeing if this stories were Contradicting I was like I'm just going To go into my coinbase account so I Logged into my coinbase account and I Was on my phone uh you know putting the The 2fa I get in there and I type in Because you click on you know where you Can type in what asset you want to look At so I type in flr for Flair and I pull It up and it's not tradable which didn't Surprise me that is what I expected so The crypto media Outlet was wrong but Again you know a bunch of C students Running crypto media so it's like what Do you expect here so that's fine so Anyway that was wrong although the Trading should become but the reason I Wanted to mention this because I looked At the screen and I was like holy Freaking help I got a flare airdrop from coinbase I Kid you not I got a flare airdrop from Coinbase now I have been self-custoding My xrp Since almost the beginning I I first

Custody my xrp at the end of 2017 and That was right after I jumped into Crypto I figured how to do I was like I Never leave my xrp in exchange so it has Been on after I purchase I immediately Move it off exchange goes into my own Personal storage I use Ledger Hardware Walls and I got multiple of them so Anyways like how the hell did I get a Flare a flare airdrop here on coinbase And then I I realized what had happened You wanna you know how big my flare Flare drop was because now normally I'm Not going to tell you what my Holdings Are this this is not representative of How much flare I hold I hold much more Than this but you want to know my my Flare air droplets on coinbase I'll tell You that it was 0.15 flare exactly 0.15 flare now why Did I get 0.15 flare well because on the Snapshot date in December of 2020 for This airdrop I had one xrp on coinbase And I didn't freaking know it as it Turns out that one xrp has been on Coinbase since August of 2020. I had no Freaking idea so apparently I'm very Sloppy with my crypto and I didn't know That I wasn't taking self-custody of That one so I couldn't help but laugh I Was like oh my God this is stupid as Hell so I have one xrp on there and now I have 0.15 flare I'm just going to Leave it forever I'm just not going to

Touch it I'm just I was gonna leave And the reason that I didn't notice is Because look first of all I don't Frequently buy crypto like my bags are Pretty well packed and when I do Sometimes it's just bigger purchases and I talk about what I do but I do have Like little scraps of various coins left Over that technically I'm not taking in Self-custody I mean we've all done that Right like you're on an exchange and Especially in years past where there Wasn't it was for some exchanges in this Kind of a pet peeve of mine there were You couldn't just hit Max and then they Deduct the amount you had to like do the Math of what the exchange fee would be Or the network fee would be or else you The transfer would fail it was just like Annoying and maybe it's not so much a Problem in 2023 but in years past it was More of a problem so I was just in this Habit way way way back especially in the First couple years being a crypto where I just like I'll just leave the little Scrap behind I don't care it's almost Nothing and so I've got these little Scraps from various transactions and I Didn't think about them and I didn't Realize that one of them was xrp though I had no idea I had that so I got a Flare flare air job how about that so Anyway uh custody of your crypto I'm Just saying that but as far as what's

Going on here with with xrp and this you Know move to the upside Um again here's the headline is xrp on The verge of parabolic Rise following This game-changing Ripple deal Again this is in the news the other day And I didn't even feel like talking About because it has to do with Something that while important I don't Deny that it is important and is an Aspect that we should be aware of as xrp Holders it's good for the overall Ecosystem especially we're talking about Xrp being an important piece of increase In the velocity of money still there Have been some other developments like This It's it it doesn't drive me wild I'm Glad for it I'm not convinced that it's You know a driver of price in fact I Think there's enough evidence to Indicate that anything that Ripple does Has no impact on price the SEC has an Impact on price if they want to sue Ripple that that an impact but Ripple Does doesn't have an impact the SEC has A greater impact on xrp price than Ripple does that's a fact but anyway Theoretic reads this files blockchain Payments company Ripple which often Dominates the headlines across the Crypto space due to its long-standing Legal Feud with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission recently announced

That it had signed an agreement with the Central Bank of Montenegro cbcg to Create a pilot program for a central Bank digital currency The partnership first teased in January This year aims to develop a national Currency for a nation that currently Uses the Euro and then they note that The price of xrp rose on the news but it Was a you know alongside a broader Crypto Market rally and so just the Entire idea posited here that perhaps This news while positive admittedly Would cause potentially a price of xrp To go parabolic I think it's just Completely silly Having been in this space and holding Xrp since 2017 I can tell you quite Confidently when Ripple shares good news Xrp does not respond in terms of price Action it just doesn't And we end up finding out you know that There are so many xrp holders who don't Even know that uh you know like what Ripple is at this point especially at This point And so it's not surprising that the news Came out and then it didn't move and We're gonna it would have by now as a Result of this there's gonna go Parabolic because of this it's not like The news breaks it's it's parabolic Worthy in terms of price action and then A week later it happens that's silly

Nonsense and so I just I felt the desire To kind of correct this narrative Because it's just not true and you know Me I'm Mr xrp Bull xrp is my favorite Cryptocurrency if I could only hold one Cryptocurrency on the planet right now And I hold about 30. if I could only Hold one I would pick xrp for a ton of Reasons I've been articulating for many Years on end But this isn't one of them and so in Terms of what why might xrp go parabolic Well let's break it down in simple terms Here we're in we're at the beginning Phase of a bull market in crypto in General and then you have the imminent Conclusion of the secv Ripple case which I think is likely to be positive for xrp Holders even if Ripple technically loses There can be a really solid good path Forward for xrp holders which is what Matters I think markets respond Favorably now that would cause the price Of xrp to go just ballistic that's my Suspicion anyway no one knows for sure What will happen but I think it's pretty Reason to suspect that may very well Occur So you compare that truly important Crucial news to this I just don't think So and again just to be clear in case it Wasn't evident what they're talking About here uh Ripple and they announced This years ago Ripple created a a

Template blockchain effectively that That Any Nation can use to create their Own Central Bank digital currency it's a It's literally a copy of the actual xrp Ledger which is open source software and Then it's tweaked and so the starting Point is the template well it is what it Is I don't know all the specifics but it Can also be tweaked because you know Anytime a central bank digital currency Is launched uh it's kind of important if It you know you're talking about your Your monetary sovereignty as a nation if That's at stake kind of important that You have complete and utter control over It if you're running a nation don't you Think that isn't that kind of important To you so if if there's a what if There's a bug and you need to claw back Transactions are there so that what you Can't do in a decentralized system Necessarily well you'd want to be able To do that what if you want to create More money into just out of thin air Uh you know someone to debase your Currency because that's what governments Tend to do especially here in the United States just the basing and ruining the Currency oh you do want that to be a Feature right right so I'm seriously but That is what you'd want as stupid as it Is to room your own currency that's what Happens Um so

That that was launched but the point is That increases the velocity of money but You're not going to have on every Platform a pair for every other pair That could exist and so the point is You'd always need a bridge and xrp is Positioned to be the bridge now that is Smart that does make sense I'm scared as Hell about Central Bank digital Currencies because I think it could be a Just a gigantic surveillance to a Government overreach all that stuff I Have extreme concerns but I also Recognize they're not just coming They're already here and they're going To be here in greater numbers in the Future Ripple gets that as well and so It's more like as as a society it's just Information to Nation you need to do What you need to do to make sure that You don't have burdensome overburden Some government over each other the Surveillance State that's up to each Individual nation and the citizens Within to figure out because it's it's Going to it's already happened so it's Going to continue to happen Ripple gets That and the point is you're going to Need to bridge all this and so the Velocity of money is going to increase But you're that's why you increasingly Will need bridges that people will be Incentivized to move money faster when There's fewer headaches but you still

Got to bridge it xrp is being positioned For this perfectly but just because That's the case it doesn't mean that Right now on the back of this news xrp Was ever going to pump and so the reason I didn't cover this literally yesterday I thought about I was like well it's not That it's not newsworthy it's just that I've covered other stuff like this Before it's not something that's you Know when you when you compare this to Other stuff that's going on in crypto And with xrp in general it's just like I Don't have enough time to in depth talk About everything I just don't but And when I see the seats see the Deadline and I just think it's flat out Wrong well now I'm like well now I do Want to talk about it you know what I'm Saying so that's that's where I'm coming From But but yeah of course Of course this is a positive for xrp I'm Not saying that it isn't you're going to See more and more and more of this and I Think it's just going to further help Cement xrp as the bridge currency Because it's already understood that It's super good at that and xrp has Something that you can't program into Anything else that you would want to be A bridge currency which is liquidity you Can't program liquidity into a Cryptocurrency either it exists because

People are buying and selling or it does Not exist because people are not Sufficiently buying and selling so there We are that's it So I'll go and leave it there you guys Let me know what you think Um interesting times that we live in I Mean it's a great time to be an xrp Holder and I will say again you know if You um have your flare do whatever you Want but uh look into the process for Delegation Um I've already done it with my I Already got my massive amounts of of Flare tokens back in January and I got My 0.15 flare today or they are Yesterday I guess Um and then I also bought a bunch of Flair recently and we'll see what the Hell happens you know we've got uh just In a few days here the second flare drop Ever uh flare drop being different than The initial airdrop we have the second Flare drop coming up here so I'm gonna Watch what happens if price dumps it Dumps but I don't know Perhaps that would entice me to just buy Even more I purchased a lot in March so I made a very large purchase so we'll We'll see but anyway I just wanted to Make you aware if you are somebody that Just got your flare from coinbase if you Want to you know participate in Additional flare drops and there's 36 in

Total we've just had one of the 36. uh You do need to take action it's not Going to be automatic you won't just Keep getting flare tokens you actually Have to choose and the people that Aren't interested the cool thing is They're selling so I think the people That really don't have interest that Would otherwise just keep dumping on the Market if you kept giving them these Tokens they're out the people that are Interested I think that they're less Likely to sell they're people like me Who are like yeah I'm just gonna hang on To this and accumulate but so we'll see I could be wrong but that's my suspicion I'm not a financial advisor you should Not buy yourself anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon family sedan


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