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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel here's a headline from the Crypt Basic popular influencer says he's Selling his xrp for three major reasons Now this article is covering a video From an xrp influencer he's thrown in The towel he selling his xrp it's not What he wanted it to be and I actually Happen to have watched this video uh That they're covering in the article Today I watched the video because it Kept popping up in my feed I watched it Last night and I thought am I should I Make a video about because I thought About it I was like should I respond to This because I'll just say this nothing Against this guy whatsoever I believe That he believes what he's saying this Is about this is like the worst analysis And most incorrect analysis I've seen About xrp and the xrp ecosystem and Fundamental business practices in a very Long time and I do not say that to be Mean to him that is what I mean so I'm Going to challenge the ideas not him as A person I'm not attacking him but I do Believe his ideas are way off the mark And I'm going to share exactly why here But last night I was thinking should I Make a should I make a video about this And I was like ah not that it wouldn't Be interesting that's not why but I but What prompted me to finally do it uh Right now is because this thing is so

Widely circulated at this point and all Sorts of clips of it have been spreading Around the xrp community I decided okay Fine you know what I do want to save my Piece because too many people are seeing This and there are a lot of bad takes And frankly this is it's like fine if XR Piece crap and you got a good reason and You got a compelling case that's one Thing but right now I just see a bunch Of scared people out there being Persuaded by this analysis which is Highly illogical so I just I'm just Going to share my thoughts again nothing Against the guy that shared his thoughts He's inbl to his opinions and I do Believe that he believes what he's Saying some people are just called him a Paid futter there's there's no there's No proof of that I I have no reason to Believe that's the case I just think He's wrong and you know what he can Think I'm wrong and if you're bullish on Xrp then he can think think you're wrong Too and you can think he's wrong and That's fine as long as people are going To be civil but as far as the ideas I Got to push back on these ideas because They they are legitimately bad ideas but Uh before going any further I do want to Be clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because

Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun all Right so the article is covering uh Perspective from influencer Tim Warren This is him on the screen right here uh This is him sharing the video on social Media platform X here you can see it's Got 90,000 views that's separate from However many views it's got on YouTube And that's separate from however many Little Clips were uh taken and reposted And other views from repost so on and so Forth you get theut you get you Understand uh so this is let's just say Broadly Circulated it kept popping up in my feet From various sources so that's why last Night finally I watched it I was just Like oh God this this is like the worst Take like no just no so finally I'm I'm Going to just sit back because I am Going to tear the ideas to shreds Because it's just it's that bad he like He literally doesn't understand the EO The the xrp ecosystem and he doesn't Understand the tokenomics of xrp and he Doesn't understand just common sense Business practices you'll see as I go Through this so anyway piece reads as Follows popular YouTuber Tim Warren has Begun liquidating his xrp portfolio Citing three major concerns with the

Blockchain project the price of xrp has Underperformed relative to other major Crypto Assets in the past few months While analysts continue to predict an Imminent breakout and the xrp community Continues to exercise patience a few Former xrp faithfuls are already giving Up on the project famous YouTuber Tim Warren is one among such previous xrp Devotees in a recent video the former Xrp enthusiast just revealed Three core Reasons why he is liquidating his Position in xrp notably Warren suggested That he will likely minimize his Exposure to the cryptocurrency and will Not abandon it completely he still Believes there's a chance that xrp will Bounce back in the short term although He remains bearish on the assets Long-term Prospects in the Tim Warren video which Has garnered over 38,000 views on X yeah Well obviously more than that now over 990,000 just on X at this point that's More my videos you typically get on YouTube I mean unless okay so like if We're talking about the height of euphor More people are paying attention I've Had multiple videos that have over 100,000 views but when it's regular Times like this 990,000 is a lot okay 90,000 and I understand that that's Different than YouTube because it Doesn't mean everybody even watch the

Whole video or anything like that or Watch the video but still it's something That's a lot of exposure so anyway uh The the first reason why investors Should consider selling xrp is because The crypto currency is losing an Important race he outlined that xrp was Previously viewed as the banker coin and Looked set to be the rail for the Banking system and institutional money Flowing in the crypto space however he Argued that xrp is already losing this Position to other projects like chain Link which already boasts a partnership With Swift and institutions managing Over $600 billion in assets and by the Way I will pause to note um chain link I I hold it I've been holding it since 2017 it's one of the first Cryptocurrencies I ever Purchased I bought it back when it was About 25 cents it went to $50 it's less Than that now obviously from the Pullback uh I'm Pro chain link just to Be clear this is not about chain link Chain link seems to be making sense okay But that's not what this video is about But the idea that chain link is uh Making xrp irrelevant is completely Absurd so let me go a little bit further And I'll I'll explain why he tipped Chain link to become the real Bankers Coin arguing that link could eventually Become the third largest crypto behind

Bitcoin and ethereum quote as long as we See chain link making making the Convergence in relationship with big Institutions that is doing it looks like The future of what ties Fiat currencies Will have with crypto end quote Warren Remarked and in his video he highlighted This article from the daily huddle October 1st 2023 chain link secures Partnership with $670 billion Bank as Sergey nazarov says Swift project going Very well so the relevant portion would Have to do specifically with chain link And Swift right because xrp being Positioned as a bridge currency that we We've known this for a long time uh Ripple's been uh trying to get some of Swift's market share and positioning xrp As a bridge currency via on demand Liquidity right well this Article covers what is actually going on In more detail and I I am not convinced That Tim Warren knows how chain link is Working in conjunction with Swift and if He does then I think he must not know How on demand liquidity works either one Of those things is bad if you're going To be sharing the perspective you're Sharing but let's let's check this out Let's get a little in the weeds here and We didn't even have to get that into the Weeds frankly but check this out this is An article from June 6 2023 titled Swift Using chain link in New experiment with

City bny melon BNP perus and others Payments giant Swift is teaming up with Chain link in several Financial Giants For a blockchain interoperability Settlement experiment according to a new Announcement from Swift the payments Company says it is testing blockchain Interoperability with over a dozen Institutions Swift says that Institutions that want to interact with Tokenized assets face the problem of Blockchains not being interoperable with Each having its own functionality or Liquidity thus creating friction and Overhead for the firm so folks we're Entering this world we're increasingly Everything's going to be tokenized right I've been saying this for over half a Decade on this YouTube channel of course There but but then you have these little Silo uh exchanges or whatever it may be Uh you know pools of Liquidity and so you're not going to Have like even if you're just talking on Exchanges you're not going to have every Single trading pair that could possibly Exist and even if you you listed every Single Trading that could possibly exist It doesn't mean there' actually be Liquidity so it wouldn't do you any good Anyway there are going to be different Platforms in different parts of the World used by different people uh and And so you you need a bridging function

Here xrp is still sufficiently Positioned specifically uh well in this Case the way Ripple is going to market Right now uh just to bridge fiat Currency that is not what chain link is Doing with swift here it's not even the Same damn thing and I don't think Tim Moore knows that xrp is being positioned As a bridge currency to bridge from one Fiat currency to another I got to say it Explicitly again that is not what chain Link is doing here it is not the same Use Case but you can take it a step further Because like I was saying a second ago I Just got a little ahead of myself you You're going to increasingly have uh you Know more liquid World a more tokenized World all sorts of things are going to Be a tokenized real world assets Stocks and you're going to need a way to Bridge that well he can be used for that As well but what I'm saying here again This is the takeaway if you're talking About what Ripple is doing because this Is let's get let's go to the Chase he Has a problem with the fact that there's New competition coming in so that means Ripple it ground in terms of position XP As a bridg currency here here's another Reason that doesn't make sense though Xrp has been gaining adoption to the Point where half of Ripple net Transactions used xrp as a bridge

Currency the most recent figures that We've seen from Ripple that's real world Adoption what we're talking about right Here and the reason this is one of the Reasons he's saying he's selling his xrp It's based on a test just a test not Real world imp implementation but a test Having to do with chain link and Swift So think about this you have the front Runner I mean let's let's be real for This use case Ripple's way ahead of any Competitor most most people are even Just starting to enter the test phase as Is the case with Swift and chain link For blockchain related things but even Then it's not the same thing as uh you Know bridging fiat currency But they're that far behind and so the Fact that a new competitor enters you Know how stupid this is this would be Like obviously like Facebook massive Social media platform right it would be Like if I created a new social media Platform and then and then Tim warm came Along like that Moon lamb Guy created a New uh new social media platform Facebook is in Trouble you know are you kidding Me and then on top of that so yes it is That absurd uh what a tiny new Competitor comes in and now now uh Ripple which has been here longer They're just screwed is that is that how Business works I don't think so and

Again but again that would be assuming They were even trying to do the same Thing which they are not Tim Warren does Not know what he's talking about but He's sure as hella scared some people That's for sure and he's and he's Selling his xrp based on this this is One of his three big reasons it's Astonishing that's why I told you at the Outset again no offense to him is the The way he's thinking through this and His understanding the ecosystem it's Very poor it just it just Is peace continues Swift says that Institutions that want to interact with Tokenized assets face the problem of Blockchains not being interoperable with Each having its own functionality or Liquidity thus creating friction and Overhead for the firms removing this Friction according to Swift uh would Aid In the institutional adoption of Tokenized assets and long-term market Adoption quote we're collaborating with The Swift Community globally to test how Institutions can use their swift Connection to seamlessly interoperate With the multitude of block chain Networks emerging around the world in a New set of experiments we will Collaborate with more than a dozen major Financial institutions and fmis Including and then they go through this Big list of who's included and then they

Say uh to test how firms can leverage Their existing Swift infrastructure to Efficiently instruct the transfer of Tokenized value over a range of public And private blockchain networks this is The key part right here they're doing This what what's what's this partnership For this test and it's just a test to Test how firms can leverage their Existing Swift infrastructure to Efficiently instruct the transfer of Tokenized value over a range of public And private blockchain networks folks What I just read to you what they say They're testing right there again just The test phase does that sound like the Same thing as using xrp as a bridge Currency to convert from one fiat Currency to another or does that sound Like a completely different thing it Sounds like a completely different thing Because it's a completely different Thing this is so absurd but let's go Ahead and continue The YouTuber sites Ripple's planned Initial public offering as another Reason for being bearish on the asset Precisely he notes that if Ripple Proceeds with its IPO then it has little Reason to protect the price of xrp from Declining in fact he argues that if Ripple had an IPO then the company would Have divided loyalty and is more likely To favor shareholders over xrp holders

He predicts that anytime the quote IPO RI stock starts to drop then the company Will sell off xrp to keep their business Afloat folks I have to tell you this is This is just a completely absurd take And I'll tell you why in a second but I Just the first time I I heard him say That my jaw dropped and I just I was There just like by myself in stunned Silence recognizing that there's a human That believes that actually makes Sense so check this out because again His argument here to be clear he's Saying that there there's a conflict of Interest if there's an IPO so we've got Ripple stock out there and let's say That Ripple stock starts to drop then He's saying to make up for the fact that The stock is worth less they'd have to Sell xrp to make up for the loss that's That's that's what he's saying right There but that is wrong if Ripple has an IPO and the stock price drops that does Not mean that Ripple suddenly has a cash Flow problem that doesn't by necessity Mean Ripple would need to sell anything Those two ideas are separate Concepts And his quote frankly there is a Demonstration of his lack of Understanding of fundamental business Practices furthermore Ripple's Stockholders undoubtedly would find it Appealing that Ripple owns a ton of Xrp and those xrp Holdings would be

Factured into the stock price of Ripple To a certain degree albeit at a highly Discounted rate rate compared to you Know what that xrp would be worth on Paper because obviously if you're Looking in terms of uh what it's worth You take their quantity times the market Rate and it's just billions and billions And billions right uh but you know stay With me here the price of xrp in terms Of you know what that would mean to the Market cap of Ripple as a company it Would be discounted because stockholders Understand that if Ripple were to start Selling xrp it would crash the price of Xrp on a global scale so this means Stockholders would not want Ripple to Sell xrp to a degree that it would harm Xrp markets on a global scale and so Ripple would not beyond that Ripple has Literally over1 billion dollar in cash In the bank they're Mega solvent so the Idea that they need to sell xrp because Their 1 billion dollar is isn't enough To scrape on by that's Absurd but again stockholders many Stockholders will find it appealing that Ripple holds xrp and that will be Factored to whatever degree the market Finds make sense uh you know and it'll Be at a discount though because again There's this understanding of the Notional value of xrp because if Ripple Were to startes selling it off like

Crazy well they' never realize whatever It's worth on paper right and so that's Why there would be a discount in terms Of what the company's actually worth but Ripple obviously it's not in their Interest to start selling this off to The degree that there would be some sort Of detectable negative price reaction uh Because if that happens they're just They're they're poisoning the actual Global ecosystem and they have the most To lose since they're the largest holder Why would they do that they wouldn't That's the argument that they've been Making and I've been making because what They're saying makes sense for I've been Saying for over six years they were Saying it well before that and most Almost all their xrps in escrow anyway But but look again their stockholders Understand they know obviously that part Of the reason the stock value will be What the stock value is is because of Xrp so to think that Ripple if the stock Goes down would sell xrp that's for that Reason especially when again that Doesn't mean there's a cash flow Gap it Doesn't mean that they need more money It means the stock price went down maybe The market got spooked or there are some Stupid news or or maybe it's just Because uh there's some sort of Black Swan event on a macro scale having Nothing to do with

And and stocks are down in general that Doesn't mean they need to sell xrp That's a ridiculous idea this guy Doesn't understand fundamental business Concepts this is wrong this doesn't make Any sense but I'm telling you Stockholders would never want Ripple to Sell xrp to the degree that that it Would impact the global price of xrp to The Negative so it's it's not a conflict of Interest these interests are hand inand It's completely ridiculous it's just It's a really bad take that's why I was Saying at the outset of the video it's It's one of the the worst Uh it's about it's basically the worst Analysis I've seen in a very long time Honestly um done in good faith but uh my God he gave it the old College try but Not a passing score Here and then there's the last Point Here uh Tim Warren provided a final Reason why he is long-term bearish on Xrp he cited the company's legal Victory Against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission last July according To him the victory means that xrp is the Only coin that has legal Clarity in the Entire cryptocurrency space he asked Quote why isn't the price doing anything There is no coin out there that should Have a more bullish chart end quote Folks that is that is absurd it's just

It's so naive to think that so xrp has Legal Clarity and what happens now now It's bullish even though the whole Market was going down so what xrp should Have blazed to the upside hit a new All-time high even though Bitcoin was Going down and then xrp should be number One in market cap because reasons is That how this works all a sudden or can We live in reality and recognize that Bitcoin leads the way after that news Dropped it would like we were in a Negative area for months in terms of Crypto price action for months on in Check the chart son I've talked about This I talked about it at the time yes There was excitement xrp price went up Dramatically in a matter of several Hours or so basically doubling and it Quickly went back down and then for the Next few months Bitcoin went down and Xrp went down correlating xrp has never Hit a new all-time high without Bitcoin Leading the way first and that's never Happened without stocks going ballistic Why would you think it would be Different now why is this one metric the The in your little fantasy land mind why Is this the one metric that is of Paramount importance that it's more Crucial than any other factor out there Because he's saying there because again He said quote there is no coin out there That should have a more bullish chart

Are you sure about that I'm Mr xrp Bull Here but that doesn't make logical sense The asset class moves in tandem we also Know historically that xrp legs behind The market even in bullish Cycles which Is why when when Bitcoin was melting Faces and a lot of altcoins were for the Second half of 2017 xrp for almost half a year just Moved sideways until suddenly it wasn't Middle of December 2017 took off so here This is like this is Amateur hour stuff This is what what what people who are New to investing do they don't like the Price price action in the short term They want it to be doing something they Don't understand why it's not and so There's a reason to sell now he can sell If he wants to sell if he thinks that Makes logical sense and and fine maybe I'm wrong then I don't think I'm wrong go ahead and sell if that's what You want to do I I would I'm not telling Them not to okay that's what he thinks Makes sense fine but I'm just telling You that's the type of critical thinking And I'm being very generous with the Term critical uh that uh that that People who are new investing engage in It's it's the same thing I've told the Story before how days before xrp went on Its face melting rally in the middle of December 2017 there was an xrp YouTuber And he he said uh this was literally

Like two or three days before that the Bull Run started he's like I just xrp oh Man what an opportunity cost what a Waste I've just been holding and holding It didn't do anything it should it just I feel like it should have been moving By now so I just sold it all I sold it All two to three days later I'll never Forget that because of the timing of it Was so funny to me he sold it all after Holding for so long because he was Impatient because I want my I want Moon Action like That's the people that respond that way The way the people that have brains that Work like that I mean that's just not an Adult way to to to think or Implement in Um any sort of investment strategy You're flying by the seat of your pants You're like well it's but I feel like it Should be higher price that's basically The argument here it should be higher Price uh okay man well you do you girl Like I don't know what to say it's it's Like uhan if you think that uh it should Be and it's never going to be and okay I Think that doesn't make a damn bit of Sense and we'll see who's right because I think that what's most probable is at Some unknown point in the future xrp Will hit a new alltime high in Enterprise Discovery and I'm I I'm Skeptical that's going to happen if Bitcoin doesn't hit a new alltime first

I don't I think there's very low chance Of that but once that happens however Long that takes yeah cuz the asset class Moves in Tandem and Bitcoin leads the Way but the rest of this analysis my Gosh what a train Wreck I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next Time to the Moon Lambo


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