Ex-Banker: This Bull Run “A SPECIAL ONE FOR XRP”

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel here's a headline from the Crypt Basic X Banker gives reasons why this Bull run will be quote a special one for Xrp end quote and I will tell you my Personal opinion without ever making a Price prediction because I've never done That and I never will because it would Be disingenuous I'd just be pulling Something out of thin air uh my Expectation is that this is going to be The most impressive Bull Run for xrp in History in dollar Terms uh I just just I mean think about This folks the degree to which xrb has Been suppressed for so long but now the Actual legal Clarity the institutional Money flowing in the whales and and this Against a backdrop of positive price Action for crypto in general we know xrp Follows broadly what's happening in Crypto and when it pops it like it Really goes historically that's how xrp Behaves it it's Just it may go last historically it Certainly has but when it goes my God it Goes and it melts faces so I'm going to Share with you some thoughts and Perspectives and I have some opinions From others uh within the industry Including a couple analysts here and I Also want to highlight this unrelated Topic but I found fascinating um so I'm Going to share it with you here's a

Headline from you today ex binance CEO CZ facing 10 years behind Bars now this was fascinating to me Because what had had previously been Reported until this news br Was that CZ was facing no more than a Maximum of 18 months because that's what The Department of Justice I believe That's the a government agency that was Pushing the Department of Justice was Pushing for that uh it seems as though There's a clear indication that's not The case so and I'll I'll just assume That everybody's caught up on to speed On the fact that uh B binance CEO former CEO now CZ did plead guilty to various Charges including those having to do With money laundry and other things and So uh this is not an FTX type situation Where customer funds were misused at Least so far as we know there's been no Uh sort of evidence of that and I Haven't seen allegations along those Lines uh not quite like that anyway and And and so although there's no evidence That any customers have been hurt he's Admitted to breaking the law and he Could be in much more trouble than what We were thinking initially but uh before Going further I do want to be clear I do Not have a financial background of any Kind I am not offering Financial advice And you definitely should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say

Right I'm just an uast who enjoy making YouTube videos about crypto related Topics but just as a hobby and just for Fun all right there is this post by a Gentleman named Bob Lucas was a very Well-known Trader and analyst 242,000 Followers on social media platform X and He simply wrote this 30 plus day upward Sloping range on bitcoin feels like a Powder Keg now as I've been saying for some Time even if you don't hold Bitcoin you Don't give a damn about Bitcoin you're Just here for xrp that's why you're in Crypto or if it's just your number one Bag that if you're like me and that's The crypto you care most about you Should still care about Bitcoin Tremendously because it leads the market It it always has and for the indefinite Future it will even if it doesn't always But it does now very Clearly and so we want that we want this I'm happy with for this to be the case And chart analyst credible crypto is Thinking along the same lines and he Wrote The Following this is the most Recent update tonight Dro it is no doubt In my mind the break from this vertical Accumulation will be Explosive the only question that is left Is when it will blow when it does we Ain't stopping at 40K either in my Opinion Bitcoin is crawling now so that

It can Sprint later And so look I wanted to start by Highlighting something about Bitcoin Because xrp follows Bitcoin it always Has and maybe it won't always but it no Reason to think it would it would stop Right this Second and incredible crypto just in my Humble opon and he's one of the best Analyst out there he's way more right Than Incorrect and I say incorrect it's More about he says here's the Probability of outcomes not that he's Literally promised anything but in terms Of what he thinks is most probable that Is indeed typically the Case um so let's set the table with Bitcoin going absolutely ballistic and Xrp following that would be my Suspicion now there's this perspective From crypto Insight UK and this is an Xrp BTC chart on your screen and he Wrote xrp versus Bitcoin on the monthly Xrp's largest impulse against Bitcoin And price in general was around 5,2 200% right now we are holding a higher Floor and our technical structure is More bullish after a longer Consolidation RSI is grinding upwards Something is Coming we can all smell it in the air Right there it does seem as though There's actually something there are too

Many things that align too perfectly I Mean unless you get a wild card event a Black SW event that's always my cab Always will be if you get one of those Fine never mind pause the bull run you Know just or just right with the hammer Whatever what is happening fine come Back in here too whatever but outside of That that's not what it looks like and What he's stating here in terms of Consolidation it's not lost on me it's Just this thing's been coiling for so Damn long xrp I just and it's been so Artificially Suppressed I just I just think when it Goes it's going to just rip faces right On off man it's gonna be gross and now Somebody responded to crypto Insight UK And wrote do you think we'll see any xrp Price action this year and crypto Insight UK responded with the following I really think we are ready to see a Massive impulse my blastoff charts uh I Was demonstrating why whilst using the Average time xrp normally legs bitcoin's Moves so basically I think it's coming And soon it's just when is the question The higher Bitcoin goes the higher xrp Can go so history tells us I'm cheering Bitcoin on right now xrp legs but moves Fast when it does the whole xrp move Could start and be done in a couple of Weeks finding the start point is so hard So I just hold and wait with my main

Bags okay now that I respect and um I Agree with everything that he wrote Specifically there and it just happens To be the case I was mentioning this in My very last Video like when xrp finally goes it's Going to be a ton of fun and it's going To be over in the blink of an eye so Like yeah spending years dollar dollar Cost averaging in that's one thing but Then imagining exiting all that and you Have like two weeks you know what I mean Because now now technically you could Have a little bit more let me expand Upon this because I didn't mention this In my last video because I was kind of Being brief on the topic but it is true If you look at xrp's most impressive Move ever from 20 cents roughly to close To four bucks which would be the middle Of December 2017 until January 4th 2018 So call it just roughly 2 and a half Weeks that happened but then there was An opportunity to sell so even if you Didn't sell before the top there was Some time where it was still you know Above $3 and then a little bit below $3 To where the price point would have been You know highly attractive especially For those that were there for the Beginning of that market cycle when xrp Was trading for like half a penny so Like even if you miss the very tippy top There can still be opportunity so maybe

Have uh whether it's days or a whole Week past that maybe you could have a Little bit more if you're still trying To exit it's just that that's going to Be trending downward at that particular Point but in theory yes you could have a Little bit more time because for and Yeah you wouldn't get the tippy top then But like for me I'm not trying to hit The top I don't care I don't expect to Hit the top I have a rough range where I'm going to scale out of my xrp Position that's it so over a span of a Few bucks probably from roughly five to Eight bucks because I bought enough that Those price levels are attracted to me And I want to take that risk off the Table uh it's going to be too much of my Network at that point if those price Levels hit I I I got to start scaling Out so that's different now if I had Less xrp I probably wouldn't be thinking About scaling out all of my xrp I'd have A different perspective maybe I'd be Willing to wait through a whole another Market cycle without selling anything Because that's the type of guy I am That's not what most people do but That's what I do I don't want to do what Most people do I don't want to get in And out of positions I have a I have Convictions and I just I stand by them Andless the conviction goes away like That's

It so all that to say I think there's Going to be a very very short period of Time it's going to be a blast and then It's going to be over and then pick out Your Lambo man it's it's it's Lambo time Right Lambo and shamp right and then There is this the headline from the Crypt basic X Banker gives reasons why This bull run will be a special one for Xrp and oh yes I firmly believe this is Finally going to be the one after Missing new an opportunity for new Alltime highs for xrp in 2021 because of That prick J Clayton and the rest of the Ass hats over at the SEC we finally Going to get ours I suspect there's no Guarantees but I have strong convictions For so many Reasons piece reads as follows in a Recent tweet Kiren a former Banker Expressed his optimism about the Upcoming Bull Run for the third largest Altcoin xrp emphasizing the significant Changes that have transpired since the Last Market cycle quote this bull run Will be a special one for xrp end quote The financial expert proclaimed According to Kiren the previous Bull Run Was marred by heavy suppression and Inactivity due to the SEC lawsuit Involving xrp and ripple as a result xrp Failed to engineer a significant bullish Trajectory like other digital assets Which reclaimed new highs however Kiren

Believes Ripple has successfully turned The tables transforming the situation Into the most bullish outcome possible So okay that I firmly agree with as well Thank you Ripple for doing what you did And thank you John Deon for doing what You Did uh because I'm Without these efforts I'm not so Confident that we that I'd be thinking And talking the way that I am right now I but everything is actually lined up Right Now it's It's it's and again I know it's Frustrating because we should have had It years ago we we should have had this Incredible xrp price action years ago But it is what it is we got to deal with The the you know cards were dealt but I I think he's right here there's nothing Clamping it down so and and extra yeah Directionally you know it correlated With the price action of Bitcoin which Is good you want to see that and it it Did happen even in 2021 but man it was Shackled and it no longer is I Just This my convictions are strong like I Keep saying it's going to hit a new Alltime high at some point in the future I don't pretend to know when it's going To melt faces it's going to Enterprise Discovery why would it not I just can't

Imagine something would there would have To be a fundamental shift of some kind Some disastrous for me to change my Perspective because that in conjunction With how I know humans tend to behave When it comes to markets that are pure Euphoria why wouldn't they treat xrp the Same as Bitcoin or ether pick your coin That goes ballistic Dogecoin come On of Course although unfortunately for CZ Founder of binance he's probably not Going to get to enjoy it as much of as Us here's the headline from you today ex Binance CEO CZ facing 10 years behind Bars And and I did see this verified from Other major sources CBS is one of them Uh like mainstream media is talking About this too so uh I just I saw the Headline I was like what 10 years but I Had already confirmed from sources that You know they were the max would have Been 18 months what gives here well Check it out according to former SEC Official John Reed Stark CZ the former CEO of binance is now facing a potential Prison sentence of up to 10 years and so I just went straight to the The Source Um not that I'm a fan of John Reed Stark Because I just I don't find him to be uh Intellectually honest uh he's a former SEC guy I've talked about him before I Don't want to go down that but I don't

Want to share everything that he wrote Here but he did Highlight a uh as he wrote here a Saturday night doj reveal reads as Follows per a late Saturday night Department of Justice Court ruling or Filing rather not only did doj lawyers Reiterate their argument that until Sentencing CZ should be restricted to Living in the continental United States And prohibited from traveling to his Home and the United Arab Emirates but They also revealed for the first time in Clear and certain terms that at Sentencing the government May argue that CZ should be sentenced to 10 years in Prison and so here's the quote from the Doj the defense claims that that Mr Zhao Faces merely a brief sentence and has no Incentive to flee the reality is that The top end of the guidelines may be as High as 18 months and the United States Is free to argue for any sentence up to The statutory maximum of 10 Years as the defense will certainly Emphasize at sentencing Mr Z as a family And has never spent a day in custody the Penalties he faces at sentence in will No doubt seem significant to him and That weighs in favor of the reasonable Restrictions the United States proposes End quote and so I'm not stating that This is what's going to happen all I'm Telling you is that it's on the table

That's what's been reported to this Point so maybe it will be less Maybe It's just tough posturing from the doj I Don't I don't know but um there's a Reasonable chance that even if it's on The wider side cz's going to go to Prison for some period of time I don't Know we're going to see but he already Pled guilty so it's certainly Possible and we're going to find out in The beginning part of next year I I Can't remember the exact date but I'm Pretty sure it's uh the sentencing is at Some point in February of 20124 so G to Find out pretty soon here just wild Stuff and again like I said in a recent Video can you imagine having if if I was Telling you on this channel in like October of 2022 before before the FDX Collapse if I told you that you know a Little over a year from this point in Time you're going to see the CEO and Founder of FTX Behind Bars probably or potentially For the rest of his life and you're Going to see CZ the founder of binance Potentially pleading guilty to very Serious charges including a felony and Uh he could be behind bars for up to 10 Years if I told you that in October just Over a year ago October of last year That would have sound Bonkers right that It would have been like oh God how low Will the price of Bitcoin go yet here we

Are like price-wise the markets are not Really shaking if anything there's just One one more question mark that's been Removed in the world of Crypto so is what it is man things could Certainly be Worse I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next Time to the Moon Lambo


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