SEC Ripple / XRP Settlement Discussions? , BlackSwan Fraud & BlackRock Story

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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero lift off we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I just took My 11-year-old to eat at the wild Waffle House we had the allstar breakfast I Haven't had one of those waffles in a While and it was strong with Sirup um my ex account is still Suspended without any warning without Telling me why comp after 5 years of Building my presence I will continue to Remind everyone of this until these guys Do the right thing and reinstate my Account or or get their customer service Or their email customer service whatever You call it to reinstate my account Because this is a travesty in the Meantime I am setting up my own Island In Exile um so that I don't have to be At the behest of these social media Whatever you want to call them Censorship um social media platforms um I've created this is um you can go and Find it there's already been a great Response and I really appreciate it it's D Aixr you can go and sign up what I Did is I've I'm create I'm I'm B it's Kind of like I'm building the Island right now so that down the road If if these if the bad guys who knows The people behind eth gate that don't Want me to be talking or whoever it

Is I'm building my own little island so That I can still have have a voice Regardless of them and so I I did a a a Really inexpensive type thing and what I'm going to do while in the process is I'm going to um upload my videos every Day to this platform and there won't be Any ads um for the official and remember When you join you become an official Member of the digital asset investor Channel this is this this is kind of Like having a members only jacket in the 80s I mean not just anybody could have One right um check it out um but Everybody's welcome boom 17 that's a Trillion million no billion 17.4 billion In US treasuries dumped the bricks Nation setting the stage for financial Anarchy talking about how China and I Think uh China Brazil and South Saudi Arabia we're all dumping billions of Treasuries so Financial Anarchy game on I'm glad I own golden Xrp look at this just in the ethereum Foundation sold 1,700 ethereum for $1,611 about a half hour Ago so that was at 6:30 a.m. so at Around 6: a.m. is when they sold It I would sell that garbage too I Couldn't remember if I had ever seen This video of Gary giler but I'm gonna Make a point uh real xrp boy had put it Out watch this the conference um I know

That you're working with uh some Companies on some pretty cuttingedge Stuff at MIT uh so I don't know if you Could tell us a little bit about those So we have a a initiative and we stand These up at MIT from time to time we Have an initiative where 12 Financial Firms have funded a group called fintech At the computer science and AI lab And and it's a way to a group of Companies to jointly fund sponsored Research and it's kind of interesting We're able in our first year to work With these uh a dozen companies from Around the globe I mean they range uh From uh uh City back City Bank to to Consensus you know to S City Bank who Just did this launches a new token Service remember both announced that Were launching these tocus cross border Type Services after they find out Ripple has Survived and won a three-year lawsuit Here's JP Morgan and these just happened To be the two that he was working with An MIT range of of the the space that They might be in uh and uh I'd say three Or four of our 10 projects are really About deep learning machine learning and The Cutting we don't need to hear Anymore we get it we know exactly what That is I like this today you can afford Xrp but in the near future it will cost As much as a mortgage payment don't be

That person living in reg regret when The time comes don't worry zanu or what However you say your name I will not be Living in regret I am strapped in with My gold and my xrp don't you worry now We've said it before um when the history Books are written Unless they're lying history Books the Ripple case eth gate and Decentralized Justice will be taught in Schools well listen here's a start Excellent CC where where do we go from Here this is um so you know she's a Professor of accounting University of Maryland co-lead of digital Asset Management working group at the Government blockchain Association uh from here we are going to Work on tokenomics where we're also uh Polishing up and building out a little More detail on the legal pieces of uh The course we're selecting cases that we Want to do case studies particularly not Really case studies but uh important Cases that we can pull legal uh themes Out of you know uh in terms of how Things are shaping up things that we Perhaps cases that we believe will be Landmark cases down the road great Example Ripple versus SE Yes and everything that's come out of The Ripple case that looks like it's Going to be a landmark case on how to Define and determine what is a security

In the space so that's an important case To be aware of to understand and so we Want to have that in in the material um Tokenomics we're working on pulling our Source material right now for tokenomics Uh to build that section out and then From there uh I guess I just have to Write like you know 200 quiz questions So it's my favorite part of teaching Right writing quiz questions um I can Help you write some questions on we move Into putting all this material into Slides and recording it and that's going To be uh that's going to be the big Pushover I'd say probably the winter and Here's a question who was in the room When the SEC was was uh being presented With the uh the Safe Harbor proposal who Was in the room The answer well there's several people But I'll name a couple L Ness the Attorney for injuries and Horwitz Bill Henman the presenter was Brad um was it Brad is his name Brad Sherman from Union Square Adventures Nancy watas was one of The good people in the room um uh we Could come up with a A list so that you Have a full answers would this be a Multiple choice question we'll have be Able to debut it uh next spring so so um A lot of work has been done to date my Son by the way has been taking all these Uh SATs and all this to to try to get in Colleges and boy oh boy I am glad I am

Not in school that H can't tell you how Many tests I took I never was good at Those standardized tests myself and There's still a lot more work to do so I'd say we're probably at our 60% Mark Completion and uh the future's going to Be fun all all right and then we have This I wanted I wanted you to hear this This is a clip that I had not um I I I I Wasn't aware of it I was made aware of It this is xrp the standard Productions Um he used to be parody I think he's Partial parody now um but he he was Doing a spaces I think it was mostly Serious maybe he's 75% Ser no maybe he's 25% serious and 75% joking we I'll have To ask him I haven't he's he's somewhere In that uh there's percentages going on Um but anyway this is a good clip where He had John Deon on after the Torres Denial of the SEC appeal and then the Official cool guy jumps in there he's Also an attorney and ask and kind of uh Throws something out there that I Thought was interesting Too if I can get it to Play oh come on no let me get that adopt Judge torres's rationale to all cryptos But here a lot of xrp holders can say That she even made it more clear that as Of right now on this day excluding Bitcoin xrp is the only one clearly with Legal Clarity and just quick Johnny Deets I always said that I think settles

We don't have to go there but as an Attorney you know only the official cool Guy you got to be a certain kind of cool To even throw something like that out There who would even come up with that This guy I knew I knew this guy had the It Factor when I first saw him cruising Down the street in Brooklyn what was it Two or three years ago now there there Are not not everyone could say what he Just said but it rolls off his tongue Like it's nothing anytime I try to Resolve a case or even enter into Negotiations it's never good or never a Good time to have the other side even if They're right or wrong having an appeal Hang over my Head and pretending that they have Leverage um during any of those Discussions so it's pretty pretty big Decision today regardless of what the Outcome H whatever whatever happened I I Think let me just say Mr A's point is Well taken because you know um some Might argue that the SEC filed this Unlocator appeal to gain leverage in the Settlement discussion if they are any And I'm not saying they are any but that Would be one well that leverage was just Nullified and so so that's a great point Three questions are begged uh for me um And this is someone who is that's pretty Cool I that's the second time I've heard John Deon uh say they could be having

Settlement discussions second time I've Heard him say it and it was almost I'm Not saying it was but it almost sounded Like a Freudian slip there and that's The second time I've heard now he now Cool guy's referencing it too the sec's Lost its leverage which is where Settlements happen now this was an Interesting clip this was sent to be to Me by uh Mike Jansen many of you know Mike Jansen Mike Janson is the official Guy who created my intro and my outro Who used to be the announcer for the Indianapolis Colts and he sent me this I Guess think he spend some time time on Tik Tok cuz he sent me this clip this Morning I'm not going to play the whole Thing but it's good to know ARS um the Question of course is wet most people Don't realize this most people have no Idea what I'm about to show you in this Video most people do not realize how High Bitcoin is about to go because most People don't realize how artificial the Bare Market is/ was monetary Manipulation I.E the fastest rate Increase in the history of the FED Combined with a Black Swan level fraud This is the reason prices have gotten so Low idx Chief investment officer Explains exactly this listen Rising Rates start to repic risk assets and all Of a sudden you know we're talking to a Lot of institutional investors who are

Saying listen if I can get you know five Four five 6% in treasury bills you know Why would I take any any make no mistake Folks what this guy's saying is a th% True I've told you if you if you think FTX was anything other than a government Operation you need to think again I I Was sitting here it came out of nowhere I had never even heard of FTX then all Of a sudden Tom Brady pops up Advertising it and I'm not saying Tom Brady would have known it's a government Operation I don't think he would have Known anything but I'm telling you it Was a setup if you look at that org Chart for FTX that freaking thing was a Setup that was not done by some kid with Asbergers that plays video games during An interview view he was like a py is What he was combined that they they all Of a sudden after a decade of just Keeping interest rates low all of a Sudden they just raise them raise them Raise them and they refuse to stop and At the same time Gary Gensler is taking A hatchet to Krypto this was all planned By Design this guy is so over the target Elsewhere and so that's kind of the big Story across Macar Assets Now layer on Top of that the way these Wall Street Guys operate folks is they Hammer Markets and they buy while they're being Hammered well if this was going to be The largest surge ever and a rollover of

This of this entire Financial system Into the digital system wouldn't that be The time to hammer it more than you've Ever hammered before before you flip That switch yes it would Be crypto had its own crypto in the form Of regulatory crackdowns and we had a Lot of Bad actors flushed out which Ultimately is a good thing the STX Scandal of course was a huge Scandal Onto itself and so as investors work Through that you couple that with the Regulatory overhang and there's just There was a lot of uncertainty kind of Coming into 20123 I think the good news Is that we're starting to get through Some of that regulatory uncertainty We're seeing things like spot filings From from Black Rock which are very Encouraging you know let me I'm gonna You know what I'm going to do right here Is I'm going to do something that that I'm going to I'm going to do something Right now and I did I'm doing this on a Whim because Black Rock popped up I'm Going to say something right now and I'm Not going to say it on my normal Channel This clip that I'm about to say is a True thing that happened to me and I'm Not going to say it in the on the on my The YouTube I'm only going to say it in My private in my my group that I my my Island Dai I'm only going to put This clip in there I'm going to clip it

Out for the main Channel because that's Part of what I want to include in the in The group so dii now I'm going To say what I'm going to Say when I was at the proper party there You Go I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment adviser this is for Entertainment purposes only please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family what I just told You if you're if you're at Thanks for Listening


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