I HAVE TO BE HONEST! “May lose some of you”

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I have to be brutally brutally honest With you guys after this YouTube video I May lose some of you and I'm okay with That my name is coach JV what I work to Do is to work ma make very complex macro And microeconomic strategies very simple So the normal everyday person just like Me can activate on them so we've helped Thousands and thousands of people over The past four years since 2020 break Free from this just over broke system Now my videos are going to be a little Bit different from here on out for the Next about 10 days uh and I'll explain That in just a moment so my goal is to Help you that's my main goal and I have Two amazing resources for you so if you Haven't take action on these the time is Now on the back end of this video I'm Going to share with you a powerful Resource that we are going to use to Gain wealth in the crypto Market in 2024 To 2025 all these resources are in the Description of this video and in my Social media platform click the link you Will find them the First Resource is a Free 16-page guide absolutely free my Exact blueprint on how I went from broke On my parents couch which I'm going to Talk about today to Financial Freedom Spiritually and mentally the number two Resource is I have licensed insurance Agents in all 50 states teaching you how To protect your wealth in these crazy

Volatile times it's one of the biggest Pillars of my wealth uh my five pillars Of wealth which is wealth protection Securing compounding growing you Probably heard of the infinity banking Concept look up tax code 7702 so if you click the description you Set up AE free absolutely free Consultation we don't get paid by the Clients we get paid by the insurance Company so we can provide you amazing Products that serve your needs okay so You can set up a free consultation or Download the free book two separate Things back into this video I'm going to Share with you almost every single video On how I'm exiting these markets because Now it's time to get our together So I just want to be honest and Transparent with you guys so many of you Guys are new to our Channel we get a lot Of people coming from Tik Tok but I Think it's important as we build our Relationship together because I don't People say oh followers I see you guys As friends I get to meet you guys out in Public and if you ever see me in public Come say hi expect a big old hug my true Intentions whether people believe it or Not or whatever they comment I'm over That part of my life I don't listen to Naysayers or listen to to negative Comments or things like that I'm all About light love and positivity my main

Intentions are to help as many human Beings tap into their own understanding That it's possible for them but I think It's important for me to kind of reset And share my story I haven't talked About it a lot so if you've heard my Story you can listen along or um you Know and you can see how much it's Evolved so my name is coach JB my name Is John Vasquez I was born as John Vasquez and in uh December 18th 2006 I Committed suicide to due to a massive Opiate addiction um I had some stuff Happen to me when I was very young that I carried into my adult life I was in a Very victim state of mind everything Happens to me I was trying to find Myself I was very outwardly focused uh And I did one of the most selfish acts You can do I committed suicide on December 18th 2006 with the Massa Opiates well thank God I came out of That obviously I woke up from it and I Read a book called The Secret and I'm Going to fast forward pretty quickly Through the next 17 years to where I'm At now but I think it's important to Understand the stages because I want to Make sure that we have a good Relationship as we move forward to Transform each other's lives because This is a we thing this is not a me Thing this is an absolute we thing okay So oh let me pause for just a moment so

Why are my videos going to be a little Bit different for the next about two Weeks is every single year usually twice A year I head out to Peru the sacred Valley of Peru and I work with a Spiritual coach and I sit in the garden And I completely disconnect from reality It's something that's extremely Important to me my family knows I do This every single year I disconnect from Reality completely to build my Connection with God Christ and all the Other great Masters who've ever walked This Earth so if that turns you off I'm Not the guy to follow right I love you So much and that's where my love and Compassion comes from so I'm on that Trip right now as you're watching this Video I'm traveling to Peru and I'll be There for uh quite a while and I do this Every single year it's really important To me to disconnect from all this chaos Well I usually just kind of ghost Everything but this time this is going To be the style of the videos for the Next two weeks so I hope that you Respect it and you enjoy them and if you Do enjoy this because I usually just Report what's happening on a daily basis Within our economy um we have our good Morning crypto show check them out it's 9 o'clock Arizona time every single day And they're going to be reporting the News so I'm going to do this style for

The next two weeks to make sure that I Get you some different information okay Uh so if you like this style just Comment down below and if it seems to Get some traction what I'll do is I'll Do these a couple days couple times a Week on top of my reporting okay so Let's go back so December 18 2006 I Committed suicide I ended up Surviving That obviously went into a book called The Secret then I started to get into Vision boards manifestation thoughts Become things I didn't have a Relationship with God at that point but Ironically right before I committed Suicide I prayed which is interesting Right dear God please forgive me who was I praying to if I'd never never learned How to pray never had a relationship With God but I prayed right before I Committed Suicide let that sink in right so now I Understand why at this level of Consciousness that I'm at now so I Prayed woke up to a book called The Secret that's what God wanted to expose To me he knew I wasn't ready for the Bible he knew I wasn't ready for the Walk with Christ yet and then I started Experiencing Buddhism this buddh was Freaking awesome but I had a couple Experiences with the Buddhism that Turned me off because they wouldn't give Me the answer therefore I knew now in my

Wisdom now that they're not here to give Me the answer which was the greatest Teaching ever which turned me off to Buddhism because I was looking for a Solve just like most people in humanity Are like we don't have the answer for You and now I know the answers inside of Me so thank you to that Buddhist monk uh That I left because of them but they Were teaching me the most valuable Lesson and sometimes you don't see the Lesson till years years later so then I Went into banking I moved up to banking Rankings very very quickly I became a Vice president of bank because of my Manifestation my intensity uh the grind Culture that we've all been taught right Which I've complet completely shattered And broke apart to um to where I'm at Today so I went through banking went Through a big process and I had a Great Awakening in banking I was like this Doesn't feel right to me it just I read The book called creature of Jackal Island uh we were supposed to be Providing Financial education our bank Was going through a big Scandal it was Just really wild to experience something Like that and I got to see I got to see People when it came to money the things That people would do when the paychecks Are huge when the bonuses are huge and How people forget about their morals and Ethics right so it didn't feel right to

Me anymore so then I graduated CBA Executive banking school and I was in This major moral dilemma I'm sitting Here making more money than I've ever Made in my life right 535 ibmw the Combed over hair you got the suit on all The stuff and and it was what the American dream supposed to be right I Went to school I got a four-year degree I got a banking degree or banking Certificate excuse me CBA to be a Executive Vice President at a bank a Large Fortune 500 company but why did I Feel so sick internally so in 2017 August I jumped head first out of Corporate America holy was that Something that I don't recommend to People well I jumped out with a good Amount of money in my bank account at 401k and during that process guys I lost All my money twice from 2017 till about 2019 transition in 2020 now I had Discovered cryptocurrency in the Transition from 2019 to 2020 I don't Remember the exact dates and stuff so I'm off of my dates forgive me for that But I a guy named J bills introduced me To xrp that's how it all started for me Got introduced to xrp and then I was Like whoa what the hell why is the banks Not using this and I realized that the Infrastructure is being set up for banks To use it uh because I know how to run Banks right so then I started to go

Through this conundrum in my life where I lost everything guys I had my crypto Portfolio and I was not going to touch It and thank God I didn't because it Changed my life but I humbled myself Because I had lost everything and I Moved back in with my parents 2019 I've Told the story many times to 2020 And that point in my life I said to my Mom that things will never be the same But I realized that I had a Indoctrinated belief system and I got to Hear their conversations around money I Got to see the ecosystem that I grew up In not good B and different I had a Great life you know we lived middle- Class family right but there was no talk About future no talk about investing no Talk about saving no talk about growing Or expanding Consciousness it was just Go to school get a job watch the news go Through that process right so I realized That I have to rewire the foundation end Up in a different situation so I became Almost obsessed which I still am pretty Much obsessed but it's transitioned Quite a bit to a very balanced look at Spirituality economics and it's all one And the same to me so it's very economic At first but I needed to understand the System so I watched how Millionaires Multi-millionaires and billionaires move Their stuff to the system millionaires Operate a lot different than

Multi-millionaires and billionaires Millionaires are still in the phase of Trying to impress you with Lamborghinis And Ferraris you see all these guys on Instagram when they start getting into a Lot of money they want to show you all The cars and they want to show you the Houses they think that that's what we Want to see and that's what we're Trained with our dopamine response to Inter understand right but that's not Where wealth comes from I realize that Wealth comes from here it comes from Here and when you can connect the field In the brain and heartb brain coherence And you can operate in three frequencies Which are authenticity love and Gratitude you become one of the richest Men or women on earth so from 2020 to 20 About 22 uh we just skyrocketed right we Went from being completely broke to I Moved out of my parents house into an Apartment and now I live in my dream Home which is my dream home for me right A little single family home for my kids And you know have a lot of fancy stuff But I do I do do a lot of really cool Experiences well in 2020 we all got Humble 22 we got humbled right we were Making a ton of money in cryptocurrency And boom we got rocked all of us did 85% Of our portfolio but the good thing is We had an exit plan so I had exited and Diversified into multiple uh thing so I

Was I was getting into leverage life Insurance in 2020 um I was getting into Precious metals I started to expand my Business Acumen um what else did we get Into I wasn't in real estate back then Well I I'm still fully not in but I'm Getting in there so that's when I really Had this spiritual check it was like JV What are your intentions what are your Intentions JV what are you here and what Is the impact you want to leave on the World and what I started to really think About is what are my principles and so In that moment in 2022 as I developed Principles So my principles for business are Integrity honesty and uncompromising Belief in God so I made a decision Within that moment that I will only Build EOS systems that allow me to speak About my truth around God in the Walk of Jesus like my CFO he's an amazing human Being he's a Buddhist he has his own Belief systems but we can rise together Learning and growing from each other so I wanted to be part of an ecosystem Where I could be me and everybody else Could be them and we could expand Consciousness together number two is I Built principles for my family which is Peace freedom and family structure so if Anything disrupted my peace my freedom Or my f family structure was a hard no Once I developed those principles I

Built my ecosystems based on that in my Human design of who I truly am which is Um a gener or excuse me a generator I'm A peer generator right I'm supposed to Forge forward build safety teach come Back and teach and that's exactly what I Do so in 2022 there was this big mental Transition for me as I was going through My spiritual journey my Spiritual Awakening so from 2022 to 2023 Specifically going into 202 3 um it's Been the biggest transition for me so as I sit today um I'm in the best position I've ever been in my life spiritually Mentally physically financially Relationships with my kids relationships With my ecosystem that includes my kids' Moms all these things that come into my Current Paradigm and the reason why I Bring this up to you because I realize That wealth is not what we think it is You know that the the God that I follow And the Jesus you know that I listen to Is I think there's a lot of teachings That have been a little bit inverted Here you know Jesus came to empower us And show shows how amazing and Powerful We are when he was on the cross he said It's finished it's done you have you Have Grace now what do you mean that by That he didn't give you a soft pellow to Land on he was disciplined he was Consistent he had principles morals Ethics and he was like no this is this

Is like what are you guys doing Man you have to get your together And so that's when I say Warriors rise Get your together there's endearing Quality to myself I'm looking in a Mirror right now I can see myself Recording this video it's not against You and I started following three prince Three that I have my principles but Three main things within my life that I Teach my kids on a daily basis number One is I love God with all my heart Therefore I love my love Humanity as I Love God number two is I treat others as I want to be treated pretty simple and Number three is I stopped judging other People and I started focusing on myself That's why you see me not respond to Hate comments or I don't feed into it Because I have no judgment for you I Have no response to your hate because I Want to live in a highfrequency loving Environment and what I realize in the Next level of coaching that I'm going Through so I call it life one life two Life one was the programming that I got Indoctrinated into life two was the Manifestation and breaking the cycles of That program and now I'm heading into Life three which is being paid to be me Right so all the ecosystems I built the 3T Warrior Academy our education system Is all the things that I did and Embodied and taught right I just started

An insurance company I've been referring Insurance for three years now I started One of the fastest growing insurance Companies because I believe in it I'm Not I don't not you that's the key to This the the the the lesson in this is Don't start something to make money Starts something because you believe in It and now things are coming to me Easily and frequently money is coming to Me from all different sources I'm so Happy and grateful for the money that Comes to me in increasing quantities From multiple sources on a continuous Basis God Rest Bob Proctor slowly Changed my life absolutely radically Changed my life I am now living that I've been saying that since 2009 every Day so why do I bring this up to you Because I want you to know my intentions Yes I own companies yes I own ecosystems We all put food on on the table for my For families but if you know me or if You've worked with me or you've been in My ecosystem my main goal as I move Forward is to continue to get my Together to work on myself to the Deepest level of spirituality that I can To raise my frequency to three things wh That's two Authenticity love and gratitude my goal Along the way is to tell my story at the Current Paradigm that I'm at and the Current Paradigm that I'm moving into is

To gain wisdom through knowled and acted Upon and done for a long enough period Of time so I can embody that frequency So if you see yourself in my story Knowing that it's possible for you that I've lost my money three times I file Bankruptcy in 2007 I was a horrible Father to my daughter Raven when she was A little girl now we have a phenomenal Relationship and now I'm a phenomenal Father to my son I was a drug addict Filed bankruptcy been divorced twice but What I didn't do is I didn't lay on my Back I took the gift that God gave me And I took the principles of Jesus and All these amazing teachings and my CFO And you know may our human design Practitioner and all these amazing People within our ecosystem I can Mention everybody and I take all these You know going to sit with Chase in Peru My coach Matt um from psycosmos all These amazing human beings that are Teaching me and I'm learning from Everybody so when someone says oh you're You're following this this belce guys We're all one Consciousness having an Experience everybody's experience is Different so if someone is Catholic Fantastic be a good Catholic if you're Jehovah Witness be a good Jehovah Witness if you're Church of Latter-day Saints be a good church of Latter-day Saints stop judging other people stop

Saying to another religion religion You're wrong how do you know that They're wrong how do you know that You're right is it like baby boss we all Go up a conveyor belt you're Catholic When you die you're jeh use logic like We're all human beings God's creation Having a different experience and we all Get in different vehicles and that's Okay so as we move forward I just wanted To set my intentions for the next about 10 days of videos or about 8 days of Videos be fair this will be this style It's just going to be a video I'm just Going to speak so I'll share with you The things I'm going to speak about and Let me know if this content resonates With you um because if if it does I will Do a little bit more of this because Usually I was just going to you know Kind of ghost it and go to Peru as I Usually do during this time and people Have all kinds of perceptions of he got Cloned but it's like no I'm I'm just in Peru so I can't report the news every Day and I'm not going to be on my cell Phone at all I'm going to be in a garden For 14 days okay so uh Monday will be uh This is what made me Rich my crypto game Plan I'm just going to be speaking about What I do uh just like this you know no Fancy edits or anything like that um Tuesday will be how I became wealthy um My business game plan and how I built

Businesses and ecosystems across Information technology and attention so That's where my greatest wealth has been Built um let's see how I lost it all and How I insure my wealth why do I talk so Much about insurance uh Thursday next Week will be the secrets of the wealthy Which is pre-ipo which we teach people How to get into pre-ipo um and the Friday November 10th we be be Americans Are rewiring the foundation and Then Monday November 13th which I'll be Traveling back is um you owe this to Your kids guys if you're if you're if You're a a man or woman or partner Whatever it is that have children you Owe this to your family man you really Do it to yourself right so I want to Share with you guys something that's Really really important I'm going to Show you guys I'm going to start showing You this more frequently I just want to Let you guys know I am the co-founder of This company this is very very important To understand anything I share with you Guys I'm the owner of or it's part of my Ecosystem actually everything I'm Sharing with you guys I'm the owner of The reason why I did that do you Remember what I said let me bring myself Further back on the screen so I want to Look you in the eyes when I say this Remember when I said my principles Integrity honesty and uncompromising

Belief in God there is no effing way That I will ever take a sponsorship or Anything that will not allow me to speak This truth so instead of doing that I've Never been paid by a cryptocurrency Company ever and I've done that because I want to speak my truth and so Everything I share with you guys my Warrior Academy the insurance company I'm the CEO of my insurance company it's My freedom insurance company Merlin Which is I'm the co-founder with Johnny Johnny and you know our CFO Jeremy and There you know our ecosystem we are all Owners of these we created these with Our own heads 35,000 lines of code Written for this from theground up so What Merlin is is a very important part Of my strategy you have to get Merlin Downloaded guys it's in the description Down below you have to build your exit Plan because I'm telling you we're Coming from experience the reason why we Created this is number one it's an Interface that shows you all your Cryptos in one spot all your daily gains And losses okay it also which the most Important part I want to show you guys Okay it's right here the exit strategy Okay so when you get in there when you Get and we have the best customer Service ever when you get in there you Can try it for 30 days for free you can Practice setting up an exit strategy

Okay it's very important there's there's Facts there's FAQs we have a customer Service line you have to have an Exit Plan guys that's what made me wealthy is Because I have a plan for everything I Don't just sit there and hope hope is Not a strategy hope will not work for You guys you have to have a game plan Guys so we exited the markets I secured Some of my wealth and insurance more Businesses all the stuff and imagine What's going to happen in my ecosystem In 2024 to 2025 when crypto goes Parabolic my ecosystem is going to 10x More businesses more insurance and then I'll be in the generational wealth Building cycle so my next phase just to Share with you guys from a transparent Level is I actually uh filled out my Paperwork and now I'm going into the Trust game so I'm going to set up a Trust build the ecosystem and then a Family office so that's my next phase That I'll be coming back and teaching When I have more experience I'm in a Baby next phase as well next year we're Going into real estate we're going Vertical into apartment complexes we'd Like to build our own Retreat Center as Well um but yeah so Merlin you needed to Download it it's in the description down Below or in the social media platform Download it 30 days for free we also are Big on customer service so if it doesn't

Work for you guys guys you can cancel Yourself you can just click a button and Cancel we're not playing games with your Money we don't play games with people's Ecosystems our intentions are to help as Many human beings as possible so just a Recap so this is uh Friday I'm actually Traveling I probably just landed in Peru And this next week will be these types Of videos so hope that you appreciate Them um I appreciate doing them but I'll Get back to my normal style but if I do See a lot of feedback I will actually Implement these um throughout the week As well as extra videos so I love you Guys I appreciate you that's my story I Hope you like it and I hope you're still Here Warriors get your together Love you Guys [Music] N


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