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Crypto the new Financial system it is Truly truly time to wake up in today's Video I'm going to break down the world Economic Forum the EU and how they're Radically and rapidly bringing in crypto As a new financial institution they're Going to make you believe it's used for Money laundering nefarious activities Guys cash is used for the same thing so In today's video we're going to go into The weeds we're going to decipher what They're trying to say so we can make Good financial decisions to free our Family financially my name is coach JB What I work to do is make very complex Macro and microeconomic strategies very Simple so the normal everyday person can Implement them I have plenty of free Resources for you one of them is where We get tons of questions every single Day I use What's called the infinity Banking concept index universal life Insurance we insure our wealth we Protect our principle during these Volatile times so when I pull profits From crypto I'm securing my principle And I can borrow against it taxfree we Teach people how to do that Revolutionary concept if you click the Description of my video down below you Can set up a absolutely free Consultation with my insurance team to Ask as many questions as you would like Or in my social media platform you can

Do the exact same thing down below you Can also download my 16 page absolutely Free guide on exactly what I'm going to Talk about on the back end of every Video how my ecosystem is set up so Let's Dive Right In so I'm going to Start to show this more often I've been Presenting this quite a while uh Throughout the couple years is the ray Doo's changing World Order and if you Have not ordered Ray Doo's book The Changing world order or the big debt Crisis you should and you should study It you will understand at a deep level All the things I've been presenting are Becoming true because of Ray Doo's Dedicated discipline also my team's Dedicated discipline in understanding Spiritual patterns Financial patterns And human patterns guys you're not going To stop the pattern that's coming what You can do is change the pattern in here And not be involved in repeating the Pattern we are here to expand Consciousness not repeat it let them Repeat Consciousness do not repeat the Consciousness of your family's timeline You're probably watching this because You want more for your family you cannot Do the same thing that your family did We're about to repeat the exact same Thing in historical patterns the Bible Is not a history book it's a spiritual Book to help you tap in tune in

Understand who you truly are a son and Daughter of God and allowing you to be Bigger than the Beast to think to walk To talk and take action it is your time So the ray doio is changing world order You can see it for yourself right here Number 13 14 15 16 17 and 18 large debts Printing of money we have internal Conflict loss of Reserve currency is Happening right now weak leadership Civil war and revolution and we all know That this presidential election is going To cause massive chaos within America Americans are now turning against each Other it used to be the land of the free The home of the brave now it's the land Of the separation and the Godless Country and the weak people that's what We become but I need you to stand tall As one Consciousness under God like it Says on the dollar they believe in man We believe in God okay so I'm going to Show you this we're going to do some Deciphering here so this stuff isn't Super exciting crypto's going parabolic This is really sifting through what They're saying they're telling you that The new monetary system is coming in They're telling you that they're afraid Of this economy because it is completely Getting destroyed there is a Brave New World coming in a brand new monetary System a brand new way of doing business A brand new way of doing investing and

Finances so let's listen to what Christine lagard says then we're going To listen to a gentleman from America as Well on this panel and then we're going To dive into what the EU is doing they Are getting ready for crypto to be the New Currency can you talk to us about what You saw in 2023 that gives you hope for Economies in the Future Well good morning to everyone first and Uh thank you for having me on the panel Because I'm I'm a a strange panelist Actually because I cannot talk about the Things that I spend 100% of my time On uh I'm I'm a central bank uh President for the European Central Bank We have a monetary policy meeting coming Up on uh Wednesday and Thursday and During one week before that I cannot Talk about what I do what I hope for What the analysis uh support our Conclusions is so I thought long and [Laughter] Hard and I try to identify a few of the Trends that we have seen in 23 that will Have no impact on our decision next week Uh and and what we we should sort of Anticipate for the future okay really Pay attention let's decipher what she's Saying here okay and I came around to Something that I called normalization That's what we have beginning to see uh

In especially in the end of 23 but Towards something that is not going to Be normality so from normalization to Nonnormality so what do I mean by okay So she's going to tell you what she Means by that there we're going into a New normal Jerome pal the head of Federal Reserve said we're coming into a New economy leverage Source technology He's worried about the middle class That the period before 23 was Str Extraordinary difficult to analyze by Many accounts and 23 we have seen the Beginning of normalization when you look At consumption for instance around the World I'm not talking just about uh the Euro area consumption is still a driving Force for growth okay this is important Guys the money is drying up all the Printed money is drying up and this is Going to cause the Recession but the Tailwind that we had The benefit of are gradually fading this Very strange extremely tight labor Market still tight but a little less and Some of the indices that we use to Identify the relationship particularly Between vacancies and unemployment are Changing gradually so less tightness on The job on the job market when we look At savings around the world there was Plenty of it excess saving with that Excess saving pretty much in all Advanced economies in particular is

Coming down and from this 10% excess Saving we getting close to virtually Zero okay so that's what I want you to Hear guys I've been trying to warn you Guys since 2020 as this was coming I Told you on the back end of 2023 the Pandemic savings was going to dry up They were going to raise interest rates Boom that happened and now we're heading Into the public being completely broke Companies being completely broke and so They have to make a change with America Being the reserve currency and in one Probably I believe one of the worst Positions financially that we've ever Been in there has to be a change okay so Let's listen to one more person on this Panel which will help this of the world Thank you so much David Rubenstein what Do you worry about the most in 2024 There're many things to worry About well I I worry about everything But um I would say the most important Thing I wanted to convey is that Predictions made in January about what's Going to happen in the remainder of the Year is generally wrong last year at This time here and other forums around The world people were predicting the US Would likely have a hard Landing if not A hard Landing a soft Landing but a soft Landing implies very low growth okay so This is important yeah that didn't Happen but what did Christine lar say

Guys we had so much stimulus in the bank Accounts that's dried up now that's gone And remember I showed you guys what Jamie Diamond said Jamie Diamond's Preparing for a soft or a hard Landing Now it's because the stimulus is drying Up and people like well I don't have not You know you may not have your stimulus Anymore but some people saved that money To survive right and now they're Stacking up their credit cards companies Are stacking up up their credit as it Turns out while the numbers aren't Really in yet uh the us will have grown Probably around 2 and a half% for 2023 Which is much better than anybody really Projected at the time uh the US has its Challenges for sure uh but inflation is Coming down and as a result of that the Federal Reserve is likely to reduce Interest rates um relatively in the near Future in our country we have a Presidential election I think everybody Probably recognizes that and as a result Um the Federal Reserve wants to get its Uh I think wants to get its its uh rate Cuts out of the way before the Presidential election is in full steam Because if you have pres if you have Rate Cuts in right before presidential Election it will be seen as helping the Candidate uh who's in the White House oh There you go I told you guys they're Gonna we know that's not that I

Predicted that they told us that they're Going to cut rates right so we have the Bitcoin having coming so everybody's all Oh my God what happened with crypto with The Bitcoin ETF that was priced in guys We got the little pump it's going to to Pull back down March and April Bitcoin Having is going to happen it's going to Start its parabolic move around August July they're going to lower interest Rates and your assets are going to go Through the roof and you have to pay Attention to the back end of every one Of my videos because I'm going to tell You how I did it from 2021 to 2022 how I Created a little bit of uh I would say Became uh more financially secure and Now how I'm building into the Generational wealth Now using crypto Currency doing the opposite of everybody Else okay and here's what they're doing Around the world this is the European Union okay What what the EU is doing and why okay Digitalization is a trans transforming Finance this can lead to Innovation new Products Services applications business Models digital Finance has a key role to Play in shaping more competitive Sustainable resilient economy and more Inclusive modern prosperous Society a Crypto crypto asset is a digital Representation of value or the right That can be transferred or stored

Electronically using distributed Ledger Technology or similar Technologies guys We are moving into to crypto as the Financial system right here okay the European Securities and Market Authority This is like our SEC markets and crypto Assets regulation they're already Developing regulation for crypto it's Not if and when it's not if it's when Will this fully be adopted crypto Industry cautiously welcomes agreement On new EU AML rules it's it's everywhere Family it's time to stop listening to Your drunk uncle your financial adviser And try to build a fundamental long-term Portfolio Okay so here's exactly what I'm doing I Don't care if it's repetitive every Single video so I have a crypto Portfolio that is a fundamental Portfolio 10% is shitcoins all that Stuff that goes to zero whatever if all My crypto goes to zero I'm Diversified Outside but I have fundamental cryptos That I believe are going to be here for The long term so with all of my Cryptocurrency I'm holding 50% Legacy Long term I'm exiting 50% of the market As it starts to go parabolic in July or August in July as it goes into 2025 it's Going to go straight up as it goes Straight up I exit with Targets on the Way up I have no greed in this okay if My crypto goes up 10% I'm going to pull

Some profits okay this is what I did in 20 21 to 2022 this is how I started to Build my wealth Paradigm everybody Waited for it it's going to keep going Up it's going to keep going we woke up In May and this thing collapsed 85% and People were depressed and now they're Getting excited again they're going to Follow the same thing that's why the 1% Stays the 1% imagine a world people the Average American retires with $300,000 a Year year that's it so if you make off Of $10,000 a 100 Grand that is a massive Massive gain and imagine if you pull 50,000 out and you go and put that into An insurance policy and then you can Leverage that to buy a property you now Turn $50,000 into another asset that you Can leverage taxfree to buy another Asset and now you're playing the game Now you're playing their game guys That's what they do they take your money In the bank and they take it and buy Assets to buy assets to buy assets Assets the Working Poor in the middle Class buy things that make the wealthy Wealthier and the wealthier use credit To buy assets that you buy you just have To flip your brain family that's what I Teach people how to flip their brain Okay so Merlin the smartest way to track Your crypto it's 30 days for free every Single one of you should have Merlin in Your thing I'm I'm the co-founder with

36,000 lines of code we built this from The ground up because we used to use Spreadsheets okay and this is how we Pulled profits this is how we won in 2021 to 2022 we have we had an interface You we'd see our our crypto exchanges we Had a spreadsheet we'd go and we'd pull Profits and we' pull profits and then I Would secure in things like index Universal life precious metals business Things like that okay so this does it For you it doesn't exercise a trade for You we don't hold your keys or combo It's an interface but imagine you're Getting close to your first exit Target It sends you an alert you're at the the The salon or the gym and all of a sudden Hey coach JB you're at 10% away from Your first Target on xrp and I'm like Okay I'm consciously aware and then I go Exercise I go The Exchange I exercise That sale I you know it tells you how Much you're going to owe Uncle Sam so I Put that away and then I Max Fund my Index Universal Life policies and I sit And wait and see what happens and then I Leverage it taxfree to buy more assets Okay so 30 days for free down below you Can join Merlin okay now next what I do Is for me this is what I'm doing Personally you don't have to do this but I'm pulling profits and I'm Max funding My I policies that's what I'm doing so I Have my policy set up I'm going to Max

Fund those policies from there I'm going To sit with wise counsel and I'm going To see where I'm going to go when I Borrow the cash value taxfree could be Into real estate it could be into Precious metals it could be into more Businesses but my goal is to take the Money and multiply it into Cash Generating assets eventually I'll be Completely Financial free where I don't Have to rely on anybody else currently Right now I am financially free for my Businesses but to get completely Sovereign is where your money is making Money on top of money on top of money Okay and everybody talks about passive Income income is active guys like Everybody's like laptop Millionaires and Stuff and most people trying to sell you The dream of getting rich quick off a Laptop you know they're probably not Doing solid Investments they Lambos and Houses and all that stuff it's like if That's what they're showing you ah you Know there's some out there but if That's what they're showing you their Intentions are off right they're not Truly Building Wealth Paradigm what I'm Working to do is make sure that my kid Biblically my kids kids kids are wealthy So my first Paradigm was understanding How money Works my second Paradigm was You know getting into the ecosystem and Starting to practice making money make

Money now that my money makes money now This next cycle with cryptocurrency as This thing goes parabolic and Everybody's rushing in I'll be getting Out and as everybody's collapsing down My principal will be secured and that Money that I pulled out will be Generating money does that make sense so That's that's what I hope to do is to to Share with you guys the truth of what I'm doing so that you can see yourself In my story you know I was broke on my Parents couch in 2020 I lost everything 2019 to 2020 thank God I didn't touch my Crypto portfolio and thank God my Relationship with God is my number one Thing that makes me the richest man in The world my walk with Jesus is because If all this went away I'm not attach This I'm not emotional with this that's Why I get non-emotional that's why I Don't respond to haters that's why I Don't get caught up in the wave of of a Negative emotion I stay up and you know I have dips but I stay high with God I Stay focused on Jesus because if all This went away I'm the richest man in The world money is just a currency it's Just a frequency guys and if you're Trying to get money and you're you're Scared and you're going to lose your Money or you're not going to make enough In cryto you will never make enough in Crypto you will always be chasing that

Money is currency money is energy money Is vibration money is frequency so if You're chasing it it's going to run from You if you're embodying it and allowing It to come to you it's going to flow Through you and it's going to move into Great intentions and it's just going to Keep flowing in I'm so happy and Grateful for the money that comes to me In increasing quantities from multiple Sources on a continuous basis I'm so Happy and grateful for the money that Comes to me in increasing quantities From multiple sources on a continuous Basis God Rest Bob Proctor Soul I've Been saying this since 2009 and guess What money comes to me easily and Frequently from different places and Increasing quantities you can do this if I can do this you can I'm a mere Reflection of you so I love you guys I Appreciate you share this content with Somebody uh who who maybe hasn't seen This yet and I get this content out to Somebody you love Warriors rise get your together let's Go


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