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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel crypto including xrp has been Broadly trending down for much of the Last 24 hours uh but this some sort of Indication that there's a break in the Uptrend that we've been seeing uh well According to one top analyst the answer Is no and in fact the the downtrend We've been seeing for this past day was Actually predicted uh within the last 24 Hours or show so and I'll show you that Towards the beginning part of the video But he was predicting what would happen Specific speically with Bitcoin and it's Reached a point where he now says in all Likelihood what he thinks is going to Happen what is most probable is that This is just a retest and then there's Such force with this recent movement of Bitcoin that it's going to be blasting To the upside so the fact that over the Last 24 hours at least at the time I'm Recording this could be different by the Time you're watching uh but uh the the The fact that there's been a little uh Pit Stop pit stop at lower prices here Is not some sort of indication that this Is all over I also want to share with You perspective from a couple xrp chart Analysts and there are two specifically That say that in the short term uh we Should anticipate what is most probable Is that xrp will be breaking $1 uh one Of them says be ready for what he's

Calling a god candle and and one of the Analysts is saying that as far as xrp Price in the relative short term Depending on what you consider consider To be shortterm uh he's saying that I Think it was by May I'll show you the Chart but he I think he was saying by May potentially somewhere upwards of $18 For Xrp but before going further I do want To be clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun and so Look I don't know if any of the analysts Are right about anything ever but just Like you I'm I'm as curious as what as What what's going to as far as what's Going to happen in crypto moving forward Especially with xrp and so at a minimum You know what I respect the analysts for Putting their nexts on the lineer Because I'm telling you uh if if any of Their expectations are wrong and they Can't be right about everything like They are in the most unenviable position In all of crypto I mean it's one thing To be covering news on a YouTube channel And sharing General opinions but if You're talking about expectations of

Price and your expectations are Off I tell it's the internet people are Not afraid to come for you so anyway I Appreciate that there at least share Their perspective and we'll find out cuz I'm going to keep tracking this over Time uh we'll find out which analysts Are correct and which ones were off and If any are perhaps way Off uh now as I record this xrp is at 59 So not completely disastrous down 1.37% Over the last 24 hours uh Bitcoin down To 3455 bucks that's down 20 two 2.11% over The last 24 hours you've got the crypto Fear and greed index at 65 out of 100 so Despite this uh people are still feeling Still feeling pretty damn greedy it Wasn't that that it was honestly not That crazy of a pullback though uh Here's a Bitcoin USD chart shared by Credible crypto and he shared this and This was actually November 1st so it was Last night well I say last night now Mind you for me what time is it it's 2:10 p.m. Central Time right now so um Now it's technically the third but I Don't count it as the third it's not the Next day until I go to sleep damn it I Haven't gone to sleep yet so I'm still Saying it's uh referencing the last What's happened over the last several Hours as tonight but uh that's why I'll Say last night which would be November

1st at 8:50 p.m. central Time uh he was He was warning this before and you can See where the chart was at at the time It's right here where I'm circling for Those of you looking at the screen That's where the Bitcoin price was 35,6 15 bucks and he was warning um because We just saw a breakout here he said said There is our breakout which is another Thing he was calling for he said there Is our breakout something like this and So when he says something like this he's Referencing the green squiggles here That he drew this just the concept not It would be down to like the penny here Necessarily but he sharing the concept That Bitcoin would go back down to this Level here uh you know around the 34,000 And then ultimately continue its path Back up to the upside above 37,000 and So on and so forth and so he says Something like this to wipe out some Late longers real quick would not Surprise me Quick dump down into demand late longers Flushed plus fresh Bears Pile in into Demand higher low printed run it back up Into the real pump and so that's it That's what he was sharing that was the Idea he thought that what was likely Here is that since he had seen that run Up that he was expecting you'd see this Pullback we've got that we're in that Range that he was talking about and then

He says run it back on up keep on moving We were there's sufficient momentum to Make this happen And then he shared this post um so this Was uh so this is about yeah just over 24 hours Ago uh he he wrote in part the following All right so we are about halfway to my Ideal downside Target and then he gives Some additional information it's on your Screen if you want to read it for the Purposes of this video I don't think I Need to read every single thing I'm just Trying to make the broader point that he Called this and this is what he's saying Is happening next and I do he he is one Of my favorite analysts out there I Think he's top shelf as far as this goes So Uh then he posted this next bit um in This this morning well I say say this Morning again it's technically November 3rd cuz I going to sleep uh but I say This morning because it was 10:36 a.m. Central Time on on November 2nd Thursday and he said uh overnight we Got a slight pause at our local range Highs but ultimately broke down and have Now reached my ideal downside Target and So we've been roughly there since that Time there's been only I mean slight Downtrend over the last 24 hours but Nothing nothing crazy and then he shared The following in the afternoon so this

Is just over 12 hours ago in the Afternoon November second and he wrote Late longers flushed into demand exactly As expected higher low printed let's run It back now shall we and here's the Latest update and this is from uh just a What about three hours ago 10:51 p.m. Central Time he wrote parabolic Advance Incoming and he's referencing of course Bitcoin so he's steadfast on this and He's very frequently correct and he says This is nothing to be scared of which is Fantastic even if you're more interested In xrp because xrp which I'm about to Jump into uh it is still moving in Tandem with Bitcoin it would I'd be Alarmed if it weren't to be act to be Honest with you so this is something to Be happy for so where is xrp going well Here you have a post from a very popular Chart analyst dark Defender now up to 96,4 followers and he wrote um this is This afternoon so about 12 hours ago I Guess we need to have an xrp analysis Prepare the drinks everything is fine For me and then he did provide that Perspective uh so a little less than 12 Hours ago 244 p.m. central Time hi all probably most of you had Your coffee great so we are ready now Let's start with the weekly time frame As you know we set the limit for 66 Cents this week I trust xrp will close Above This level and continue the

Uptrend to the Fibonacci Targets uh we have one midlevel Resistance at $15 after eliminating 66 C I don't think Xrp will stay long around the $1 level So folks now that is bold I hope he's Hope he's correct on this and I actually Did mention in a recent video that he Was calling for that $15 level you know You know after you take out the the next Resistance notable resistance 66 cents As he sides anyway so should that occur Says not going to be staying around that $1 level long which would be freaking Exciting as heck because we haven't seen Uh you know type of jump up notably Above $1 since the the crazy Bull Run of 2021 when xrp hit a a high of about two Bucks and then he also wrote the Following and so this is where actually Let make this chart screen full screen For those you that care to look here but I cited that there was an analyst that Was talking about $18 xrp is this guy Dark defend dark Defender here so he Wrote I trust xrp to continue between $585 to $18.22 right after closing above the $188 Fibonacci Target which I set myself As a short-term Target and so you can See for those those you looking at the Screen you're talking about about for That upper end the way he drew this out Not that it would come come out exactly

Like this but you're looking at what may Man I and again I don't I don't make Predictions I don't know if this is Going to happen I respect that these People are putting their necks on the Line sharing this stuff I can only say This that price level does not seem Crazy for me I think that when xrp Starts going especially when Bitcoin Leads the market even higher I the idea Of xrp hitting $18 this Market cycle Doesn't sound remotely crazy to me I am Not so bold as to make that prediction I'm definitely because I'm not a TR guy I'd just be making stuff up anyway I'm a Dude on the internet right but it just It doesn't sound remotely crazy to me You know it starts to sound crazy when You're talking about you know hundreds Of dollars this Market cycle not that Hundreds of dollars for xrp price would Be um you know impossible I don't think That's impossible at all it's just a Question of if that's going to happen How long would that take but but if You're talking this Market Cycle I wouldn't mind maybe it stretches Out maybe it really does so anyway That's what dark Defender saying Here um and then there's also egreg Krypto and he is similarly optimistic About $1 xrp sooner than later and he Wrote xrp God candle it is coming and This was uh this is pretty re yeah

That's right so this was uh 2:57 a.m. so You're talking about a little less than 24 hours ago And uh he actually was talking about a Bit of a pullback which we've had some Of to this point and he wrote uh the Request for a price of 65 cents is still Ongoing nevertheless my preference is For xrp to conclude this weekly candle Above 55 cents in the following week uh It would be ideal for it to revisit the 55 cent level as a confirmation that a Rebound is imminent and that the Achievement of the $1 Mark is highly Likely So we're in that range currently and I Just I keep seeing a ton of stuff like This uh and even you know even Incredible crypto he was saying in um I Think he said the resistance level we Needed to first watch for it might have Been 67 since pretty similar level to What some of these guys are talking About but anyway I remember even Credible crypto he was saying once that Happens there's really not a whole lot Of resistance up until say 90 cents or So that's his Perspective and so anyway the point Being Even though there will be pauses along The way sometimes days sometimes there Weeks whatever it is we're in a period That is a lot more fun than what we

Experienced in last experienced last Year and uh and for xrp xrp is moving With the market now and it has legal Clarity so I just I am ready for face Melt season just like the next guy just As much as the rest of you you know So things I think it's going to be Really interesting from here on out even If there are gaps where you know where There's not crazy because they're not Going to be be crazy price action Obviously every single day there there Will be some sideways action here we'll See how long but we do seem to be at a Point at least this for the for the Foreseeable future where we're probably Going to be having some relatively Exciting price action so there's going To be stuff to look forward to and with How much we've all suffered through the Bare market and the nonsense with the SEC damn it we deserve it so far as I'm Concerned and there were a ton of Articles with these types of headlines I'm not even going to read this I just Was going to point it out because for Most of the last few years I wasn't Seeing a ton of this but now we are Because the the tides have turned exerp Is legal Clarity out of the depths of The bare Market here we are we had you Know bottom of the bare Market uh November of last year um I believe That's when Bitcoin was at its lowest

I'd have to double check maybe it Technically got lower in December I want To say November for some reason I'd have To look at a it doesn't matter but look At the headline here from the crypto Basic top analyst identifies what needs To happen for xrp to hit $10 and they They cover an analy who I've seen before But don't really follow uh there's There's no there's too many analysts for Me to follow them all but I keep seeing Stuff like this and $10 doesn't sound Wacky I've seen so many analysts from Various crypto media Outlets all calling For this stuff and I'm just saying this Isn't typically what we'd be seeing for Most of the last few years and I think People generally get it and even if a Lot of these analysts vary on the the Rationale or timelines for these typ of Targets a lot of analysts are saying Fairly similar things so we you take of That what you will here but I don't Think these prices are remotely Unreasonable look at what has happened In crypto in the past look what happened With Bitcoin look at what happened in Eth which which xrp historically at many Times of running neck and neck with I Mean if you're talking about you know 10 12 13 14 15 bucks for xrp that Especially sounds conservative when it Finally runs now that it's untethered Now that now this lawsuit with the SEC

Has concluded well least as it pertains Xrp holders it's concluded anyway you Know cuz xrp itself was deemed to not be A security it's relisted on exchanges It's going to get bananas folks so Buckle up it's GNA be a good time I love This stuff don't you love this stuff ah It's a fun time I'm not a financial Adviser you should not buy your sell Anything because of anything I say or Right that would be a very very very bad Idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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