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Your cryptocurrency is going to explode When this happens on the back end of the Year in today's video I'm going to break Down the feds are not cutting rates They're holding steady but let's really Break down what this means for you as The middle class working to get out of This debt based cycle my name is coach Shab what I work to do is make very Complex macro and microeconomic Strategies very simple so the normal Everyday person can Implement them have Amazing free resources for you everybody Asked me how I ensure my wealth in tax Code 7702 people call it the infinity Banking concept we secure our wealth Insurance where the banks put their Money it's in the description of this Video you can set up a free consultation With my team or in my social media Platform click the link it's a free Consultation okay we also have a free Book a 16-page guide that breaks down Everything I talk about on the back end Of the video on exactly what I'm doing So let's Dive Right into this so the Feds decide to Halt rates so let's watch A video from Danielle cambon which I Want to give her a big shout out so she Was with uh stanbury and if you're in my Academy I talk about her quite a bit and Stanbury research she moved over to itm Trading which is super exciting her YouTube content has moved over to itm

Which is who we use for gold and silver Uh awesome awesome content here so Daniel Kone moved over here and I highly Recommend you check out their channel so We'll watch the first couple minutes of This video but most people that are into Cryptocurrency I have found often don't Understand or understand why it goes up Why is it goes down and that's why People get wrecked because everybody Thinks they're going to get rich quick And the problem is is you have to Understand money is just a wave it's It's been doing this in humanity over And over and over again yes we're going Into World War I there's no money in the System when they go to war they print Money right we're in a debt-based Society there's no real money guys so It's monetizing debt there's only two Things they can do they can lower Interest rates print more money to Create more debt to create more income So that we can have more jobs or they're Going to have to reset the system at Some point I mean or you just keep Printing monetizing debt printing Monetizing debt that's basically how it Works so think about the game of Monopoly the indoctrinated people Playing Monopoly who what do they always Try to do they try to get as much cash As they can because they're Indoctrinated who always wins the game

The person who owns the most cash Generating assets every time you land on Their Square you have to pay them so Monopoly gave us the blueprint guys That's the game so as we listen to this And I'm going to break down on the back End of this what I believe is going to Happen with interest rates and why I Believe that they're stalling interest Rates right now so check this out well It looks like the Federal Reserve will Wait until the second quarter before Cutting interest rates this is according To a majority of economists pulled by Reuters with June seen more likely than May and less easing forecast this year Than markets now expect well we're going To get Chris versace's take on this he Is the chief investment officer and Thematic strategist over at thematic Research Chris Versace always good to be With you always good to be here so I Want to get your take on the FED I want To get your take on on the S&P and so Much more so let's start with our Friends over at the central bank because We're speaking ahead of the much Anticipated fe uh January meeting pardon Uh what do you think they're going to do Here I mean I I read what the poll says But what do you think what's Your Gut Take so you know I I've been sitting Back and watching the market continue to Fixate on five or six rate Cuts uh in

2024 with the CME fed watch tool you Know the tool that we all look at still Indicating that there's a good chance They're gonna get started in March and I've got to be honest with you I don't Really see it you know when we take a Look at the December inflation data it Was actually up on a year-over-year Basis compared to what we saw in November so arguably moving the wrong Way but we've also seen some other um Tailwind emerge that kind of raise some Questions about how fast we're going to Close that last percentage point from Around 3% or a little over 3% depending On the metric you're using to the fed's 2% Target and and here's the thing we Know that the last mile so to speak is Always the slowest right these Incremental gains and you know I you Know we're go we're kicking off the December quarter earning season in Earnest right we're starting to hear Companies take down guid but what I'm Listening for is further progress on What they're seeing in their input costs And it hasn't really started to show and Paint a picture of robust gains if Anything we're hearing more companies Ranging from Tesla to Tractor Supply and Others talk more about the Disruptions um that what's going on in The Red Sea is going to have on their Business not only in terms of uh longer

Delivery times for parts and materials But higher shipping costs higher Insurance costs and you know typically When we see these types of supply chain Disruptions what do companies do they Start paying premiums yep okay so here's What we're heading into in 2024 okay so We'll take a look at this so they didn't Change rates right there's all the news Was coming out predicting what was going To happen a change to this one Clause Could be the most important part of the FED meeting it says a phrase that has Signaled the fed's willingness to Approve additional policy firming has Underlined its willingness to keep Raising rates most of the public Statements that officials have delivered In recent days point away from A hurried Cut markets however expected aggressive Easing this year so everybody's confused The markets like what is going on right So they held they held rates steady and Indicates it's not ready to start Cutting rates so what this did is it Panicked the markets okay so when the Markets Panic this starts selling off so What happens is here's what I think is Happening okay we you have to really you Know don't have to do anything but what I understand is that this is a cycle This happens over and over and over Again okay so they got high inflation They're trying to get it down to 2% okay

So they're trying to get it down to 2% They can't keep lowering rates or we're Going to go into hyperinflation so they Have this balance that they have to do Right now but here's the great thing About a presidential election and their Egos they are going to lower interest Rates on the back end of the year and Because we are part of a fouryear cycle In Cryptocurrency please listen to what I'm About to say a four-year cycle in Cryptocurrency we have the Bitcoin ETF We're done it was priced in okay hype is Over Bitcoin having April then it's Going to go into May June July you're Going to start to see your crypto start To go up okay then you got August September October November they're going To be all getting ready for the Presidential election they're going to Start polling rates back what that's Going to do is make the markets look Really good for the presidential Election here's the thing though the Unsuspecting public is just chilling in A 401k doesn't benefit you you can't Pull it out of your 401k you get Penalized right and you're afraid to Because of the fees and all this stuff And us who are investors who are Invested in the assets and we buy the Dip and then we sell the news when it Comes up we're going to get very very

Wealthy if you do this correctly so on The back end of the year they're going To start cutting rates okay and that's Going to cause hyperinflation which I Believe purposely is going to destroy The middle class guys there's no money In the system cash is fugazi it's fake Crypto is fake we're taking fake money We're putting into fake crypto your job Is to understand the debt monetization When they lower interest rates money is Going to flood into the fake markets you Pull profits from the fake markets and Then get it into actual tangible things That have been around forever I use Insurance I'm getting into real estate Precious metals business and then when I Make profits from those real tangible Things I put it back into the Fugazi Fiat and things like cryptocurrency when It profits I PLL it's a very simple Strategy think about Monopoly guys Monopoly gave you the secret the person Who owns the most assets at the end of The game wins but we're indoctrinated Think we're trying to get the cash but Every time you land on that person's Square you're paying them okay so we Have to get on the other side of the Quadrant right and it's your opportunity In crypto to do that I'm not saying you Have to but those are the things that I Did so I invested in crypto very Speculative asset I've been stacking

Since 20 early late 2019 2020 I've been Stacking crypto when it went parabolic In the bull run I pulled insurance I Bought more business I got into more Businesses I I made it real tangible Things when I made profits I've been Buying back in during the bare Market When the fugazi goes back up the fake Money goes up I'm pulling securing Compounding growing buying back in and I Repeat the process right and so what I Do is I buy liabilities I will only be Buying Liabilities when an asset can pay for it It's it's just it's it's simple but it's So complex because they indoctrinate us At a very very deep level to not Understand this that's why we created Tools like Merlin okay it's 30 days for Free guys you have to have an exit plan If you're getting into Crypto there's no why get into it if You're not going to pull profits it's Kind of like this whole go to school get A job sitting your 401k guys the the Middle class will be sitting there I'm Like wow look at my 401k it's going up Can't touch it I can't pull it I can't Do anything with it and then they go to Buy gas and groceries on the back end of This year and it's going to be super Expensive houses are going to be super Expensive and the wealth Gap is going to Get bigger and bigger and bigger than

You go to retire with your 401k and it's Going to be worth nothing because you're Saving fake money and fake markets and You're not pulling profits right the key Is in investing to pull profits get it Into real world tangible things assets That create cash You take the cash you put it back into Markets you create more cash richest man In Babylon it's a very simple strategy Once you get the Rhythm down okay but Again always seek wise counsel always Seek wise counsel just be careful with These Crypt Bros and crypto gals that Are making you believe you're going to Get rich in crypto we saw so many people It got shot up and they' been depressed Since 2022 when it dropped 85% yes you Can make a large amount of money in the Markets but not unless you pull profits And you're not going to make it if You're following the public so if you're Sitting in the barber shop or in the Grocery store line Robert yosaki said it The best I think I'm paraphrasing but he Said if he's sitting in a grocery store Line and people are saying they're going To get rich in real estate he start Selling real estate if you start hearing Everybody talk about cryptocurrency it's Time to start selling some profits but When you sell that profit make sure you Pay Uncle Sam do your thing put it into Things that that'll that'll last a

Lifetime put it into real estate put it Into Insurance put into things you can Borrow against if you put it into a Property on the back end of this year When interest rates go down that Property is going to appreciate like Crazy everybody's saying wait till Interest rates go down to buy a home That's the worst thing you can do right Now guys if you're in the market to buy A home get it now before interest rates Go down because when these interest Rates go down that house is going to go Through the roof so you're make oh I got A 4% interest rate but now the house the $600,000 house is 1.2 million and you Got to go buy a freaking whole House because you waited for interest Rates to go down guys don't play the Interest rate game play the money game Okay you got to understand all debt is All money is fake our Fiat system it's Called Fiat it's fake money the feds can Print money when they're in trouble you Can't so you have to understand when They print where are they taking that Money to they control the they control The markets guys so if they control the Markets if the Federal Reserve was Created and is a group of Bankers who Created a bank to support the banks do You think it's designed for you to win It's not designed for you to win but if You know the game you can be played okay

So remember Monopoly who wins the game The person who has the apartments on Rodeo Drive the person has the most Assets because every time you land on Their Square you have to pay them and Then they take that money and buy more Assets and guess what you can borrow Against assets Taxfree the game is designed for you and Not against you remember if you're Seeking something and going down a Rabbit hole you will find it that's how The brain is created God created the Reticular activating system if you're Seeking hard enough you will find it so Be careful what you're seeking be Careful what you're looking for because You're going to find it if you think Everything is a conspiracy you're right If you think everybody's against you You're right but if you think that you Are part of a powerful ecosystem that God created and that you win in the end You're right if you follow the Principles of Jesus and reverse engineer Everything and invert everything Backwards like he did after 18 years You're Right this is your truth your game you Can do this invert everything backwards That you've learned and you will be the Richest man or woman in the world I love You guys I appreciate you as we always Say Warriors rise get your together

Let's go love [Music] You


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