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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor check this out Here's the gbtc uh ad ement um I guess That's in New York is that New York I Don't Know looks like New York well since you haven't I have a Feeling we're about to see a major Marketing push on those Bitcoin ETFs and By the way look what Mark yesco said he Thinks Elizabeth Warren did on the Bitcoin ETFs Merl L UBS and uh Vanguard Basically got a call from M Warren well You can't say that for sure like I I can Say whatever I want I'm boisterous Remember so uh I can say that and and I Believe that's what happened I think Miss Warren gave him a call and said Nope you're not taking it Ah that's a Pretty interesting uh accusation right There one I'm betting Tom's D Donuts That accusation didn't come out of Nowhere Defender he says I've summarized What I've been saying for months now Before finding it complex please grab Your coffee First um he says xrp stays below 52 Cents for three days um 39 cents would Be in play stays above 52 uh cents for 3 Days 66 cents is in play one where Another wave two will be completed and

Wave three is expected to Target a188 to $58 5 for both Scenarios I like the sound of that Everybody's talk uh the the uh internet Is a buzz everybody's talking about the X ATX payments handle that was just Created I've thought for a long time That Um either Pro probably xlm but either Xlm or xrp would be involved but or that I've always thought Elon Musk was Somewhere in involved in in I don't I Haven't thought I know while he talks About dogcoin I've traced um Elon musk's Um Involvement in U or ties to xrp SL xlm I've always felt in my gut that Somewhere behind those two is the PayPal Mafia not just Elon Musk um check this Out this is uh Jim Rickards talking About the bricks They don't want to destroy the dollar They don't have to they actually kind of Want the dollar around to do their dirty Work what they really want to do is free Ride on the dollar so let me be clear About about what I mean so a brick a Unit of bricks currency call one brick I Don't know what they're going to call it But it's called it's called a brick one Brick will equal a weight of gold not a Dollar amount they're not using dollars It'll be a weight of gold an ounce a

Kilo I don't know but some does but it Doesn't matter it's just math a weight Of gold now the weight of gold will have A dollar value based on the dollar gold Market because as you know the gold Market is overwhelmingly dollar based But um which means that through a Transit of law you know a equals b Equals c so a equals c the bricks will Have a dollar value but it won't be Linked to the dollar it'll be linked to Gold and then the gold will have a Dollar value and you'll be able to again Uh come up with a dollar value for a Brick through a transitive law So there you go um this was an Interesting tweet I saw yesterday don't Be concerned about xrp's current price I'm not it's unlikely to show Significant movement until until a Market crash occurs causing tether Ethereum and Bitcoin to plummet to zero Due to their association with criminal Activities simultaneously xrp is an Anticipated to unveil its true role I'll Continue buying a dip coin per coin like The sound of that Um the the thing that on this CH you've Heard me talk about it a thousand times The thing that has always baffled me About this industry is that anywhere Where there is fraud anywhere where There's secrecy lies hidden stuff Whether it's Satoshi or disguised whales

You'll find these and the government Doesn't go after these which makes me Think that the government has been Involved in these and I don't think it I Know It so it's a which means it's a Government operation so what's the Endgame of the government operation is The Question now met a law man who is a very Smart guy he's the guy that helped me Get back on to X I'm forever grateful But he's a very sharp dude he's a he was A Securities attorney he's retired now As my understanding but I think he Enjoys this space and so he's very Involved in it he was at the coinbase um I think he went to the coinbase uh case That was at trial and he's talking about It here listen to this happened and so She started off with saying I know Everyone is prepared really wonderful Opening argument here but I'm not going To be hearing any of that we're going to Go straight into my questions which Really is a boss move by the judge to Take control of the proceeding and it Turns out she had 14 pages of questions That she had prepared in advance for the Hearing really unusual um but a great Sign that that this is a fantastic judge Takes her job very very seriously um Very Diligent uh and she knows what she's

Talking about she understands the Technology and the terminology her Questions were fantastic basically came Back and says hey maybe they could win a Full Dismissal in if you look at it right now What would you give this on a percentage Of a possibility there I mean he's Giving it a 70% this is Elliot Stein so Um I think that yes that the coinbase Are far higher than normal chance which Is normally in single digits um but for Me um I'm a little bit South a 50% Chance it'll be dismissed but if she Writes an opinion I bet you she's going To spell out that the SEC has a very Very difficult challenge ahead of them To Prevail in the case Ultimately which both I think would be Good for coinbase just I obviously Dismissal is the best and I think it Would to your point earlier cause a much More reactionary measure from what we Might see from Congress and further in That you look at this right here from The IRS Treasury and IRS announces Businesses do not have to file certain Transactions involving digital assets Until regulations are ISS issued so now It's actually a treasury situation where They're saying we need this otherwise we Can't even really run the tax code over Here so you've got the SEC standing in The way of Regulation standing in the

Way of of Treasury I can't imagine that Warren Would continue to support these kinds of Scenario I mean this just feels like a Political baggage that continues to go Against the SEC it's just surprising to Me that it's going that far would this CA C enough enough of a Kur fuffle to Get gendler ousted or do you think They're just greater forces at work here Um I believe that Gensler is uh doing What Elizabeth Warren wants him to do um Except of course the approval of the Bitcoin ETFs he was very disappointed That he voted he was the deciding vote There to let let that go forward and and It's clear as a B but he only did it Because the DC C court of appeals really Forced his hand and he had no choice um So if that's the case why has he not why Have they not allowed an xrp ETF because There's a court decision There no I don't think Gary gser is Going to get fired if he loses this case Because I think that uh the Biden Administration and Powerful senators are Anti- crypto through and through and They are Constantly um you know bringing up uh You know faulty data about how crypto is Used in money laundering and terrorism Finance and things of that nature um Because of there must there must be some Polling data that says going after the

Quote unquote crypto Bros is a vote Getter um I don't think there's polling Data like that just like there's not Polling data that's telling them that uh To keep letting immigrants in at the Border it's pissing the people off these Guys act like these politicians now Don't act like they did when I was Younger when I was younger they would React to what the public obviously hates That they're doing now they don't react To it almost as if they're not worried About whether they're going to win the Election almost as if oh we got this Election we worked out already we don't Need the people to vote that's how they Act Now um check this out um Sam bankman Freeds uh this is um he this guy's Retweeting this from this Sarah Carter About how n see what they're basically Saying is that Nikki Haley is being is Being propped up by the Democrats just To mess up Trump's situation or or Convince Trump that she would be the Person to run with him and then I don't Know get rid of trump somehow and then She comes in and they've got their Puppet in the White House that they Wanted um this guy and and she's her Um the her New Hampshire director Lobbied for dark money giant that helped Biden win in 2020 uh well now let's go Let's go back so the company that this

Guy's affiliated with is Arabella Advisors and he says where have I seen That before oh yeah Sam bankman Freed's Dad and the secret Anonymous dark Money Network that he advised for I'm sure It's nothing so I've said it a thousand Times FTX I don't think it really was about Crypto it was but it wasn't I think it Was created for the purpose of Laundering money for polit for Politicians that's what I've always Thought I think it's all tied to all of This stuff e gate you name it all the Bad Stuff and that's why these people have Been protected and their sons's been Protected so Far I'm about to uh go into dip.com We're going to I'm going to show you What they have in store for for all of Us by 2030 it's very creepy it's um it's Very Sick but I take these people serious Just like uh the world should have taken Hitler serious I take these fascists Serious and so you should take them Serious you should listen to what they Say don't hahaa and laugh it off this is Pure evil and I'm trying to make sure I Get the word out I can't get the word Out out here Because of the Censorship I'm the digital asset

Investor I'm not an investment adviser This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button Tell your friends family if you want to Find out the evil that's coming your way Go to dp.com all right here we [Music] [Music] Go [Music]


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