After 68 Month Accumulation, XRP IS “SET FOR A HISTORIC RECOVERY”

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel if you are paying attention to Xrp and broadly speaking the world of Crypto right now October of 2023 then you must have some very strong Conviction and you must have some Extreme patience because most people That were paying attention to crypto Especially over the last couple years They have exited the market or even if They technically are in the market in The sense that they hold crypto assets They're not paying attention they feel Defeated broken down maybe they've sold A lot Uh but uh there's a lot of resilience Here including within our xrp community And that's the State of Mind where I'm Always coming from because that's what Mak sense to me regardless of short-term Negative price action or even the SEC Trying to destroy our financial Well-being here in the United States and Globally despite that I still couldn't Be more optimistic big picture as I take A look at this headline from the Crypt Basic here is why xrp may go for Historic run after breaching six-year Triangle Now xrp I mean if You' looked over it It's it's its price action since Inception I'll just say this it has Never been in such a such a range for Such a long period of time and I know

It's artificial it's because of the SEC But it can't stay here forever it's Going to go which way do you think it's Going to go when it finally goes Consolidation is a real thing my friends Here uh I'll share with you some Perspective there also I have some Perspective from A very well-known chart analyst having To do with short-term price action for The markets it's possible he believes in The very short term we could see a Little bit of a correction to the Downside nothing major uh before Rec Continuing our our Trek to the top and Then there was also this which I find Fascinating I'll cover this towards a Later part of the video but from the Daily hudle the title is upcoming Bitcoin having unlikely to be bullish Catalysts says crypto analyst Nicholas Mertin here's why now I'm I've never Been a a big believer in the uh you know The Bitcoin Having actually having any notable Impact I mean in theory okay so maybe it Did back when uh block rewards were much More substantial in a bigger percentage Of uh you know what would have been Traded in the markets in the earliest of Days but bitcoin's been around 14 years Roughly now right and so when you're Talking about having a small amount of New Bitcoin into the market and then

Cutting in half that small amount I've Always been like e is that really doing Anything and so anyway Nicholas meron um He actually put some numbers to this and I just and I understand there's some People out there that still believe that Uh that that you know the H the Bitcoin Having causes the uh you know the the Four-year Market cycles that we've been Seeing so touch on that but before going Further I do want to be clear I do not Have a financial background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy His making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a and just For fun as I record this xrp is at 48 Cents Bitcoin still in the upper 26,000 20 26870 uh crypto fear and green index 44 Out of 100 so Market participants still In fear but I'm not and hopefully you Guys aren't either uh but take a look at This I'm going to share with you a Couple um posts having to do with the Market and directionally what is Expected from chart analyst credible Crypto one comes from early this morning And then one comes uh from this evening So it over 12 hours later and at this Point anyway we'll see what happens the Market is doing what he's expecting it

To do and he does ultimately think that There's likely to be a move to the Upside uh and he still has his Expectation that bitcoin's actually Going to hit a new all-time high this Year uh he doesn't think it's too late For that to happen and so I don't Pretend to know if it's going to whether He's right or he's wrong U but uh things Do happen fast in crypto I've been Around long enough to know that but Anyway what's on the screen here's just A Bitcoin USD chart and here's what Credible crypto had to say we have a Very clear and seemingly controlled Stair step down on price here clear low Time frame breakdowns retests and Continuations we are leaving behind Equal lows right below us so ideally I'd Like to see these cleaned up before a Reversal considering we have bids Stacked above and below us a push to the Local highs into asks followed by a Rejection and sweep of our local lows Into the waiting bids in local demand Seems like the perfect way to form a Reversal here let's see how things Develop and so again that was early in The AM and so then over 12 hours later What he was expecting ultimately had Developed to that exact term that he was Talking about so here he says it's just Another Bitcoin USD chart uh he said and There is our pump and rejection so again

That's what he was calling for in that Post I just shed here is our pump and Rejection at the highs like we were Looking for now let's see if we can get That sweep of the lows into our local Demand and the local lows are Represented in that blue box on your Screen there so just call it roughly the Lower to Mid 26,000 so he thinks if we ultimately get That which at the time of recording this We haven't seen yet but he thinks that There's a good chance we get that and That would be what you need to bottom Out and then continue on to the upside Um then there is also this uh there's a Post from Bitcoin magazine account on X And they simply wrote Bloomberg analyst Eric balunas and James Seafort rais spot Bitcoin ETF approval odds to 9 % by January 10th okay so I've made my stance Known I've been expecting that black Rock will be the first ETF to get Approved by the SEC I do think they will Ultimately get approved despite uh Despite delays and my second guess is if It's not black rock that get gets Approved then it would be a bunch of the Applicants if not all of the applicants Because there are a number of them that Would get approved all at once and who Knows there are people that think that's More likely than just black rock getting Approved but this is just my for fun

Guess it's going to be one of those I Think uh either way so if it's not my First guess it's probably going to be my Second guess um but the furthest this Could get pushed back as I've noted is March that's it we're already in October So we're going to know sooner or later But that doesn't mean that we have to Wait till March necessarily as pointed Out by credible crypto uh he wrote Everyone is stuck on the final deadline In March of 2024 reality is that uh that Is a deadline not an approval date and It likely gets approved much sooner and That's a quote from what they were Citing there I don't know and then he Says I don't know who needs to hear this But you don't have another 6 months to Accumulate before some POS having runup Into 2025 get positioned before the Catalyst that everyone is waiting for or Get left behind yeah so I agree with That sentiment and I am well position I've been positioned for a long time Though I mean to be honest with you even Before the 2021 runup I was pretty happy With how I was positioned to be honest With you now of course uh the bulk of What I was expecting to get profits from Xrp well never got to see that I never Sold because of the SEC as everybody Knows but the good news is um you know Because I jumped into crypto my net Worth is substantially higher than it

Otherwise would have been had I not Despite the fact that uh I did make some Major purchases even after that bull run And I talked about those along the way There are a number of different cryptos I jump into and some of those I'm down On some of them I'm up some I'm about Break Even but that's okay because to me After that last Bull Run 2021 I Understand that it's just you know There's going to be down down well Sideways price action downward price Action for me it's just accumulation I Don't care what happens until we have The next pop then we'll see where things Go just like I had that sentiment for Years leading up to the 2021 Bull Run I Literally spent years accumulating xrp And I was down on it for pretty much 3 Years Straight sometimes slightly above or a Little bit of breaking but mostly just Down on it and then it ran and that Because that's just how stuff goes and The same with a bunch of other cryptos That I bought so anyway all that to say I'm just uh anticipating that you know Although it's unfortunate that 2021 was What it was for xrp holders because the SEC we're still going to get ours I Firmly believe that anyway and it has Allowed me more time to accumulate stuff You know so we'll we'll just we'll just See when it blasts off but it's coming

And that's why I agree with the Sentiment of this article even though I I just I don't want to delve in the Technical analysis and make price Predictions myself um I appreciate Perspective from people who are so Willing to do that but again here's the Headline from Crypt basic here's why xrp May go for historic run after breaching Six-year triangle xrp is poised for a Historic bull run after a six-year wedge Forms in its chart alongside an extended Accumulation phase as and Regulatory Clarity and and so folks uh you're Familiar with the uh the the phrase the The the the what was it the the greater The base the higher in space some some Cheesy line like that the the point is The longer the consolidation the point Is when it pops uh it really goes and Then they writes xrp has wallowed in the Bearish market for an extended period Unlike most other digital Assets in the Market xrp did not break its previous All-time high at the peak of the last Bull market yes and that's right as I Pointed out many times and that I'm glad The article is recognizing this cuz Sometimes uh you know the Bitcoin Max Etat tur will like to frame this as some Sort of evidence that xrp there's Something fundamentally wrong with it or It's just never going to go anywhere but That that isn't logical it doesn't make

Any damn sense xrp is the only top 10 Crypto that you know when the the market Run started it's the only top 10 crypto That didn't hit a new all-time high and It just happened to be under attack from The SEC just coincidence though right Are we to believe that that's nonsense Then they right according to coin market Cap data xrp reached $159 in 2021 about Half the all-time high of $384 in 2018 in other words xrp has stayed far Too long in the bare mud though experts Consider it a bullish Factor so a couple Things to unpack there first of all they Wrote that uh in 2021 xrp at what $159 that was the high in 20121 uh that Is not true I don't know where they Pulled that from but here's a screen Grab I shared on April 13th of 2021 Showing and this is from live coin watch Showing that the xrp price was exactly $2 now you you are going to get some Variants of course I understand that Depending on what source you go to Because they're all going to P pull data A little bit differently so that's why You'll get a slight variance in bitcoin Price or xrp Price any crypto if you go From you know whether it could be coin Market cap to live coin watches compare The two they're not going to be the same Down to the penny necessarily but the Point is uh way higher than a159 so I Don't know where they got that figure

But it did hit $2 and but as far as the other point Here you know all of the uh the analysts Out there stating that you know Obviously xrp has been down far too long Well again it is the sec's fault I Firmly believe that uh but as far as it Being considered a bullish indicator That's obviously because it's Artificially suppressed but now that it Does have legal Clarity and especially As new money comes in it's it seems Abundantly obvious to me that a ton of The money that is flowing into crypto Will go into xrp now that there is that Legal Clarity it's just obvious and There is that Utility I just I can't imagine that not Happening and you you're even seeing Early indications of this even though There's not as much money flowing into Crypto right now in general if you look From an Institutional level the money That's flowing into xrp including uh After the the legal Clarity came for Xrp to me that speaks Volumes the these are not idiots you Know not all them anyway a lot of these Institutions are full of highly Intelligent ethical people just trying To seek out opportunity trying to put Money into stuff that they perceive as Undervalued and they perceive xrp is Under valid and so they're putting money

In it before everybody else that's the Point if everybody already agreed that It made it sense for xrp to be four five 6 789 $10 whatever it goes to well then It's too late I need to be in it before That and I sure as hell am right now and However long it takes I'm here for it It's it sometimes it feels a little bit Annoying recognizing that would have had My xrp life changing wealth a couple Years ago but not for the SEC and out of The over 20,000 coins the one that I put That money into that's the one that got Heavily attacked it's the large only Large camp that got attacked it just Happens to be the one I'm like damn it Universe I'm only joking though of Course I mean a little bit not not about The assat Pricks at the SEC I do not I Do not mince words when it comes to them But in terms of me actually feeling up Feeling upset I mean sometimes yeah I Look I'm like it's ridiculous but I'm an Adult about it we still go and get ours You know they they can't stop this all Yes they slowed down uh you know the Amount of in terms of the amount of Money flowing in to xrp for over two and A half years but that problem's going to Fix Itself so uh take a look at this they Have this little subheading xrp 68 month Accumulation that's right folks almost Six years since we've seen an all-time

High for xrp given xrp's prolonged stay Under $1 Top Market analysts have argued The digital asset is getting ready uh Getting set for a historic Rec Recovery the analysts projecting xrp Historic bull market often cited the six Years since its last all-time high they Characterized the period as an Accumulation phase where investors Stockpile the tokens in anticipation of The Bulls right and so if there is a Silver lining for this Beyond just as Having legal Clarity it's that those People U who happen to come there There's some and it's still I mean Obviously screwed more than it helped But there are some people that have had An opportunity to accumulate more xrp Than they ever thought they possibly Have because of the artificial price Suppression because of the SEC so that Doesn't justify the negative stuff they Did and it's not fair and it's not Balanced or anything like that but at Least for those who were in the space or Jumped in the space around that time if They just recognize the opportunity at Least for some people it did represent An opportunity even if on the whole it Was absolutely horrible and Disastrous and then down here um this is Perspective from an analyst that I'm not Familiar with but I'll just share it Because the the the sentiment I agree

With I can't speak to the TA but I the The sentiment I agree with reads as Follows also in a tweet Cameron scrubs Uh the founder of trade ship University Shared a chart capturing xrp's Market Since its Inception the chart pattern depicts that The xrp market has formed a Long-standing triangle a known indicator For bullish price movements scrubs Emphasized the significance of the Development in xrp chart noting that It's a massive we Ed that has been Forming for years he expressed his Unwavering confidence in xrp stating Quote there is no world where xrp Doesn't go on a historic run after this I've never been so bullish on this coin In quote and so that last part I sure as Hell agree with I think it's going to be Historic I think it I think xrp will Melt faces we just have to wait it's Just we're at this time where most People aren't paying attention to crypto So kudos to you for being here um and I Still think we going to get ours but It's not going to be because of the Bitcoin having right can we just be real About this I just do not buy into this Narrative and look and I'll say this at The outset too because I want to make Sure I don't forget this people bring up Well okay if it's not the Bitcoin having Then how come it's every four years well

Without getting too technical about this There have been analysts that have Talked about this including my fellow Xrp YouTuber the blockchain backer who Has pointed out not only do things not Perfectly sync up if you're looking to Engage in such an analysis but uh there Are other factors that contribute to That just like natural cycles and then As as far as the Bitcoin having it just Hap happens to just literally happens to Be somewhat close uh you know to these These other things that are actually Causing but again if just if you just Use your brain and think about how Almost all Bitcoin has already been Mined over 19 of the 21 million Bitcoins Have already been mined if you just you Understand that and then you talk about A small amount getting mined per block And then if you cut in half an amount That's already small and already already Barely impacts the market it doesn't Matter it's not like there's an increase In overall Bitcoin Supply right now of 50% per year and that's getting in half That is not what's happening that is not Even close to what's happening just like You know X you know xrp getting put into What is considered to be circulation by Ripple well I mean look at their I mean You can even look at their volume it's It's it's far less than a percent of Global volume in any given quarter how

Much are they actually putting out well Not you haven't seen much I mean if you Look from I mean what was uh in 2017 When I jumped in what was the the the Circulating supply of Bitcoin maybe like Or xrp rather 36 37 billion it was Somewhere around there I believe and so Now it's a little over 50 billion so you Can you can do the math to figure out What the percentage increase is has been Over the last six years it's it's not Some it's not some crazy jump but the Concept is similar to bitcoin that what I'm getting at here is it's a small Percentage and I'm it's just I'm seeing Somebody articulate that with specific Numbers here so um you guys tell me what You think I just I I don't buy into this Concept but let me share with the the Data here and you tell me if you find This as compelling as I do crypto Analyst Nicholas meron believes Bitcoin's next having will not ignite The renewed bull market that many Traders and analysts expect in a new Video update Martin tells his 512,000 YouTube subscribers that unlike many Other analysts he does not believe the Bitcoin having event in 2024 will spark A huge rally as past ones did because Its impact on new Supply will not be Enough of a catalyst Bitcoin having occur every four years Cutting Bitcoin mining rewards in half

Uh Bitcoin and therefore reducing the Amount of new Supply entering the market The next one is expected on April 15th And here's a quote from Merton there's a Big misconception here that having Reduction while it is technically Declining the inflation rate in half the Problem is that inflation rate reduction In normal terms in real actual impact of Terms is getting weaker and weaker and Weaker over time and this also explains Why Bitcoin has had diminishing returns Over time it doesn't expand as rapidly As it has in the past in quote okay that Is spot on and the good news is we don't Need it to in order to have greater Returns you know eventually there will Be a world where all Bitcoin is mined And that doesn't mean that price can't Go up that is not what that will mean Now of course by that happens you're Talking 100 years out so you know I Don't assume that Bitcoin is going to be If it's around and it's actually still Hoarded I don't believe that it's going To be anywhere near as volatile by such A point in time but he's right here the Impact of having weaker and weaker and Weaker over time and also the multiplier Effect in terms of price action for Bitcoin less and less and less over time Which is why makes sense to be in Altcoins that's where the real Life-changing wealth is to be had in my

Opinion and I hold Bitcoin just for the Sake of diversity but I'm not exactly Excited about it I'm not counting on That for anything that's going to be Lifechanging anyway peace continues the Next having will produce minor rewards From uh reduce rather reduce minor Rewards from about 6.25 Bitcoin per Block to 3.125 bitcoin per block Burton says that Since the value of the reduction is Relatively small compared to bitcoin's Total market cap he doubts it could Spark a major rally and here's his quote With some actual Numbers that is going to mean 164,50 less Bitcoin coin mted every year Or $4.4 billion at current market rates Of Bitcoin hitting the spot Market Potentially for miners selling it in Order to cover their operational Expenses for electricity for the Computer hardware if we take it to a Daily time frame that's 450 Bitcoin less Per day or essentially at current market Rates $12 million less of potential sell Side pressure may sound like a lot here Something that even could kick off a new Bull market but while these numbers Might sound very big when we consider Them against the valuation and the size Of Bitcoin as a market it starts to not Look so optimistic just consider Bitcoin's market cap here and take a

Long uh take a look at the current Valuation of it as an asset rather than The entire crypto Market Bitcoin right Now is sitting at a523 billion market Cap nearly more than half a trillion Dollars in market capitalization so if We take that $4.4 billion figure which Sounds like a lot we really start to Realize that it's not even a percentage Of Bitcoin end quote yep he spot on There it doesn't matter this is not Going to kick off a bull run it's Amazing to me that some of the the Bitcoin crew they're still sticking with This narrative some of the Maxis out There it doesn't matter it just doesn't Matter there are other so it really Honestly if if you know for anybody out There that still believes that it is at This point now that you have this Information it's like maybe you go out And figure out well I must be missing a Piece of the puzzle to which I would say Yes so be curious enough to find out What that is but it's you know I I think The theories out there from others that I I talked about earlier like for Instance the blockchain back or what he Had to say about it to me I find that Compelling that seems to make more sense You don't have to have a having of Bitcoin to kick off Market rallies it's It's a narrative Like so many things in crypto it's just

A narrative so it's not a bad thing it's Just reality it doesn't matter markets Will come back when they come back and Crypto moves in tandem with equities in Particular for the bigger moves that's It there you go this is not bad this is This is fantastic so it's an Inevitability more money will flow in People will continue to get more Optimistic over time even if we go down A little bit first and we have some more Fear first so what it's just the it's Just the way of things because for you To believe that we're not going to see Better Futures you understand what you You have to believe if we're not going To see new alltime highs you would have To believe that this stuff just goes to Zero do you does anybody believe crypto Ceases to exist at this point almost Nobody it could not be more clear that People value this it makes it creates New opportunity new business models that Couldn't otherwise exist it couldn't be More clear so it doesn't make sense to Have this negative attitude that many People have and so many people in fear Right now Why fearful for the short term but but Why have fear for the shortterm even It's more like price go down why do you Have to have fear even if the price goes Down in the short term why does that Make

Fear I mean I understand why but I'm my Argument is it shouldn't because if you Think fear is logical in that instance Then you better believe if you're going To be logically consistent that this Stuff never recovers you better believe That or else what the hell is the point Of the short-term fear it doesn't make Sense of course markets recover and it Doesn't mean that every single coin Recovers it doesn't mean there's no risk And something can come out left field And so on and so I get all that but Crypto is not going away it's just going To get bigger and bigger and bigger and Xrp having been suppressed for so long Yeah is there going to be a historic run For it yes that's what I believe anyway And if I'm wrong I'm wrong and it goes Zero fine but I don't believe that it's Going to come I don't pretend to know When but I don't have to I'm not a Wizard I'm just a dude and I believe I've made the right bet like pretty much All of you listening I'm in the same Boat there's nothing special about me I'm just another guy out there but I Firmly believe I just I could not have Stronger conviction and especially the Way things have just gone legal Clarity Further developer activity more money Flowing into crypto about to get a Bitcoin spot ETF which will benefit Every coin in in the world of

Crypto Yes it's just there's never been an Opportunity like this in the history of Our species I just can't get the defe And sad attitudes from some people man It's amazing to be here I'm not a Financial adviser you should not Buy Herself sell anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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