Attorney Hogan: “I HAVE OUTLINED EVERY POSSIBILITY” For SEC/Ripple Lawsuit

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel here's a headline from the Crypt Basic top legal expert gives date for Three possible outcomes in Ripple V SEC And they're covering perspective from None other than attorney Jeremy Hogan Who said quote I have outlined every Possibility end quote so I'll let you Know exactly what he has to say but Before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun now I Know I'm not the only one that misses Attorney Jeremy Hogan running his YouTube channel legal briefs um I just Just the the service he provided our Community by keeping us in the know uh I Just I I know we all appreciate it and It was it was so neat to see that There's a I don't know how many of you Caught this I think I talked about it Actually in a previous video but during The proper party at the end of September Member Brad Garing house on stage in Front of thousands of people he said That he was watching those videos to get Perspective from attorney Hogan so it Certainly not just uh not just me and

Not just you that have found this Absolutely useful and fascinating um but Uh but the good news is even though he's Not running his YouTube channel anymore He is still sharing perspective on Social media as he did here on X and I'm Going to share with you the latest from From him now um and he wrote The Following I'm seeing some confusion as To what could happen next In the Ripple V SEC case now that the Judge denied an interlocutory appeal so I have outlined every possibility and Provided the exact chance of each Possibility happening and how long each Would take Exactly um and I'm sure I'm going going To assume that everybody is aware that The sec's request for interlocutory Appeal uh was denied by judge Tores About a week ago um which which frankly Wasn't surprising to me I think that's What most of Us in the community were Expecting and so interlocutory appeal Which just means effectively expedited Appeal uh you know there's a different Bar for that as to as opposed to a Standard appeal which the SEC still can Go for once the actual case is over and So attorney Hogan wrote overview the Judge issued a summary judgment and Denied an early appeal the SEC has a 100% right to appeal when the whole case Is finished and that will happen when

There is a final judgment as you will See the SEC has no real good options Possibility number one the SEC moves Forward with trial next April against The individual defendants a chance of This he says 39.4 56% very precise very Precise he had he had a similarly Precise percentages um in terms of what Was going to happen with the outcome of The case um I guess when did he maybe it Was earlier this year I can't remember Exact exactly but I I find the Precision Comical I like that so the the comedic Effect it definitely hits 39.4 56% uh then he says the judge has left Only the hardest part of the case for Trial the SEC could easily take an L at Trial and have some of its dirty laundry Aired at the same time if the SEC goes To trial an appeal of the case won't be Filed until 2025 that means an appell IT ruling like Won't come out until 2026 then even if the SEC wins on appeal The case would most likely be remanded Back to judge torus for f for further Litigation and um yeah as far as the Time and you know the great news is Obviously as all this goes on the law of The land is that xrp itself is not a Security and the SEC literally can't Appeal that and even more interestingly Perhaps the even the SEC has said that They they don't seek to appeal that

They're going to seek to appeal that They don't want a pellet Review so that's all over so it it Doesn't matter and and I know that the Bitcoin Maxis some of them still talk Like complete Nutter idiots uh which is The norm for them frankly acting as Though ah this could get flipped around There there's always the opportunity for Appeal don't don't you know don't don't Count on xrp status in the end being you Know that of a non-security well you Don't know what the hell you're talking Talking about if you had that particular Perspective and and but but even if it Were true even if the idiot Bitcoin Maxi Trolls were correct you're looking for Two to three years out under this Particular scenario as cited by attorney Hogan but um but understand also what We're talking about here and this is I Have it open in a separate Tab and I I'll probably show it to you I'll try And remember show it to you before I Close out the video but um you know We're talking about the individual uh Defend here you know not this is not as It pertains specifically to Ripple like And the most crucial stuff's already Been settled Anyway uh anyway attorney Hogan Continues though so the SEC wants to Push the entire case to trial and then Appeal the parts of the Judgment against

Ripple it doesn't like fair enough but The most likely outcome in that Situation is a final resolution in 2027 June 14th 2027 to be exact good Luck with that exactly they're going to Need a lot of luck the this is why I've Been saying for for well in recent weeks In particular the tit has turned it's It's it's against the SEC they're going To keep battling it's not like the war Is actually over but if you just look at At the most important decisions here Even you know tonally what you're seeing From from judges in various crypto Related cases whether it's coinbase or The defeat in Gray scale just look at All of it it's very clear that because The SEC has been on the wrong side of History uh you know the outcome that We've expected the right and just out Outcome that is unfolding we have seen That and it's not going back the other Way the the next major victory that we Need to have in the world of crypto is a Dramatic Victory from coinbase because That's a major choke point you know if Coinbase is found to have been you know Offering all sorts of unregistered Securities and you know the on-ramps and Off-ramps for getting money in and out Of crypto if that's if that's just gone Or it's under heavy assault like that is The choke point which is why attorney Deon had previously stated you know

That's that's why the coinbase case AR Is actually more important than uh the Ripple lawsuit actually and I understand Why he was saying that so that's the Next big thing we need but once once That and they will be defeated there Once that happens it's it's like good Luck good lucky little baby back Ys because you're not going to win like That's it those are the two big battles You needed to have a major victory if You're the SEC and attacking xrp which You didn't get and then you need to have A major victory with coinbase but They're on the wrong side of law so this Shouldn't be surprising when that Lawsuit fails and it doesn't go well for Them Know this High success rate that they They were touting before the conclusion Of the secv Ripple case uh well that'll Be in tatters at that point it's over Folks so possibility two the SEC could Settle the case against the individual Defendants and move forward with Obtaining a final judgment against Ripple and then appeal the chance 32113 this is the sec's best option for That reason I doubt they do it What's kind of funny actually and I've Said this stuff along these lines before But like the SEC they're kind of Their Own Worst Enemy like they make Disastrous arguments and the way that

They approach certain things harm like They're harming themsel and you see you Can think back to the Ripple case where Judge Sarah Neer Magistrate Judge said That the you know the SEC attorneys They're they're Hypocrites and that They're not acting with a faithful Allegiance to the law remember that Which is my favorite smack against Them in the entire case that was Absolutely Fantastic so again if there's something That's good for them to do probably not Going to do it which is what we just Keep Seeing again and again from these assap Pricks over at the SEC and then attorney Hogan says settling out the individual Defendants gets the SEC to an appell at Court about 9 to 12 months faster and Saves its resources and face by Bypassing a very difficult and Overreaching case after settlement of The individuals the case would go Straight to remedy litigation remedies Litigation still would require months And months to complete which was part of The sec's argument as to why it needed An early appeal this option would still Go deep into 2026 August 14th 2026 to be exact option Three the SEC settles all litigation Against Ripple and the individual Defendants yes this could happen at a

Settlement conference such as the judge Required below and I'll share the screen Grab this is what he's talking about for Those of you that care to look uh says Yes this could happen at a settlement Conference such as the judge required Below but the SEC has shown very little Desire to compromise thus far settlement Is a good option for the SEC it gets to Publish another win and collect a big Check from the bad guys the judge Cleared this path for them by clarifying That her uh her ruling only appes to the Facts specific to xrp chance of Happening 18.98% Date December 21st 2023 finally something else I haven't Thought of Could Happen who knows chance Of happening 8.67 5% as you can see the SEC has a couple of bad/ lengthy options Meanwhile the summary judgment is the Law of the land and that can't even Poss Change until 2026 at the earliest and so folks I'll Just say this I don't think it's going To change I don't believe for a moment It's going to change I I'd give that Very close to a 0% probability uh and The good news is presumably anyway will Have had a whole another bull cycle Before that during which xrp is no Longer Shackled it is Untethered because look it's it's xrp's

Always moved in correlation with with Bitcoin and broader crypto markets it Did so in 2021 it's just fewer people Were willing to purchase it which is why It didn't hit a new alltime high but if The SEC hadn't attacked uh I think we Would have already landed on the moon Right it would have already been Lambo Time but as far as I'm concerned it's Coming now there's xrp Community member Sherry who wrote to attorney Hogan and Said you did a fantastic job covering The different scenarios the struggle That I have been seeing with people is The lack of understanding that Ripple Isn't the one going to trial and the Scheduling dates released by the court Doesn't pertain to the company and Attorney Hogan wrote back to Sher and Said thank you yes Ripple is not going To trial I should have made that clear And and it's fair enough but um I mean I Think that most of us understood that But um Sher brings up a good point I Have seen I still see like to this day Uh people misunderstanding the situation And thinking that there is still Something specific to Ripple with these Uh with with the with the trial but uh No summary judgment was summary judgment And so as far as the specifics with Brad And Chris yeah that that's what's going Forward so anyway just wanted to clarify That as well but that's the latest from

Attorney Jeremy Hogan my Friends I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy your sell anything Because of anything I say all right that Would be a very very very bad idea until Next time to the Moon Lambo


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