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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel yesterday was a lot of fun Wasn't it oh yes it was a blasty blast Now today we've seen a whole lot more Sideways price action with Bitcoin Mostly hanging out around roughly the $42,000 level at times of the day a Little above at times of the day a Little bit below so what happens next Well there isn't firm agreement but I Will say this the vast majority of Analysts out there do expect a move to The upside but is that what's most Probable Maybe I can tell you this at the outset Of the video this is an actual quote From one of my favorite analysts out There he says quote and he's referencing Bitcoin quote this is as clean as it Gets and it's bullish AF end quote but Then you also might be wondering what The hell's going on with xrp though I Mean it got up to 64 cents with all the Excitement with Bitcoin rocketing on up By thousands of dollars in a single day Uh but then back down about 61 cents and Flo floating around between what's going On with Bitcoin and when you when you Compare it against uh bit when you Compare xrp against Bitcoin uh down a Fair bit if you're looking at particular Timelines what gives is something broken With xrp is it malfunctioning do we have To poke it with a stick why isn't it

Just running I got some thoughts on that Because there's an article if you look At the screen you already see it xrp Price 55% down against Bitcoin with xrp Stuck under 65 cents while Bitcoin rises Above $41,000 so are we just missing not did We pick the wrong Coin no I do not believe so for a moment Anyway plenty of a perspective to share And opinion to share this video but Before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun as I Record this video xrp 61 cents Bitcoins At 41,5 79 bucks market cap 1 $ 1.53 Trillion for the entire asset class and Unsurprisingly people are definitely in Greed here's a crypto fur and greed Index 75 out of 100 so those uh greedy Yet lovable and cuddly little retail Limes they are sleeping easy tonight or Maybe they're so excited it's like Christmas and they can't sleep either Way I'm happy I I feel better when They're in green mode because I Tech no Pleasure when they are in in fear or Extreme

Fear as irrational as it may be at times But what about xrp let me just knock This out before we go any further in the Video because it's true if you look at Xrp I mean down they're looking at a Particular timeline 55% down against Bitcoin what's going on there well look I don't even need to read the article It's so simple Bitcoin leads the way xrp Follows historically xrp legs behind Bitcoin and let me give you a perfect Example of this from the era of 2017 When I jumped into crypto and I jumped In November 2017 17 but uh I know what Happened before I was in crypto before I Even knew xrp existed I now know uh xrp Started at about half a penny in 2017 And then and by the way the it's All-time high price before that I think It was somewhere around 6 cents so it Did have a 12-fold increase at some Point roughly from about half a cent to Six cents and then it cratered back down Then it's about half a penny and then it Was just there and then it rocketed up To over 40 cents by I think April of 20 2017 but then back down and it was in The teens and around 20s it just Fluttering about and by uh when we were Maybe it was June you can double you can Verify this on charts this is about Right you know Bitcoin was maybe Approaching $2,000 around that time and You know what happened the rest of the

Year Bitcoin would up and up and up not In a straight line of course but by the End of 2017 you know what it it had like A 20-fold increase if you look from the Beginning of the year to the end it was Like from $1,000 to about $20,000 and so Even if you're talking around June after Xrp had gone up to 40 something cents And then back down well Bitcoin was Still Rising around $2,000 and then it Just kept going but xrp it was just Moving sideways what was going on and so If you were look to look at um xrp Against Bitcoin at that point in time it Was down substantially now it didn't Mean that xrp's price in terms of United States dollars was down or pick your Fiat currency it wasn't it was it was Ranging for a really long time it's just That Bitcoin was taking off and so I Just want to make the point that just Because bitcoin's doing fantastic it Doesn't mean that xrp is doing poorly in Fact we should be excited for this Because Bitcoin historically always Leads the way and so the fact that Bitcoin was outperforming xrp to that For that time period means absolutely Nothing we needed that to happen so that It would clear the way for xrp to run Which happened and then xrp Substantially outperformed Bitcoin and Melted faces from about 20 cents all the Way up to close to four bucks that's

What happened so I don't care in the Short short term I know this gets people Down and I I see I see it I see it trust Me I'm on social media platform X I see People feeling sad and depressed and I'm Like and there's not a ton of there's Mostly excitement obviously now we're in Greed mode right as a as a as a crypto Community broadly but I still do see Those comments what's wrong with xrp There's like nothing's wrong with xrp There's Absolut xrp is behaving exactly As we should expect it to everything is Fine with it when it runs it runs and we Do not control that period and so we Should be focusing on what's happening With Bitcoin so that we can get to the Awesomeness that will be xrp's run to a New all-time high and then ultimately Price Discovery and so is that what's most Probable well here's perspective from Rakesh up who writes for coin Telegraph And I don't want to read his whole Analysis but I did want to point Out that he said um right here yeah I'll Read this part he wrote sometimes this Is part of his Bitcoin analysis Sometimes when the trend is strong the The RSI tends to remain in the Overbought territory for an extended Period of time the next Target objective On the upside is $48,000 as there is no major resistance

Level in between and so folks yes for The last you know 24 hours or so it's Mostly been around where it's been you Know roughly $42,000 for Bitcoin but That still happens and he's saying here Once it gets its footing you know There's there's uh there's no resistance Up to that particular level and there Are concerns that that could potentially Depending on which analyst you're Speaking to that maybe that's going to Be the end of the rally for Bitcoin but Not everybody thinks that so let's just Keep going through this here's Perspective from uh chart analyst Credible crypto he shared this Bitcoin USD chart and he simply wrote The Following there is nothing about current Structure that should be making you Bearish here this is as clean as it gets And it's bullish AF Open interest reset funding low and Literal textbook impulsive price action What more do you want and so so he Squiggled in green here what he roughly Thinks is reasonable to expect in the Very short term and so potentially as Low as 41,5 bucks roughly and then rocketing on Up just so just like we saw it go up Yesterday thousands from about 39,500 up To about 42,500 somewhere there about Anyway so it wind up uh a few thousand In day that's the type of price action

That he's expecting us to see again in The short term that is that is what he's That's what he thinks is most probable And he has been calling for a new All-time high for Bitcoin in 2023 and I mean if things move really Fast maybe but I'll tell you this even If his expectation in terms of the Timeline ends up being proven off okay He's still absolutely fantastic and uh If he so if he's right about chart chart Structure like we're going to find out Either he is or he isn't and so if it's Slightly delayed me on 2023 okay because He was calling for this type of price Action in December and January before Almost anybody was people were telling Him he was nuts for talking about this And you know who else was bullish was Also the blockchain backer so there are A handful of analysts that um I think Are worth their Salt and they're going against the grain Because typically the consensus is like Typically wrong so it's it's kind of Interesting because yes the majority is Wrong and most of the analysts in the World of crypto just completely sucked Balls let's be real but um but but even So so like you get that retail Perception right and and they're just Almost always wrong famously wrong right This is just the it's the nature of Human beings right and then as things

Start to heat up like they end up Catching up to Reality and and so you there analysts Over like a year ago saying hey uh this Looks like bullish territory this is Like the beginning it's going to start Taking off and they disagreed finally More recently they start to agree and so There's this overlap period where yeah Everybody's in everybody's in harmony That's totally Harmonious um and and so you can you can Have a prolonged period where even Though people are in greed it doesn't Mean that it's like snap of a finger Flips back to fear that's not how it Works from day to day to no no you can Have prolonged periods where they're Bullish but the longer you hang in there The closer you are to the top of things Keep moving that way and the more risky It gets yet people fomo in that's the Point here that's the point that I'm Making here and it's completely silly But it is what it is and then by then The analysts that are worth their saled They will recognize hey top might be in Here but in the short term broadly Speaking I think almost every analyst on The planet regardless of where they Think this thing tops off thinks that We're probably going to have more of a Move to the upside it's just kind of an Argument of to what degree um and so

There's this article from the daily Huddle titled Bitcoin is going to new All-time highs faster than we plan says Top Trader and um I don't need to read Through the article I'm just going to go Straight to the source here they were They're covering perspective from a very Popular uh analyst and Trader known as The flow the Flor at the Flor on social Media platform X and uh simply wrote The Following this morning might be bold to Say this but Bitcoin is going to All-time highs faster than you planned As soon as this Market has its footing Above the halfway point between prior All-time high and the corresponding bare Market low it's just a one-way trip Simple reasoning it's more than halfway There it can go all the way and so there You go another very popular analyst uh Again with over 189,000 followers on x And by the way what that that level he Talking about there that's about where We are that's about $42,000 that's about The halfway point from from where uh Bitcoin bottom compared to its alltime High of a little shy $770,000 we're About there so he's saying once it gets Its footing yeah it's probably just Going to run and I don't pretend to know What the answer is like it's it's very Easy to find analysts that say yeah this Thing's going to be running even if they Think it's going to be later in 2024

Whatever it is yes it's going to happen That's that's almost exclusively what You find at this point and they could be Right I I I don't pretend to know but That's also why I love my strategy Because my strategy is once I buy stuff I just hold it because I have conviction Over a long period of time so for me it Doesn't matter I know people are going To flip out but in general if this thing Tanks but uh not me and um and also I Want to know I'm sure a lot of you you Saw this did you see this post from the Blockchain backer on X I just found it Very fascinating and I'm not going to Read it but um it's on your screen if You want to pause here and um there's a Little bit more I can't fit the whole Thing on the screen so I'll scroll down And then if you want to pause here also So that you can see the rest of it with The uh chart and this is just a Bitcoin Chart so you can just pause for any of This if you want to check it out but um A couple of the key things that he noted Here was that um he he's he has started To scale out of his Bitcoin position and And not not all of it like he's not Literally going to sell all of it he Said that he still got I think he said 35% of his Bitcoin you know he's going To hold um if memory serves um but That's Bitcoin that he purchased between Like three and $6,000 doar but with all

This bullishness here uh and the Blockchain backer selling does this Cause for concern because frankly he's Been pretty damn spot on when he says The market is at its peak he's right When he says it's at its low he's been Right so if he's selling here should we Be concerned well not so fast it's it's The way that I interpret this is it's More like Different Strokes for Different folks it depends on what your Strategy is he's just making sure he Gets some profit and so he's been Selling a Bitcoin that he purchased During the recent lows at the end of 2022 and he might have said the Beginning part of 2023 just for example So he bought when it was way cheaper and Uh he was confident that the market Would move up and now that it has he's Securing profit that's pretty much it it Doesn't mean he's selling all of his Bitcoin and um from what I've seen from At this point um you know and I don't Want to put words in his mouth but just From what I've seen from him it seems Like we're at this point where there's Not sufficient data to understand with Extreme confidence which way this Thing's going to go and he's articulated His point if you want his ta go to his Channel that's that's not the reason I Just think it's fun to talk about this Stuff in share perspectives that's why

I'm talking about it but uh we're at This inflection point basically where Yeah maybe it goes way higher maybe Maybe you do see Bitcoin hit an alltime High but maybe not there's evidence to SU just that perhaps it's going to run Up to you know upper 40 something Thousand region 50,000 whatever ends up Being and then it does crater back on Down and so since there's uncertainty Here I from reading his post here it Seemed like he was just making sure that He's securing some profit and so it it's And so all that to say it's a question Mark there's not sufficient data to have Strong conviction which way it's going To go that's the cut of the jib that's What I gathered from anyway that's That's what I took from what I've seen Him say which is fair enough I think That's completely fair but then the Question is what if Bitcoin goes to an Alltime high you just sold a bunch well I don't think that's going to matter Because look in terms of where the life Change e wealth is going to come from Let's be real if you're buying Bitcoin At the price range that he was buying Even at the recent lows a year ago I I Mean even if it goes to an all-time high What are we talking about here we Talking about 150 Grand 200 that's not Necessarily depending on how much money You're putting probably not going to

Result in the life changing wealth Anyway I'm not I don't know that he's Counting on that so hopefully it's a Chunk of change for him but the truth is And as he cited in what he posted here He's just expecting that if this is the Case you know if if this thing really Does take off and it really does go to Alltime high he fine he sold his Bitcoin So we won't be selling uh the portion That he sold at the alltime high though He does still have some but what about The all coins what about the all coins When like if those are going to take off And why the hell would at least some of Them right we saw what happened last Market cycle it wasn't everything that Took off but there were a bunch of a Bunch of cryptocurrencies that did take Off well that's where the money is to be Made and so that's that's where the Focus so if he he's not selling Bitcoin At the alltime high at least the part That he's selling now so what he's Scaling out okay and that doesn't mean That it that we have to we don't know For sure what's going to happen and and So hearing that I'm sure that there are Some people that might be a little bit Concerned any any any of you out there Feeling queasy because there's not Strong conviction from the blockchain Backer that we are going to be seeing New alltime highs uh it doesn't make me

Feel that way and I I wanted to share Why I don't I am not the least of it Concern con ered about This I mean I mean are you really afraid That you know for now the the high for Bitcoin might be like $48,000 or $50,000 And that's it for Bitcoin then it Craters back down and then and then what Happens well look Bitcoin in the crypto Asset class isn't going away it's not Going to zero so what the hell do I care The truth of the matter is like and look I hope it goes to highs soon as maybe We're going to have a shorter cycle it's Going to be like a threeyear cycle this Time because look if it if we do see a New alltime high for Bitcoin in 200 24 That's only three years after the last All-time high depending on when it hits So it could be less than that even so That would be a shorter cycle so is it Going to happen is I I don't pretend to Know I'm I'm as curious as the rest of You but I will tell you that you know if We Don't I will not be the least bit Worried I've been holding for over six Years and the reason I'm not going to Worry it's because my strategy is simple No matter what happens I do not sell Unless I'm enticed to sell because the Price is so high if it becomes an Outsized portion of my net worth things Along those lines but I do not believe

For a moment that even if we crater on Down after hitting close to $50,000 I do Not believe for a moment that that means It's oh it's just over forever I'll tell You this even if we hit a deep recession Even like we had remember we had the Great Recession in 08 and 09 remember That all of you were around for that That was pretty bad but it didn't last Forever so even if we went through Something like that or or worse than That markets do come back unless you Think that the United States is going to Cease to exist is there going to be United States Economy because this is this is what's Tracking I mean I I I don't think it Ceases to exist I don't think it goes Away forever not probably not my Lifetime so no I'm not worried that's All that to say I will be sleeping easy It'll be kind of disappointing because I'd like the excitement to continue I'd Like xrp to hit a new alltime high and I Just don't think that xrp is going to Hit a new alltime high unless Bitcoin is Up there first I don't believe for a Moment that's going to happen but if I Have to wait longer I don't choose that But I will be more patient than any Other human on the planet and eventually I will get mine that's the deal but no I'm not going to be freaking out and sad If it starts going down and you know

Even if that means that I'm going to be Down on a bunch of my current investors Because I'm mostly like most of my coins Are we I'm in the green man like at this Point and a lot of them I'm up by a lot So if it goes back down and then my net Worth goes down a lot for a year or two Or whatever it takes okay whatever Because you know what I don't need that I don't need the investment now I don't Need it I earn money and I have enough To live more than enough to live and Then I'll and if the prices go down I'll Keep earning new money and then I'll Invest that and then when this thing Finally blows off I'll have even more Money so if you're one of the people That was a little startled that perhaps There's there's a recognition that Perhaps we actually could be seeing the Top of this thing soon relax just relax I can't tell you to buy or seller hold I'm not going to it's not Financial Advice but I'm telling you just relax It's out of our control anyway and it Doesn't mean it's the end of the world If it happens I've already lived through So many of these things being around Over six years yeah I've lived through This multiple times it's not the end of The world it is fine and it presents New Opportunities so that's a big message That I want to showare that's all I'm Saying there because I know that I I

Feel confident that there's this would Hit a certain kind of way for some People seeing that he's selling and Knowing what his accuracy level is Because the blockchain backer I mean Let's be real he's nailing this stuff um But again he also just reiterate he Didn't say for sure this is the top he Didn't he he didn't say that he didn't Say that Either um so I just I don't think I Think it's premature to worry I'd say Just enjoy the excitement that we're Having right now because most of what it Is to be in crypto isn't the excitement You deserve it have fun with this stuff If your net worth is going up enjoy that And if you want to take profits go ahead Do do whatever you want you don't need My permission do whatever the hell you Want or Don't so I'm I'm just going to keep Doing my thing and it's what he's doing Here what the blockchain backer here is Doing in selling there's nothing wrong With that and if it goes way higher There's still nothing wrong with that Because you don't know for sure what's Happening and he's taking some risk off The table he's taking some profit Great and then um and and then if if you Know if it does crater down and I didn't Sell your so what I don't give a damn I'll just buy more stuff as the price

Goes down because I'm always earning More money that's pretty much it it Really it really is as far as I'm Concerned with my simple approach it's No more complex to that and you know People out there who are willing to get In and out of positions um you know Maybe they'll make more money and maybe They won't depending on exactly what They're doing but for me the reason I'm Not willing to do it is because making Those decisions introduces risk I don't Want to take on more risk it's already Very risky investing especially in Crypto right I don't want to introduce Risk by me tinkering with stuff and Getting in and out of positions and Thinking I know best That's why I'm very strict with myself On this and then once I so either it's It's enough to where I'm enticed to cash Out or it's not and after that once it's Out it's out that money is not going to Get invested in other stuff that's my Other rule I set for Myself once I sell it is out until we Hit a new bare Market bottom at some Point in the future and then a certain You know smaller percentage of that Whether it's 10% or 20% whatever it is I'll consider putting that back into Crypto but I mostly just want to keep Putting new money into crypto I want to Make sure and this is me idiot proofing

Stuff this is literally me acknowledging That um I I just I don't want to fall in This trap that some people fall into Thinking that they're just the smartest Thing out there it's just you can wreck Yourself doing that stuff just stay Humble that's what I'm doing it's just Like I this is a recognition of for me That I don't know for sure what's going To happen and so it's just it's an idiot Proof approach as much as that can be You know investing in a risky ass asset Class that's pretty much it but all that To say that's why I'm saying there is no Reason to have fear here ex and at some Point Bitcoin is going to hit it to Alltime high xrp is going to fou and There's a reasonable chance that it's Going to happen you know with within the Next 12 months call but it might not I'm Just telling it doesn't matter Regardless I just I have my conviction And I just wanted to speak on that a Little bit because I know that there Must be some people a little bit Concerned because the blockchain back I Mean again he's got a great track record If he's selling is this the end of the World well even he's not saying that so Let's let's just uh let's just sit here And hang out and see what happens and Have fun in the meantime it's perfectly Fun you know and I'm going to be Regardless like whether we go to the

Moon freaking finally and we get our Damn Lambos on the moon whether that Happens or it's we you know we go back In a bear territory for another year Okay fine I'm still going to be here I'm Going to be having fun there's a whole Community and there's a lot of us that Aren't going away no matter what happens I'm one of them for sure because I have Too much fun here and there's too much Opportunity So hopefully most of you weren't feeling That way anyway but I know for sure Somewhere I'm not a financial adviser You should not buy your sell anything Because of anything I say or right that Would be a very very very bad idea until Next time to the Moon Lambo


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