Americans are F*CKED “Rewire the foundation”

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Americans are effed unless they rewire The foundation my name is coach JV what I work to do is to break down macro and Microeconomic strategies and make them Very simple for the normal everyday Person can Implement them so what I want To do is I want to help over a million People in the next 12 months into 2025 since 2020 we' helped 7,000 people Do exactly what I'm going to talk about Today I feel like I have to burp hold on A Second okay cool there we go so I have Two amazing resources for you number one Resource is our free one-on-one with my Licensed wealth Protection Team many People ask us how do you ensure your Wealth JB what are you talking about we Teach you tax code 7702 people talk About Infinity banking concept what the Most important thing is how they Properly structure the policies many of These are not properly structured it's About your living benefit not maximizing The death benefit the opposite of what You've been taught so in description of This video you can set up a free Consultation with my licensed team or in The description of this YouTube channel Or wherever you're at or social media Platform number two is a free guide Absolutely free guide a 16-page guide on The five pillars of wealth that we've Been talking about this week so it's a

Little bit different content this week So right now as we sit I'm deep in a Spiritual journey out in Peru and let's Do a quick recap of what we went through So last Friday on November 3rd I shared With you my personal story so if you Kind of want to take a journey back if You're just watching this today new to The channel I highly recommend you go About four videos back toid Friday last Week November 3rd I talked about my deep Personal story so that you could see Maybe yourself in the story Monday I Talked about what made me Rich my crypto Game plan okay different than wealth uh Tuesday we talked about how I became Wealthy my business plan then I talked About uh how I lost it all and then I Learned how to ensure my wealth I'm Looking at my notes here and then uh Yesterday I talked about the secrets of The wealthy which is pre-ipo and today I'm going to wrap it all up so let's Take a journey back four years ago if You listen to the personal story when I First started this journey guys I was in Indoctrinated deep into the system where 99% of American and people over the Globe are okay it's important to Understand what wealth is if you make $500,000 a year in America you're in the Top 1% if you make $30,000 a year you're In the top 1% in the population so if You compare it to the population and you

Make $30,000 a year you're in the top 1% If you're in the top 1% in America 500 500,000 per year in our income to be in The top 1% for um net worth it's 11 There's that burp 11 Point sorry I just Ate a large salad Um 11.5 million in net worth is uh top 1% in net worth right so there's a Difference this is important there's a Difference between earning and net worth Right people say why I make this much For example my ecosystem makes millions Of dollars right my businesses make Millions of dollars doesn't mean that When somebody says my business does this I have $600,000 in payroll for one of my Companies so I'm going to break down my Current Paradigm that I'm at right now At a very honest State and as I go Through my channel next couple years I'm Going to take you through my journey so I can look back and my grandkids look Back at this and see where I was so in 2019 going to 2020 I'd lost everything I Held on to my crypto portfolio I wasn't Touching that I held on like a tick on a Dog I moved back in one my parents they Shut my business down with coid and I Lost everything so I had to ask myself Where is this coming from so I was Deeply indoctrinated into a system to go To school get a job and trade time for Money so in the current Paradigm before They shut us down I was in the business

Trading time for money I wasn't running The business I owned a business but I Was trading time for money that might Resonate with a lot of you guys and Until I rewired my brain to understand How to take money to free up time and Start to scale and help other people Become successful that's when the Paradigm shifts so number one is I had To learn how the wealthy operate there's No wealth in my family so I had to dive Into how the wealthy operate and look at Mentorships so number number one I Brought on Alex Heros while I hired his Team for gym launch and that's how I Launched a sixf figure gym but the Concepts that Alex Hermos embodies Inside even his gym launch program which I don't I think he sold that program but Now he just does acquisition. comom Hundred million do leads genius in Business so I took his Concepts and I Applied it to all of my business lines And I went from running in the business To running the businesses so I no longer Trade time for money I have other people That trade time for money I put them in Positions that they love based on their Skill set and they help us run and scale The companies and were able to provide Employment okay so that was a big shift For me number two is you see that I went Completely Diversified I rewired Everything I understood how money moved

Through the system and emotional Cycles So I studied Ray Delio's changing World Order and the big debt crisis which is Right over there and I started to Understand history 500 years back and Now you know I'm not going to go into The spiritual side of it but I went Really deep into the spiritual side of It and understanding biblical patterns Historical patterns Financial economic IC patterns and patterns within Countries and geopolitical okay so from There I understood there Cycles there's Cycles to this game guys there's things Like the shamita right right now as you Listen to this we're on the back end of A year after the shamita there should be Some Market collapse happening we're Going into World War II should should Create a market pullback and some Wartime economics right so in Cryptocurrency I start doing the Opposite just based on logic right so I Started doing the opposite of everybody When everybody was selling I was buying When they're panicking was buying when Everybody is getting all excited and Telling you cryptocurrency is the best Thing ever I'm selling pretty simple Nothing too complex then started to get Into more complex things like Understanding Insurance okay so in in Business excuse me I shared with you Guys so I rewired my brain so I got

Mentorships to move to the next level Mentorships shorten timeline to success In cryptocurrency I understood how the Money flowed through the system and why The 1% of the population owns 97% of the Wealth and it will always be that way Until you wire the brain so as we look At Insurance then I got introduced to Insurance in 2020 tax code 7702 I'm like Holy people ensure their wealth I'm Like I learned how to ensure my life I've had a ter policy forever and I Couldn't even Conceptually understand it until I Started to dive deep into it I'm like Holy this is a tax code the 401K is A tax code 401K Creator is quoted saying In 1978 that he created a product I'm Paraphrasing that made the Wall Street Wealthier the guy that created the 401K The reason why they created the 401K was To pass the cost onto you okay the risk On to you and it saves them a ton of Money so they got double dipped they Passed the risk on to you and they save A ton of money by doing a 401k and hey It's on you and they tax you on the back End think about that okay tax code 7702 When I dove into the tax code I don't Care what anybody says about I it's one Of the greatest products I've ever Experienced personally it guarantees my Principle which is absolutely amazing so Now I have Safety and Security I can get

Market like returns very very very Conservative about 7% you can get much Larger but conservatively 7% and when The market comes collapsing down your 401k goes all the way to the bottom but My principle stays the same because it's Indexed it's not attached to the market And I can actually get liquidity from my Policy I was like wow it took me a while To conceptually understand that but Wealthy operate different than the 99% Or the 97 EXC me yes the wealthy operate The 1% operate very different than the 99% of the population then we talked About preos then I started to get into Pre iOS so once I became a credited Investor I started to dabble into preos And getting in well before other people Are so we're heavily invested in Ripple So when Ripple IPOs obviously we'll meet With our 506b what we're in and what we Created and we'll share with people what Do we want to do next we're going to be Going into real estate so I didn't talk About real estate this week because I'm Not an expert in that okay what I'm Going to talk to you about on Monday is The next phase which will not be that Exciting because I'm only going to speak For my current Paradigm my next phase is Really exciting so I'm actually in the Process of getting the trust set up so That's going to be the next phase so the Reason why I'm telling you the guys is

From an honest perspective so let's Share with where I'm at in the current Paradigm because I want to go back and Visit these videos so in 2020 I had lost Everything back on my parents couch I Had had a decent crypto portfolio if you Followed my journey I started flipping Couches follow the Gary R strategy Started making money out of nothing and I built a you know a a five figureure Portfolio and then a six figure Portfolio and then you know we boomed And then everything came collapsing down In 2022 but throughout that process I Built multiple companies um I built an Education company we built Merlin we Built all have a beard company have all Kinds of different things that I've Created okay so currently I went from Completely broke on my parents couch to Living in what I call my dream home it's A simple 1800 foot family home but it's A dream home for me it's a safe Beautiful place for me and my kids okay I have a beautiful home I have beautiful Relationships I have beautiful Partnerships and I went from completely Broke to I predicted this year and I I I'm pretty sure I'm going to hit it so Last year I ended it with $318,000 around $318,000 in earned Income and my goal was to get to top 1% In earn income in 2023 and I'm I'm GNA get really close so

I I hope to get to 500,000 and then next Year in personal income I will hit a Million dollars in personal income so I Went from on my parents couch completely Broke to 2024 I'll be hitting a million Dollars in personal income and along That I have amazing crypto strategy Business strategy right I have building Legacy wealth now and eventually I'll Have freedom for the rest of my life and My kids kids will so the reason why I'm Honest and open with you guys I'm not Going to you I only speak from My current Paradigm is it's possible for You guys if you go back to the story I'm Not going to recap it but guys I've been Through the ringer man like you guys Have too all of our sto stories are Beautifully unique but the difference is What I did is I drew I'm not saying I'm Different than you the difference of What I did is I drew a line in the sand I became more committed to the pain of Change and staying the same I rewired The foundation end up in a different Situation and I radically transformed my Family's life you can do the same thing Guys remember the presents is magnetism The future is used for anxiety the past Is used for depression as my coach Matt Says the past is used for depression the Future is used for anxiety the present Moment right now is magnif ISM by Operating in full authenticity with you

Guys gratitude for being here and being Here with you guys and love for myself And where I'm at within this current Paradigm allows me to operate in the Highest level frequency and I hope to Bring you with me that's my main goal my Main goal yes I have ecosystems that Cost money my warrior Academy I have Tons of different companies that are pay To playay right but I also have tons of Free resources the free one-on-one you Have the free guide we're we're coming Out with a bunch of free products for You guys because I I heard you you you Guys want help and I'm here to help as Many people as possible so we're Developing when I come back from Peru We're going to develop a bunch of free Products to give people to know like and Trust and you could take the free Products the thousands of YouTube Content and apply your own strategy okay But I love you guys very very much I Hope that you can see my intentions from My family's heart to yours just to help As many people as possible to experience The Peace and Freedom that I am Experiencing with my family so I love You guys I appreciate you on Monday's Video it's going to be pretty short but Pretty exciting actually actually kind Of emotional because I was on my parents Couch four years ago and now I'm going To tell you guys I'm in the process of

Building a legacy trust account and and I and it's going to be a real short Video because I'm I'm not educated fully On it I'm going through the process I'm Sharing with you guys I'm a licensed Agent now I have a licensed agent in all 50 states one of the fastest growing Teams right now in insurance and uh we Are now heading into the trust game and So once we get set up we speak from our Current Paradigm we'll be able to help You with that as well because the key is To ensure your wealth and then ensure Yourself right So eventually I'll have My insurance policies inside of the Trust I will no longer be part of that Stuff I'll be a trustee and let me just Not speak I'll speak about on Monday and I'll speak from the Paradigm that I'm Currently at and I'll share with you Where I'm going and I'll take you on the Journey I love you guys I appreciate you As we always say Warriors R get your together let's [Music] Go H


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