U.S. Dollar Collapse WILL PUSH $8 TRILLION INTO XRP & Other Top Coins, Analyst Predicts

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel one of the most popular Narratives bandied about fairly Regularly in the world of crypto and It's been like this for some time is That buying Bitcoin or or just pick your Crypto whatever it is buying crypto in General is a hedge against tumultuous Times it's a hedge against the potential Collapse of the United States dollar or Insert fiat currency here whatever it is Now is there is there actually do we Have any is there any truth to that We've seen any evidence to indicate that It's reasonable to suspect that I'm not Sold on the narrative not that it Couldn't potentially unfold here but Some people are very sold on this idea And take a look at this headline from The Crypt basic got to talk about this The headline is Forbes predicts 8 Trillion into xrp and Bitcoin markets Amid looming US dollar collapse now I'll Just tease this a little bit at the Outset I'll just say should we find Ourselves in such a scenario if it's Truly Catastrophic I think we're going to be Having a bad time all around I don't Know I don't know where the Green Market Will be on the planet what it will be And what that asset class might be for Sure but whoa if you're talking about The global Reserve currency for planet

Earth going whoop right off a cliff uh In the moment where that happens I don't Know what's safe for sure I think There's going to be chaos in the streets Seriously it'll it'll be like whatever The reverse of faces melting from Positive price action in crypto whatever The opposite of that is faces getting Reformed I don't know what the hell do I Know I'm just a simple guy on the the Internet named Moon Lambo uh but it's an Interesting concept and I also want to Briefly talk the outside of the video Too about what we've been seeing here I Got I want to share with you perspective From uh chart analyst credible crypto And also something real quick from uh Chart analyst the blockchain backer Which is also interesting because well I Always appreciate his perspective Regardless but I just found it was neat That um CZ yes that's right chain pinga The founder of the world's largest Cryptocurrency exchange binance he Actually responded to the blockchain Backer I just thought that kind of neat Because he's got like over eight million Followers but anyway but uh before we Going further I do want to be clear I do Not have a financial background of any Kind I am not offering Financial advice And you definitely should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right I'm just an Enthusiast to

Enjoys making YouTube videos about Crypto related topics but just as a Hobby and just for fun and I also will Say I would not mind a huge chunk of8 Trillion flowing into xrp I'm not not Against that in the least because as I've been saying quite a bit recently There simply is not enough demand out There um and that is I mean it is that Simple when it comes to price action It's simple supply and demand almost Always and so many people panic and are Just sitting here thinking if your Investment thesis isn't changed if the Fundamentals of whatever you're talking About haven't changed then it is just a Supply and demand thing and then what Would that be based on in such a Scenario what would that be based on Wild speculation from emotional humans Which is why a big picture it doesn't Matter but I know people don't like Seeing this here we have xrp down to 47 Cents at the time I'm recording this You've got uh Bitcoin at $26,845 And the uh the asset class worth a Little over $1 trillion at this Particular Point fear and greed index at 45 out of 100 so Market participants Back in fear uh now I'm a market Participant but I'm not in fear I do not Feel fear just because the idiot Investors out there make important

Financial decisions with their fuel Fields that will never make me that's Not going to induce fear in me Definitely not uh but take a look at This from chart anal credible crypto and This is a Bitcoin USD chart he says and There oh by the way this is this is in The uh in the morning and then there was An up update from him a little bit later In early evening so this is the one from The morning he wrote and there is our Tap into our Bitcoin mid-range and I'll Just pause to note the mid-range uh as Identified here is call it what maybe Close to up you know 26,700 is somewhere around there you can Call a little bit lower too 264 to 267 Somewhere there about it's this kind of Green uh box in here roughly around Here but he says so there's our tap into Our Bitcoin mid-range so we we hit the Mid-range and he says the most likely Place for buyers to step in and force a Reversal uh if the mid-range is lost Would expect to see a final liquidity Flush just under 26 ,000 but not below $24,800 to put in our bottom for now Let's see if we get any sort of shift in Momentum here at the mid-range chart is From the video so on and so for so the Important takeaway here from that Particular post here is that level that We've been talking about everybody's Well the many of the analysts I've been

Talking about have been citing this Roughly the same level he says 248 I Remember serves I think the blockchain Backer keeps saying 24/7 we're splitting Hairs at that point it's roughly there If if that level holds which is what we Need to watch for all is good so if we Go down in the short term he's Expressing the idea ultimately that That's to be expected so it will induce Fear in some but I'm just letting you Know here if that happens and it'll drag Presumably xrp and everything else down Even lower with it uh it's kind of like A so much more short-term price action And so I like to highlight this stuff Because we are humans and humans feel Emotions about this stuff all the time And it's so it's nice to be aware and Have these types of reminders and you Know that we know if it happens you Shouldn't be caught off guard this is Something that is is reasonable and we Actually are at this inflection point Where something should be happened Sooner than later happening sooner than Later and it's hard to you know it's Hard to Time stuff if you're a chart Analyst which I'm not I I do not ever Want to be a chart analyst oh not only Does it bore me to death I just I don't Need I already get yelled at enough Sor You're running a YouTube channel I don't Want to get yelled at even more because

They get yelled at more than anybody but Um but no just uh you know when it comes To uh just uh you know the timing of the Market you just you can't really know For sure like those predictions are Always kind of dangerous I think but if You look in terms of chart structure you Know that based on the chart structure There's a certain level of probability You're going to see a break one way or Another and so you'll have a an idea of What the what's most probable you just Don't know exactly if the part you're in Is going to drag out for a longer period Of time than last time or shorter period Of time or about the same so that's why The timing's hard even though you can See stuff in the charts here um and so Then a little bit later on he shared This post just another Bitcoin USD chart He said nice H4 above our mid-range Mid-range holds for now but we need to See active slaker buyers step in at this Time up until now we have seen a lot of Limit bids passive uh buyers being Filled heat map show asks stacked above Price and bids layered below price all The way down to just under $26,000 the region we should push Through if the mid-range is lost prices Sandwiched between buyers and sellers Here push up in through the asks and we Have a nice bounce at mid-range and a Potential bottom uh push down into the

Bids and we likely fill some final bids Before a reversal let's see what we get And so you can see in terms of Probability what's most likely he still Thinks even if we go down you're going To get a reversal you're going to see a Move to the upside that's what's most Most likely and he's been sharing why Publicly for some times I've been Sharing his perspective on this exact Topic seems like for weeks on in at this Point if not longer and it can't stay Here forever so something is ultimately Going to happen but even if you're like Me and you care way more about xrp than Bitcoin super duper because I think There's way more opportunity in xrp in Terms of multiplier effects you but so The good news is you see the correlation And then in terms of what that means for Gains once we hit you know crypto Euphoria again which I think is an Inevitability like it's more like where Do you where do you feel most confident Having having your investment Bitcoin or Xrp what do you think is going to have a Greater multiplier effect uh next time We are in Euphoria Zone well there's no Way to know for sure and I don't make Price predictions but you know my stance Way more probable that xrp is going to Substantially outperform Bitcoin if you Look from the bottom of the market cycle To the top I believe that's what we're

Most probable to find uh now here was a A post from the blockchain backer and he Shared a Bitcoin USD chart because again We're at this point something's going to Happen it can't price can't stay stay Around here forever he says the Parallels between now excuse me in 2014 Through 2016 have been amazing on the Bitcoin chart each major milestone for Bitcoin in 2021 through 2023 has had Shockingly accurate timing with 2014 Through 2016 today marks one of those days of Will it continue in 2016 the range Finally escaped right here and then you Can see there a little circle and he Questioning will it continue and so Structurally yes we can see cuz we have Eyeballs and we're humans and not idiots We're not it's not like we're Bitcoin Maxi trolls we are humans we're not dumb Uh you can can see uh the notable Correlation here and I don't want to Regur State all his technical analysis I Know that there's a lot of overlap Between his audience and people Listening to the Moon Lambo Channel but Um just pointing out here that there are A lot of analysts and I just like to Highlight a variety of them from time to Time on my channel and a lot of them are In a similar mindset at least in some Ways even if they don't completely agree On the under underlying reasons for

Everything which you wouldn't expect Them to necessarily but there's it just We're at this point where something's Going to happen and what's most probable Is that even if it dips a little bit Lower from here you're going to see a Reversal and a bounce to the upside and Histor if you look back historically Which doesn't mean it's guarantee but Historically if if we're going to keep Seeing things unfold as they had in the Past that is what you would expect and And look either way even if the Improbable happens which could happen It's it it's not going to go down Forever because it it means you know if Without a fundamental change in whatever Asset it is that you're talking about or Considering why would it go down to zero Forever there has to be a change there Has to be something that actually Changed in the investment thesis and I I'm sure as hell don't see it with Bitcoin or xrp nothing's changed in fact If anything any metric you might look at Just keeps getting stronger in terms of Actual adoption so outside of price and That type of stuff and the chart Analysis stuff and here you have CZ the CEO of binance 8.6 million followers Simply responded to what I just shared With you from the blockchain backr and Wrote history Rhymes yep and he had a little shrug

Emoji there too but yeah it it kind of Does it's not that it's literally going To repeat itself but it kind of Rhymes More or less we do keep seeing this over And over and over again the data is out There for people to take in and people Don't take an just so like the typical Investor is just so damn clueless it's Not like I I'm not a guru I don't ever Want to be called a guru I don't seek That it's not necessary it just there's Some very basic things that very regular People like me and you can do to achieve Lifechanging wealth you don't have to be Some sort of rocket scientist here just Do some very basic things have Self-control invest over a sufficiently Long period of time you know don't make Stupid bad picks like there are such Things as horrendous picks even in Crypto like well especially in crypto Small cap coins my God the level of risk With Those but I'm just saying like obviously These Cycles are a real thing and They're going to keep happening here but Uh even if that's not compelling enough And it is compelling enough You just wait for the US dollar to Collapse right so here we go so this Article I I can't remember I mentioned At the outside of the video but uh the The article being referenc here from Forbes it actually came out on October

8th but literally yesterday there was a Particularly notable update and so I Want to highlight this thing but here's The actual uh headline from Forbes US Dollar collapse uh shock 8 trillion Dollar predicted fed inflation flip to Spark a critical Bitcoin ethereum xrp And crypto price boom to rival gold so If they're correct if this analysis is Correct and should this actually unfold The theory is that money flows into Crypto now and gold and gold precious Metals yay but everybody loves them Yellow rocks right um so I don't want to Read the whole article I just want to Get to some of the most relevant Parts Including the update but um part of what They're talking about is obviously the US dollar continuing to be the based to The tune of trillions of dollars in Recent years uh and surprise surprise Runway inflation duh and they're trying To Tamp that down uh that's the FED is Obviously doing with the interest you Know the interest rate hikes fomc Meetings all that jazz um which and You've directionally seen That going the right go the right way Although inflation is still outrageous Compared to where it should be quote Unquote should Be so there's this idea though uh you Know does it make sense to jump into Crypto because like if the dollar is

Going to collapse what does that mean What does that actually mean for xrp and Bitcoin and Ethan the rest of the world Of crypto what does that actually Mean well here's what I can tell you we Know with with certainty right if you Just look at how crypto has been treated To this point it's unquestionably the Case especially for the biggest most Important moves from an economic Perspective that crypto broadly speaking Led by Bitcoin but crypto broadly Speaking it does follow equities it's It's following what the stock market is Doing and stocks are broadly considered To be risk on assets they just Are so you know if if if we're in an Environment where you've got risk on uh Then super duper you see stocks go up And and crypto is considered a you know It's a risk on asset itself so if stocks Are going up and crypto's going up and There's there's been that Corr okay but Why then would you think that if you Have the dollar collapse that that means Means money flows into Bitcoin and xrp Anath because what I would expect is That if you're talking about an actual Collapse or even something that's in in Line with just like stagflation Something even just a a not so hot Economy as is cited in this article Which I'll I'll read a little bit in Just a second here if you're even if

You're talking about that do you think That stocks are likely to go up or down Broadly Speaking if the economy get Worse and if you're going to even if You're saying the catalyst is okay a Primary reason is because of what's Happened to the dollar it's getting Abused uh the the econom is now CRA it's Impacted so let's just say hypothetic so That's the reason if the economy is Getting Worse what then happen to crypto well Historically we know that there's a Correlation so if things go drastically Down uh which for instance one of the Biggest most obvious moves in recent History is if go to March uh 2020 Remember in crypto bottom what was Happening with the stock market at that Time stocks were just plummeting right And it it came back you know things came Back relatively speaking pretty quickly But and so did crypto relatively Speaking but it was at the same time so Now you're telling me that we're in a World where the Dollar's crap and when It comes to stocks specifically you Would have to you would have to assume That those would just be really taking It on the chin right but then somehow Money flows into crypto because reasons I just I don't see what that is and So you know I don't completely I think

That the so the narrative about you Crypto being a hedge against all these Types of tumultuous situations I still Don't completely hate the narrative for A couple reasons number one it I I Acknowledge it's possible that crypto Could be treated differently uh as the AET class matures people could perceive It differently and therefore maybe it Does in some notable way detach from What's happening with equities broadly Speaking that's a possibility I'm not Saying I'm super sold on that concept But it's an idea but more importantly Here is this is why I still use crypto As a hedge is because even if everything Takes it on the chin the Dollar's crap It's tanking a runaway inflation anemic Growth in the economy uh so stocks going Down crypto prices going down even if it All goes down and everything looks Horrific I don't believe for a moment That that will be the end of this Country the United States of America Which is the largest economic force in The history of our species I don't think That that's going to be the end markets Do correct even in the worst of times Including the the depressions which we Saw at the end of the 20s but just about 100 years ago Market's correct people Aren't going to put with that forever But sometimes if a correction is due Because things go too far in one way it

Just happens so what I'm saying is even If that happens and everything's going Down at the bottom of that what I'm Asking myself is would I rather have Dollars would I rather have stocks or Would would I rather have Xrp well for me not that I wouldn't have All of them to some to varing degrees But what would I think would perform the Best in such a scenario well I think all Markets come Back you know so I think xrp Substantially Outperforms so if I'm looking at what I Personally believe and there's no way to Know for sure but what I personally Believe is going to outperform even After horrific Economic Times it's Xrp for me it still would be and and Broadly speaking crypto which is why you Know xrp my favorite cryptocurrency uh There's a reason I hold a lot of other Cryptocurrencies in case I'm wrong about Xrp which I really don't think I am but I'm smart enough to know that I'm going To be wrong sometimes no matter what my Conviction level is I'm not stupid I'm Not naive I'm a realist I have the Highest level for xrp conviction wise I Possibly could but I recognize even at Such a level I can still be wrong in Life because I'm a I'm now a 40-year-old Man I've lived long enough to know that I'm not going to be right about

Everything just because I have strong Feelings about but I I really do I think That if you just look historically it's All bit treated here but let me share With you some of this narrative here From from this article and again I don't Need to read the whole thing but let me Get this here's the the Highlight from Yesterday uh analysts at Wall Street Giant Deutsche Bank have warned the World could be headed for 1970 stag Flation where inflation remains elevated Alongside a lack of economic growth so Given inflation is still above its Pre-pandemic levels it is important not To get complacent about its path macro Strategist Henry Allen and research Analyst Cassidy answorth Grace of of Deutsche Bank wrote in a note seen by MarketWatch after all in if there is Another shock and inflation remains Above Target into a third or even fourth Year it is increasingly difficult to Imagine that long-term expectations will Repeatedly stay lower than actual Inflation and so that was a direct quote And then they write here the analyst Pointed to Soaring oil prices following The outbreak of war between Israel and The Palestinian militant group Hamas as Well as an increase in worker strikes This year a meteorological trouble Brewing for commodity prices thanks to The El Nino weather

Pattern um and so then they also write The FED could be forced to suddenly flip Doish in the face of a US recession uh Due to a larger than usual lag in the Fed's inflation reducing interest rate Hikes following the money supply Explosion through 20120 and 2021 According to Wood uh such a failure to Exit from unorthodox monetary policy in A benign manner is likely to culminate In the collapse of the US dollar paper Standard to the benefit of both gold Bullion owners and owners of Bitcoin end Quote now of course again we know the Asset class moves in tandem though so uh If this is fantastic for Bitcoin and Even talking to the tune of $8 Trillion well uh sign me up for xrp First because you know there's way less Many next Fe to get a crazy multiplier Effect it doesn't take as much here and So here you see that the United States Debased the dollar printed it into Oblivion uh then they started hiking Rates uh you know trying to slow down uh Particular activity because obviously if You're talking about basically reducing Liquidity because if you're talking About having a higher interest rate is That going to do you're going to Incentive you're to a lesser degree Incentivize people to take out loans so On and so forth so then there's going to Be obviously less less liquidity there

So it's a tightening policy but if You're not slowing that down enough and What happens if you do reach stag Inflation that's the point they're Making so you have a problem with you Know runaway inflation still but anemic Economic growth so in such a scenario What she's saying the fear is well what What do you do Then they're talking about flipping Doish which just means uh getting more Loosey Goosey with monetary policy as Opposed to being hawkish in which case You know you're just talking about a Tiing Uh okay but then I still go back to what Does this mean for stocks because Whatever it means for stocks it means For crypto I just I just I don't buy the Narrative and look you know me I'm just Trying to be a realist here um I still Believe that crypto is going to Outperform pretty much no literally Every other asset class on the entire Planet if you just fast forward from This point in time to over a decade out I still believe that I believe that six Years ago so it's like a moving Target For me I still believe it's true I still Believe that's true so I'd rather have This so that even if things get horrific And everything starts tanking when the Economy comes back this I mean so it Wouldn't be proper to call it a hedge

Because it's it's performing the same Way but the way that I'm thinking about It even though it's not it wouldn't Technically qualify as a hedge so I will Retract that even so it's going to to Recover at some point and I think that It's going to substantially outpace Equities I just I firmly believe that to Be the most probable outcome so that's What it is so even if it's not a Technical hedge because it's you know Tanking when when stocks are okay Whatever but since I have such a like a A long-term mindset I don't care it's It's doing the same thing for me it's For me since I'm not going to touch it Anyway it might as well be a hedge fine Not technically but it might as well be Because I'm not going to touch it for You say it's a even a decade or two or Whatever who the hell gives a damn at That point that's what I'm saying Here but uh but yes if it is going to Flow in to crypto you better believe It's going to flow into xrp and that is Cited by the author here to describe so He understands it's not just Bitcoin it Would be it's in particular large cap Coins and xrp with the you know the only Large cap coin on the planet that has Legal Clarity within the United States Yeah but all that to say so even if that Happens it's fun to think through these Like fun little mental exercises but

Whether that happens or doesn't crypto Becomes worth way more compared to Whatever whatever fiat currency you're Looking at over Time duh I mean the United States dollar Has lost almost 100% of its purchasing Power if you go back to you've probably Seen these types of charts on social Media go back to say 100 years whatever The year specific year might be Somewhere there about maybe a little More or whatever it's lost almost 100% It's purchasing power because of Inflation so it's what do you think Happens with scarce assets like xrp and Bitcoin I'm just playing the waiting Game son like I'm just that's it I just I don't feel like I need to over Complicate this stuff here but you know If if you do buy into this like you know Okay I'm willing to hear you maybe Somebody's got a really good argument as To why you know if we have Stag flation And then you're talking about in you Know the FED reversus monetary policy And starts debasing the dollar even Further articulate to me why that means More money flows I mean do do you I Mean the only thing the the only thing You could say is that if there's more Dollars people are going to do and I Guess it's a fair argument to some Degree just because you have seen some Of this in the past if you're talking

About printing a bunch of dollars They've got to go somewhere and to some Degree you have seen some of that just Get chucked into the stock market some Of it presumably went into crypto okay Fine but then is to what degree is that Just nonsense in a way artificial Because it's just like here's this magic Money because understand when you're Talking about um you know printing the Dollar like that it's tantamount to ATT Tax it's it's effectively the same thing You know it's a tax by another name as Far as I'm concerned so what what is That actually doing is this actually Spurring economic activity or there a Bunch of factories spooling up I mean Because the theory is it's supposed to Lead to that well how's that worked out Over the last few Years so I mean you could try and make An argument along those lines and maybe It does something in the short term but I'm just sitting here Thinking you know the more hands off the Government is with this crap the better That's the way I look at it just let Free markets do the damn thing and we're Going to be okay markets and markets can Get a little too exuberant because it's Still humans behind them but markets can Correct and I just don't see the Government hand coming in attempting to Fix this is doing anything and

Especially in this case when they Created the damn problem by printing the Dollar into Oblivion how about that just Say man let me know you think I'm not a Financial adviser you should not buy Your sell anything because of anything I Say or right that would be a very very Very bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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