You owe this to your kids… “Legacy Building”

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You truly truly owest to your kids today We're going to talk about Legacy mly my Name is Kos I work to make macro Microecon this in so my name is coach J What I work to do is to make macro and Microeconomic strategies very simple Everyday person Eng them so basically Over last week um if you're new to my Channel I've had a different context Actually it will be back in the game Tomorrow from CRE and so I did a little Bit of a different Journey inste ofing News I didn't want to just ghost my uh YouTube channel I wanted to make sure That I provided you a rich deep context On where I've been and while where I've Been where I presly am and where I'm Going but before we kick it off and talk About Legacy building and Trust today um I want to share with you two free Resources my girl to help a million People by 2025 we helped 7,000 up to the State more than 7,000 people and I have Two amazing resources number one is a Free one-on-one with my protect ction Team sorry I just had a huge bowl of Fruit and some uh salad I'm Pre-recording these videos so if you saw In the last one the same one so I a Bunch of fruit and salad and B like Whatever but I don't I don't really Record my videos anyways you get what You get okay so incription this video You can set up a free one-onone with no

Protection Team have licensed insurance Agents in all 50 states teaching you tax Code 7702 the banks teach you how to Ensure your life they don't teach you How to ensure your wealth we teach you How to do that number two is a free Guide a 16-page guide um on the exact Five Pillars of wealth and the Foundation with Mind Body and Soul on Exactly how we did it absolutely free in The description and the social media Platform here okay so let's do a recap So if you are new to this video or you Did watch last folks video I highly Highly recommend that you stop for a Moment you go watch Friday November 3rd Monday November 6th Tuesday November 7th Wednesday Thursday Friday then this Video CU it makes sense so on Friday I'm Looking at my notes Here I talked about My personal story shared with you the Journey of where I've been or where I Was where I'm at now okay probably shock You but you probably be a see yourself In my story which give you a lot more Confidence and that is possible for me On Monday I talked about my crypto game Plan I do the opposite of the 99% Tuesday I talked about how I became Wealthy in my business game plan wealthy Business is one of the quickest ways to Build wealth and that's what we've been Doing building our L our ecosystems uh Let's see Wednesday I talked about um

How I started to ensure my love when I Lost it all and I finally got wise Counsel and understood that you don't Mix your Investments with your Retirement we use tax code 7702 Thursday I talked about the C Wealthy which is preo I shared with you Our journey on preos and understanding Of Ico and then Friday I talked about How I reard the foundation and today It's going to be a very short video so This is pretty exciting so as I come Back and pro tomorrow um within the next Couple weeks we'll be wrapping up or Starting the process excuse me the first Phase of the process process of building The trust so when I started the study of Multi-millionaires and billionaires I Realized they do things completely Different than this guys number one is Say don't pay as much taxes as we do Okay so that's when I started to learn About tax code 7702 and tax free Retirement okay so that was one part of It but my earned income which I stated On Friday has gone up dramatically since 2020 to currently now so it went from Broke with just a crypto portfolio to $300,000 you know defin go like $200 to $300,000 in 2022 and then this year in 2023 God willing I'll hit half a million Of earned income my ecosystem runs Millions I as a CEO and owner and Equity Owner um I get about 500,000 and then

The next year easily will hit a million Dollar in personal income That's not Including my investments and all the Different invest my personal income from My businesses and Equity okay so you can See things are glad for transform for Me's one big stuff that I wanted to get Into number number one learned anonymity How to protect myself protect my family Number two is to create Legacy and Number three how to figure out this tax Game man it's been wild now I'm only Speaking from the par I know I know zero I'm a baby in the trust game so here's An next for me and I'll share with you Guys so what I do is I'm a generator in Human sign I go forward i f the TR I Make mistakes I build safety I come back And teach so my next phase for our Community as of always when I to be Honest with you guys is now going to be Doing my trust and I plan on setting up What's called a rocket Feller trust so That type of trust so I don't know all The ins and outs of it figuring out my Assets my paperwork and within the Probably next couple months I'll have What's called either I would like to do The locker F typ trust or basically like I said I'm no longer have Amon liity my Stuff is all inne for trust my real Estate my assets everything I'm going to Learn about tax part of it I don't I'm Not educated on that piece I will learn

About that but most of all for me it's All about FY so let's do a recap so I Started out my parents couch four years Ago I decided to draw a line in the S be More committed to pay change same same I Never have a problem ear any money that Isn't a problem I've lost my money three Times gain money lost money gain money Lost money gain money ask a question why Do I keep losing my money because I Didn't understand how wealth works so I Became obsessed with understanding Spiritual wealth mental wealth and Financial wealth so what I did is I st Multi millionaires and billionaires Studying things like I knew thinking go Rich already I rich I start understand Cast Quin going through Alex's gym Program I always going to give him a Huge shout out because even his gym lach Program and his business acum taught me How the power of scale of building from That that's help me build off in Businesses okay and then I started to Understand how people diversify right Crypto crypto crypto crypto is not power Guys there's no wealthy wealthy person Just focusing on crypto crypto system Draa in the Hat for them it's a spective Asset that can make a large amount of Money they P that and put it into Real estate Insurance hint that's what We're do we'll go into Insurance real Estate businesses tangible things that

We can hold on to wealthy people create A nest egg right when they have a nest EG they know that they know their way Can retire they also make sure that they Can leverage taxfree right so that's the Phase that I went into now I have Insurance policies that I can leverage Against taxfree at retirement if I want To multiply my money I can put it into Insurance policy I can borrow this up Policy and turn $1 into two and maybe Two into three multiply my money all Taxfree okay so then the next phase is To now put a trust over them and to make Sure that my families kids kids kids Kids are we so the next phase in my idea When I want to create what I express is I have a trust over my accounts having Shance policies that go into the trust And eventually my family will be its own Bank so when we need money or my Grandson the future Grand my grandson Granddaughter in the future says hey Mom I want to go to college I want to call I want to start a business Indoctrination stent I want to start a Business to be an entrepreneur okay Great go to the family Bas bch here's it Is you're rending at 5% you pay it back And it's just there's just a rle to be Part of the family office and they come To all Bank does that make sense so That's the phase that I'm going into now I took you through the whole journey

From losing everything on my parents Couch to building a a crypto game plan That helped me get rich not wealthy and I moov into understanding how to grow my Um earned income in business Taking that earn income not buying fors In under some house to impress people I Don't like okay I put it into more Assets more businesses I started to Ensure that well to guarantee my Family's future retirement I got into Pre IPOs with some risk and Investments Which I think I'm going to pay off Greatly and then I re the foundation so I don't end up in the same situation and Now the next phase is trust so what I'll Be doing is once that's set up I'll come Back and teach and help help you guys Understand where I'm at in that pair of I just want to tell you these stories That you know this is possible For you so in description of my video Have tons of free resources free One-onone with my Protection Team or on Insurance you can do a free guide and We're also within the next six months we Working really hard to reap our site and We're going to provide as many free Resources as we can okay we also have a PID program which is a r of cats you Want to dive into our ecosystem we have Mared individuals education business Cryptocurrency all the things you need To be successful but if not there's tons

Of Co resources out there I love you Guys I appreciate you as we always say Warriors bye we'll see guys [Music] Tomorrow


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