Ripple/XRP-Did China Hack The Internet?,SEC vs Ripple Update-Game Over For The SEC, XRP ETF?

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Welcome back to the show check out these Headlines we have for you we got an Update from Congress did China just hack The internet oh my goodness we're going To get into it judge Torres has set the Schedule for regarding remedies and Discovery and briefing you're going to Want to know it One technical analyst Says we got two years before an appeal And so much more somebody roll that Beautiful Intro Digital perspectives with Brad KES come On In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $ 1.45 Trillion market cap for cryptocurrency The market is off by 6% 36,600 Plus for Bitcoin just over 2,000 right now for Ethereum tether market cap is 87.2 Billion plus watching it close we see 66 Cents for x xrp the market is up 1.9 to 24 hour for xrp and off by 2.8 on the 7 Day let's get into the range of price it Ranges now between 10 cents because of The spike we saw late yesterday from the Announcement of a xrp ETF uh trust by Black Rock which has since been debunked We'll talk about it but before we get Started I want to tell you about glint Pay ladies and gentlemen buy save send And spend real gold instantly Okay this is your alternative to banking

It is a great join the hundreds of Thousands of others whove decided to Empower their life with glint pay and The MasterCard debit card so they can Become their own alternative to banking You should do the same check out the Link underneath to the sponsor quick Notification for Brad garlinghouse Yesterday says there's been an uptick in Deep fake scam videos overlaying new Words and old video footage from Ripple Events it says is Here YouTube asleep at The wheel again reminder don't trust Verify all approved messaging will only Come from official Ripple accounts thank You Brad I know we had sent a message And tagged him on that as well glad he Addressed that for everybody this is CNBC addressing the comments about the Black Rock ETF trust filing on the Delaware site and they are saying that It is not legit it is fake take a listen Of cryptocurrency xrp yesterday briefly Spiked almost 13% after filing for a Black rock fund based on that Cryptocurrency showed up on the official Delaware website that registers Investment Trust Incorporated in that State the only problem Black Rock never Submitted the filing a black rock Spokesperson confirmed that the filing For an ey shar's xrp trust was false it Is unclear how that false Black Rock Information ended up on the Delaware

Website they been a great opportunity For somebody to Profit wow they managed to do that I Still get a lot of stuff we all on Twitter From XR the Xrp Yes rellan don't call it That I don't know they're they got a lot Lot going on a lot of lot of things Happened very uh I don't know the Very um they got a lot of beasts a lot Of isn't that what you call it yes beefs Joe beefs beefs about the fact that CNBC Won't address the reality and the facts Of eth gate in the free pass Joe just Like nobody wants to talk about the wig You're wearing right that's the problem Joe and you know what the problem is and You guys are bought and paid for over There and there's a reason you won't Touch it there's a reason you don't Touch the truth a lot over there at CNBC But that's a song for another Day I want to sing it today but I won't Do it nevertheless we got to take we got To look at this this is serious brics Looks to ditch the US internet services And create a new alternative now we know That they want to dollarize we know that They want to make their own gold back Bricks currency right we know all of This but now we're talking about bricks Coalition ditching the US internet

Services well look this is a very real Thing because I want you to take a look At this from India Today China Researchers claimed they can break the 2048-bit RS Using quantum computers entire Tech World at risk this is what they're Talking about here now you're not Hearing this at home but the reality Here is is they're basically saying that They can hack the internet this is a Startling claim and if accurate changes Everything about the way we use phones Computers and internet services this is Because almost the entire Tech world is Underpinned by 2048-bit RSA encryption a Standard that is considered unbreakable With regular computers in fact so secure Is the 2048-bit RSA encryption that even Banks governments and armies rely on it For data Safety and Security this is why I said when we saw a couple casinos in Vegas get hacked I feared that it could Be a test run for a major Cyber attack On the banking system there have been Multiple threats from other bad Act Around the world like Russia and Iran And maybe even now China we don't know But they're saying they have the ability To do so so it would make a lot of sense Why they in fact want to stop using the US internet services because they may be Planning to hack the service we have now Let's hope that's not

Accurate and if it is let's hope that we Have a solution Right updating Congress very quickly Here from Ron Hammond shout out to him He says tomorrow is a senate bagging Hearing with the OCC FDIC fed and the Ncua and some other uh acronyms at Ryan Gymnasium so the house will have the Same Regulators on Wednesday crypto will Likely come up with in context of sabb 121 SBB silvergate and Deb banking FDIC Will be under Fire after this article You can see the article right here but Let's keep moving because there's a few Things I want to grab out of this and Not the whole threat uh while the Senate Is having presedential Regulators the House will be voting on various bills in The financial committee related to Illicit Finance uh Hamas and Iran note That they are there aren't many bills in The list that touch crypto explicitly More law enforcement Iran focused after The house has its Wednesday morning Hearing with presedential Regulators a Digital asset subcommittee will have a Hearing on crypto's role in funding Hamas now we know that the numbers were Blown up artificially through that whole Uh article that came out in the Wall Street Journal the AML narrative has Been a roller coaster of a narrative War But it seems to have shifted the post Wall Street Journal reaction Capitol

Hill lives in a headlines driven world With so many issues facing policy makers And everyday folks alike the headline is Usually where the people stop it says Here uh he goes on to say however thanks To pushes from these different entities Like chain alysis Sam Lyman and Nick Carter and others it says here various Law enforcement experts crypto industry Traders and other reporters the initial Figure of 130 million being used for Fundraising has been proven overblown by A sizable amount here it also says but That is just half the battle here and Basically I want to go down to to this Right here where we get into it here it Says basically uh the next phase of the Fight does the treasury or finsen have All the tools in the crypto space or Does Congress need to authorize More okay let me give you this one more Time this is the next phase right here Of the fight does the treasury in finsen Have all the tools in the crypto space Or does Congress need to authorize More does the current anti- money Laundering regime stop Bad actors from Using crypto does the current AML regime Stop Bad actors from using Fiat all Questions to come but the reason I read That twice is because when we're talking About the treasury in finsen you're Talking about presedential regulation And we're talking about ESO Financial

Stability oversight Council this is the question so Obviously Senator Tim Tim Scott has uh Bowed out of the presidential race I Didn't even know he was in and he's Going to have a bigger voice now that He's back in Senate banking as the lead Republican and he uh even though he Hasn't touched much on the issue we know That Senator sherah Brown has with Hearings and ideas of legislation and he Is vehemently opposed to crypto and here We see the funding to battle in Congress Could alter the strategy for including Crypto bills both good and bad enlarge Leg legislative Vehicles like we Witnessed not long ago in the massive Bill that had the broker rule right and Basically we want to see what happens There whether something is included in a Large massive Bill like the Infrastructure Bill and what comes with It if it does remember they got that Language very very wrong and not clear Enough so that shout out to Hammond for That information but we got more to look At here just came in here judge Torres Has set the schedule regarding remedies Discovery and briefing and the remedy Disc uh schedule is February 12th 2024 The party shall complete remedies Related to Discovery by March 13 2024 plff shall file its brief with Respects to remedies by April 12 2024

Defendant shall file its opposition and By April 29th 24 def uh plain shall file Its reply if any so ordered by judge Analisa Torres now let's see this from Jeremy Hogan who says final briefs in April means a final judgment in July but More importantly look at the case Heading only the defendant the only Defendant is Ripple the defense has Whittel the case down to only 20% of What it used to be how much of it will Be left in July That's why you hire top lawyers great Comment from Jeremy Hogan and here we Have Fred rispoli and shout out to Wheezy for this top lawyer Fred uh Freddy Riz says recent court order and Ripple case shows game over for the SEC This is what he said here he says this Timeline going off of the timeline that Was shared here by Jim filin shout out To Jim means no chance an appeal would Be issued before mid 2026 by the second circuit the July 13 2023 ruling by judge Torres will be Ironclad for a very long time and I tell You it sounds like to me that remains a Legal dog leash as I have talked about For years Now over top of this case and this asset And this Company as it begins to take off for Mass adoption inside of the financial System to complement the friction that

Exists as we change over into the fourth Industrial Revolution now let's take a Look at this eth gate whistleblower says New evidence dropping we're about to get Into it at the freedom Zone but this is Where we got to part ways unless you Join us inside for next to nothing we Are tackling things here I couldn't dare To touch on social media and knowing That the largest influencer in xrp space Was wiped out silenced without warning Without any notification whatsoever I Cannot feel safe covering this material Any longer inside the regular social Media platform so this is where we do it Now please join us in the freedom Zone What an incredible group of people and Join the hundreds and hundreds of others That are inside here it is an incredible Conversation going on and we're having a Lot of fun by the way too we'll see you Inside the freedom Zone not Financial Advice or me or anyone else I'll catch All of you on the next One


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