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Breaking news this will destroy the Middle class this is extremely extremely Important to understand the average American retires with $300,000 write that down in today's Video I'm going to break down a crazy Amazing futuristic to think about ad That coinbase did and I'm going to break Down the facts figures numbers logic Family you have to wake up if you were The head of your household you support Your family and you want to live a good Prosperous life it is extremely Important that the next 24 months you Pay attention because what you're paying Attention to you're paying for and I Have three resources absolutely free for You to help you out we've helped 7,500 people since 2020 on the back end Of every video I go through exactly what I'm doing just speaking from my current Paradigm I'm not going to tell you Anything I'm not doing exactly what I Speak I'm not a financial adviser I'm a Licensed insurance agent but exactly What I speak is exactly what I'm doing And how I freed my family financially so The First Resource is a free Consultation with my licens insurance Team teaching you how to ensure your Wealth during these volatile times and Also how to retire taxfree and leverage And compound your money so it's a free Consultation in the description of this

Video or in my social media platform Click the link second is a 16-page guide On exactly how I built my ecosystem Number three you can get into my Academy My education Academy 7 days for free We're all launching on January 88th 2024 My revolutionary 120-day challenge to Teach you how to get your [ __ ] together All right so let's Dive Right into this All those resources are in the Description down below and if you're Brave enough to stay till the end of my Long videos I'm going to break down Exactly what I'm doing repetitively now Why do I repeat the same things over and Over again um with not worrying about The Judgment because what you believe in Your heart you think in your mind will Eventually become your words and become Your reality if you can see it in your Mind eventually you can hold it right Here in your hands what you repeatedly Do this is so important gets ingrained In your subconscious mind what gets Ingrained in your subconscious mind Becomes your unconscious activity and I'll tell you what family the American Dream is dead these leaders in our Country have destroyed the American Dream they don't give a [ __ ] about you They don't give a [ __ ] about your family They don't give a [ __ ] about your Survival and finances all they care is About holding and keeping their power so

It's time for you to stop going against An invisible enemy and get your house in Order men I'm speaking to you it's time To get your house in order it's time to Come into the Divine masculine rise up Start protecting your family get your Health in order get your mindset in Order get your finances order stop Planting your seed in women when you Don't even have the capacity to take Care of a child straight up stop Planting your seed and women if you Don't even have the capacity to take Care of a child that is the pandemic It's boys having children we need to Rise up into our divine masculine we Need to learn how money moves through The system we need to stop relying on Some other man to take care of our Family or wait for Trump or a savior to Come back we need to stop focusing on Our foot favorite football teams and Start focusing on our family we got to Stop wearing some man's name on the back Of our Jersey and start taking pride in Jesus and God and and putting our name On our Jersey it's time to stand up for Humanity it's time to stand up for your Family so I'll get off my soap box so Coinbase put out this really remarkable And I want you to watch this and I'm Going to give you the facts figures Numbers logic did you write down that Only average American retires with

$300,000 that's it do you realize with a Million dollars at 4% interest that's About $4,000 $440,000 a year for Retirement a million dollar at 4% Interest at retirement is $440,000 I Want you to take a a reflection of your Current Paradigm right now would you be Able to survive a $40,000 for retirement Would that be retirement or would that Be a prison in slavery where you have to Go back to work at Walmart to pay for Your medication no we're not doing that Anymore family the 401K sucks it doesn't Work guys the 401K was designed to pass The risk on to you and they incentivized Them to put money back into Wall Street That's what a 401k is it's not a Retirement Roth IRA guys if you make Over $250,000 a year you can't even use Them rich people don't use Roth IRAs the Big money sorry I'm going to get on my So boox for a minute here the big money Guys is not doing what you're doing with Your money they're heading into Cryptocurrency blockchain they're Heading into blockchain technology AI Technology study Kathy Woods they're Going into gold they're going into more Real estate the reason why is because When these interest rates drop assets Are going to go through the roof we have To educate ourselves they didn't teach Us this game our grandparents didn't Know this game our parents didn't know

This game so if you're watching this You're probably not a multi-millionaire Or billionaire so you have to step up You have to spend your time educating Yourself and if you spend 18 minutes a Day you'll become in the top five 5% of Expertise so what are you spending your Time on okay so let's watch this Coinbase uh quick commercial and then I'm going to break down the facts Figures numbers logic then we're watch a Five minute video showing you how bad America's situation is in credit you Need to Prepare go to school take out the loans Get a job pay back the loans go to School take out the loans get a job pay Back the loans go to school take out the Loans get a job pay down the interest on The loans start a side hustle just to Break Even the system worked for them now it's Time to build a system that works for Us it's time to update the system did You see how the last person go to school Get a job just to pay the interest to Get a side hustle to survive guys it is Tipped there is no money in the system We are now the bearers of the fruit of Our parents and our grandparents bad Financial decisions of borrowing against Their future self the so-called American Dream of saving money under their Mattress not learning how to multiply

Money saving your money in a bank is a Foolish thing to do multiplying your Money is what we need to do that is Biblical so let's dive into this let me Show you the facts figures numbers logic Coinbase nailed it with their ads their Ads that came out are remarkable the Average retirement savings for All Families in is $333,000 according to a 2022 survey of Consumer finances so if it takes a Million dollar to have about $40,000 in Retirement income and the average American retires with $300,000 guys we are in a dangerous Position somebody has to stand up and That's you and your family now we're Going to take a look at our household Debt household debt is skyrocketing this Is 2022 I've not found a recent 2023 Report but we do know October now this All the stimulus is drying up people are Now going to start putting their money And their bills on credit cards because In cumulative inflation I think has gone Up like 27% so if you made $100,000 in 2020 you now make about $75,000 without Doing anything there's a big gap too People have a lot of revolving lines or Revolving debt left on their credit so They're going to start to stack up their Credit and America is going to go into a Massive massive credit crisis so here's What's looming for America we're going

To watch this F minute video I'll Narrate it and this is it guys this is Your preparation now at the end of this Video I'm just going to share with you What I'm doing I'm completely Financially free now I went from being In the top bottom quartile to the top 1% Of earners I well let me make sure my Tax return reflects that I'm getting Pretty close to being in the top 1% Which is $500,000 a year earned income My business has produced well over uh Seven figures okay and I went from being Broke guys I just studied what the Billionaires and multi-millionaires do I Did it in four years four years I was Always able to earn guys but I kept Going broke because I was indoctrinated Just like that video I showed you from Coinbase go to school get a job job get Debt Pay It Off I said f that then I Built a business I scaled the business I Run above the business I hire other People and help them become wealthy I Take the money that I earn I don't buy Lambos and houses and a bunch of sh Bunch of [ __ ] to impress people I don't Like I put money into assets I allow my Assets to pay for my liabilities and now I'm inside of an asset bubble and now I'm heading towards what I call Generational Wealth This is a national debt Clock it's been

In New York since the late 80s and it Shows the gross national debt that we as A nation owe countries companies and People that lent US money almost Exclusively in the form of bonds back in 1989 it was just shy of3 trillion today It's north of3 trillion and if you look At it by household did you catch that 19893 trillion We're at $32 trillion in the 1980s we Had high interest rates but we had a Good balance sheet now we have high Interest rates High inflation and a Inbalance balance sheet we have more Debt than money there's a reality check More than $300,000 owed per household so more than $300,000 owed per household and they Only retire with an average of $300,000 We are fed family worry that a Confluence of factors is going to send The us into a debt spiral The US routinely is spending more than The country and the government is taking In so we are living beyond our means as Of this year the US is already spending More on the interest of its debt than on National Defense and that's not because military Spending is decreasing so we're in a Looming war and we're spending more on Our debt than our National Defense the Reason is because servicing that debt Has become so expensive as it stands

Today the US Treasury Department spends $1.8 billion to pay the interest on our Existing debt by 2033 that number will Be closer to $4 billion the money that We pay every single day to finance our Deficit cannot be spent on roads Bridges Or infrastructure for our children's Future it is just being spent to finance Our deficit okay so I'll let you go Watch the rest of that video so Basically I want you to the concept of Not just from me speaking this guys I Wanted you to see at a very true level What is actually happening from 1989 Guys from 1989 to now we went from three Trillion in debt to 32 trillion in debt We have weak leadership if you follow Ray Delio's changing world order we have Extremely weak leadership the men are All Dem mascul they're in the Coliseum Worried men are still worried about Their favorite football team in playoffs Right now when most of them can't even Pay their bills I'm I'm just going to be I'm going to be straight up guys you can See this in your own Paradigm we have Men driving trucks that are $100,000 With jacked up rims they got their Favorite football player on their back And they can barely pay for their bills They have no money in retirement they're Living paycheck to paycheck and they're Raising families guys this is Irresponsible I may lose some followers

Talking about it's time for men to rise Up in their Divine masculine which is God as your number one God and however You align with God mus musl Christian Whatever it is you know even Buddhist Whatever a higher power having a center Focal not waiting for Trump to come back And save you guys number two is getting Your house in order that's your finances Your health your mindset these are all The things that I'm living in breathing And speaking to you trying to breathe And Speak Life into existence to you men You should not be planting your seed in Women if you don't have your house in Order do not bring children into this World if you don't have your house in Order and if you did then get your house In order your kids are Watching we need to stop buying [ __ ] we Can't afford to impress people we don't Like we need to stop borrowing against Our future self every okay let me Explain let me just speak from my Paradigm here's what I'm doing I have my Cryptocurrency portfolio Okay that is a Spective asset if it goes to zero I'm Okay but I am putting a large amount in There that's just me and I'm not telling You to do that but I earn more income to Put in there I'm not risking my family's Retirement or our future by putting into Crypto I first did it by moving back in My parents and humbling myself which was

Very embarrassing in the physical but I Knew what I was doing I knew that my Parents were great people and they would Help me get back on my feet and I got my [ __ ] together I looked myself in the Eyes and I looked my mom in the eyes I Said this will never happen again I am Sorry for not being a responsible man For being a broken [ __ ] little boy And mom I'm going to grow up I'm going To fix this and this will never happen Again and I'm going to break down the Whole thing okay so four years ago I Said that to my mother it was almost 5 Years now and since then I went from Completely broke with the crypto Portfolio to Growing Up and becoming a Man to making God my Center focus to Following Jesus the life of Jesus not Religion Jesus the true teachings of Jesus I've worked harder on myself than I do anything else I didn't go out there And date I Rose my internal frequency as High as possible I attracted my Relationships I went from working in my Businesses studied how businesses Operate in scale we went from getting Out of the 85% that failed into the 15% To the 1% that build seven figure Ecosystems I now run above the seven Figureure ecosystem and I Empower other People and I'm helping them become Wealthy I started to get equity in Multiple companies I went into

Cryptocurrency and I continue to go into Cryptocurrency and I dollar cost average I make sure that I earn extra income and When money comes into my accounts guys I Don't go do a bunch of crazy [ __ ] I Invest first always first I always Invest in myself first because that's an Investment in my family my ecosystem Okay So crypto is a very speculative asset I Have a strict Exit Plan as most of you Going to be coming in because you're Finally convinced because the media will Tell you that cryptocurrency is is here Now you will come in and I will be Exiting as you guys come in because Someone has to be the exit liquidity and It's going to be most of the public okay Because black Rock's getting in these Big companies are getting in they're all Buying this dip well which is pretty low I think for crypto right now the dollar Whatever they're doing right they're Getting in the Bitcoin ETF hits it's Going to go parabolic okay I'm going to Be exting all of you all of you watching This all of you need to download Merlin I am the co-founder and creator of Merlin 36,000 lines of Code by our team We built this with passion and love Because we saw so many people get Wrecked in the marketplace because they Didn't have an Exit Plan okay we do not Hold your keys it's not an investment we

Don't hold your crypto it's an interface So you can see your crypto in one place And you can set up an exit plan so you Can be disciplined unlike most people in Investing because they're trying to Getrich Quick there is no getrich quick There's getting wealthy for sure by Having a plan following the plan being Disciplined consistent and non-emotional This will help you be non-emotional so Once you get into Merlin you get your Interface set up you can see your your Daily gains and losses then you set up Your exit plan exit plans are very Different for every person we have FAQs And we have a customer service team that Can help you with all this stuff so Don't be afraid we got your back okay It's 30 days for free get it set up play Around with it if you want to end your Relationship we're not effing with your Money you can hit cancel right there on Your on your account and guess what People aren't cancelling it's a great Product because we put love and passion Into it and we solved a problem for Humanity that we had ourselves okay so Then when I exit I'm I've been talking About this non-stop I've been referring I've been using index universal life for Three years and I finally decide to get Licensed and take control of my own Ecosystem the reason why I do these Things I like to be control of my

Ecosystem I don't like to have refer Business out and it be out of control Out of my ecosystem because if there's a Mistake made I own it I'm the owner of It so I have my freedom insurance where I have licensed insurance agents where I Train and and help and Inspire them to Do things correctly do it right the First time so I have a team of uh Licensed insurance agents in all 50 States waiting to take your call right That's how I'm set up next is for e is Real estate I've been telling you guys That the reason why is I'm not interest In real estate it doesn't sound fun to Me or exciting but I'm going to be Getting a real estate group together and I'm going to be working with other People who want to get into real estate That way that we can get uh the tax Liability for interest we can also get Depreciation which I'm learning about That and then appreciation would be Great but I'm not really worried about The doors because for me real estate Wasn't attractive because I wasn't Educated enough to understand the tax Benefits I kept thinking income I Businesses is the quickest way to get Wealthy in each quarter I continue to Increase my wealth through businesses And so I'm like why would I just get a Door and make $100 $200 but now I get it I get it the tax liabilities are massive

And my tax bills have changed Dramatically so so real estate is Something that I'm I'm not going to try To master I'm going to get Masters Around me and I'm going to work with Them to get those tax liabilities um Silver I have a little bit of silver and Then I'm going to be getting into gold I'm going to be following the big money Be getting into gold next year just for A store value in God's money and then Self-development and my relationship With God is makes me the richest man in The world and you're going to hear me Speak more about that because I've been A little quiet about that part of it Just Because I'm just going to start speaking Who I am I'm not even going to like I Don't macro microeconomics I know that's What the Channel's about guys if you Want to follow my refined Integrity Account I'm going to be talking deeply About my spiritual journey guys men need To step the [ __ ] up straight up straight Up I don't I don't really I'm not here That's why I built my own ecos systems I'm not worried about people not Following me or people disbanding me Guys we have true businesses we're Running real companies we have real Ecosystems that are building I built it This way so I can speak this truth and One of the things that I feel that I

Need to stand up on is really helping Men see how I got to where I'm at and The life that I'm living which is true Freedom it was by not spreading my seat All over the place it was by being Disciplined consistent aligning with God Working on myself going on a deep Spiritual journey taking care of my Daughter teaching her how men you know My daughter is very selective with men She's 19 years old 20 because she sees How I operate within my ecosystem my son Has grown up to be a man a king to rise Up to treat women with respect my kids Are both going to be set up to be Millionaires already my daughter's 19 my Son is eight they both are already going To retire with more than 99% of Americans think about that your parents Are telling you to go to school get a Job to do what to have hundred now if You're a doctor a lawyer absolutely That's a skill that's a very Niche skill You have to go to school for six years Whatever is Doctor those skills like That I get that I totally get that but If your mom and dad are telling you go To school and become an engineer you Don't want to be an engineer don't do it Don't do it you're selling your soul for Money I was in banking I hated banking Guys I was selling my soul for money I Didn't like anything we were doing with Our customers we were frauding our

Customers it wasn't okay we were Hur ing Innocent people for our own commission Checks it did it didn't make sense it Was gross it and and I could see it in My physical body and the way I Felt so think about that for just a Moment you say all these actors are Selling their souls but guys if you're In a job that you hate that you complain About your boss every day you're selling Your soul for money like let's let's Look in the mirror let's stop looking Outwards at these stars and oh they're Doing this let's what are you doing what Am I doing not you what am I Doing so it's time to rise up it's time For us to step up so I love you guys Very this is coming from a place of love You know this is coming from that Fatherly love or that brotherly lover or Or my sister whatever it is because this Is how I talk to my family this is how I Talk to my true friends this is how I Communicate because I have high Standards for Myself and it's very very important I Wish I had the book in front of me shoot I don't have it in front of me sorry uh It's in my car but anyways we'll we'll Let it be at that so I'll let it go if You want to follow on refined Integrity Our YouTube channel I'm going to be Talking a lot more about this stuff my Walk with Christ uh because I don't want

To get too convoluted but I'm going to Go deep I'm going to go deep and I'm Going to speak how I got here because Everybody thinks it's all about the Money in crypto I didn't I became Wealthy not because of the money in Crypto because I came wealthy here and Wealthy here so I love you guys I Appreciate you as we always say Warriors Rise get your [ __ ] together let's Go


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