Ripple/XRP-David Schwartz-Reveals Strategic Moves & Reveals AMMs,Top/Down vs Bottom/Up

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Welcome back to the show check out the Headlines we got for you today it is David Schwarz reveals strategic moves And explains automated market makers in A way you probably have never heard it Before and top down bottom up we got That so much more somebody roll that Beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on in Welcome back to the show you can follow Us on Twitter and YouTube for exclusive Content right now it's $1.62 trillion do Market cap for crypto the market is off By 1.1% Bitcoin 39,800 plus ethereum 2,200 plus tether market cap is 95.6 Billion plus we see xrp at the number Six spot at0 50 cents off by 1% on the 24h hour but off by 9.3 fre on the 7 Day Range of price very quickly surprisingly Is actually trading very tight between 05068 on the bottom and 0 5189 on the Top we will keep an eye on it I want to Remind you right now link to has Ripple Available on the board you're going to Love it if you want some you should get Some because it's not readily available All the time and we know at some point This case could end for ripple in this Year they're they're projecting and if So I would look for them to do pick up That uh the the notion of going public As Brad Ging house has mentioned you Know this is the opportunity right

Now you know it's not Financial advice But I just want to say to people whether You're in crypto or blockchain and this Crypto winner we've been in we're coming Out of this crypto winter sooner rather Than later I believe and it's a moment Like this where real wealth is made not When you take gains you have no gains to Take if you're not accumulating in Moments like this my digital Perspectives not Financial Advice now here's some incredible Perspectives right here and I want to Shout out to Tony Edward who had a great Interview and conversation with David Schwarz here now I played this yesterday But I want to play uh this Quick Clip Just a level set for anybody that missed This yesterday and then we have another Clip where we're going to hear from David talk about other strategies Revealed that they're pursuing at Ripple It's you're going to love it here we go What what are you looking forward to This Year Uh well reg regulatory Clarity Resolutions of the lawsuit obviously Would you Know be there there there is some Reasonable chance that that that Ripple's lawsuit with the SEC will be Res will be resolved in 2024 um still Could be appeals I suppose I mean

Whether that would be resolved I don't Know um uh big big on big big on um sort Of scaling at the blockchain layer I Think right now people can't really Innovate right at the blockchain layer And Technologies like side chains and Some of the some of the zero knowledge Proof stuff um will enable people to Innovate more sort of right at that Lowest layer and enable more scalability Uh just getting more people into the Ecosystem I think is is is is the Biggest is is the biggest thing like we Have to create user experiences that That are compelling to people and I'm Hoping I'm hoping that we can do that on The xrp ler side I'm hoping the amm Amendment will eventually activate Decentralized identity doesn't seem uh All that controversial um and seeing Things like carbon markets and tokenized Securities I think one of the problems Particularly so like in the United States and in most of Europe like we're Over served with financial products like We have access to everything like I can Invest in anything I want right on my Right on my phone with an app but There's a lot of people who don't have Those opportunities and and they Basically their choic is to stuff cash In a mattress or or not you know and Giving them access to tokenized Securities and giving them access to

Things like collateralized lending um Obviously they would be on the so that's The other interesting thing so like when You think about collateralized lending Or centralized lending you often tend to Think about like rich people having a Tax efficient way to like access their Crypto profits that's not super you know That that that's not what what I that's Not the way I want to change the world But if you think about it from the other Side of the sort of lowrisk loan For a person who can get a return who Might not have access to other Financial Products or services like that's really That's really big and it is really big Banking the unbanked basically right Allowing them to plug into the world we Live in now so they can begin to Participate in buying assets themselves He is absolutely right it it is a Massive massive thing and it's coming in A big way now Ripple CTO reveals Strategic moves into a 10 TR trillion Crypto custody Market with Medico in HSBC let's go to this clip where he Touches on a lot of that here great Conversation go watch this whole Interview with Tony Edwards and David Schwarz take a listen news of uh ripples Acquisition of Medico last year and uh Then partnering with HSBC what can you Tell us there and is HSBC going to be Using ripplet or The xrp Ledger in any

Way that has been I I mean that was so That was so exciting you know we knew we Needed some sort of a custody solution We you know trying to Ripple trying to Be like a sort of One Stop Shop for Institutional adoption of crypto and Trying to provide a platform that would Provide access to the xrp ledger to Tokenization to payments particularly Like there had to there had to be a Secure custody solution in there Somewhere and so we were looking for we Looked at many different companies and Then uh in may we acquired Medico was a Huge acquisition a quarter of a billion Ripple's largest acquisition ever and Um um you know obviously it was a Fant It was kind of funny because when you First do an acquisition you're not Exactly sitting on the same side of the Table as the company that you're Acquiring and everybody's afraid to say Something it will blow up the deal Listen to this this is amazing he's Giving you inside energy about what it's Like to sit down and do an acquisition With another company this is a very real Element you're hearing here this is Amazing that he's sharing this like this Nothing secretive it's just this is the Kind of level of tension when you're Trying to acquire or merge with another Entity like if somebody has a crazy had This crazy idea of something do like

That's a terrible idea let's not chire You know everybody's on pins and needles That they're not going to blow up the Deal and I remember our first meetings After the deal was closed when we were All sitting on the same side of the Table and I I really have to say we Found a bunch of Kindred Spirits I mean They've just been an amaz amazing group Of people to work with the technology They've built is incredible you know Custody is a massive Market you know Something like10 trillion do by 2030 and You know the increases in Tokenization you know mean that that's Just going to grow and institutions are Going to be are going to be like the Main the main drivers so you need you Know someplace to store it if there's Cbdcs if there's stable coins you know If those things become big as we think They will people are going to need Places to store them they're going to Need connections to onr and off Rams Payments liquidity Services it's it's Kind of all going to tie in it's kind of Like the same thing that Banks um Learned you know in the early days of Ripple another thing I learned talking To Banks is that a lot of banks don't Care about payments seriously like you Might think well what do banks do what They say is we want you to like deposit Your money with us and sort of leave it

Here and payments are expensive and They're slow and customers complain when We can't do them well so we just won't Be very good at payments we'll be a Great bank but not very good at payments And what they learn very quickly is that That like you're not nobody why would I Keep my money at a bank that does isn't Good at payments and what they Discovered is that if I don't keep my Money at a bank I'm not going to go to The bank for a loan you know it used to Be if you needed a loan you would go to Your local bank that you had a personal Relationship with virtually Nobody Does That anymore right right like the world Has changed and I think the same thing Happens with custody like if you want to Get all these Associated Businesses like you're going to go to The place that has cryptocur like you're Going to look for their liquidity Services their payment services their Connectivity to onramps and off-ramps That's going to be the first place that You're going to look and so by adding Custody that's going to make Ripple the Leading Enterprise solution provider in The space so um you know I'm I'm just I'm just so super excited about that HSBC um they plan to offer a custody Service for digital assets to their Clients so it's kind of like a it's kind Of like a a layered a layering service

And listen to what he says about this About the layering service this makes so Much sense about how it can come Together much quicker for the fin Financial industry when everyone else Doesn't have to build out their own Solution from Zero to Hero take a listen Here where HSBC is using some technology For custody and that sort of makes them Able to provide a custody a sort of Relay custody service to their clients What's great about that is HSBC can do The sort of compliance part for them so I if I keep my money at a bank I'm Almost completely reliant on the bank's Compliance to make sure that like I Don't fund terrorists or I don't receive Money from like I don't have to have my Own compliance Department have a bank Account because my bank account is an Institution that has all those things Now with cryptocurrencies many people Will self- custody like I'm just not Worried about all that stuff they don't Have to have a compliance Department Because they don't have a regulatory Burden but if you're an institution that Has a regulatory burden it doesn't make Sense for every institution that wants To hold cryptocurrency to have its own Crypto cryptocurrency compliance like Department that's re obviously they're Still going to they're going to have Something because they have to monitor

But they to actually build out all of Those Services doesn't make sense so Layering is just like a very logical way To do that um and they're looking at Things like digital asset Insurance um They're looking at tokenized Commodities Like gold um so I think those are Tokenized securities um HBC is extremely Interested in those types of Those types of um projects their Orion Project which was to tokenized Gold So it is it's it's it's extremely Exciting it's strategically important to Ripple and I I think we're still in the Process of processing exactly how the Strategic like Ripple had strategies That they were working on that required Custody but Medico has so much more than They have those things of layered Services with compliance they have this Possibility for a tokenization platform This integrating it with payments and Liquidity and I think we're still Thinking through exactly you know we Know what Ripple brings to the table we Know what Medico brings to the table Obviously the two of them together is a Is great but then what's the extra What's the Synergy that you get I think We're still in the process of figuring Out how we can adjust Ripple strategy And Medico strategy to take advantage of What the other can provide listen to This part right here um it's going to be

Interesting to see I wish I could talk About some of those ideas because They're great but I you're nothing Nothing's very little is finalized yet So that's something and again we Couldn't really do that until us and Medico were on the same side of the Table that's true you couldn't do it Till the deal was done you know and We're totally willing to give the crazy Share the crazy ideas and the bad ideas As well as the good ones without having To worry about blowing up you know a Quarter of a billion dollar Deal and that is what it's like right That is what it's like and it's so Exciting pursuing insurance for digital Assets banks are looking into this Tokenization of gold tokenization for Securities this is the stuff I've been Waiting to see and hear this is the real Reason I'm in this space right yes I Will take some profits at $5 10 and 20 And all of that stuff too but yeah I'm Here for seeing the things unfold in the Traditional markets that will have the Potential to allow XR P to run to four To five digits at some point in the Future and I've never been the kind of Person who says it's going to happen Next Tuesday or anything like that you Know but you guys know my conviction is Here and I want to talk to you um about A top down bottom up strategies that

David has talked about before but we'll Get to that in a second very quickly Here I want to share this with you Because CTO uh David Schwarz explains Passive income potential with xrp and The onset of the approved approval of The xrp Ledger automated Market maker Vote that's happening right now and uh And there's a great thread too on my Post or wrath a Comon that you could Follow where it actually takes that and And breaks it apart here but I'll just Give you This and he breaks down exactly like Someone ask him like you know is it safe Kind of thing you know what is the risk Of losing your xrp David says unless There's a bug or flaw in the automated Market maker implementation it is Supposed to be impossible for a Particular invariant to be broken by That by the admittedly weird standard of That invariant it is not supposed to be Possible to lose when you provide Liquidity to an automated Market maker Depositing into its pools you get Liquidity tokens these are known as LP Tokens they are specific to the Automated Market maker whose pools you Contributed to you can measure at any Time the value of those tokens in this Very strange way the square root of how Much of the first asset you get if you Redeem your tokens times how much of the

Second asset you get if you redeem your Tokens divided by the number of Liquidity tokens you currently have the Automated Market maker strategy is the Is to only permit this value to increase Listen to that regardless of prices of The underlying Assets this particular strategy was Chosen because it should be able to turn Volatility into an increase in actual Value of the tokens over any period of Time in which the ending value of the Tokens is the same as the starting value This does not however prevent a loss in Actual value for example if today you Get one xrp and $1 for your tokens and Tomorrow you get a15 xrp and a15 for Your tokens the automated Market maker Strategy works that constant went up From 1 to 105 however if the price of Xrp in dollars is lower than your Position lost value though not as much As if you just held xrp because you'd Still be making fees right so the plus Is by this weird metric it should be Impossible to lose value you could turn Volatility into yield you can get some Yield by providing people who are Willing to pay a spread to trade you Don't lose as much if the value of one Of the underlying assets drops because You sell all the way down and so hold Less of the dropping asset at the bottom The minus is however uh if the prices of

The assets goes up you don't make as Much as you would if you held the Underlying assets because you sell all The way up no particular yield is Guaranteed you can lose money if the Price Goes Down And while you'll make it Back if they go back up there's no Guarantee that will happen you have Exposure to at least two assets and even One if it's a even one and even if one Is a stable asset like USD there's Counterparty risk it's always possible Some bug in the amm implementation or Xrp Ledger issue causes something Unexpected now uh there was also down Here here's an unrealistic example to Give you the general idea he says say Some xrp is 50 Cent straight line drops To 40 cents then climbs straight line Back up to 50 cents this is a worst case For that price movement because it's a Minimum possible volatility let's assume Half a percent pool spread and you put Into the pool 2 xrp one USD worth $2 on A straight line drop to 40 C your Liquidity token should wind up being Redeemable for about 89 and $2 234 for Xrp that's only worth $1 179 on the Bright side if you just held $2 as xrp It'd be down $160 now when xrp gets back to 50 in a Straight line our stating assumption Your liquidity tokens are redeemable for 99 and the

$2.33 xrp worth $2.7 So you made a gain of. 35 BP even though The final price of xrp is the same as The starting price realistically if a Digital asset has such a large drop in Price followed by such a large gain in Price there will be lots of smaller Rises and falls inside that movement the More of them that can be captured the Better their automated Market maker does Remember the automated Market maker is Squashing out the slippage and arbit Arrage right for example let's say Instead of the 05044 50 price Movement we imagine that The alternates dropping by two and going Back up by 1 to 40 and then alternates Increasing by two and going back by one To get back to 50 in that case we hit 50 Cents and the final result is that your Liquidity tokens are redeemable by for 1 And 2.5 xrp a gain of 12.5 BP Note that this assumes the automated Market maker can capture the volatility But doesn't assume anyone takes the Pools liquidity at cost it just assumes Arbitragers perfectly Arbitrage the Trading anytime they can make a notional Profit if people are willing to pay the Spread of course the pool would make a Larger gain than if they're not again This assumes that the prices of the

Assets come back so there's more and More that this breaks down um in here And it's absolutely fantastic but the The big takeaway for all of us is you Got to be careful you got to be careful But let's talk very quickly about the Top down bottom up and China all testing Out the digital currencies how you Gearing up for the disruption of money With Central Bank digital currencies how Will it change the way you and other Banks operate in future uh probably Fundamentally uh while we're not Formally involved and no foreign banks Are involved in the in the Chinese ecny Uh I think we're as close to that as we Can be uh to understand how that digital Currency can be used for crossborder Trade uh going back five years we had Digital currency underpinned uh trade Finance and money settlement systems and Using as a medium of exchange using Things like Ripple's xrp for example as A now that might be six years or more Now the CEO Standard Charter says that They Underpinned with Xrp five or six years ago Now David Schwarz talked about the top Down strategy and how they kind of you Know bit off a lot with the banks and Banks are slow to change and then they Started you know well maybe we should go With the Grassroots up you know what is

Better bottom up or bottom up or top Down I think what we're witnessing is Both at the same Time and I think the Log Jam And the suppression is obviously the Lack of clarity and Regulation people would argue well There's a lot of other networks that Have Builders flocking to the network Just look at ethereum well you're Absolutely Right and you know why there's a lot of Builders on Ethereum because it got a fake free Pass and that perceived regulatory Clarity and Acceptance was an all clear full steam Ahead for every Builder that wanted to Build somewhere they perceived to be Safe and not too long from now we're Going to have the final piece of this Puzzle finished in this case with the SEC versus Ripple maybe even this year As Davis says maybe even this Year and imagine what it looks like once We have legal finality in this case and Then clear legislation for stable coins In the United States of America to go Along with joining the rest of the world Like Ma and the 27 countries in the EU that's going to do it for me ladies And gentlemen this is getting very Exciting top down bottom up guess what Let's get regulatory Clarity and

Legislative Clarity and we'll just all Meet in the middle not Financial advice To me or anyone else it's time for us to Go into the freedom Zone ladies and Gentlemen let me tell you something one Of the best crypto predictions from the Most unlikely source and it's going to Happen right now in the freedom Zone all You got to do is come on in and join us We'll see you inside we're getting Started right Now


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