XRP: Things Are About TO GET FUN

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Hello this is Matt on the moon family Sedan Channel and my fellow xrp holders I think we're at the point where things Are probably about to get really really Fun and of course obviously we've got The conclusion of the secv Ripple case Unless you know little asterisks there's Something that would result in appeals Ultimately which makes this drag on for Years oh please don't let that happen But setting that aside assuming we get Some sort of positive outcome here wow Could really be Off to the Races in Terms of xrp price appreciation and I Think we're all speculating on that Right if that's one of the things that We're considering is that if if even if Ripple loses as long as there's a path Forward in the United States for xrp xrp Goes on a tear so we've got that to look Forward to but in addition to that What's more probable than not although Admittedly not certain is that we're in The beginning stages of a bull market It's just hard to know it but you know When you're living in the moment because Like let's think back to the previous Market side these all the the Bitcoin Bottom December 15 2018 at about 3 200 Bucks well you didn't know the following Day for sure that you were actually the Beginning of a bull market and I think We're in a similar position right now But this is why things are in a phase

Where it's going to get potentially real Fun or real fast relatively speaking of Course but uh before going further I do And be clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for a foot now I know that we had a red day yesterday But I think we know why and it's not a Big deal now as I'm recording this mind You xrp is at 40 cents Bitcoins at 22 920 bucks market cap for the asset class Still over a trillion in Bitcoin Dominance at 41.77 so you know even Despite the you know the downward price Action yesterday Um actually honestly we pretty well Recovered from it you know if xrp has Anyway Bitcoin hasn't quite as much but If you like here's uh for those who care The look this is a 24-hour xrp chart It's like looks about the same for Bitcoin uh it's slightly recovered it's Not all the way back up to where it was But but still and here's a crypto fear And green index despite that pullback Still at 51 out of 100 so no longer in Greed it was at 61 out of 100 yesterday So Market participants literally uh back In agreed yesterday but still uh 51 out

100 that's still neutral so what Actually prompted all this well here's a Headline from decrypt which I think Pretty well Nails it Bitcoin ethereum Prices fall as Market braces for more Fed rate hikes and this is the thing Folks that I've been saying uh you know Even though on the surface somebody not Into crypto I think how how does this How could this possibly impact crypto Directly well it does and the reason is And I like that the author of this Article recognized this crypto moves in Tandem with stocks and stocks React to What happens in terms of uh quantitative Easing or tightening with the Fed So anyway peace reads as follows Bitcoin Has dropped taking the rest of the Crypto Market with it as Traders De-risked ahead of the federal reserve's Wednesday announcement where the central Bank is expected to continue uh to hike Interest rates so I was positive note Yeah I don't think that we're going to See them stop hiking interest rates when The news breaks tomorrow we'll see what They have to say But it's a possibility that you could See a lower increase than what we Previously saw and this article that's Why I think this article pretty well Nails it Um let me scroll down a little bit I Need to cover literally the whole thing

Oh yeah here we go check out this uh the Crypto Market is following U.S equities As it typically does and I'm always Highlighting that the the nail here and Stocks have been hit hard today the S P 500 is down 45 points are 1.1 percent to 4025. the tech heavy NASDAQ has dropped 198 points or 1.7 percent to 11 423. So again the fact that crypto went down Today has nothing to do with anything Specific to crypto has nothing to do With long-term viability of any Cryptocurrency not Bitcoin at xrp Doesn't matter the asset class moves in Tandem and so that's why it's so Worthwhile to be aware of these things Because you don't need to be scared when Stuff like this happens it is what it is Nothing goes up in a straight line Forever In crypto markets really good at Absolutely scaring the hell out of Humans and causing them to panic sell uh To their own Financial demise that Historically that's just what these Markets have done but on the flip side There has always been and still I firmly Believe continues to be that true that Very real opportunity for the everyday Person to achieve life-changing wealth In a way that has never been possible Before so yeah it's not like there's no Risk of course there is but it to Recognize the opportunity is real too

Anyway peace continues Traders are Shifting risky assets because the Federal Reserve is this week expected to Continue its aggressive monetary policy In order to get inflation under control In the United States the FED last year Raised interest rates seven times making Risky assets assets that can be volatile Like Bitcoin OR tech stocks less Attractive investors instead retreated To greenbacks and today the U.S dollar Experienced gains the US dollar Index Was up 0.32 percent money well wouldn't You know it once you know that it's good For the dollar and everything else went Down it's pretty clear to see what's Going on here right guys Peace continues America's Central Bank Started off last year aggressively Upping interest rates by 75 basis points Four times but it then slowed down by Raising rates by only 50 basis points Yeah so that was positive that was as of Last month the most recent meeting and These meetings are multi-day event so Actually it technically started Yesterday and I guess it just goes Through today and then the announcement Presumably like they reported here would Be made on Wednesday in a peace Continuous market and now analysts Expect an even smaller increase this Time around with most predicting a rate Hike of 25 basis points higher interest

Rates make borrowing more costly and Mean that people eventually spend less Yeah so um I don't I don't pretend to Know what the Hike's going to be I I I'd Be shocked if there weren't I I'd truly Be shocked if they went from 50 basis Points that yeah everything's fine now I Don't think that's the pivot some people Are actually thinking might happen or Just okay great I don't think that's Happening I don't very shocked so I Don't know if it's going to be 50 basis Points or 25 basis points but probably One of those And honestly even if you're still hiking Interest rates if it's going in that Direction and still 25 basis points I I Don't know why the market would see that As a negative if anything that should be A positive heading in the right Direction So we'll see here then there is this Charge just a bitcoin price chart shared By a chart analyst income charts who Wrote The Following And he's got the right mindset that's For damn sure it says Bitcoin one red Candle doesn't undo 30 days of up only Price action I'm only in shorts to hedge My lungs and spot I can't wait to close Them and write up another long with Those profits we still haven't even Broken major support yeah so some of the Bears came back out on social media just

A little bit They thought it was okay to stop Hibernating but uh It's one day after a month of almost Nothing but positive upward price action And then there was also this from Char Analyst uh kalio who wrote Bitcoin Something like this makes sense and you Can see that even though we just had This down action he's showing in terms Of what to expect uh in the near term Especially over even the next week he's Thinking that Bitcoin is going to be Surpassing twenty five thousand dollars So not gonna necess if he's right not Gonna have to wait that much longer to See some that seriously positive price Action and then um I also wanted to Mention there are there's no shortage of Financial fools out there who are famous And they're alleged gurus but don't know What they're talking about that have Claimed that the reason we've seen uh You know price action for Bitcoin and Crypto at large to the upside is due to Manipulation you've seen that from the Likes of Peter Schiff you know you've Seen that from Jim Cramer who says that Xrp is a giant con that's a quote these People are fake gurus who don't know What the hell they're talking about when It comes to this stuff they absolutely Are clueless and don't under especially In the case of Jim Cramer he literally

Doesn't he hasn't even researched he's He's evidenced by the stupid words that Come out of his mouth that he doesn't Know what he's taught but hasn't Researched it but he sure has some Strong opinions that he shares with tons Of people right and so manipulation so The reason that Bitcoin went up and Everything else filed because it all Moves in tando due to manipulation okay Is that right well then explain this Chart this chart is shared by analyst Will Clemente it's a Bitcoin it's Regarding bitcoin's hash rate the Computational power of of the entire Bitcoin Network the entire Bitcoin Blockchain and here's what will Clemente Had to say Bitcoin's hash rate is on an absolute Tear right now not only is the absolute Value at all-time Highs but this is also The most aggressive 30-day increase ever But hey it's it's almost it's just Manipulation that's what Jim Craver says Right oh my God I can't believe people Actually respect the opinions of that That damn fool he does not know what the Hell he's talking about here and so this Is one just one on-chain metric that you Can look at and say huh well it sure Doesn't look like manipulation it looks Like actual uh an actual Network Behaving in a way that you know given The price that we've seen shouldn't be

That surprising shouldn't be that Surprising at all you know it's not like They're just a a few very large Transactions and that manipulate the Price somehow in a particular direction Look at the computing power of the Blockchain Freaking Jim Cramer what a damn fool Ain't nobody got no damn time for that And then there's this from the daily Huddle so despite the negative price Action that we saw yesterday uh I don't Think it's gonna matter in fact if There's good news after the the you know The FED meeting uh you know after uh the Announcements made tomorrow well you Could be off to the races again anyways But look at this headline from the daily Hollow because look at what's happened Recently The headline is institutions pour Capital into Bitcoin at highest rate Since July of last year Well how about that Or is that manipulation to Jim Cramer is That is that manipulation with xrp the Giant con hmm And Indian so Even though xrp is unquestionably for a Ton of reasons my very favorite Cryptocurrency happens to be my largest Crypto holding so it's the one uh for Tons of reasons that I'm most interested In uh bitcoin's lead in the market I'm

Still happy to see it I've been a Bitcoin holder since November of 2017 And this is what you should expect and We should desire is Bitcoin money flows Into Bitcoin and then ultimately it ends Up getting into other large cap coins And then mid cap coins and small cap and Then rinse and repeat this is what you Expect to see uh based on historical uh Price action in crypto markets this is Good to see it's another indication that History's kind of kind of rhyming with Itself that's what I want to see that's What you should want to see I think Anyway peace reads as files digital Assets manager coin chairs says large Institutional investors are pouring Money into Bitcoin at rates not seen in The last six months In its latest digital asset fun flow's Weekly report coin shares finds that Institutional investors are pouring Money into the digital asset markets After a long dry spell pause what were We told by all the doomsday people uh in November after FTX collapse oh my God The institutions they're never going to Be putting money into crypto we're Set back five to ten years five to ten Years right how many people did you see Say crap like that to me it was just Silliness it's it's not that there's Some sort of inherent problem with Crypto that was just discovered as by

Institutions no no it said there was an Outright fraudster a scammer who ran a Ponzi scheme and it collapsed because The SEC didn't do its damn job and Sniffing that out even though uh SBF was Literally meeting with Kim jong-ginsler In person So that's the problem And so maybe you get some institutions That are uh you know because you look There's enough humans on the planet You're going to get a little bit of all Types of reaction but in a general sense Is this gonna for five to ten years set Back crypto no maybe there are a few Individual firms you could anecdotally Point out be like yeah after that we're Not going to move forward okay fine find A few that say that and you'll probably Find you know a few dozen that feel Differently for everyone that you find That actually has that silly position And I haven't even seen any that have Articulated such a position but even if You can find one I'm just saying it's Very clear this is just data the money's Flowing in folks nothing's broken Forever but look at this quote from them Digital asset investment products saw U.S 117 million dollars in inflows last Week the largest since July 2022 while Total assets under management have risen Uh to U.S 28 billion up 43 percent from Their November 2022 lows the focus was

Almost entirely on bitcoin which saw U.S 116 million dollars in infos last week Although there were also minor inflows Into short Bitcoin just 4.4 million Though end quote Looks good to me folks and this is about What you'd expect all this silliness From Jim Cramer and all the doomsday Series ah we're set back five ten years On crypto because of the FTI saying no That never made any damn sense and Here's increasing quantities of evidence That I can share with you on the moon Family sedan Channel and that's what I'm Doing because it's my channel damn it And I do what I want I'm not a financial Advisor you should not buy yourself Anything because of anything I say or Right so that would be a very very very Bad idea until next time to the Moon Family sedan

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