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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel I've got three stories to share With you in this latest Moon Lambo Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Jam starting with this One uh here's the headline from the Crypt basic here are top signs that Ripple is preparing to go public with an IPO now the thing about that is they're Not and I will explain why but um well I'll explain some of the speculation as To why but um attorney Jeremy Hogan Covered this publicly he's the first Person I've seen publicly speak out About this and so at the time I'm Recording this Crypt media hasn't picked This up yet there's just a bunch of Stories talking about why there will be An IPO uh but I'm here to tell you Emphatically there there will not be an IPO not anytime soon anyway uh there was Also this headline from the Crypt basic Speculation suggests Google is running An xrp Ledger node here are facts um and This is another one where like I think Some People readily make too many assumptions I'll just leave it at that for the Moment um and then I I'll wrap up the Video uh by briefly speaking about uh Sam bankman freed or excuse me I said His name wrong for some reason scam Bankr run fraud SBF as you all know he Um he's been found guilty on all seven Counts he was charged with in the first

Trial so he's going to be going to Prison for uh potentially his much as 110 years but almost certainly at least X number of decades at least a few Decades he's also got another trial Coming up the first part of next year so Just going to get worse for him in All Likelihood but Um how many of you listening believe That SPF is going to be pardoned by United States President Joe Biden how Many of you listening believe that is Probable well I put a poll out there and I If you're like me you're going to be Shocked by the Numbers you're absolutely Going to be shocked at how many people Think SPF who just got found guilty of These horrendous Financial crimes how Many people actually think that he's Just going to get off scott freest even Though that just happened because of a Presidential B but before going further I do want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell any Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Rel At topics but just as a hobby and just For fun all right so and as far as this First story goes about the the Ripple IPO uh no need to really read through

This actual article they're just given Reasons why they thought that the the Ripple IPO was probably going to happen And the speculation actually a lot of it I don't even find it Unreasonable um I think it's pretty Clear that Ripple has had intent to have An IPO and it's not that it necessarily Um wouldn't happen I'm just telling you For sure unquestionably it's it's off The table now and so there was um crypto Lulu he's Lewis Jack and he shared this Post with a video on on social media Platform X and he wrote the biggest sign Of a ripple IPO coming and that was on November 2nd so a couple days ago that Was reposted by attorney Jeremy Hogan And he wrote having watched ripple at Work these last three years I'm a big Fan good management team large Vision Dedicated employees and I guess their CTO is okay too that's why I am a proud Ripple preo owner thanks link 2 and Link 2 is the firm that he obviously got that From that's why you would be thanking Them and then he provided an update this Is just uh within the last few hours he Wrote this from attorney Jeremy Hogan he Wrote well no sooner did I repost the Signs Ripple will IPO soon video than a Friend told me and showed me that Ripple Just said that it has no plans for an IPO in the near future so if you you are Looking for to own pre-ipo shares you

Better have some patience now I haven't Talked to attorney Jeremy Hogan about This uh but I I will tell you that Somebody showed me a document so I I Would guess that it's probably the same Thing that he saw somebody did show me In confidence um proof that um that that Ripple has decided not to move forward With an IPO at this time and I'm not Really going to say a whole lot more Than that just because it was shared in Confidence and so out of respect for the Individual that shared that with me of Course I'm not going to divulge that Stuff any any conversation I have with Anybody in direct message or email or Anything like that uh I I just I always Want to just respect the individual and The I think that that's how we should Operate just in society in general the Default should be I'm not going to Divulge to anyone else these Conversations unless getting permission First so I'm not going to do that uh but I I can absolutely verify that it does Come from the very top of the company uh That they are not so as far as the Reasons nobody knows that I can tell you And this is not speculation this is 100% Fact I I did see this with my own eyes As did attorney Hogan it's IPO is not Happening um now this is kind of curious Though and all we can do is speculate at This point right um so so on this topic

I don't have any super duper top secret Information beyond That but Um recall that earlier this year Ripple Went on a roacho so that's what you do Uh when you're pre-ipo and you know You're smoo in and you're trying to find The investors perhaps that you know they Got the Deep Pockets maybe they're going To throw a little little bit of change Away and so it's basically a big sales Pitch right and so they were doing that Earlier this year and so I I think that There actually is a lot of evidence that They were going that direction and so Now we can only speculate so why is it That the IPO for sure now isn't Happening at least in the short term and And look and I'll say this too just be Clear I do believe at some unknown point In the future and it could be way out From now I do believe there will be a Ripple IPO I do believe that's a virtual Certainty but this is not the Environment for it so well why wouldn't This be the environment I mean we just Got the the big win with uh Ripple and You know xrp having legal Clarity true But despite that what about what's going On uh with the SEC just in general is There an appetite for this right now Well thankfully you know not that Ripple Needs it I mean Ripple's been very Public uh you know the last figure I

Think they publicly stated that they Have and terms of you know on their Balance sheet is $1 billion that's was Probably a couple years ago so suffice It to say they've got more money than They know it to do with at this Particular moment in time right so so The good news is they don't need the IPO They don't need to raise Funds but um you know the the fact that This isn't going forward after they went On a road show that would make you think That it's a failure but wait a minute How could how could the road show where They're trying to pitch people on the Idea hey buy into to Ripple the how Could that have been a failure well it's Sure as hell I speculate would not be Because of Ripple the company something They're doing wrong I think Ripple the Company's probably going to be worth of Fortune and I don't own any but and I Also think xrp is going to be worth of Fortune that's that's my like you guys Know that about me right have you heard I own xrp but um but it could purely be Because of the envir I mean look at what Happened with Coinbase you know look there there's Still a fight going on there there there Is a certain level of uncertainty so the Question would be is this the right time And so it's not even necessarily Something negative about ripples per se

In fact I I I'd be I'd be shocked if That's the case because Ripple's a great Company obviously and I I do think it's Going to end up doing well but I think It's just the case that we we're just G To have to wait a little bit longer to See something like that so if you're Counting on that impacting the price of Xrp probably going to have to hold your Breath and wait a little bit longer but But um you know may I don't know who Knows maybe Ripple will say something About this publicly but I know I just I'm not necessarily counting on that and They don't owe us anything either you Know um and then there was also this From the Crypt Basics speculation Suggests Google is running an xrp Ledger Node here are the Facts audible sigh speculation is Rife Within the xrp community as some Community figures suggest that Multinational technology giant Google Might have begun running an xrp Ledger Node Edward Farina head of social Adoption at xrp Healthcare first made These claims in a recent post on X Farina shared a screenshot detailing a List of computers running xrpl nodes the Version of xrpl they are on and their IP Address notably an IP lookup indicates That the IP address of one of the Systems on the list is hosted by Google Revealing Google LLC c as the internet

Service provider ISP and noting that the Associated organization is Google upon Upon stumbling on this discovery finina Swiftly asserted that Google had joined Microsoft to run xrpl nodes it Bears Mentioning that Microsoft already runs An xrpl validating node through its Azure boss I don't know if that's how It's intended say it's lron ba a Blockchain as a service uh product the Recent discovery has triggered Speculation on of Google's involvement So upon reading this I was instantly Doing one of those eye rolls audible Size face Palms all that all at once um And I'll explain why in just a second But first of all as far as Google having Some sort of interest in Ripple and Potentially Xrp that that part's not crazy in fact That dates back to 2016 at least here's A headline from CNBC September 15th 2016 over a year before I jumped into Crypto the headline is Google backed Blockchain startup Ripple raises $55 Million from Big Banks and so Google's Been backing ripple from the beginning Well aware of xrp and so it wouldn't be Crazy for them if if they're actually Doing this is this actual proof though No it is not and so here's the post from Edo forino he wrote Boom and the reason it took me so long To say that is because there's a lot of

O's and he's got the little bomb emoji And they said following Microsoft steps More recently Google is currently Running xrpl I just that's a big claim Without actual evidence I guess he just Somehow thought that was evidence but I Knew instantly that there is a high Probability that doesn't prove it one Way or another and so I'm not making a Claim that it is or isn't true I'm Saying that he shouldn't be making the Claim that it is or isn't true why well This article thankfully laid it out Perfectly because this is exactly what Was flowing through my head there are a Lot of more rational explanations than This is Google the piece reads as follows However it is important to note that When the IP address of a computer Running an xrp Ledger node shows Google Google LSC as the ISP and a location Pertaining to Google it doesn't Necessarily mean that Google itself is Running the node there are a few Possible explanations for this first the User may be using a hosting service or Cloud provider from Google many hosting Providers including Google Cloud offer Services where users can run virtual Machines and applications this can Result in an association of the IP Address with the hosting provider in This case Google

LLC the individual could be using a Proxy or a vpm virtual private Network That routes their traffic through Google Servers this can make it appear as if The IP address belongs to Google it's a Common practice for privacy and security Reasons the user may be operating The Xrp Ledger node from a data center that Leases IP addresses from Google LLC or Is in a facility related to Google's Infrastructure data centers often have IP address ranges associated with their Hosting provider moreover if Google was Operating an xrpl node an announcement On the development would have come up Similar to how the Microsoft case saw Public disclosure all right so that's The type of thing that instantly went in My head my I I didn't you know say I Were the one to come across this my First reaction wouldn't be to think About it further and ask for Verification on this or I would first Think to ask for you know the community Hey just found this uh can anybody Verify this or might there be another Explanation what I wouldn't do is Instead run and make the claim that it Is Google running this and then write Boom I wouldn't do that but what I keep Seeing from this particular account on X Is a lot of exciting sounding stuff a Lot of hype and then I just find that It's just not grounded in reality I

Don't know why he's doing it because I Just like I correct a lot of the stuff That he gets wrong on this channel Because I just want to spread what is Right so um if if he's operating in good Faith and not trying to just hype people And get people excited or trick people Uh he's sure doing a good job of fooling Me if that's his intent because I I just I can't explain it but it's so it's just So fre that's the reason you see him pop Up he's in the news all the time citing This stuff and thankfully the Crypt Basic um is is doing a a good job Certainly here in uh in in providing Rational explanations for this but there Are a lot of people that uh that that Saw this stuff you know that post from Him on X as the time at the time I'm Recording this has 60,000 Views so yes I feel obligated since I Have a platform where I talk about xrp And the xrp ecosystem heavily I feel Obligated to correct the mistakes that Are made and share my perspective in General but uh certainly like the word Got out there and it's it's just it's It's not adding it's not adding value Right nothing against him on a personal Level but I wish he'd stop doing that This type of stuff he doesn't need the Booms he doesn't need the unverified Stuff he should be more Curious and say Hey I found this thing uh can you guys

Verify this or not and then work as a Community to get to the truth that would Be cool that would be cool cuz I don't Have I don't have all the answers either But I'm a curious enough person to know That when I find something that seems Like big news I'd ask the question to The community hey here's what I found uh Could it be this might it be that Instead of doing the boom thing oh I'm Sorry the Boom do you think I'm scaring you at First when I do that because I'm saying It's like he's that's a really scary boo Boo no no no no no you just got to wait Because it's a bunch of O's in there Wait for the letter M and then you know It's not a boo it's a Boom they're like oh yeah Rejoice my Friends how about thatf I put out a poll Cuz look I caught wind on social media That uh there are a certain number of People just kept popping up people Saying yeah well of course yes SPF fine You know he's been found guilty on seven Counts you know prison sentence going to Be well he's not going to he's not going To be sentenced until oh what was the Date I think it was tentatively set for The later part of March but anyway so There's that a sentence of potentially Up to 110 years but then I'm seeing People with this negative stuff saying Yeah but uh he's just going to get a

Presidential pardon yeah Biden's going To Pardon him I'm just that's more of This stuff where I'm rolling my eyes oh My God so everybody's entitled to their Opinion as it turns out there a are a Ton of people that believe this so I'm Willing to bet that a lot of you Listening believe this stuff that's just My guess everybody's intitled their Opinion but and no offense if you Believe that you're entitled to your Position I think you hold a crazy view I To me and if I'll eat my words look I Could be wrong I'll eat my own words I'll play this clip I'll put it on my Channel I'll hunt it down but you guys Were right I was a crazy one right now I Was the wrong one I will do that Actually but I think that you guys are Going a bit far on this one I saw that Some people were saying this stuff but You also saw in the secv Ripple case People saying oh yeah well that judge Torres she you know she's just a puppet For the Masters out there and she's She's you know she's not going to rule In favor of xrp holders or Ripple or so On and so forth because she would have Ruled by now why is she waiting so long That's all that crap and then there are All the people that said that you know Um SPF he already paid off the Politicians he's not going to he's not Going to spend a day in prison after

This trial is over uh wrong on that Front also and then there's this will President B I put out a poll on social Media platform X I wrote Will President Biden pardon SPF at some point and the Poll's still going it's got a few more Hours but it's at the time I'm recording This it's got 1,114 votes which is a Fair enough sample size for a Non-scientific poll but Um 38.7% of the respondents say yes SPF is going to get a pardon from Biden And 61.3% are on my side and say no oh My God so I saw enough people writing This stuff on social media that I Thought it would be a notable percentage So to me I I don't know exactly what I Would have guessed if I thought about it Before putting this up maybe 10% because That would be sound really high to me This is almost 40% are you kidding Me for why like what is the L somebody Somebody that believes this artic at Your position in the comment section Bel I do want to know why you believe that This is plausible I I I know it's Technically possible of course Presidents I get it they they pardon People who have Shady pasts and done This or that okay but you're talking About one of the most public cases in History uh stole literally billions of Dollars you know you know you know who

Else was connected Bernie ma off he he Sure as hell wasn't ever going to get Pardoned some it's going to be different With SPF no look you don't just steal People's money give it to politicians And then the politicians think it'll be Good for their career if they're on the If if they're like supporting something Like who who who would who would who and I understand Biden's at the end of his His career if you want to call it that I Get that but do you really think that Knowing that in the public percep Perception of SBF he's going to go out One of his last Acts letting SPF out because reason what Are the reasons what does he get out of This because it's not the case it's not The case that they'll because look what What's the damage if they don't if if if Biden doesn't do it how does that harm Biden if you're talking about Self-interest because the theory is that There's some sort of self-interest for Biden if he's doing this if he doesn't Do it is is there harm to him you would Have to believe that there was there Were funds given to to uh you know the Political party in this case the Democrats and specifically it benefited Biden's agenda you'd have to actually Believe that um that that was the Reason that he' let him out but why but

There's no consequence if he doesn't Unless you think that in these meetings That he had with various politicians That it wasn't just a conversation about Various policy matters but during these Meetings with various politicians like Maxine Waters and even met with Gary Gins pick pick whoever I mean he's a Bureaucrat but you get what I'm saying Um you think that during these Meetings what did did SPF acquire some Shady information about these Individuals that's absurd if you think That so they're having a sit down Conversation about regulation what would Be good for FTX this or that and then And then they just these these Democrat Politicians and the bureaucrats like Guinsler they just lay out all their Dirty laundry so that then they can be Blackmailed by that is that how that Works is that is that what you guys Think is that do you think that that Makes sense no it does not make sense None of this makes sense it's not how Any of this works my God you guys are Cute out there if you believe this You're adorable you know I love you but It's just and everybody's entitled to Their opinion and look if I'm wrong I I Will humbly eat eat eat my own words but It's just it's over the top I get it Again I see the point that sometimes People who probably shouldn't have been

Pardoned they end up getting Pard okay So presidents have abused that fine butf With the public nature of that you know Into the tune of billions of dollars and That's going to help Biden's party How and there's going to be a Consequence if he doesn't do it how did Anybody think through this at all and Look if there's a good argument maybe I Didn't consider something you know me I'm open-minded if you have a good Argument I will see ground be like oh Yeah I hadn't considered that so if you Have an argument go ahead if it's just Wild speculation then I just got to put You in the camp of the people that said Judge torz was a puppet in the camp of People that said SPF won't be found Guilty because he paid off the Politicians I got to put you in that Camp unless you can articulate like a a Cogent thought process as to why this Actually makes sense so anyway I'll Leave it there well I'm always willing To be persuaded if you got something Drop in the comment section below I'm Not a financial adviser you should not Buy yourself anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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