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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out the headlines we have here for you This case SEC versus Ripple could be Over in 45 days or so we're going to Talk about that guess what else we're Going to talk about UK launches their Cbdc pound project and guess who smack Dab in the middle of it somebody wrote That beautiful intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.12 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrencies good afternoon Everybody we're up one and a half Percent Bitcoin right now 22 900 plus Ethereum 1600 plus tether market cap is 68.1 billion they say and 39 cents for Xrp ladies and Gentlemen let's take a Look at this as we get started right Here it is this it is the CEO of the Bank of America saying we are prepared For a possible U.S default Take a listen are you preparing Bank of America for a real possibility of a Default oh we have to be prepared for That not only in this country but in Every other countries around the world But we just hope it doesn't happen but You can't hope it's not a strategy so You prepare therefore you get ready to

Make sure you have the liquidity you Have the set up you know we have a lot Of consumers who get paid by the Government we have to make sure that That's all set up for them and the Waivers on their payments and fees and Things like that that's that's what we Do is we do it a natural disaster or Something else and so I think you know Hopefully you've heard both sides say That the idea is not to shut down the Government the idea is to have a strong Discussion about the question about how How high the debt should be we had to Put on a lot of debt the last couple Years to overcome the pandemic Dragon Economy and you know administrations From both sides I also speak did that And now it's at some point we've got to Start to figure out how that works in The future but right now we've got to Get past the issues of just getting Through the technical structure sounds To me like you are yeah and uh I'll tell You what it sounds like to me it sounds Like to me he's acknowledging that the United States cannot pay all the debt Back Now what have we talked about we talked About understanding that there is a Possibility at some point and we've Never pretended to know when That we could see a moment where there Has to be some kind of a default some

Kind of well the second bankruptcy of The United States of America We know when the first one happened I believe we're going to see this Because of the point that he made about All the money that's been printed in Just the last few years Let's keep moving This right here is a reminder Geopolitically Iran says its banks don't Need Swift anymore we know that they Have joined together with forces with Russia to obfuscate the Swift banking System look this this speaks to Bricks Is getting bigger Rush is on its own China and Russia got a payment system You know The world is absolutely moving to a new Place that it has never been before what It exactly looks like when we get there I can't know but I do know what I Believe at this point John Ray build FTX 690 thousand dollars for his services From November 11th to December 31st That's not bad work if you can get it It's just a tip of very big Iceberg About the hit FTX creditors it says here Lawyers and advisors have no incentive For a quick efficient resolution well I Bet that they don't and I bet that's Okay with John Ray at that kind of rate Finance says they're going to suspend U.S dollar deposits and withdrawals for International customers on February 8th

Well let's see if we can learn a little More here let's see what's going on CZ And the page wouldn't open so as it is Uh it comes back to Signature Bank right So we know this but again you know you Have to wonder if if these kind of Moments that we're witnessing lead to What we talked about in this morning's Video where we show Greg Kidd talking About USD tether right and things not Necessarily looking like they're on the Up and up in that regard You know again very quickly here I don't Get my needle stuck we have a lot of Great information to look at here but That you know are we to think that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is going to Build out on top of something like Tether without any repercussions at all I'll let you decide This right here is Jack McDonald from Poli-sci yeah and if you don't know Polycine has Arthur Britto and David Schwartz heavily involved obviously at Ripple in their time and certainly David Schwartz still at Ripple now CTO but Also here at Poly sign but what you want To hear in this clip is CEO Jack McDonald here lay down for you that There needs to be more than just the SEC Howie test and I like the way he's Saying it take a listen here we need Clarity on definition of the taxonomy of What these assets are using the how we

Test to determine what's the security in Many would argue and you can put me in This camp that I think it was used for An Orange Grove lawsuit back in the 50s I believe so arguably could use a bit of A refresh given all that's transpired Since then and by the way I think the Howie test has largely served the Industry well but I think we're into a New paradigm and so doing some grunt Work to update the test the litmus test And what's the security and what's not Would be super helpful and I think the Spill out of that will then properly put Regulation in one of the different Agencies I think the president's order From earlier this year essentially said There's a there there and go regulate it We've had some great first move sort of Legislative attempts from Senator Jill Brand and Loomis and others and really What they're doing is opening the box And saying let's start putting our Comments in here and let's work together Across the aisle to come up with some Prudent and informative regulatory Guidance for the industry and so we're All just looking to get started here and As I said earlier we've had some early Steps of progress midterm elections have A way of slowing that down but whether It's the SEC or the cftc appeals to me Like the SEC would be broader than the Cftc so probably better although not

Everything is going to be deemed to be a Security and so I don't know what you do With the Bitcoin or ethereum or an xrp You know once they adjudicate that so we Probably don't end up with one regulator Alone number one and number two there's Going to be an interesting mix or hybrid Solution between what's Federal and what State you know right now that's a really Great point there between the federal And state State and shout out to Jack McDonald for those comments and shout Out to link2 and Ray Fuentes for Bringing them to us look uh one of the Things I want to say here quickly is That poly sign I believe becomes one of These companies and of course it's not Financial advice right and you know you Can get it at link too right and all of That business and I am a shareholder of Poly sign and Link two but you know but The point is here that I'm making is This poly sign like I believe Ripple is Are becoming one of the these companies These entities to put the technology to Work to help really get everything Digitized into the fourth Industrial Revolution right you know it to Participate in this digital space you're Going to need to come to a company like Palestine let me just add this really Quickly too we wouldn't really have this Issue with FTX if poly sign were Custodying these assets third party for

Exchanges and things of that nature Right I mean that is one of the roles that They could serve So I see huge upside to a company like Polystyle being in this space and to the Point that he's making here it reminded Me when he was talking about whether It's the cftc or the SEC you guys know Broadly I believe the government right Side aisle left side of the aisle none Of us stopped none of them have gone out Of their way to stop Gary Gensler at This point from putting in the agenda That 90 plus percent of them of the Cryptocurrencies in this space are in Fact going to end up as digital asset Securities and he be he may be right About the majority of those But I believe he's wrong about Ripple And I believe that's where it comes back Down to the Howie test and what Steward Elder Roddy said when the case Originally came From the SEC against Ripple goodbye how We test hello Ripple test that's what Was said in 2015 the U.S government Concluded xrp was a virtual currency Last I checked the SEC is still part of The U.S government goodbye Howie test Hello Ripple test I think that's the Moment we're running to And to speak to that moment we're going To speak to it here in a second we got

To catch up on what is happening in Cases that are relevant that John Deaton Is happens to be participating in as an Amicus curate status right a friend to The court And here we have from Jim filen shout Out to Jim says uh in the library case The court has issued an order scheduling Additional discovery on remedies so we Know that the judge in the library cases Open transcript has said that secondary Market sales are not Securities but he Wouldn't rule on that so that's an Important distinction but it's also Important that he made that uh that uh Comment on Pub on transcript record Right for the court case so then here we Have Jeremy Hogan shares this shout out To him he says the SEC is seeking Discouragement against obviously Library Damages against library that is the Total of the LBC token sales minus Legitimate business expenses the fight Here is over what legitimate business Expenses there are LBC holders will end Up with a pack of gum and a paper clip In the end He's asked in this when do you think is The end of the xrp case from Tark And we're not going to hold Jeremy to This but I appreciate Jeremy sharing What he believes are his insights he Said about 45 days now or or at least For a ruling on whether xrp was sold as

A security or not Tell you what that to me just breathed Life into me because it doesn't Necessarily have to be it could be 60 Days it could be 70 80 days but just Hearing a legal analyst a lawyer Give that kind of overview made me feel A little more Uh I guess stronger it gave me a little More win in my sales I should say right And that's that's the important point And I think we're gonna put some more Wind in your sales where we get out of Here today and to all of that think About what we've all been through Shout out to Mr bxrp 1861 days since xrp hit its all-time High of 3.84 cents since then you could Have met the love of your life got Married had a baby and just celebrated Their fourth birthday I see a lot of Pain out there this hasn't been easy Much respect to all those who haven't Given up Absolutely well said Well set Pat on our backs John Deaton is filing Amicus brief in the zakanov versus Ripple case baby yeah you remember this This appeared to be a setup case to me Too the guy had xrp for like two weeks And sold it for a loss and said I want To sue Ripple it's just

Frivolous This is the way I see it But however The order granting John Deaton admission Pro hack Vice representing xrp holders In the U.S District Court of Northern District of California in re Ripple Labs Litigation versus Zack and off baby Make way Scoot over Because Here Comes The Field General You're damn right shout out to John deep Shout out to Jim he gives us the news as Well but I want to read to you what he Shares in here because it's about John Deaton filing the Amicus brief which is Zachanov versus Ripple in California Here he says they're asking the court to Certify a class of all xrp holders who Purchased and now hold xrp or who sold Xrp at a loss the proposed class would Include xrp holders worldwide including The 75 890 xrp holders around the world Who disagree with the plaintiff in this Acting off and says xrp is not a Security also the proposed class is not Limited to direct sales by Ripple and Includes all sales of xrp including Secondary sales and international sales Ladies and gentlemen in countries where Xrp has already been determined not to Be a security are you hearing this John Dayton will argue among other Things that the court court should not

Certify the class because of these Conflicts and because there is only a Small number of xrp holders who claim Xrp is an unregistered security while so Many xrp holders worldwide claim it's Not John Deaton will argue that those small Numbers of plaintiffs in the zakanov Case are a side of the case cannot Fairly represent so many who disagree With them including xrp holders in Places where xrp is not even considered A security This is a big deal ladies and gentlemen No doubt about it and the order is Granted We shall see how this unfolds coming Back to the Ripple case here ladies and Gentlemen Jeremy Hogan shares here with us Ripples And investment contract requires Post-sale obligations Argument is in front and center in Another sec action hopefully the Blue Sky law argument Ripple becomes a Tsunami That's what we want to see That's what we want to see and I tell You something while we're waiting to see All of that legally Once you get a look at this Yeah Bank of England launches its Digital pound cbdc project boy you're Gonna like it and let me tell you what

They released this from the bank of England today And this is really really going to be up Your alley you're going to like this a Lot Page 65 and here's a document we Confirmed it there's page 65. shout out To document and ripple but right here is The document cross-border Synchronization A joint project with ripple Demonstrating that synchronized FX Traction transactions in two different Simulated rtgs systems can be achieved Leading to incorporation of Synchronization functionality into the Road map for the renewal how about that We got look we know that ripples on the Digital pound Foundation this is more Evidence that not only they own it as a Consultant they are on it and Participating inside of it this is Extremely extremely valuable to me at my House and I hope it means something to You too you can check out the whole Thing obviously I have it on my Twitter This is going to do it for me but before We get out of here shout out to crypto Bull I haven't seen him in a minute and I think my Twitter feed do you guys get This too I definitely feel like my Twitter feed has been jacked up a little Bit I followed all of these people and Now like almost none of them are in my

Feed these days it's almost like I gotta Repopulate it somehow it's pretty crazy Nonetheless crypto bull says right here Xrp chart shows price at 23.80 by June I Have no idea if it will or not but I can Tell you this I know that the day that I Don't show it'll be the day that that's The chart that actually does it so we Got to take a look at it and I feel like You know what if we get the fundamental News that we need From the Ripple case and it's favorable That that xrp can move forward with Adoption certainly in the U.S Why would this be so difficult to get Our minds around Just like if we don't

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