XRP Stage Set? & Ripple CEO On Crypto Adoption

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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I was going To I wanted to tell everybody right out Of the gate to today in um in dii Xrp.com the member group we're going to Do a live Zoom I'll be in there and Brad Comes from digital perspectives will be In there and people from my group and His group will will get to participate So if you want to see that go join up It's Dp.com Okay dark Defender I love this he's a Supporter I love D I love this guy Salute from sunny Amsterdam morning I hope you're all fine Our precious xrp xrp is still teasing 66 Cents the good news is he will he will Break within hour so let's break here Stay above 73 cents on the 1113 and Touch 87 cents on November 19th and yes #f freed by that date enjoy the taste of Your coffee dark Defender I am enjoying The taste of my coffee in fact let me Take a Sip Oh yeah it's good this morning um then We've got this from crypto Insight uh UK And by the way I I appreciate the Support for dark dark Defender he's he's Put the hashtag free di on his on his um Um on his um charts and by the way on

The free Dai front I am going to be Meeting with an attorney the one I was Going to do did not work work out but I'm meeting with one this week and so I'm going to hopefully find out if I can Kind of talk about it publicly while we Go through the process anyway crypto Insight UK xrp Blast Off T-minus for Minus 4 days as we discussed on our First xrp blastoff chart xrp lags Bitcoin price action however looks like Xrp breakouts are getting closer and Closer to the Bitcoin moves on our first Big breakout it took 22 days the last Pump took 13 days if we continue to Close the gap it would give us a rough Breakout date of November 15th so dark Defender saying 19th he's saying 15th Xrp had some time to cool off um or is The stage set the market is getting Exciting and and sentiment isn't Necessarily following this is a good Potent for potential expansion I like The sound of all of that now this is a Great clip uh put out by Ray Fuentes from link to who is my Sponsor link to and if you want to get By the way if you want to get Circle Private Equity Ripple private Equity Uphold poly sign and many other other Link to itself private Equity the link To platform is the place to go to do That they have it all but this right Here you want to get excited about where

Crypto is going there's there's so much Negativity by people like Gary Gensler That is injected into this but you have To remember they are only setting this Up for their friends Gary's Puppet Masters this is what's really going on We have many companies in here both very Large companies and startups that are Tokenizing real world assets treasury Bills digital funds and other things Connecting investment and other assets Into this infrastructure we have global Scale remittance networks we have Leading remittance companies from Different regions of the world who are Solving the hard problem of moving money To people who need it efficiently and Fairly we have digital wallet companies From every region in the world from Africa Latin America southeast Asia who Are building products to bring digital Dollars into the hands of those people Major consumer brands are in the room Major internet platform companies are in The room super apps from Emerging Markets are in the room Global Humanitarian organizations who are at The Forefront of using digital currency For the delivery of humanitarian Aid are In the room major Global Banks who are Connecting to and supporting this Infrastructure in different ways are in The room Ray Flint investors who are Backing thousands of talented teams and

Entrepreneurs from every corner of the World are in the Room there's Capital markets Infrastructure companies including Exchanges trading firms asset managers Custodians firms who ensure that the Global market infrastructure that Supports this economic activity is Always on and safe and globally Available I'm not going to play the rest Of it but I do want to point to Linda Jones tweet breaking news stable coin Issues uh Circle considering IPO that's Not a coincidence folks you got link to Uh doing an IPO in 2024 circle is Considering an IPO in 2024 Ripple Question mark now these People and I'm not saying this with any Knowledge I'm just Saying I think I believe my my belief is That these companies after this crypto Winter and all they see 2024 and they're Like that's the year and that's the Year This is all going to ramp up or towards The end of this year end of that year And that and that they're priming the Pump and they know that'll be the time To strike with an IPO don't forget the link to platform Folks it's all coming now look at this Gold telegra almost as if it's all Planned the outlook on the U because Remember moody moody and S&P 500 aren't Doing anything without the US government

Telling them it's okay to do I can Promise you that the outlook on the US Credit rating was changed to negative From stable by Moody surprise surprise Have a great Weekend remember these are the people if You remember from back in the financial Crisis the movie The Big Short um they'd Had the meeting with the S&P 500 lady And she basically says yeah we we're Getting paid by the wall the same Wall Street firms that are creating these Credit default swaps we're getting paid To put ratings on them by them by the Same people who are packaging them and Selling them so if we don't give them a Good rating then they're not going to Give us the business they'll go over to Moody's or whoever you know across the Street and so that's how this works Folks I mean it they didn't fix anything From the financial crisis if they left This in play that system in place it's a Joke it's it's joke might be the wrong Word it's the the system is the way it Is so that they can all control it and It's as simple as that and they want to Keep it that way steuart aldera this is Uh at the end of swell rounding out our Annual swell event Dubai big thank you To this guy um uh joining me fireside Chat Day 2 discussing agent he's Approach to regulating crypto robust Rule books then here's steuart alera

With a camel um and he's steuart alera Looks good in his do that's not a do-rag I guess I guess what they I don't even Know what they call those over there When you wear one of those things anyway It was also my first trip to Dubai had An incredible time visiting the desert Conservation Reserve with some gracious Local Gods including but not limited to Louly the camel so there's louly the Camel now he's off to the um Singapore Fintech festival and he's going to be on On with tamc SBI ribbet capital and Paxos and then Brad garlinghouse came in From Toronto in 2017 to now we've taken Ripple swell around the world I closed Out this year's event with a fireside Chat with cnbc's Dan Murphy talking About how we'll get to the next phase of Enterprise crypto adoption with Regulatory Clarity very proud of the Rippled teams that made swell happen it Really takes a village we chose Dubai Specifically because the city has become A global leader attracting Entrepreneurship through clear Regulatory framework kind of like what The US did when it was Founded no More um all right uh this guy I don't Know if I've ever talked about this guy Mckl on this channel but he is a very Smart guy I listen to some of the things That he says in some of these spaces and

All and I want to give him a shout out Because this guy It was pure entertainment listening to Him in this clip from Riz Xrp uh where and and and I make I'm Going to make another point on this but You've got to understand and and I'm not Saying that this Mario new Fall Guy is Is or is not but I'm saying that a lot Of the guys that come into His faes are These same Bitcoin ethereum Maxis that That these are the same people who Wouldn't cover Eastgate while we run Cover it these are the same people who Look the other way these are the same People who enabled the Bitcoin and Ethereum through the media through their Crypto media and all of that these are The same people and I'm I'm pointing That out for a very specific purpose Because I'm about to talk about narof And his space Steven ner off because Anyway I'll get to that but first I want To hear you uh I want you to hear mckl Dropkick these Guys and I just want to respond if I can Touch on that you know but I I don't Have a strong opinion on xrp but if you Just think of things as a spectrum with Like you know Bitcoin on the far end Clearly not a security I think Regardless of what you think of crypto You'd kind of agree with that and then On the far other end actually no that's

Not correct bitcoin's not on some far End clearly not a Security Homeland Security met with the for Satoshi There's your your common Enterprise for Satoshi they know who they are they're Lying about not knowing who they are That's your security right there so You're wrong on the first thing be like The extreme speculation ones like you Know Pepe coin or whatever xrps at least Somewhere towards the middle I actually Don't have a strong opinion on it one Way or another but the point is you know If the judicial branch is saying xrp is You know not a security then I think it It bodess well for a lot of the other Things that are you know kind of further To the right of that in terms of Actually doesn't bode well they have to Go through a lawsuit because it's all Case- by case basis uh remember facts And circumstances they all have to go Through their own lawsuit the way I've Heard Gary talk Credibility Yeah I mean there's only yeah I mean There's only one cryptocurrency right That's right now really getting adoption By financial institutions and the Crossboard payment sector um it's xrp Right now to move eth you're paying a $100 gas fee so this is driving them Crazy I love listening to this I just Think when you break down kind of the

Technological argument behind that Statement on it being a security xrp is The only digital asset ruled by a court Right now to be not a security I would Say it's a lot further to the end of the Spectrum with Bitcoin than somewhere in The middle but hey you're not focused on What institutions are doing and instead Focused on watching retail flip pictures Of monkeys I guess you might see it a Little Differently yeah I mean I again uh wow Okay Wow's right the truth the truth is Pretty Tough when it hits you right Between the eyes all that cartoon monkey Stuff and and Bs and he just called them Out now what's interesting is after this The guy that was originally saying all That flips and said so I'm not going to Play that part but he flips and starts Saying he thinks Bitcoin and I think Even ethereum's a security but let me Get on to so so kudos to to Michel smart Guy um but let me get on to this and This Steven narof went on to um Mario no No Newall I don't know how to say his Name and anyway I think that this guy's A nice guy but this guy is not I can Tell you that Rand nunar is he was part Of the machine that propped up the whole Bitcoin ethereum thing and set people up To to take shots at xrp you don't have To take my my my word for it the reason I'm bringing this up is that Steven nof

Right here in this clip he's talking About that he's got this three-hour Recorded conversation of italic beer and He's talking to these guys like they're His friends and and and he's going to Give them the audio and I'm I'm sitting Here thinking what are you going to give It to them for give it to the xrp Army We've got more we we can get more Viewership and and stuff for the thing Anyway but more important than that We're not trying to play gotcha these I'm not saying all these guys I I know This one these guys are trying to play They've been running cover for Joseph Luben and the guys at multi-coin let let Me just show you first listen listen to What he says and they're like oh wait Can we get this clip the attorneys that I have are people that their names that Everybody on this call knows they're Luminaries you know they're like the top Of the industry um so I I'm anticipating In December where we'll be filing it and And all the proof will be there um but There will be some major press about This before the end of this month that Will expose all of us except it won't Happen necessarily that R should we Ry Should should we drop the recording Ry On a space how how long is the recording For St G get on with John Deon to talk about It the whole xrp Army will cover you

Then the these guys do these guys Weren't even covering eth gate while we Were uncovering facts and video and all That they were nowhere to be found and Really still aren't in fact these are The same guys that turn turned off John Deon when he brought up andrees and Horwitz so let me remind you stepen and Folks I don't know if Steven's listening Or not but please put my video today in Front of Stephen and tell him to listen Um somewhere in the 12 minute-ish mark Because these guys are not the guys get Get on John deon's show and go through The audio John Deon knows all the facts These guys don't know Jack squat about All this well let me take that back ran Nuner knows all about Jack squat in that He's part of the he's one of the ones That was trying to to help craft the Narrative anti- Ripple xrp Pro Bitcoin Ethereum for years years folks remember He was with CNBC for a while okay but in This clip this is the clip where tar Jan Remember tar James multicoin Capital Multi multicoin Capital their two two of Their limited partners are Union Square Ventures and andrees and Horwitz who Were in the room during Eastgate getting The ethere working on getting the Ethereum free passive they were the only Two Venture Capital firms in the room And they're his limited partners and This is a setup interview and question

By ran nunar to to put a negative spin On xrp risk so what's the second reason Why you're not a big xrp bull uh the Second biggest reason is I think that There is a real chance that xrp could be Declared a security by the SC I don't know for sure uh but based on The most recent statement where the SEC Talked about ethereum not being a Security they mostly pointed out that The that the ethereum network was Decentralized enough that you could no Longer claim that when someone was Purchasing all Bs and everybody knows it Now has ran nunar gone back to this guy And said hey you want to you want to uh Give let's let's talk about this again No did did Rand nunar ever go to Brad Garlinghouse and do a setup interview For him the way he did with Joseph Luben Right here specifically whether ethereum Is a security or not a security where do You stand with regulation so we spend a Lot of time talking to Regulators around The World definitely including in this Country uh on the Securities front um uh We will uh issue tokenized Securities The Securities will become programmable So they're going to be very interesting Ways of issuing shares and companies uh We will issue utility tokens or consumer Tokens that provide membership on a Platform consumer access to something uh

Consumption of shared anyway you get the Picture you know this guy was going out Of his Way almost like he had an agenda and I'm Sorry about Rand nun almost like he had An agenda to bash Ripple and xrp to to To to set up interviews to to bash them He was he was doing everything Everything he could to this day it why On Earth would Steven nof go to him to Give him anything all he wants to do is Tear down Stephen n off's Arguments this guy's a Clown and everybody knows it all right Now I'm going off into the member group I want to remind everybody today me and Brad comms are doing a live uh we're Going to do a live zoom in um in the Groups in the uh private groups so if You want to join up mine's Dai xrp You'll have to go to Brad K's Channel And see what I can't remember the name Of his website or I'd tell you otherwise But anyway I'm going um I'm going to go Into the group today we're talking about The the the BS FTX Reboot which I think is all kinds of Shady okay and I'll get in more detail On that I'm the digital asset invest I'm Not an investment adviser this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that we're going To talk about the FTX reboot Slim Shady

In the private group today here we Go


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