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Welcome back to the show everybody well While the crypto space is feeling more Pain the world itself is moving to a new Monetary system don't believe it it's Still true somebody wrote that beautiful Intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.08 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency it's up 0.1 percent Bitcoin 22 350.75 it's off by 3.5 on a seven day Ethereum 1569 and change it's off by 2.4 On the seven day tender market cap 71.3 billion ladies and gentlemen we're Watching it closely 37 cents for xrp we're off by point six Percent on the seven day and up 2.2 Percent on the 24 hour let's go ahead And get started this morning take a look At this it's none other than CEO from Poly sign Jack McDonald and CEO from Link to Joe and doso talking with Newsmax here I'm gonna tell you what This is amazing and this is at NASDAQ I Want you to listen what's said here take A listen so our clients are institutions Poly sign is a early stage company and We're providing infrastructure for Institutions to access digital assets we Just offer custody so we don't trade we

Don't Market make we don't lend we don't Borrow it was clear to us that there Were certain aspects of the market Structure that needed improving we felt Very very strongly that poly sign was it We felt had the strongest Technical Solutions that were also regulatory Compliant which is the other important Aspect I tell you what this to me is Very exciting I mean look when I think Of Ripple when I think of poly sign I Think of two companies that are Absolutely going to use this technology Inside of their business model and it Isn't just for their own benefit it's to The benefit of the rest of the industry Out here we're talking about the capital Markets and tokenization and custody Here and poly sign can do that for you No doubt about it I tell you to be at NASDAQ is a big deal and I love what They're doing you guys know that I Actually am holding some poly sign and Link two I love what they're doing check Out my sponsor underneath the video Being complete uh being compliant may Sound boring but for an industry in need Of Regulatory Compliance Poli size Looking pretty sexy right about now no Doubt about it click that link for link To and get yourself some before it is Gone and I'll tell you something else And don't miss the event of the year the Xrp event of the year a once in a

Lifetime chance ladies and gentlemen This is not something that can be Overstated A chance to be in the same room with John Deaton Jack McDonald who you just Saw from Palestine Nancy Beaton the Chief Revenue officer from uphold Eleanor Tarrant journalist from Fox Jason cousin CEO from glimp Otto Nino from solo genic Joe endoso Himself from link2 and Daniel from Casino coin and so so many more people Don't let this amazing opportunity Become your biggest regret this is the First ever xrp Las Vegas it will sell Out But you better click the link and get Your ticket It's underneath the video Solo genic however look at this we're Gonna have both of these companies here With us and how amazing is that right Solar eugenic is now trading on uphold Now look I tell you we're going to have One hell of a conversation don't you Miss it that is amazing shout out to Bob Ross and the rest of the team there and I'm going to be going to corium's main Net launch at the end of this month very Excited to learn more about that this Here is a multi-coin capitals Kyle Samani Hedge fund lost 91.4 percent last year Alone well you know I think this is

Really ends up being Instant Karma right Here is what it is because uh look Listen the way he's talked about other People I would actually argue it's probably Good for most 18 to 25 year olds to get Scammed and lose the substantial Majority of their life savings like I I Actually think society would be better Off in the long run if that happened to Most 18 to 25 year olds because they Will you don't have to hear any more About that because then it goes on and On and on and on to double down with his Righteous self well you might not be 18 To 25 but it looks like you got what They you wanted them to get you know and Kudos to you not to mention the fact That there's a whole back story here About multi-coin Capital short and xrp And that's for another day in another Video and how they knew to do it Supergate however short seller predicts Cryptos Bank demise within a week Now listen I said there's going to be While crypto pain is being felt here The world is moving towards a new Financial system don't believe it it's Still true you're going to see evidence Up right in just a few minutes And don't think for a second that Gary Gensler isn't going to use this full-on Collapses just the way he used FTX as an Example of why crypto is bad

You can't make it up it's so easy to see What's going on here And then we have this I wanted to share With you which is really from Bill Morgan here he says this is from Voyager Bankruptcy proceedings in which the SEC Lawyer in contradiction to Gary Gensler's statements that all cryptos Except Bitcoin are securities stated SEC Staff had not made any determination in The Voyager was a security is bgx I Should say right Gensler has made his Own personal determination it is and if You look right here it says SEC lawyer William up to Grove uh also raised Concerns that offering sales of Voyager Or vgx token have the attributes of Security transaction the commission has Not made any determination on either of These issues as he highlights here but However the SEC believes that the U.S is Operating in under you binance us is Operating an unregistered Securities Exchange I mean think about that SEC believes binance U.S is operating an Unregistered Securities Exchange you Know John Dean trying to tell us all This I've talked about it for years about the Centralization of the crypto platforms And exchanges To buy sell the custody it's all there This is what makes Poli science so sexy

At a time like this because they can be The answer for exchanges they can be the Answer for uh even uh stock market Companies right trading companies right Because they can do custody once Everything is tokenized and digitalized Digitalized and making custody that There and they can really honor that Regulatory framework that exists this is Look don't like it don't like it this is Where the space is going no one is Trying to stop them They're all talking about it Who's actually taking any action The only person I've ever seen take any Actions John Deaton and here uh recently Also digital Chamber of Commerce Perry Ann boring and crew That's the truth I haven't seen anybody In congress actually take real action to Stop Gary Gensler But after more than two years Brad garlinghouse CEO of Ripple expects A decision soon in the SEC lawsuit Alleging Ripple Labs failed to register The xrp token as a security I tell you What I hope they win and I hope they win Without even a trace of a doubt I hope it is a clear Victory because That Victory will not only be for ripple And xrp it will be broadly felt for the Entire crypto asset space we could find Out as soon as this month days away or We may be still a couple months away I

Do remind you that they did resubmit or Not resubmit they did submit a recent Filing from a Supreme Court ruling That supports the fair notice defense For Ripple's legal argument And that may add more time to the Judge's ruling we will see what comes of That I'm highlighting this again because of Where we're going now we're going to Change gears a little bit because as I Said the crypto space is still feeling Pain and remember Tether U.S U.S greatest feature is Knowing you where the reserves are I'll let you figure it out from there So until we hear the U.S treasury Department of Justice take a stance on USD tether right or wrong And give a blessing or not Crypto winner is not over and the crypto Spring has not sprung And then we go to a more broad approach In a more broad vision of cross-border Payments IMF had released that report I Covered this shout out to Wrath of Common for it here covering cross-border Payments it does highlight Ripple xrp And Stellar Foundation there is talk in Over the last several years about Ripple It came directly from this gentleman Here at a huge meeting about that Director at the IMF at the time Tobias

Adrian I'm not going to go through that But what I'm showing you quickly here is On March 23rd The EU will launch its distributed Ledger technology pilot regime now it Does not specifically say rip or xrp I Want to be clear but we know that also Ripple is on the digital pound Foundation the digital Euro Foundation The digital dollar project I'll let you Figure that out from there too I'm sure They're just helping it'll be Zero part Of it at the end of the day that's what You would have to believe if there's no Connection at all right now I'm not Suggesting that it's got to be xrp I Just believe ultimately at the end of The day that collaboration is going to Mature into full-on Partnerships working together at some Point I am speculating my ass off and if You are that's great and if you don't Like to don't do it if you don't believe Me don't believe it I'm not asking you To right These are my digital perspectives But this is what's happening everyone's Moving towards it then there's still This question because we know that There's a private ledger to put cbdc's On for the central banks of the world And people believe because of that a Conversation always pops up which is Rightful to think

It's rightful to speculate upon it Are there two different prices for xrp I Do not believe that is the case I've said this really from day one I Don't believe there's a different price For xrp and the private Ledger as there Is on the public Ledger I believe David Schwartz when he says the price is the Price Now however What I do believe is is I do believe That there is obviously simulation data AI right all kinds of programmings that Programs that they've built over the Years And I would bet dimes to Donuts That Ripple absolutely knows what the Price of xrp would need to be to be and Be able to handle the daily payment Flows that would be required Once they decide to fully use it or use It at a 10 you know uh uh incorporation Of their business during the day you Know they probably will phase it in Everything up until now has been a Phase-in operation I wouldn't expect That to change at this point I would Expect it to continue to roll out in That manner I'm reminded that James Wallace had told all of us That in 2023 we will see more Global Cbdc Pilots which really means between Other central banks and not just Internally which is very very important

Next Step so I believe that they have Simulation data and all these things That inform them what the price would Need to be based on volume and these Things utility and liquidity But that doesn't mean it's two different Prices I just I've never subscribed to That and it's okay if somebody does show Me evidence it shows it now I'll take a Look at it but I just don't see it but Here we go and neither does Matt Hamilton right or David Schwartz that I've learned over the years so Bifurcation of the monetary system Digital assets backed by Commodities Brics Coalition gold and more This coming from someone that's Connected to the world gold Council Ladies and gentlemen I tell you And uh let us not forget that glint our Sponsor here has gotten a nod from the World gold Council as well we love that And they're going to be on stage with us Also in Las Vegas xrp Las Vegas 2023. Take a listen to this clip here Chicks are in the process of creating a Dual system of payment of currency To counteract the the US dollar so these Central banks are buying gold as a Reserve currency will they use gold to Back a new currency we don't know Possibly or a basket of currency we Don't know will they use a a crypto kind Of currency

Backed by the Chinese government we Don't know what I do believe though is That at the end of the day you will end Up with a dual World in terms of system Of payment and the the uh the currency You pay And that's not good for the dollar that Is not good for the dollar it's Definitely not good for the dollar Arguably not even To the world but that's a whole matter Of Perspective and perception but but this Idea of a bifurcation of the global Monetary system Several guests on the show have said That one of the earliest to call it was A Frank juice drop saying that he Foresees a bifurcation of the global Monetary system And we're seeing moves accelerating in That direction with the bricks Brazil Russia India China and South Africa looking at forming their own Reserve assets as you quite frankly Pointed out potential Potential by Commodities they're having A big meeting in South Africa in August to finalize the Details Well let me tell you something you know The these are people having these Conversations on the world gold Council Connected to the world gold Council

These are not cryptocurrency YouTubers And podcasters this conversation is Becoming more broad more deep and Meaningful than it ever has before New payment systems All right let me let me add this before We move on you know It When I see you know the US is behind in This Innovation race they are there's no Question But I also believe because it's the Largest economy in the world that They're working and obviously there are People on different sides of this idea Of what a digital dollar should look Like You guys perfectly know how I feel about It it should be a third party in between At the very least and you should have All the rights as a citizen Uh that the constitution provides in the Privacy of your money digital or Otherwise And with that being said If you know we'd know for a fact it is Not an if we are moving towards new Fractionalized payment zones that was Just described in here and it is not Good for the dollar however If you launch a digital dollar that Respectfully Is shored up to a greater degree than The paper one in your pocket

And yet still has all the Privacy rights Reserved for everyone who uses it I don't see how you come out without a Loser I see you coming out of that with A dollar stronger than ever now maybe That means you have to introduce a new Version of the dollar some people have Floated a U.S treasury note being Introduced and the Federal Reserve Note Being recollected and uh repatriated to A new dollar drastic move but not off The table I think when you see these kinds of Conversations taking place it you know Look something is coming and they all Agree that something's coming This is no longer if it's a when and What it looks like when we get there That's what we're really talking about Ripple is striving to capture a market Value at one trillion dollars with over 20 central banks slated to conduct pilot Programs using Ripple's infrastructure Xrp and odl You know this is why uh and shout out to Emily for this uh this is why I'm Showing this right here because think About the private Ledger think about the Work that's being done think about the Progress to create new fractional Payment zones in the world a la brics Coalition And understand that the market Infrastructure is what Ripple has been

Building wholesale back end for over a Decade This is what I'm waiting for This is the moment I'm here for to watch That unfold because I believe ultimately That is the ultimate destination in Full-scale intended use of The xrp Ledger it isn't just a I mean it's a Value protocol obviously but it is much Deeper than that It is a decentralized exchange and the More liquidity and participants that you Plug into it the greater it becomes the World Exchange And that to me is the ultimate goal Let's take a look at this right now from Dark Defender talking about the RSI the Relative strength indicator here on the One week he says seeing some Trends is Looking similar here could we see a Breakout off of this and go to a higher Side which would mean buy volume and Pushing the price up we don't know but What we do know is is if we don't have a Resolution in the case I think it's Obvious enough that that fundamental News is going to play a role with price Because we need to have Clarity and it Won't be just for ripple and xrp it'll Be for the whole crypto space That's going to do it for me not Financial advice for me or anyone else It's just my digital perspectives I'll Catch all of you on the next one


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