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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel I've got two stories to share With you in this very latest Moon Lambo Hot Jam I'll start with this one from The crypto basic Ripple CTO Ripple will Broaden to rwa real world assets and Multi- chains as payments not getting Enough traction now there's a portion of This this article that I want to Highlight specifically having to do with David Schwarz lamenting the inadequate Or slow adoption of uh cryptocurrencies For payments including xrp which it Might surprise you to hear him say but Um he's not exactly thrilled with uh the World of payments um in terms of how Things have unfolded for ripple now This I think the reason that sounds Surprising is because if you've been Following what Ripple's been doing in Positioning xrp as a bridge currency for Years on end you know that it's working You know that the adoption is increasing So why' he say that well that's what I Want to get into and he actually did Provide some clarity on why he said what He said and so it's not as bad as it Might sound on the surface he just Shared his honest perspective uh then There's also this headline from the Crypt basic Ripple now bringing xrp to US market after three years of quiet now This is fantastic to see and in the Article they they say they State quote

Quiet is about to end end quote uh yeah That's about right because xrp has been Shut down in the United States uh for Years you know good roughly two and a Half uh two and a half years until it Got legal Clarity in July of last year Thanks to judge Torres and obviously all The on demand liquidity corridors uh Shut down liquidity dried up almost Entirely in the United States but now The repair is happening and ripple is Making moves positioning xrps of British Currency specifically in United States Based corridors but before going further I do want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy His making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun all right into the first Piece the Ripple CT David Schwarz Recently disclosed that Ripple plans to Broaden it scope to other areas such as Real world assets uh at real world asset Tokenization and a multi-chain ecosystem As payment is not getting enough Traction now folks I did focus on that Recently in a separate video so I'm not Going to like I said at the outset not Going to delve so much into uh the Tokenization and multi-chain ecosystem

Stuff I want to focus on payments um Because we do have clarification now but Anyway peace continue Schwarz revealed This while speaking in a recent space's Session the discussion was recorded by YouTuber schw and brought to the Public's attention by xrp community Influencer and fellow YouTuber Eddie Crypto Eddie of course in the session The Ripple CTO lamented the slow Adoption of cryptocurrency for payments In general despite these assets Presenting a better infrastructure for Payments than traditional Finance Systems according to him this area has Been underutilized by crypto enthusiasts He stressed that while some networks Such as Bitcoin and ethereum could POS Challenges of higher fees other Blockchains including The xrp Ledger and Scalable proof of stake networks have no Identifiable disadvantage when leveraged For payments David Schwarz stressed that With the slow adoption Ripple's payment Business is not getting as much traction As Envisioned according to him as a result Of this and the evolving nature of the Crypto scene the firm plans to broaden Its scope to accomplish other use cases And so that's the part that I think Really made some people's ears perk up And go wait what it's not going well for Ripple xrp is a bridge currency well

That's not quite what he Means um and so you can see where uh oh Right here actually there's this post by Xrp Community member Mr Huber shared This 53 second clip and part of the clip Is highlighting um Brad garlinghouse Speaking and he's noting that this is That though WF in 2022 that on demand liquidity Year-over-year from that point in time Time was up over 800% 800% that's massive year-over-year Growth again on demand liquidity Utilizing xrp as a bridge currency that Does sound F fantastic and I remember When that news first broke and happily Reported it on my channel because I want To see continued adoption and actual Utility of xrp and we got it and so Mr Huber wrote to David Schwarz and said Hey David Schwarz you said Ripple wasn't As successful with payments as expected I can't quite reconcile that with Garing House's World economic Forum 2022 davo Statement 800% sounds great to me Doesn't it to you and David schz Thankfully did respond and he said I Guess I didn't pick the best phrasing There's no blockchain that people are Really using for payments at least from My perspective xrp Ledger was built for And is great at payments but I don't Think anyone is satisfied with the

Current level of adoption and so look You know I'll just say to that fair Enough because it certainly is true Obviously that most people don't know a Damn thing about crypto just broadly Speaking they don't most people don't Hold any cryptocurrencies so from that Perspective it's true but if you're Looking purely from a growth perspective Going from 0% adoption to where Ripple Is now my God they found success xrp is Wildly successful in being positioned as A bridge currency but yeah I I can Certainly get on board with David's Point here I think it's just the kind of The bluntness that kind of caught some People off guard but what he's saying is Perfectly reasonable actually it's you Know there's there's certainly plenty of Room for growth here and I do believe That's going to happen it's an Inevitability as far as I see but uh Then you have uh Ripple employee Neil Hartner uh responding to David Schwarz Neil Harner is a senior staff software Engineer at Ripple working specifically On odl on demand liquidity and Neil said The following your explanation of the Open loop problem was good until we get To payments that begin and end in crypto Native tokens or stable coins there's Going to be extra ra friction and Liquidity challenge challenges that add Cost and that's true and you know like I

Said years ago the first use case ever Conceived of for crypto which of course Was with Bitcoin you know to be used as A peer-to-peer Cash System even though It's not really used for that today it's Used as a store value uh you know that May be that use case although again the First conceived for crypto it may be one Of the last use cases actually adopted In any sort of meaningful way and and Until crypto is used in this capacity Yes there will be unnecessary friction And look there are real reasons that it Hasn't happened yet I mean for for most People in the first world like Fiat Currencies they do work despite their Downsides and you know the total Debasement by printing like the dollar For example printing it into Infinity It's ridiculous completely debased loses Value wild inflation despite that it Does functionally work and so if you're Going to try and onboard somebody to use A crypto you're adding more friction and Friction and then depending on where you Live in the world there could be Additional tax implications so the Government's making it more difficult There as well so it's not that it Wouldn't be better to some degree it's That people don't even necessarily see It as as necessary but of course if You're in a country where there's Runaway inflation yeah you can Safeguard

Your net worth by having a Cryptocurrency xrp Bitcoin take your Pick whatever despite it being wildly Volatile you know if you're in a if You're in a nation where the fiat Currency is just collapsing like the Argentine peso uh yeah despite the Volatility you'd be better off holding Bitcoin over the long call it's true it It is True and so it's funny to think that Although that was one of the first or The first use case ever conceived for Crypto it might not be widely adopted For that particular use case maybe even Decades from now who knows and I would Think that those countries that are in The most turmoil that the citizens in Those countries would be the most likely To adopt it for such use cases first Because they'd have incentive to Especially if their Fiat currencies Falling apart right that would make all The sense in the world and that's why It's so exciting that in the meantime Xrp is functionally useful uh it's most Well-known use case I think it's fair to Say even though it's got many use cases All sorts of developers building on top Of the xrp Ledger I think the most Famous and wellknown one is xrp as a Bridge currency because Ripple's been Around basically forever right um so That's adopted now like that's happening

Right now and then the neat thing is as Crypto continues to get further adopted If people want to start using a Cryptocurrency for actual payments xrp Is blazing fast and almost completely Free you know a transaction is fraction A fraction of a pin it's almost nothing You might as well round down to zero It's so small and so xrp will be be in This world as it matures and then I just I will not be surprised to see people Using xrp as a peer-to-peer Cash System Rather than Bitcoin because lir one Bitcoin kind of sucks it kind of sucks Donkey balls it's the worst Cryptocurrency objectively because it Was the first and I'm a fan of Bitcoin But it's it's just a matter ofof fact Thing because it's the first and and I'm I appreciate of it it is the Technologically you know least Sufficient let's say Obviously whereas Xrp just works so when we do get to that World yeah I could see xrp getting used For that use case Regularly it's going to be accepted all Over the place it's already on basically Every exchange on the damn planet and so You're just going to see more and more Of that but yes eventually once you once You get into that world there's going to Be way less friction you know and that's Why it's kind of funny like even if if People aren't using Fiat currencies at

Some point in the future Hypothetically and you're you know you Think well what so xrp doesn't need to Be used as a bridge currency well maybe It is the case that it doesn't need to Bridge as much because people are just Using crypto but even then xrp is still Perfect to be used just on its own so It's a pretty cool setup honestly I mean I thought of that over half a I still Believe that I just haven't talked about It probably in for years on my channel I I mentioned it long long long ago but That's that's what makes sense to me Anyway and then there's this from the Crypto basic Ripple now bringing xrp to US market after 3 years of quiet Prominent crypto payment firm Ripple is Now now moving to revolutionize crossb Payments in the US with xrp through its Ripple payment services Ripple announced This development through its senior Director and head of product marketing For payments Oliver sovia the Ripple Senior director recently disclosed on LinkedIn that the payment firm plans to Expand its footprint locally Particularly in the United States sovia Conveyed that 90% of Ripple's businesses Cater to entities abroad despite having Its Global headquarters in the US in Particular he admitted the American Crypto payment firm has maintained a Subdued presence in the US market for

The past three years however quiet is About to end as Ripple gears to Introduce product Innovations Levering Its local money transmitter licenses or Mtls for short recall that Ripple holds Over 31 mtls in the United States as a Crypt basic has uncovered at the heart Of this expansion lies Ripple payments a Service leveraging XR p as a bridge Asset this crypto-based payment solution Guarantees rapid transaction settlements Within seconds for a fraction of the Cost of traditional methods with an Overwhelming 90% of its businesses Conducted business conducted Beyond us Borders Ripple aims to capitalize on its Global expertise by enhancing Services Domestically so folks to be clear what They're talking about is on demand Liquidity although you may recall Technically on demand liquidity is no Longer called On Demand liquidity uh It's just known now as Ripple payments You may recall uh this this happened in September here's a September 19th 2023 Headline from Z crypto Ripple's odl Rebrands to Ripple payments for a more Userfriendly experience so that's what They're they're talking about um in our Community though let's be real Everybody's still calling it odl so as Long as we know what we're talking about It's useful because when you're talking About Ripple payments um yes xrp is a

Bridge currency can be a part of that But Ripple payments is actually more Broad than that and it includes the Messaging portion which would be more on The payment side rather than the Settlement side so if you want to talk Very precisely about xrp as a bridge Currency referencing odl still makes Sense that's why people are still doing It now if people in our community stop Doing that then I guess I would too Because I wouldn't want to you know add Confusion to what's being uh discussed Within our community but frankly I think It adds Clarity we all know what odl is At this point and so then just to say no We can't say that anymore we have to say Ripple payments okay but then when you Say Ripple payments are you talking About the messaging side or are you Talking about the messaging and the Settlement side or are you just talking About the settlement side xrp as a Bridge currency to me that's more Confusing so I keep saying odl and I Think most people are still and I'm Actually fine with that so I know Ripple Rebranded it but for the sake of Communication it is easier this way so Anyway is what it is but the point here Is uh ramping ramping us corridors up Folks this this is a legitimate use case Xrp is not going away so I believe Rising tide lifts lifts all boats and as

The asset class gets bigger xrp is going To continue to be a crucial part of this And this is just one use case there are All other developers building all sorts Of other cool stuff on top of the xrp Ledger and there are even in 2024 people And firms that actually are using xrp Literally for payments there's just not Much of it now I think it'll be way more Broadly adopted if you fast for decades In the future just crypto in general but That is an actual use case like tapjets Is using that remember tapjets from the Uh you know the U amicus briefs in the Secv Ripple case you know they're they They solved what they called the Friday Night problem Where you know banks are closed but you Want to fly on a private jet cuz you're Ridiculously wealthy uh yeah you good Luck getting the money out me if you Didn't plan it in advance you just can't Do it but with crypto which is live 247 You you can purchase it on an exchange Anytime you want and actually move it And so tapjets so the point is xrp is Functionally being used for all sorts of Stuff including that it's not going away Which is the coolest damn thing that's Why I continue to be excited about it And can't wait to see how price action Folds I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy yourself any because of Anything I say or right that would be a

Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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