“XRP QUICKLY HITTING $1.35” Analyst Projects

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel and I want to add a bit of Perspective because xrp dipped as low as 59 cents today oh this guy must be Falling of course now the time I'm time I'm recording this xrp is at 61 cents um But please consider the following before We get into some specifics in this video Look there have been a lot of analysts That have been noting that it would be Reasonable for xrp to go back down a bit To test certain levels for support Support depending on what their uh Expectations are but call it roughly the Mid-50 something Cent region I've seen That from multiple analysts I've been Highlighting that perspective of people So we'll see if it gets down that low Into the middle 50 Cent region before Ultimately bouncing out of there but at The time that I'm recording this the Lowest we've seen is 59 cents even if it Does go lower all I can say is chill out Chill out bro because look for Perspective we've been heading the right Direction pricewise with xrp for a a Long time have you thought about this Recently xrp is up at the time I'm Recording this close to 60% over the Last year 60% and and it bottomed out around what Something like I'm pulling from memory Here but I think actually bottomed out Like 28 cents in the summer of

2022 you know coming up on a year and a Half ago at this Point so a pullback like this I know it Will still hit some people in the field Fields but uh why like it do it's not Make logical sense to let xrp's downward Price action control your emotions so I'm just going to share my perspective Um but I also have a opinions here from A few different chart analysts but I'll Just tell you here at the outset um According to most from what I've seen And for various reasons checking various Metrics what I'm seeing from most Analysts that I respect and follow on a Regular basis I think that this is the Time for for Bitcoin to be heading back Up broadly speaking and that there's Even warnings to say hey if the king Crypto as some call it Bitcoin is about To go uh don't be surprised if that Means that in the short term altcoins Including xrp have a slight pullback and We have seen this it many times in the Past but um before going further I do Want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast to enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun and by the way I'll get to

This a little bit later in the video but There's um one individual who says that You know the idea of xrp quickly hitting Even a buck 35 is absolutely in the Cards here um which you know as far as I'm concerned it's a virtual nebility That's going to happen at some unknown Point in the future I'm just not a chart Guy and I'm not even going to try and Play the price prediction game because I Flatly do not know I don't want to be One of those fake YouTubers who pretends To know or you just have you have 100% Conviction so- and so is going to happen I I ain't playing that game if I were if I were making price predictions I I'd be I'd be literally making up numbers out Of thin air and you know the funny thing Is some of the alleged gurus out there Not even just for xrp some of them do That I think some of them act so I I'm Just not going to do it I just have Strong conviction for a number of Reasons including fundamentals that over The Long Haul xrp becomes worth a Fortune hits a new all-time high and Iters price Discovery and even if you're Not as uh convinced about fundamentals The fact that the asset class moves in Tandem and developer activity obviously For xrp quite a bit up if you look Year-over-year which does seem to be a Factor that that matters if you look at These things and just understanding that

Xrp is no longer going to be held down Because it has legal Clarity in the United States all of these things even If you're just looking at that and wild Speculation I would still think it would Hit a new all-time high I'm just not Going to make a price prediction on um Now Bitcoin at the time that I'm Recording is at 36,4 162 bucks and uh there was this From credible crypto and this is from This morning uh he shared a post from Somebody on social media platform X and This person I'm not familiar with wrote A lot of alts look ripe for a pullback Could mean the king is gearing up again Now when you see the word King there you Would think if you're me at least that They must be talking about xrp but I've Come to realize that some people have Bad and wrong opinions and so they're Referencing Bitcoin I'm just joking I Like Bitcoin um been holding it for over Six years now but credible crypto Reposted that and wrote exactly this Pulled the rangs in on alts I have a Feeling Bitcoin is ready to do its thing And then in a separate post he wrote and By ready to do its thing I mean Pump Like a mofo strap in folks ah yes indeed The rocket and so he's not shy about his Perspectives but when he writes anything With such Vigor uh if there's that level Of excitement I think it's an indication

That he really super duper triple means It so if he has that strong a conviction Right now let's just watch and see to What degree this thing moves in the Short term uh then he also shared this And this is his most recent one um yeah Just from this afternoon a credible Crypto wrote and this is why he's he's Like he could not be more convinced that What is most probable is a blast to the Upside uh which is why again I'm just Like even if you're worried about alts Pulling back in the short term my Attitude is so what because the the Asset class will still move in tandem Eventually they catch back up so even if Money sucked out of vaults because it Get it flows into Bitcoin with all the Excitement I don't give a damn I really I don't think it matters I've seen this Movie before I know how it plays out the Asset class moves and down it just does And people will get all excited about Alts but anyway so here's what credible Crypto wrote and with that the stage is Officially set folks open interest Completely reset check funding reset Check spot buying continues check Bitcoin is refueled and ready to Continue the moon Mission well we going to See I think it's just a matter of time Here right uh and then there was this Headline from the Crypt basic Market

Analyst sees xrp quickly hitting $1.35 as 100 million plus open interest Enters the xrp market in a day and I Don't want to read the article I'm just Going to go straight to the source They're recovering perspective from Crypto Insight UK on social media Platform X I thought I'd just share it With you because it'll be interesting to See who's more right than wrong once we Have the benefit of Hindsight um and I am sympathetic for All the CH guys out there in case it Hasn't been made clear sufficiently in The years that I've been running this Channel right I I do have sympathy I'm Glad I'm not them I get yelled at enough Being a YouTuber it would be that it' be That like on steroids if I were doing The stuff that they were doing though I Have no interest in that thankfully Though um but anyway so crypto inset UK Writes finally xrp xrp actually looks Rather different to the other charts I've been uh I have just Discussed we had 100 million plus of Open interest added to the market in the Highlighted Spike on the day of the fake ETF news since this time price has moved Down and open interest has stayed Relatively flat this shows me there are Huge shorts on xrp right Now I have been saying that a break Above the descending trend line could be

The start of an aggressive move for xrp As people try to cover or close shorts Basically meaning they have to buy this Could Cascade stop losses uh to the Upside and push xrp on a fast move Finally we have a bullish Divergence as Price finds a higher low and the RSI Puts in an equal low xrp will get sent To my target range of 89 to $1.35 and it will happen quickly when we Get the break I was wrong on the date But this is inevitable I feel too many Leverage shorts out there right now that Need wiping out okay so still even if But that would still be sooner than Later so let's just watch and see what Happens and that's why like even for People like me because there are a lot Of you out there listening most of us Are not chart analysts I'm not I'm Certainly not I do not want to be when I Have literally zero interest um but but Even if you're like me and you you just You you still must recognize right Obviously I think otherwise why are you In crypto number go up ultimately if You're in the if you're in the G the Crypto game if you will long enough Number go up certainly the the asset Class as a whole and wouldn't you think That those cryptos with utility in a More especially in a more mature Market That that will increasingly matter so That's why for me it's just such an xrp

Is like the most obvious hold of all Time in crypto it could not be more Obvious that this is a winning Co in my Opinion um and then there's also this Post from uh egreg crypto uh xrp tether Us chart so just it's the United States Dollar price of xrp of course and uh he Wrote The Following xrp short-term Defending Val hell's Gates and it looks At a primary level of interest is 55 Cents and he's got a dotted line up here With 59 cents too which is about what we Got down to um even earlier today before I started recording I was like hours ago Um but this other level 55 cents um this Is just one example I I'm not going to Go track down all the others that I've Found and that I've cited in recent days But there are all sorts of analysts that Have been citing roughly this range for Their own reasons and it's just a key Level of support to watch so the Anticipation is that what's most Probable is it holds so even if we do See uh xrp go down in the short term Okay whatever I mean especially for Someone like me who by the way I don't Know if you all saw my last video I know It was a little bit on the longer side But um I I today is my uh my six year Anniversary of holding xrp so I was just Sharing a bunch of thoughts and stuff Kind of General stuff because I always Think those types of conversations are

Fun but um I'll just tell you having Held xrp literally for six years if you Think that xrp going down to 55 cents or 50 cents or even 40 cents or whatever it May be if you think that's going to Shake me out you got another thing Coming I understand that does scare People but I also that's why I keep Delivering this message of this is not Me telling you to buy or sell or hold Because I do not know what best for you And this is not Financial advice but I Firmly believe humans are Their Own Worst Enemy when it comes to investing And I get it you're going to feel Emotions when this stuff happens But do you want the emotions are you Going to allow the emotions to control Your life or do you let logic and Reason rang rang above because for me It's very obvious that uh you know those With conviction are the ones that have Had success thus far and my conviction For xrp has never been higher and it's It's six years and yes it's a little Irritating about the whole SEC thing Because I didn't get my life-changing Wealth in 2021 too bad so sad but we Going and get ours xrp is going to hit a New all-time high in Enterprise Discovery I firmly believe that and if I'm wrong goes to zero okay but I do not Believe for a moment that is what's most Probable here so let's keep tracking

This let me know what you think I'm not A financial adviser you should not buy Or sell anything because of anything I Say or right that would be a very very Very bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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