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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel you know it takes a lot of money If you want to have 1 million Xrp I mean even today and this is before Before the Bull Run starts it would Still cost you about $620,000 if you Wanted to be in the 1 million xrp club Right and it's just going to be more and More unattainable because as time passes It'll be fun to look back on videos like This when we're talking about you know 25 cent xrp which we've seen not not to Dist past we saw 32 cents at the Beginning of this year 62 cents now but Once we we see at the price of xrp Regularly swaying instead of in in the Realm of pennies or dimes but more in The Realms of dollars it'll be fun and Cute to look back when we're talking About this and and everybody freaking Out oh my God is this a good time to buy Xrp I mean my God it's it just it just Went up to like 25 cents I mean I could Have bought it at 20 cents a week ago Who who cares when it's 10 or 20 or Whatever dollars you know but um all This to say like yes it takes a lot of Money to have a million xrp but it's not Going to matter in the end for those of Us that are here early we don't the good News is like we don't need you know Because almost nobody has a million xrp We broadly speaking do not need a Million xrp to achieve life-changing

Wealth and it it's all subjective I get That and there are people that have more Than that already and good for you you Know there are people that listen Listening that have less than that and Still good for you because you're still Here whatever it is we're all doing our Best to make our lives better and I I Think that's what's around the corner Here but uh there's this headline from The crypto basic over 19900 xrpl wallets Now hold 1 million plus Xrp while 28 wallets hold at least 500 Million xrp uh there is also this Headline from the Crypt basic Ripple Aims to capture a chunk of the Crossborder payment sector set to hit $300 trillion by 2030 now folks we'll See if that happens as time passes but That is so much bigger than what it is Right now and I just in think about this And you know the use case for xrp as a Bridge currency I just just got a couple Things to say on that and then there's This article and this is a news that you Probably you probably heard about broke A few days ago about XR there being an a New xrp ETP and I wanted to talk a Little bit about that because there are Broad implications cuz here's the deal And a not I'll just tell you a little Bit even before I delve into some some Specifics like when it comes to uh you Know the the effects of whether you're

Talking about a Bitcoin ETF or an xrp ETP and I'll explain what the difference Between those two things are because They're uh it's kind of misused they're Treated as though they're the same thing That's not quite right um but whether You're talking about an xrp ETP or an XR R PF or or for Bitcoin whatever it may Be uh it's it's certainly likely that as We get news of like for instance a Bitcoin ETF actually getting approved I Understand you you may see a big blast Off in price and then it's just uh going To be a case where people end up selling Based you know after the news if that Happens that won't surprise me but I Don't care because I I want this is why I want to talk about this broadly Speaking like if you look over a longer Time period I mean unless you think that These Financial products these Investment vehicles are going to fail What it's going to do for the price of Xrp if you're talking about ETFs for xrp Which we're talking about institutional Money it's going to be Substantial it's going to be absolutely Gigantic and that's why I want to share With you I I I found an article that Actually covers um you know it's Basically a table that shows Expectations for what may realistically Unfold for Bitcoin and then I want you To understand this applies to any coin

That has an ETF certainly in the United It would be the same story and the Amount of money that flows in it will be Ridiculous and so I actually do believe That matters I just don't buy into all Of the hype about what it's going to do And blast off because even once the Thing's approved it's not like everybody Just throws their money in necessarily All at once I think there's going to be A lot of Mania in the markets and people Emotionally buying and selling But um but as far as this million the Million xrp Club uh look it like I said it takes a Lot of money to become you know part of The millionaire xrp Club if you're Talking about in terms of holding a Quantity of xrp that is a million but I Don't think most people care in our Community because I think we understand That there's the possibility to have a Relatively speaking much lower dollar Value than $1 million worth of xrp and Have that turn into seven fig Xrp but um what this article was Highlighting and I don't actually think It's necessarily bad but uh one of the Things they did highlight is that the Number of accounts that hold at least 1 Million xrp actually dipped just Slightly recently but you're always Going to see jocell on shorter time Frames anyway I don't think that

Particularly Matters To be honest with You but I just thought I'd highlight it Um and it would it go down it went down By like 33 it's almost nothing um yeah So data shows that the number of million Plus xrp accounts dropped to 1,961 so there you go um not that much Though and then it's just like check Back next week is it gonna be that much Of a different so I just I thought I'd Address it because it sounds negative Actually but I I just we're kind of Splitting hairs and then you can look at The larger accounts though and there's Actually been an uptick and it's even More difficult to get into this Particular bracket so presumably it's Going to be all uh more like on an Institutional type of level the types of Entities that would have these accounts But they noted for the accounts that Have 10 to 20 million xrp uh there's Been an uptick from 150 4 to 159 so all That to say I Just there's such small movements in my Opinion I just I don't think it's worth Reading into that at all because what Really matters is the type of adoption And uh that we've seen for this entirety Of this year so we saw that there were Increasingly institutions making bets on Xrp purchasing xrp uh with the Expectation earlier this year that Ultimately excp would have legal Clarity

And then we saw another uptick in in Terms of institutional purchases for xrp After that Happened so directionally we're going Where we want to go and pricewise we've Been going where we want to go and it Shouldn't be that surprising xrp is the Only large C coin in the United States That has legal Clarity it's the only One and yes people are people are Institutions are acting as you would Expect them to as a result of this which Is why I'm saying in the short term if You're looking at a particular metric And maybe don't read that much into it Even though part of it's actually good And then there's this Ripple aims to Capture a chunk of the crossb payment Sector set to hit $300 trillion by 2030 Okay so check this Up it's clear that the amount of Value you know um that uh the amount of Value that's flowing around the planet It's just increasing Dramatically you know I I've seen recent Estimates of I'm pulling from memory Here but I think about5 trillion do in Value sent across borders annually I saw Somewhere within the last few years or So and um but so then you're talking About going from 5 trillion a year to by 2030 you know $300 Trillion 300 trillion you might think That's a big jump and you'd be right but

Check this out you know this is Happening because the velocity of money Is increasing as friction is removed From transactions so lower transaction Fees and instant settlement encourages More transactions It doesn't mean there's way more money In circulation although the way Governments debase their currencies I'm Not saying that there wouldn't be I'm Just saying the reason for this Specifically is because people will be More willing to move money around for Various reasons especially smaller Transactions more frequently and all of That adds up because if the transactions Are about free yeah you're going to see Way more of this so going from 5 Trillion to 300 trillion might sound a Like a a crazy amount over that short a Period of time but maybe not you're just Talking about the velocity of money at Then you're stacking those dollar Figures one on top of the next right and So with this and the reason I wanted to Highlight this with this the need for Xrp will increase Dramatically and there will be Increasingly opportunities for Value to Be bridged by Xrp and and it's always going to be Needed and and not that xrp is going to Get 100% of market share for this Particular use case it doesn't need to

It doesn't matter and xrp does other Stuff on top of that but you're never Going to have one platform that all People on the planet go to trade all Things that has every single trading Pair therefore if you want to convert From one asset to another it doesn't Even have to be specifically Traditionally just Fiat currencies you Can Bridge whatever using xrp there's an Increased need for that and if you're Talking about xrp which is blazing past Fast it's it's perfect for this Particular use case I just I think Increasingly it's going to get that Share and it's just going to further Submit its use case uh as a bridge Currency excellent for Payments but anyway this piece reads as Follows Ripple is looking to capture a Chunk of the ever expanding payment Sector projected to hit $300 trillion by 2030 with its payment offerings that Leverages xrp for crossb settlements Pegas salani Ripple's head of payments Product recently shed light on how the San Francisco based technology firm Looks to solve the existing problems Domiciled in the sector by using Blockchain technology in a presentation Sani emphasized that the sheer magnitude Of money that moves across borders Amounting to trillions of dollars Annually fascinates her she noted that

Sources project this value to grow to a Whopping $300 trillion by 2030 and folks That's the first time I've seen that Particular figure I don't know what It'll be by the time we get to 2030 I Don't pretend to know but something Substantially bigger than greater what It is now how could it not be because if It's not then the velocity of money Hasn't increased which means the Technology hasn't been adopted which Would mean that we're all wrong about Crypto and xrp and everything I just I Don't believe that I think she's likely To be correct Here peace continue so sultani Identified several issues with crossb Settlements despite the growth of the Sector according to her the scene faces Problems such as slow transactions Expensive fees and several errors during Value processing and she went on to say Quote fortunately at Ripple we are Changing the way value moves around the World we use blockchain technology and Digital assets to enable faster more Affordable and more transparent payments For both our customers and their Customers end quote yeah that sounds About right and as this increasingly Takes hold more people jumping into Crypto and general xrp getting cemented For various use cases which I mean it's It's already here like it's it's already

Reached this type of network effect Where it's very clear it's it's not Going xrp is not going away that's just Sounds like silly nonsense talk to me at This point it's 2023 son it's here Um but you are going to see as more Money flows into crypto and people want To diversify into the asset class xrp is Going to get a piece of that and the More stuff it does the more confidence People will have that they should put in More money if they want to diversify Into the crypto asset class so the more Confident they are the the dollars Chase Where the value Is and that's xrp because xrp is Valuable and I I'm not I don't mean Specifically in terms of price there I Mean it is but in terms of it actually Solving problems the money goes to that That's what I'm saying here and we're Going to keep seeing that so let's talk About the uh the ETP news and this broke Again a few days ago so you may have Heard about this by now but there's this Article a few days ago from the Crypt Basic just in technology company defi Tech to launch new xrp ETP next month And so I'll just note because you you May have seen people treating ETP and ETF as the other same thing well ETP exchange traded product is a Catchall term which is used to describe Products that trade on

Exchanges and and one such product Category is ETF exchange traded fund so While the terms ETP exchange traded product and ETF Exchange traded fund are frequently used Interchangeably they aren't the same Thing but an ETF is an ETP because again It's it's under that catch all all of The the ETP Umbrella so this this xrp ETP which I'll Run through in a minute in case you Missed the news uh is a it's a Derivative of xrp basically so it's it's But here's the cool thing check this out It's going to track the price of xrp That's what this ETP will do and uh it's Also going to be physically backed by Xrp and so it's you know it's not clear To me why it isn't specifically being Called an ETF since it sounds just like One but presumably there's some sort of Tech Tech ality but but regardless Expect to see more and more investment Vehicles including ETFs in the future Most certainly Um so when when you're talking about xrp Getting approved for an ETP the part that's most interesting to Me is that it's physically backed by xrp And of course there's not a physical xrp But you know what is meant when people Say this right that just means that the Actual xrp on the blockchain that's What's backing the the value of the

Particular fund right So and it's so it's the same thing for Bit this is why everybody's excited About a Bitcoin ETF a Bitcoin spot ETF Because real Bitcoin must be purchased To back it that that's it same here for This xrp ETP so even if it doesn't qualify as an ETF it's the same type of product here And I'm telling you like you're going to See more and more of these in the future It's just the the asset class is where It is in terms of maturity and adoption But as more institutional money flows in And more retail spec get all that Absolutely and then you're talking about Speculators being able to purchase the The xrp which ultimately there will be An ETF you're talking about purchasing That on regular exchanges so people that Haven't been on board so they're not Among the first movers in the world of Crypto they'd still be able to have Access to it I do think that is of Material importance anyway this piece Reads as follows a renowned technology Firm has proclaimed its intention to Introduce an xrp ETP in the European Market starting early next month defi Technologies a prominent crypto company In the Forefront of bridging traditional Capital markets with the centralized Finance has disclosed the imminent Launch of an xrp exchange traded product

This development was captured in a press Statement today according to the report Defi Technologies is launching an xrp ETP through its subsidiary lore Inc lure Is renowned as a leaning ETP issuer Facilitating simplified access to Investment vehicles track digital assets Okay and so you're going to see in the United States and other countries around The world all sorts of products like This get launched and then like the big Question is is it going to be impact Impactful and if so to what Degree I say yes firmly and I understand Not everybody is convinced of this and That's fine and if I'm wrong I'm wrong But the only way that I could be wrong Is if the products fail Because I think it's very clear that the Magnitud of this over a prolonged period Of time it's going to be substantial so If you think that for instance a spot Bitcoin ETF isn't going to have a Material impact on the global price of Bitcoin I just respectfully Disagree and and so I have some data for You and this is among the First Data I've seen where they actually have a Table with expectations based on real World numbers as to what this would do In terms of the impact for the price of Of Bitcoin and of course if this is good For Bitcoin it's good for the entire Crypto asset class so then you

Understand that and then you understand Yes so this is good for xrp to but in Addition to that there will be an xrp ETF in the future in the United States In all lik Right so here's the headline from the Daily hoddle and this is from about a Week ago but it's got some real world Data and I think you're going to Appreciate this because if you're Wondering what's going to happen well That's why I said it very well may be The case that once the news breaks that Hey there's one or a bunch of Bitcoin Spot ETFs that that are approved by the SEC maybe the market goes absolutely Crazy and then it just comes back down And it looks like a big nothing that's Possible I don't know for sure but I'm Saying even if that's the case I don't Care because the implications for the Long term are incredible unless you Think these products are going to fail Which I don't like Black Rock gets Approved they're going to have a failed Bitcoin ETF I don't think so so but Check out some numbers here piece reads As follows the head of research for a Leading digital assets manager says one Catalyst could cause Bitcoin to soar to More than $265,000 in a new blog post coin shares Head of research James butterfill shares His calculations of a potential price

Impact if a spot Bitcoin exchange traded Fund or ETF for short is approved by the US uh Securities and Exchange Commission He says that the ETF Financial product Would attract a large influx of Institutional money some portion of an Estimated 48.3 trillion Addressable Assets in the United States Yes folks $ 48.3 trillion so it doesn't Mean it would all flown but of course Not but check this out here's a quote From uh Mr Butterfield with coin Shares one could assume that perhaps 10% Invest in a spot Bitcoin ETF with an Average allocation of 1% which would equate to 14.4 billion do of inflows in the first Year so folks just pause to say right Here this is why I'm saying even when The news breaks if we see some sort of Mania and price action in the short term It doesn't matter not really I mean it's It'll be fun I guess But if this happens he's saying over the Span of the first year now that is a lot Of money pouring in 14.4 billion because You get a multiplier effect obviously But this is why I was saying it's not That the news breaks and then all the Money's just in that is not how this Works which is why over a span of years And decades the implications of this Would be staggering unless you think the Product fails and I don't think these

Products broadly speaking are going to Fail anyway then this quote continues There does seem to be a relationship Between inflows as a percent of assets Under management and change in bitcoin Price if we take the A4 mentioned $ 14.4 Billion do of inflows the model suggests It could push the price up to $141,000 per Bitcoin the problem with The estimate of inflows is that it is Very difficult to ascertain exactly how Much inflows there will be when the spot ETFs are launched below is a simple Matrix with a varied set of inflows and Its potential impact on the Bitcoin Price end quote and so for those of you That care to look at the screen you can See the table here and so it's it's a Little all over the place and that's Fine but in terms of because we don't Know for sure the quantity of Institutions that will actually put Money in even in the first year for Example and then those ones that do how Much are they putting in is it going to Be 1% good chance it may just be 1% but That's still something that's still a Lot you're talking about billions and Billions of dollars here but then the Question is if that happens what type of Multiplier effect do we get for the Price of Bitcoin if this Happens and the expectation is there That even if you're on the conservative

Side you'd be looking at that type of Price for for Bitcoin as a result of This and then you can imagine what that Means for the rest of the crypto asset Class because what whatever multiplier Bitcoin gets this Market cycle yay but Uh xrp is going to dwarf that in terms Of performance I firmly believe that I Mean it's got legal Clarity it's trusted It's been battle tested it's here after Over a decade everything including the Kitchen sink has been thrown at it and It's still here Dam it ain't going away There will be a certain particular level Of confidence I believe that when the Time comes this it's just going to run Like crazy and and the people that don't Want to buy it at 62 cents they're going To want to buy it at 10 Bucks that won't surprise me in the Least but all this to Say when these products get launched and Like I said unless you think they're Going to fail it's going to go crazy so When there there is in the United States In xrp ETF the concept that I'm sharing With you it's the same thing here and The amount of money that will flow in Will just be insane and and and fine it May not be Bitcoin numbers like say xrp Gets approved for ETF right after uh Bitcoin which is I'm not expecting that Necessarily but I'm just saying if there If it was what would be a much slower

Quantity of money because all the Mania Is around Bitcoin you know that's that's That's the name that everybody knows When it comes to crypto almost nobody Knows what xrp is but I love that Because that does mean we're early You're you're part of a small group of People on planet Earth substantially Less than 1% of humans that know that Xrp exists even and you hold a piece of That right that's incredible and rare so That's not some sort of knock against Xrp the fact that these numbers would Not be nearly a staggering for xrp in Terms of the multiplier effect that's What matters I don't care as much about The dollar figures for me personally Anyway I care about the multiplier Effect based on how much money I put in You know that's what's more Important but uh it's going to be fun so All that I firmly believe that all of This actually does matter it's not just Some sort of uh you Know like stupid retailer narrative that We're all just falling victim to Uh unless you're saying that the Narrative is we get the news and then it Just goes off immediately and then That's that I I I'm not saying I buy Into that but yeah if you're talking About over a long period of time it's Going to be incredible like it'll be Hard to overstate the degree to which

It'll be impactful for Bitcoin and xrp When it comes to it uh but even over the First year should the money flow in If The product doesn't fail you could still Start to see something even over the Next 12 months even if not right away But the the most profound action would Be after one year like go a DEC out We're so early we'll get to reap the Benefits of that because these products Have to actually be hold that's the Biggest part that Matters you know that in conjunction With the fact that so many more people Are going to have easy access to to These you know to to the product now so It'll be on major exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange for example kind of Matters right I would think so so that's Why I'm saying like there's there's a Reason I'd love run this damn Channel There's there's so many reasons to be Excited we are so early we found we Actually did find something special and Find it it's been a rocky Journey it's Been I mean there's been a lot of Nonsense I mean I thought it was bad Enough just putting up with those little Toxic Bitcoin Maxi trolls back in 2017 But then the SEC came in with Kim Jong Guinsler and his winged spawns of Satan suing us into Oblivion although Not literally as technically they might As well

Have it's been quite the journey but It's going to all be worth it in the end And though even though it's it's taking Some curves that I never would have Guessed wow what an Experience part of History folks part of History folks and The Best is Yet ahead I'm not a financial adviser you should Not buy or sell anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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