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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel it's a fun little Saturday night In crypto uh just a bit before I started Recording this video Bitcoin started Moving to the upside xrp moving in lock Step at the time I'm recording this Anyway uh cross your fingers but xrp at Least at the time I'm recording this is Above 53 cents you love to see it and a Couple things I specifically want to Highlight in this video it's fascinating That with Bitcoin continuing to lead the Way showing notable strength I'm Noticing some analysts that had been Skeptical about a potential move to the Upside perhaps even to alltime highs I'm Seeing some of those analysts um start To rethink that perspective based on Recent strength uh I'm going to give you One such example in this video because Um there's a chance says one of my Favorite analysts out there that we're Actually and he's been saying this this Argument for years so we're going to see If it pans out but he believes we're in A super cycle dating back to 2018 and That we're going to see a blowoff top Much sooner than later in all likelihood Not even necessarily towards the later Part of this year so I'll share with you What he has to say and also there's been A lot of negativity in the xrp community I and I look I don't think it's even Most people and I'm not going to focus

On that this video the only reason I Even mentioned that in this video and I Will talk about that more separately Because there's been some notable stuff Happening is because um you just you see That you always see this before xrp pops Right and this could be one of those Moments and there are a couple analysts I'm going to share with you in this Video specifically talking about the xrp BTC pair because xrp uh has been losing Momentum against Bitcoin but this has Happened a number of times throughout History and what you'll see and what Will be highlighted among many other Things as it pertains specifically to Xrp and the xrp BTC pair is that when There's a big enough disparity uh it's It it's it's so frequently these moments Right before xrp just rips to the upside But uh before going further I do want to Be clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun for Those of you that care to look here's The 24-hour xrp chart and um oh and I'll Mention this too I don't know if anybody Cares but I mentioned this from time to Time when I'm talking about price action

Because by the time you're watching this Like it takes a while to get this Uploaded you got to make the thumbnail Then you best to process it all that Jazz it takes time I I try to get this Stuff up as quick as I can especially When I'm talking about price stuff um But uh things could be very different by The time you're watching if so I hope to The upside uh but it is 10:55 p.m. Central Time uh that is February 10th Saturday 2024 so you can see started moving up Just a bit ago you know within the last You know C couple hours or so really Here's the 24-hour Bitcoin chart um yeah It moved up up fairly dramatically and Xrp you know in terms of correlation did The same thing it looks like bitcoin's Move was a bit more aggressive that's Fine Bitcoin leads the way and then the Rest of the market follows that's just How it is I don't have any qualms with That that's that's just that's just what It is cool crypto fear and greed index At 71 out of 100 so Market not Surprisingly is experiencing greed oh You greedy sobs and there was this post There's a very popular chart analyst out There named Bob Lucas 256,000 followers on X and he is one of The analysts that I follow um not Literally necessarily every single day There's too many analysts out there for

Me to literally follow every single day But he's well respected and um he has One of the analysts out there that's Been a little bit skeptical of you know Potential moves to the upside to a Particularly notable degree like if You're in like if you're in the the Category of moontown coming yes uh That's not quite where he's been but Based on strength of Bitcoin which of Course leads the way for the market uh He's thinking uh maybe maybe it's time To rethink that and so he uh he wrote The Following Bitcoin showing Amazing Strength and folks if I could just pause A note this was from yesterday February 9th this is before the latest strength Tonight it's happening right now so I Know things happen fast in crypto maybe By the time I upload this bitcoin's like $39,000 I'll just be like well son of a if it happens it happens you know Not that I think that's probable I'm Just saying and then he says got me Since ETF news been in cash till today Trading account waiting expected weekly Cycle Decline this move defies that generally Weakest part of the cycle okay so that Certainly jumped out to me he's saying He was expecting it to go down because In terms of where we are in the cycle This should be a weak point yeah break On down but didn't break on down

strength to the upside and then he Says brings into Focus left trans Fouryear cycle or super cycle promise New video 2 meaning Tuesday and so uh The only thing I didn't know I I was Like what the hell are you talking about What is left trans for I was not Familiar with this particular verbiage Uh but it turns out as it'll be expanded Upon in just a moment it's basically the Same concept as kind of like super Cycle um and so somebody responded to Him named unre and wrote left translated Cycle slh1 2024 blowoff top in progress In line with Elliot wave theory I never Abandoned this belief even when Bob did Much thanks to Alam zad I'm not familiar With this particular individual uh and Also credible crypto very familiar with This guy though and so credible crypto Reposted that and he had some stuff to Say about this because as far as moves To the upside yes like massive moves to The upside and again uh I know many of You are like me you care way more about Xrp than you'll ever care about Bitcoin I'm in that camp but I just I got to say Because I know I'm starting Bitcoin Heavy in this video Bitcoin leads the Way Bitcoin must do well in order for Our beloved xrp to do well so start Caring about it if you don't even if you Don't hold xrp even if you think it's Stupid because it's arguably the least

Technologically advanced crypto in Existence that's fine and it arguably is Because it's the first one but I mean I'm still appreciative of it and it's Been adopted people decided they want it It's been 15 years is what it is whether We like it or not IM material as far as I'm concerned the market has spoken this Is this is how things are now at least For now but here's what credible crypto Had to say about this and this is Interesting and this should um result in Confidence I'd say for those who haven't Figured it out yet the left translated Cycle is essentially the same thesis I Have shared for years now just using Different nomenclature one is more Acceptable to reference on crypto Twitter the other is frequently Dismissed because most don't understand Elliot wave and or don't want to give it Any credence in any case both these both Thesis suggest that this current move to The upside concludes a much larger cycle On bitcoin since Inception and will be Followed by the biggest bare market in Terms of time that we have seen since Inception and folks just to be clear Credible crypto is in major bull mode Right now don't be terrified by that if A thesis is correct then after this uh Mega blowoff top which is going to just Melt everyone's face on the entire Planet

Uh that should be sufficient for us to Be okay but he is warning after that Okay now might have some hard times but Anyway let speak for himself though he Continues in left translated cycle speak This move up could potentially conclude A fourth cycle of fouryear Cycles to Complete a larger 16-year secular bull Cycle since bitcoin's Inception so I'll Pause note again what was Bitcoin born Out of obviously the 2008 financial Collapse and he's just noting here that Uh there have been four years Cycles Since bitcoin's Inception with blowoff Tops right and so all he's saying is That this would be the fourth one and That's part of a larger cycle of 16 Years that's all he's saying right there And he says the left translated part Comes into play because a top in 2024 Would be an early top occurring during The first half of the fourth four-year Cycle rather than at the end of it in 2025 to 2026 and so think about this and so what He's saying makes sense for those of you That were here in 2020 you remember Towards the end of the year four so at The end of this year that's four years Right I'm no math wizard but that will Be four years when we get to the end of The year since that happened markets Heaten up right but it wasn't until 2021 when uh we started to get well we

Got the ultimate alltime high for Bitcoin and many other coins and when Xrp hit it cycle high in April of 2021 Went around two bucks so if we do get Highs uh in 2024 that would be early if If that happens that's what he's Po and Then he says in lengthening Cycle Theory Or based on Elliot wave theory how I've Shared my primary thesis this move up Could potentially conclude a final fifth Wave of our cycle that started in 2018 Which is the final cycle in an even Larger cycle that started at bitcoin's Inception this would then be followed by The biggest bare market in terms of time That we have seen since Inception to conclude both these Theories have the same basis and are Conceptually different ways to reference The same Ideas okay so folks I don't know for Sure if that's going to happen but I Want everybody on the record especially Uh the most reputable well-known Analysts out there and I follow a ton of Them they've said their pieces I don't Pretend to know for sure what's going to Happen but uh I wouldn't even mind this Even if we go into a large be Market not That I I'm be thrilled about that uh but I wouldn't even necessarily mind it if It means that we have the massive Blowoff top this time and xrp goes and Everything else goes you know what I I'd

Be pretty happy in the end I would uh I Would have made at that point the the Life-changing wealth that I've been Seeking in crypto for over six years at This point because I frankly I don't Know where you guys are at I personally And it's just because it's a function of Time really just because I've been in Here a while uh over six years now I Don't need a crazy multiplier effect for Me to just be like huh that's kind of Like like I won the lottery you know but That wasn't always that wasn't like it For most the time I'm on crypto but I'm Just looking at where we are right now And if this is way before a blowoff Top It's going to be fun and I will still be Here during the bare mark because I I'm Not just going to lose the the genuine Interest and passion for everything in Crypto I just think it's going to get Bigger after that even if there's a Prolonged uh bare market after that uh Now here's a post from chart analyst Dark Defender this is xrpusd price chart He said Uh uh Fibonacci levels are absolute and Mathematical Yesterday we closed at 52.8 on our Fibonacci level coincidence No road to Wave 3 targets $188 and $588 so he's optimistic that what we're Seeing right now it's just part of the Journey that we should be expecting he

Still is absolutely optimistic we are Going to be seeing a new all-time high For xrp this Market cycle not too not Too far into the uh into the future There's this post from chart analyst dgr Crypto now this is an xrp BTC chart and This gets interesting so he wrote uh Taking a glance back at May 2023 it's clear that uh the white small Circle has been a consistent option or Potential outcome reflecting on past Mega pumps it's evident that they all Began from significant red circles and For those of you looking at the screen You can see what he's talking about here And again uh this is um xrp's value if You will or price if you will measured In Bitcoin rather than United States Stat dollar which is what we usually Have here then he says if Bitcoin Dominance begins to WAN and its price Surges it will serve as the ultimate Signal for alts including xrp to Initiate their moves now it's imperative To adjust my targets to align with the Present price level of Bitcoin and um so Xrp BTC price equals 0.00 1370 so that's fib 1.618 and then you can see what that Means I'm not going to read all the the The price levels that he's that are on The screen if you want to pause here and Take a look feel free to do that but I

Kind of wanted to make a broader Point Actually anyway about xrp BTC and then I'm going to share with you a Perspective from another uh xrp chart Analyst um who who talks about it Further and some other stuff which I Think you're going to enjoy so stick With me throughout the rest of this Video if you've got the time I think You're going to like it but um I just Want to say you know the key takeaway in My mind as it pertains to the xrp BTC Chart is that it's historically very Normal for xrp to lose value against Bitcoin for very long periods of time Because Bitcoin leads the market and xrp Lags behind it doesn't even mean that Xrp is performing horrendously in a Vacuum you know there have been plenty Of instances where xrp stays roughly Where it is in terms of value against The United States dollar or pick your Fiat currency if it's not you know going Through even more insane inflation than The United States dollar you know if It's not the Argentine PES But um you know if if Bitcoin is Increasing its in in price against the Dollar then xrp is losing value against Bitcoin that's what's happening Bitcoin Goes up in terms of United States Dollars xrp goes down right because if It's if it's at the same United States Price right that's that's just what's

Happening right but historically this Has always happened before xrp has had a Truly meaningful Pump you can see it you can see it time And time again again if you just look at The Charts and and so crypto Insight UK he Had a lot of stuff to say and I think You're really going to like this um so Let me note when he posted this actually This is relevant um because he put a Little time timer on this so to speak uh He posted this this morning February 10th 1:43 a.m. so less than 24 hours ago And he starts by noting the next one day And 17 hours are important for Xrp if we see some positive price action In this time an upside move could be Coming let's look at why firstly the Look at total that's a ticker symbol Total which is just total market cap of Crypto uh we have seen an inflow of $153 Billion in 99.69% increase into crypto This week people have been pointing to Bitcoin dominance as that has also risen This week meaning Bitcoin has been Outperforming the rest of the market This week's spefic specifically by 1.7% but this still means the rest of The total Market excluding Bitcoin has Increased if we look at total two we can See that increase is roughly $54 billion A 7% average gain across the board That's a lot of

Powder now let's look at xrp Specifically I started this post saying We have one day and 17 hours to show Strength and I'll just pause a note Uh it's fun to see given that he stated That less than 24 hours ago as of the Time I'm recording this video he stated He again uh one day and 17 hours show Strength what we're seeing right now at Least at the time I'm recording this Again Bitcoin blazing to the upside on a Freaking Saturday night and xrp Following so it's at least some strength We'll see what happens but anyway he he Continues xrp has been creating a Sequence of lower highs and lower lows Since November 6 2023 got to pause one More time to just say that is why Everybody is a little crabby pets today Not literally everybody and I'll talk About that again more in separate videos But uh yes when when this is happening And then anecdotally you can look at Individual coins popping off and Everybody's talking about Salan look at The salano the coin that kind of works Sometimes except for when it doesn't Work because it goes down historically And that's normal so but it goes up in Price right and people oh my God they're Losing their loving Minds over this Having trouble sleeping at Night uh except for Again that doesn't matter other coins

Popping off especially altcoins in a Vacuum that that doesn't in and of Itself indicate something's wrong with Xrp coins go at different times anyway And behaviorally again I I stand by my Statement that this this is normal price Action for xrb it just is the market Moves in tandem damn it and so even if You're talking about lower highs and Lower lows over some period of time okay Have we not seen that before I mean Think about and also think about when I Was talking about the xrp BTC chart like 2017 is my favorite example because xrp Tortured people for a half a year during And what to that point was the most Incredible rally in the history of Crypto xrp moves sideways Lo losing Value against Bitcoin uh not as much Against the USD it was up and down up And down for half a year but but AB Bitcoin kept moving to the Upside people absolutely lost confidence And so many people sold before the Biggest pump in history for xrp but Anyway he continues uh however the Momentum in this trend seems to be Slowing so as far as the lower highs and The lower lows since November 6 2023 he Says the the momentum directionally for That it looks like it's slowing and he Says often a sign of sellers are Becoming Exhausted and we are currently battling

The recent high in resistance on the 4H Hour after creating a higher Low this setup looks similar to salana Salana position I highlighted yesterday This is where we need to see buyers step Up and take the fight to the Bears if we Zoom out to the weekly time frame you Can see why the next day and a half are So important in terms of price action For xrp if we see buyers step in with Volume A reversal of this downtrend Could be on the cards we would create a Bullish engulfing weekly candle at a key Level of Support also creating a bullish Cross on the stochastic RSI indicating swing in momentum this Would just be the start but it would be A great start we have had some of the Worst fud and sentiment I've ever seen Recently in the xrp community right at a Key level of support which so far has Held this often happens at significant Lows think Gemini versus Barry Silver Back in January 2023 we have one day and 17 hours for a Good chance of a reversal and to see uh May become excited again about xrp on a Technical level and so folks it is true Xrp has been holding support all sorts Of analysts have been cheering that on And at least at the time we recording This bitcoin's going up xrp's going up You'll love to see it sentiment at its Worst historically that's what you want

To see it's just it's it's not the end All be but it's a metric to consider Horrible sentiment I'm sitting there Like okay cool this is good historically This is good very good for xrp and I Know the people going through the fear Like they don't understand that they're A metric that I look at I'm like oh nice But they are like I'm sorry it's just Actually not even sorry it's just it is What it is I look at that I'm just like Yep I would expect this it doesn't mean That I'm looking down on them I just Think they don't know I I just don't Think they have sufficient data or um I Don't know emotional control if you will Some any stuff along I don't think they Have that I don't think they're equipped With those things to be able to navigate This without a bunch of turbulence you Know what I'm saying that's all I'm Getting now doesn't mean they're bad or Stupid maybe with some knowledge and Then just some more experience in Market Market going through extreme volatility Maybe theyd be fine but there's a lot of People that whether it's experience or Just the type that has a real hard time Managing volatility I mean good Lu in Crypto then it could just be that but I Look at this I'm just like this is Probably awesome as long as the market Keeps moving to the upside so we need to Keep seeing stocks doing what they're

Doing we need Bitcoin to follow I Believe xrp will follow even if it lags Behind totally cool with that that's Fine but again I'm just saying there's a Lot of reasons to be truly optimistic I'm excited for this so we'll see what Happens here but that's what I got for You in this latest Moon Lambo H Jam I'm Not a financial adviser you should not Buy or sell anything because of anything I say or right that would be a very very Very bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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