XRP May Lose #5 Spot In Market Cap

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel here's a headline from the Crypt Basic salana set to run over xrp as its Trading volume almost 3x xrps amid 266 growth and so the article highlights The price action for salana and then They actually share a post from me in This article because there is discussion Within the xrp community about the very Real possibility of xrp losing its Number five spot in market cap to Salana salana has been running like Crazy xrp has not been as hot in terms Of price action very recently in the Very short term and so there's real Concern from some people that salana Could overtake xrp in market cap and so I'll say this I acknowledge it's Certainly possible that could happen I Also give zero Fox I give zero of that Particular animal zero because it Doesn't matter I want to articulate why But it's just it's it's so interesting We're in such an exciting phase right Now of this this the market cycle and It's great seeing xrp behave the way That it is moving in tanem with the Market it's actually up at the time I'm Recording this yet still people are Comparing it to other coins and so even Though there's nothing bad with xrp and A vacuum happening people still get very Concerned seeing other stuff perform Even better like they just people are

Really having a hard time with this and It doesn't make sense to be comparing uh To to that it just it it doesn't not Certainly not this point in time with The current Environ no it doesn't make That it doesn't make sense uh there's Also this article from the Crypt basic Top Bitcoin analyst says it's now or Never for xrp and this is Interesting this particular bitcoiner This analyst um doesn't usually delve Into the world of xrp very popular Analyst and he also talks about xrp in The context of salana noting that it Looks like since salana if you haven't Been watching and I don't own salana by The way nothing against it I'm not for Against it um I just happened to not own It uh it's been going on quite a tear And this particular analyst who is a big Bitcoiner uh he thinks that it's time For Xrp so all these all this concern about Salana you know overtaking xrp Market Gap okay maybe it happens or even if Salana keeps going on a rip what if xrp Goes on a major rip as well even if it's Not hitting a new alltime high with the Next leg Up well we'll talk about but before Going further I do want to be clear I do Not have a financial background of any Kind I am not offering Financial advice And you definitely should not buy or

Sell anything because of anything I say Or right I'm just an Enthusiast who Enjoys making YouTube videos about Crypto related topics but just as a Hobby and just for fun now I'll note That xrp is at 67 cents at the time I'm Recording this it is running right now Market cap go up in fact over the last 24 hours is up 4.56% still there's this concern though So let's jump into this first article About salana just to get you get the Table set get some context here in a Remarkable Mark words are hard sometimes In a remarkable turn of events data Shows that salana is on the verge of Overtaking xrp in its long-standing Territory as the third largest altcoin Per data from coin market cap salana has Gained 13. 88% in the last 24 hours Putting its cumulative 7-Day growth at 17.83% Effectively salana now exchanges hands At $71.7 at the time of writing on the Other hand xrp had negative growth over The past day although its cumulative Onewe performance wields at a growth Rate of 4.87% now folks this article was Written before I recorded this obviously And it's this is why it shows you just Like if you're' going to look at a 24-hour period and you're just you're so Focused on these micro movements it's

Not going to do you any good I mean Nothing against them for reporting this That's fine but I'm making a point on This I just showed you a second ago xrp Is up 4.56% at the time they wrote this Just a little bit ago it was down now It's up a good bit xrp is going on a run Too the whole Market's hot which does by The way make it less likely that salana Is going to overtake xrp but even if it Does I'll get to that in a second though Piece continues while xrp trades at 64 Cents its Market valuation has fallen by 1.35% to 34.443856 so uh that could very well Pick up by the time you're watching this Or it just goes crashing back down who Knows we'll see things happen fast in Crypto pece continues meanwhile salana Is swiftly earning the interest that xrp Lost as salana demonstrated Positive Growth across the metrics where xrp face Declines in particular with salana over $70 its crypto market share now stands At 3.58 billion this figure represents a 13.59% surge from the value recorded the Previous day per coin market cap Furthermore sana's 24-hour trading Volume has surged by 8.41% to reach now around number here $4.1 billion so again xrp at about 1.6 Billion now and they for this time Period they're citing salana 4.1 billion So a lot more but also I have seen xrp's

Volume in those ranges when it's running It just depends what coin has the Excitement in the moment anyway and then They write intriguingly this volume is Nearly three times that of xrp's trading Volume during the same period just 3 Months ago salana held the ninth Position among the most prominent Cryptocurrencies trailing behind digital Assets like Dogecoin cardano and the Stable coin Usdc however Solana has beaten Doge Cardano and usdc with xrp the next in Line to be knocked out okay so is it Going to happen well here's what I had To say about this there was this post by Xrp Community member minus wellth and he Wrote it's going to suck big time when Salana passes xrp salana has almost 3x The volume seems programmed at this Point with the little brain explode Emoji and so I just shared my Perspective here and I Wrote If this happens I think it will Emotionally devastate some xrp holders Which is silly because obviously another Coin in the moment performing better Than xrp does not mean that xrp is bad Or that there's something wrong with it I personally won't have any negative Fuel Fields if another coin goes on a Run even if it overtakes xrp in market Cap for any period of time because Eventually xrp will run too and then it

Will be proven that none of the fear was Necessary everyone will eventually see That it never mattered and folks I I Firmly believe that that is my Stance I just don't think it matters and I i' I've seen too much of this for over Six years at this point to to fall into This emotional trap I'm just not going To do it and not that minus Wells is He's just pointing out you know he's Just it's a matter of fact statement Here pretty much uh but and nothing Against you if you are having those Emotions I'm just all I'm sharing with You is I don't think it's I don't think It's not only is it not productive but I Don't think it's even necessary to have The negative feelings seeing salana do Whatever salana is doing and still Although I acknowledge salana could take Out xrp inm terms of market cap that's Not a crazy idea that really could Happen that's totally plausible um I'm Not highly confident that it will and Even if it does it could be it could Just be Shortlived you know it just it has Nothing to do with the long-term Viability of xrp though it's just when a Coin goes on a run it goes on a run I Mean hell think about this you know You've got um here go back to live coin Watch you've got four coins above xrp One of them is usdt it's a stable coin

So throw that out you've got Bitcoin eth And BNB you know it wasn't always the Case that BNB was uh was above xrp in terms of Market cap and in fact uh it wasn't it's More of a recent development if Anything I mean yeah it's it's been There for most the last probably the Last couple years I have to go look at Historical snapshots because the SEC Nonsense but that opened a door xrp Price became suppressed and I still Believe that xrp price today is way Lower than it otherwise would have been It probably be you know it could be it Would have rallied to new alltime High What would that mean now it would be Like like a couple bucks right now Instead of 66 cents you know maybe more Than That but uh but when when binance coin BNB when it went above xrp did that mean There was something wrong with xrp did That make it less likely that xrp would Run because B&B is still above it are we Still screwed because that's above it Too no it doesn't that type of thinking Makes literally no sense it makes Absolutely no sense that's not how Speculators look at this stuff that's Not what's going to now I mean maybe There are some of us that's I'm actually Speaking to you if you're like there are Some people in the community that are

Getting emotionally will get emotionally Hit should this occur but broadly Speaking this is not something that's Going to prevent globally speculators From throwing a metric eward ton of Money into xrp when it finally goes and We have seen this before xrp I've seen It in in you know in number six in Market cap and I can't remember how bad It got over the last couple years Because the SEC maybe it got as low as Seven I can't remember for sure off the Top of my head but but it's been in Worse positions before you know I just I Just I don't think for a moment that This actually matters at All and and we saw I mean 2017 is is It's it's my favorite example to this Point in time you know with it moving Sideways for for the most of the almost The entirety of the second half of 2017 And people getting really upset and Other stuff's running and people selling Because they're so impatient with it oh My God and then it finally just runs but All that noise didn't matter and even if It means that xrp gets overtaken which By the way it wouldn't have if not for The SEC because there'd be more money in It right now uh but even if it happens So what it functionally does not matter It makes no difference has nothing to do Whe whether or not xrp will hit a new Alltime ey that's all I'm saying

Here here's a headline from the crypto Basic top Bitcoin analyst says it's now Or never for xrp which sounds a little Dramatic but you Know xrp has captured the attention of Several notable Market Watchers with Prominent Bitcoin analyst Miro M being The latest to express sustained interest In the asset and so folks I'll admit Here and this doesn't mean anything I'm Not familiar with this particular Individual but he seems very popular He's got a following on X of over 300,000 people um so probably some of You out here listening have heard before I just happen to not have but that Doesn't mean anything uh anyway peace Continues after months of ignoring xrp Muro's renewed fascination with the Asset came to to Limelight late last Month for following its impressive 5.55% Intraday surge on November 22nd mro Confirmed that xrp had broken out of a Downward trend line and was on the verge Of an uptrend he projected a looming Rally that xrp uh that could see xrp Rise to the 80 C price Target the Analysts remained firmly optimistic of Xrp's potential to eventually surg to The Target emphasizing that this Scenario would materialize whether or Not the asset retaste the consolidation Low um so let me just go to the the the Actual there are a couple posts I want

To share from this is the first one from November 23rd he shared this xrp chart And he wrote The Following just like eth And salana broke out ready to go with or Without retest of the consolidation low And so he what he's noting here is hey And again since we were talking about Salana we're worried apparently about it Taking over xrp in terms of market cap He says Hey salana wi look at the chart Here xrp's next that's effectively what He's saying right here and do you really Think that xrp is just going to sit Around and do nothing I mean it's it's Ight it's literally doing something Right now it it it's up you know I Showed you a second it was up to 67 Cents who knows what it is by the time You're watching this it could go up it Could go down but I'm just saying here It's very clearly moving in tandem with The rest of the market this is what we Want to see that's the part the matter If it weren't doing that then I'd be Alarmed if xrp were not moving in Correlation with broader crypto markets Yes I'd be worried it is it is moving in Tandem though and so then there was also This post and this is from uh December 6th here he wrote uh here I'll make this Full screen xrp typically testing Patients again since last night's entry I usually don't trade this coin but ta Wise technical analysis Wise It's said

To me that now or never let's see so he Still thinks that this thing's going to Be rocketing to the upside here and this Is a a Bitcoin guy who doesn't give a Crap about xrp and he's just he's Looking at the charts he's like yeah It's going to go Salan went xrp is going To go so we'll see what happens here but I'm just saying even if it and it'll be In the headlines if xrp actually gets Supplanted temporarily in terms of Market cap whatever but then when xrp Goes like why couldn't xrp Blaze past Salana again and then take out BNB and Then take out eth and be number two in Market cap why couldn't that Happen xrp when it goes it's good at Melting faces it's the best face melter Out there just saying man I'm not a Financial adviser you should not buy a Sell anything because of anything I say Or right that would be a very very very Bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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