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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel I don't know about you folks but My coins have been pumping recently and Of course Bitcoin recently breaking Above $40,000 uh that hasn't really set off Any of the altcoins that I hold at least Not at this point but Bitcoin always Leads the way but even setting that Aside uh Bitcoin has been running up Over the last couple months or so in Particular and my altcoins have been Following how about yours and so look Let me say this at the outset xrp is Unquestionable My favorite cryptocurrency and my Largest individual holding by a lot in Fact my xrp is worth about four times What my second largest holding is in Terms of United States dollars and my Second largest holding is currently Bitcoin but you know I hold close to 30 Different cryptocurrencies so you know So that I uh so I have reasonably broad Exposure to the crypto asset class I Kind of made my own little Index Fund Effectively right focusing almost Exclusive L on large cap and midcap Coins I'm just cuz look I I I'm not a Degenerate though nothing against any of You if you consider yourself to be one And you're all about you know the the Big the high risk High reward bets Investing in the small cap coins and the

Tiny meme coins that nobody's heard of If that's your if that's your your your Jam good on you that's just not for me I I think that crypto's risky enough Without delving into that particular Pool but good on anybody that's doing Well with it uh just that's not the World I want to live in and so I focus Again almost exclusively on large cap And midcap coins now there's one Particular coin that I've been um I've Been down on Substantially for almost the entire time I've held it I've held it since the very Beginning of this year but I've been Down substantially it's just been Cratering this year but it's popped Recently and check this out this is the Reason I want to highlight this just to Show you how quickly stuff happens it Has popped up dramatically recently to The point where it's actually now my Fourth largest individual Holding life happens fast in the world Of crypto so your your coins they're Always going to be jockeying for Position here but it's just it's just Interesting and then there was an Interesting conversation on U that That's that sprouted up as a result of Me sharing some of this information on Social media platform X and I thought For fun I'd kind of run through that Because I always enjoy thoughtful

Discourse and back and forth and there's Uh some thoughtful discourse from a Couple different individuals which I Enjoyed and I thought that you guys Might as well but uh before going Further I do want to be clear I do not Have a financial background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun and uh what coin am I Talking about that popped off for me It's flare this is this is a coin that I Was down on dramatically for almost the Entire year now I'm actually up on it um And so check this out I posted the Following this is on December 1st flare And by the way this isn't some sort of Flare video this is just like it's it's Just an example like this this could be Any coin I didn't know it was going to Pop now I just had confidence that it Likely would in the future and now it Has um and so I wrote flare is up 40% Over the past 30 days up 20% over the Past 24 hours the 110 millionth example Of people scream a coin is dead at local Lows only for it to ultimately surge in Substantial fashion rinse and repeat I'm For it and my friends that is exactly What happened and um and I'll not look I

Understand that even though it's true That I'm up a lot on on my my crypto Investments including flare at this Point I'm up a good bit on flare uh it's It's very possible that I can end up Back in the red in the short term and if That happens cuz I've been through that I've had that happen after I'm so I'm Way down for a long period of time then I'm back up yay but then I'm back down That Happens um but if that happens I'll Probably be enticed to buy again frankly Because look I've been through this so Many times it's second nature to me at This point I was underwat in my Investment for xrp for most of the first Three years that I held it and it Doesn't Matter and and things have been going in Such a way that you know most of my my Coins I'm actually um I'm in the black Again you know like not not looking too Bad or or the green green sounds better Right so I'm in the green on almost Almost all of them at this point but I I I I'm very open about this stuff like Just go back to my videos from like over The summer I was like I'm down on a lot Of my coins like especially the ones That I bought over the last three years But I also didn't care because I've Already been through this and I know That it's going to range and it's going

To shake a lot of people up but not me Because I it just it does what it does And then if I have more money that I Want to invest then I got to put it Somewhere then maybe I throw it in a Crypto and I've been doing That uh and and so it's interesting Though and I think that this is just Kind of a lesson in how to approach Stuff and not that like I'm not telling You to buy or sell or hold anything you Do whatever you want this is just like To me it's just further instilling what I already believe to be true because um I bought more flare so I was down Substantially in October and uh and the it was just crazy Like the the sentiment around flare was Dismal people were on social media just Crapping all over oh it's just such a Terrible thing it's never going to do Anything ever again it's dead and so When I saw that I got interested I was Like oh well I am down substantially on This but I've been through I've seen This movie before when sentiment gets Like this and price actually is down Substantially compared to earlier the Year yeah I'm interested and so there is A post from the flare flare Community X Account and they wrote The Following When and this is October 19th mind you This year when the amount of people that Believe a price of an asset is going

Lower reaches a maximum it usually Starts going higher when the amount of People that believe a price of an asset Is going higher reaches a maximum it Usually starts going lower and so here Is my response to that on October 19th I Wrote yep and I'm thinking about buying More flare today sentiment is dismal and So look I'm just watching everybody on Social media screaming about how awful Flare is it's crap oh we see told you it Was a bad coin it's stupid St l l p i d Stupid that that that's that's the Sentiment there and so I was like yeah I'm probably going to buy more um and Then flare Community wrote back to me And said for sure but that's a that's a Good thing for those who understand Market psychology right it's funny the People screaming how amazing flare is When it's going up are the same people Urging people to sell at the lows it's a Telltale sign of an emotional investor That believes developments SL utility of A network are directly correlated to the Price of the Native asset yep uh that's That's spot on and so I actually did end Up purchasing more that day and I Increased my Holdings by a lot here you Can see 3:12 p.m. October 19th 2023 I Wrote if anything the utility and future Prospects for Flare have never been Better though the price has never been Lower and by the way I'll just pause a

Note that is literally true that day You'll see in a second I'm going to show You the chart the lowest it's ever been Even even as of now that was the low Point that day was anyway and I then Said I bought more flare this morning Increase my total Holdings by about 45% and wrapped it immediately yeah so I Wrapped it and delegated of course Because then you get more free flare Each month um but again that was October 19th look at the chart this is the this Is a 90-day chart on livecoin watch look At how it went down and you can see the Very bottom here that is October 19th And this is pure coincidence this is not Me saying I'm some sort of wizard I'm Just a dude who's like oh the price is Low I was like I'll buy more it'll Probably go lower and it happened to be The case that it didn't go lower not That I I bought the literal bottom uh But I bought so the low point was on That day I bought on that day and so Maybe it went went like a fraction of a Of a of a of a you know whatever decimal Point over in terms of a penny down Below and so maybe I was like Technically down for like like a hot Minute but it it is p this usually Doesn't happen for me this is not this Is not to be expected this is not normal It just happened to be the case so That's kind of cool I guess since it's

So rare but even to buy the bottom like On the same day that is something and so It was 83 cents at the time 83 and it ended up running quite a bit Up to close to 1.5 cents ultimately so Again again about 40% up from from two As of two days ago anyway so look at That chart I it just it is kind of fun When you nail like just about nail the Bottom because that is so rare this is Probably the closest I've ever I've been In this over six years I don't have Another example like this this is the One for me so like just you know it's Like a you know like a fishing story and Catching the big fish like I guess most Of those are crap but the same thing in Crypto actually I think people lie about A bunch of stuff but this is the one for Me that's actually real um and again Like I acknowledge it could go lower but It doesn't matter like even if it goes Lower the concept I'm sharing with you Is still true it still Rings true it Always it always has it always will Because we're the same humans with the Same DNA whether we're investing in Equities or crypto whatever and so you Can see how it just went up and I just Keep holding and I am up substantially Now my fourth largest individual crypto Holding and we haven't even got to you For it this is how I treat my crypto and This is

I try to idiot proof my own investment Process like I keep saying I've been Doing this for 6 years I buy stuff and I Do not sell either it goes to zero and I'm just like in which case maybe I just Never sell it I guess it just sits there At zero uh or it becomes worth a lot and Then I'll be enticed to sell at some Point that's it that's it it's it's it's It's very unsophisticated but it works And that as unsophisticated as it is I Believe is way better than people trying To time markets and get in and out of Positions I can't stand that crap it's Not for me but that's what most people People do I think when they're Speculating it's just they're get Impatient they feel emotions oh I'm Missing that oh my God it's going to go Lower I better sell it's just the fomo And the Panic it's no I I'm not going to Have a part of it and so I stupid proof This for myself as much as I can I just Hold and I didn't know that this was Going to bounce 40% in such a short time Period I'm just a dude like there's Nothing special about me whatsoever but That kind of proves the point like Anybody listening can do this you just Have to have conviction you know that That that's it and so I'm way up on my Crypto Holdings and a lot of other coins Have been trending upwards too which is This is the biggest pop for me for for

Now who knows like like in terms of my Top coins there'll be various coins I'm Sure jockeying for position over the Next you know 12 to 24 months whatever Ends up being um fun stuff here though I'm so happy to see all of that now Um next uh yeah here's what I want to Pull up next um and then there was some Uh back and forth of a couple Individuals and I appreciate thoughtful This course um because it's it's an it's A basically it's a chance to expand Ideas with other xrp community people so I appreciate this even if people don't Feel the same as me like I don't get Offended by ideas that are different Than me as long as people are not being Rude you can tell me I'm wrong like to Your blue the that's fine totally cool With that I just don't as long as people Aren't being rude and so there's Somebody here from our community named Paul who responded to me noting that Flare was up 40% oh and by the way I Will note even now it's dipped back down A little bit because it's been 2 days It's still up 30 over let's see 31.7 4% Over the last 30 days it's still up that Because nothing goes up in a straight Line forever so that's still pretty damn Substantial here and I think the part's Just getting started if you know what I'm saying but anyway so uh after noting That at the time two days ago flare was

Up 40% Paul wrote to me and said still Only one cent and so I saw that and my Brain started working and moving I'm Thinking so what's that M what's the Price doesn't matter and so here here's What I wrote To expand upon that I wrote the percent Gains are what matters not price price Is largely a function of circulating Supply if there's a 40% increase and the Price is $1,000 or there's a 40% Increase and the price is you 1.5 cents Makes no difference in terms of profit By the way I selected 1.5 cents because That's about what the price of each Flare token was at that particular point In time of 40% increase is a 40% Increase period full stop that's it the Price doesn't matter so I mean think About it so so Bitcoin hitting $40,000 Today if if there were half as much Bitcoin in existence then instead of Bitcoin being $40,000 it would be $80,000 but the same people would have Put the same amount of available money They had into Bitcoin it would make no Difference and if instead there were Twice as much Bitcoin as there is today If there were twice twice the the Available Bitcoin twice was mind instead Of Bitcoin being $40,000 today it would Be $20,000 today it doesn't matter People still would have had the same Amount of money put in the same amount

And the same market dynamics would still Be playing out the fact it's you know 1.5 cents at the time that Paul wrote This is immaterial it doesn't matter so That's the point that I was trying to Make that that that's pretty much It um now Paul wrote to me and said for Perspective when the token wasn't IOU For xrp on some exchanges it tradein Price was up to $2 the expectation from people hyping it Clearly disappeared once the token Finally launched and everyone sold it up To 40% down 1,000% in my mind so there You go I said 40% he's up 40% um and he That was over the last you know what 30 Days at that that particular point in Time uh which means it was up even more If you look compared to October 19th I Didn't do the math on that but it would Be you know greater but but anyway so up 40% but he says it's down 1,000% in in His mind and that doesn't make sense to Me and so nothing against him like I Said of course he's entitled his opinion I just respectfully disagree and feel Differently and I was confused by the First part because he wrote token was For and IO you for xrp I still don't Know what he means by that and so here's What I wrote in response did you mistype Something what does it mean that flare Was an IOU for xrp do you mean to Say uh where oop I just scrolled and

Lost my spot here oh I got it yeah uh do Mean to say that there was an IOU for Flare on two different exchanges Including betu and so I'll pause out That's what I think he meant rather than An IOU with xrp which doesn't make any Sense as far as I know there were um IOU Trading on two different exchanges one Of them I believe was bit and um and so I think that's what he's talking about So in IOU it's just a representation of The Future Holdings because there are People that had their xrp uh on on those Exchanges so they were waiting to get The flare air drop or I guess you just Call the flare drop that's what it's Actually called and the flare drop is an Air drop but anyway getting into Semantics here but anyway so they they Had their xrp waiting for the flare drop And in the meantime these exchanges made Decisions that they could make more Money to have an IOU a representation of What the future product would be and the People are trading that but it wasn't Even on a blockchain it was just like a Database in there so I wrote The Following if you're talking about the Price of the IOU that was not flare in Fact the blockchain wasn't even live People were trading a thing that didn't Exist and was not flare the transactions Were numbers in a centralized database Held by The Exchange it's just something

That two different exchanges did to say That the price action of an IOU which Didn't operate on a blockchain is Somehow the same thing as flare itself Is Inaccurate speculators clearly were not Treating the IOU and the actual flare The same way actual tokenomics weren't Even at play with the IOU currently Flare is moving in tanum with the rest Of the crypto Market which is what one Should expect and unfortunately I never Heard back from so I didn't get any Clarification there but here um showing This on the screen again the flare price If I go to the all-time price for flare You can see what we're talking about Here because it's reporting the alltime High price for flare is $245 that is literally not true and Lifecoin watch should not be reporting This you see how it fell off a cliff Here it fell off a cliff here when there Were no longer IUS and and it actually Went live here you can see look at this January 12th of this year that's when it Went live and then you have a real price So the first real price is about 4.3 Cents that was it that's the first real Price all the rest of this year this is Not even flare you might as well have Just slapped a completely different Cryptocurrency chart right on top of This because that's how little it means

It means nothing it's just wild Speculation on a thing that didn't even Exist on on one exchange here one or two Exchanges you know that's it so I think They should get rid of it doesn't make Sense in fact if you go go to coin Market cap they don't even show this Data livecoin watch does coin market cap Doesn't coin market cap has it right in That instance and I love livecoin watch But this is a critique I have they Should delete this because it's not Flare it flat out is not flare delete This put or if you don't want to delete It call it flare IOU do that I don't Care but this is Nonsense um and then there is this Crypto potato responded to me and wrote Too bad the tokenomics tokenomics are Straight up trash tokens with bad Inflation rates will have a hard time Reaching their previous all-time high And so here's my response to that and It's it's a fair critique I like I'm not Coming from the same head space as that That's not the way that I'm looking at This stuff and So I responded with the Following because look there are a lot Of coins that are either actually Inflationary or even if they're not Coded to be inflationary in the short Term they are like maybe like in Bitcoin's case like like there's a Max Supply but in the the short term the the

Circulating Supply is going to increase As more Bitcoin gets mined so there's Stuff like that and then the way that It's reported on live coin watch and Coin market cap and pretty much every Platform Under the Sun if you look at Xrp what's in circulating Supply well as Ripple sells their Holdings which I Argue are actually in circulating Supply Um as they sell their Holdings because Again Ripple's not the issuer they're Not the issuer they're not the first uh Holder of the crypto of xrp that they Hold but Still platforms don't consider it to be In circulation until Ripple is no longer holding it and so as A result of that you see the circulating Supply for xrp crease that's what's Reported anyway right um so you know so There going to be in theory like way Like way more xrp in circulation once It's all out there like twice as much But I don't care why don't I care well Let's proceed So I responded to crypto Potato and said not if demand Substantially outpaces the increase in Circulating Supply what if Supply Doubles but demand has a 40x increase People focus too much on Supply and not Enough about potential future demand and So crypto potato responded to me um at Least seemingly at that point I thought He probably wasn't agreeing with me

Because I'm just thinking yeah even if Even if you don't like that there's more Entering the space it all evens out in The end because people have the money That they have it enters the space or or It doesn't based on demand and so if Demand's going to be way way way way Higher which is what I'm counting on on Crypto in general then what the hell do I care if the supply is increasing at a Fair bit I just don't care and so crypto Crypto potato responded me and said Let's take filecoin for example probably The worst one it was around 63 million Circulating Supply when it hit its Alltime high if it had decent inflation It would be around $30 to $40 right now It would have to be higher than tether To get that to get back to its all-time High it does matter oh look I didn't say that tokenomics don't Matter I didn't say Supply doesn't Matter what I said is that demand is Ultimately going to matter way way way More and I dispute what he's saying here Because you know you got you got Filecoin it's somewhere I think a little South of five bucks so if he's talking About he's claiming here if not for the Bad tokenomics it would be $40 now I'm Not great at math but on the high end That would bean eight times higher than It is now so let me ask you did the Supply of filecoin increase Eightfold no

Not even close to that not even close to That so the supply is not the problem The demand is the problem very Obviously right and so I responded to Him and said I disagree with what you're Saying in this post but let's stay on Topic Conceptually because you can complain About an increase in circulating supply For tons of coins xrp circulating Supply Is going to nearly 2x eventually but I Don't care because I expect a man to Substantially outpace that are you less Optimistic itic than me about Substantially more money moving into Crypto and so look in the end that is What matters to me I think there's Almost no money in crypto it's a tiny Market cap for the entire asset class of Whatever it is 1.4 1.5 trillion whatever The hell it is right now it's almost Nothing it's a rounding error so if if If I'm right and I bet most of you feel The same so I could say if we are right And way more money flows in and we have A market cap of tens of trillions of Dollars then who cares if the price Double or the supply rather doubles or Even triples it's not necessarily going To Matter um and then crypto potato Responded at this point it seemed like He agreed a little bit more he said of Course I agree more money will flow into

Crypto the problem is the coins with Terrible inflation rate will have to Have a lot more demand money pumped into Them to reach previous all-time high More than coins with de decent inflation Rates yeah so that's true but again my Point is more important that that's what I'm saying demand is more important than Supply and it all comes out in the wash It doesn't matter it really it just it Doesn't matter in the end And I mean these the the inflation rates For coins in general like it's pretty Well known in almost every case it's Understood and so market dynamics play Out so what you know and so anyway I Thought it was a fun back and forth and I appreciate um you know the the fun Discourse here so thank you very much Crypto potato and also thank you very Much Paul for your comments it's it's Fun to have an opportunity to have a Little dialogue like this so let me know What you guys think just thought it There some conceptual stuff and so look All this it applies to the entire crypto Space this stuff applies to xrp Eventually xrp is going to be the one That also goes and it's going to melt Faces and it's going to be fantastic we Just don't know for sure when and so Either you have exposure when that Happens or you do not and I will I'm not A financial adviser you should not buy

Your sell anything because of anything I Say or right that would be a very very Very bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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