XRP Decision 1-60 Days & Ripple GC: Words Matter

[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I wanted to remind Everybody one of my new sponsors which Is Flair naming service I'll put the Link to this in the top of the Description they're going to be Launching in May for their dot flare Domain names which are which will be Like a you can use it as a payment Pointer I think I said it last time so You can you'll be able to like literally Put in your addresses and be paid so so If I had I think that they're giving me Dai dot flare and so you you'd be able To pay Dai dot flare and it would liter I can go in and set up all of my Different wallet addresses I can say Well send me xrp to this address and it Would and I just go in and input my xrp Address and automatically we'll we'll uh I can use it as a to receive payments an Easy way to tell people how to pay me Um well they're they're launching their Early launch reservation this is what I What I signed up for this 10 reservation Nation and this way you I'll get to find Out Um it's either 24 hours ahead of Everybody else


Um I'll be able to go in and try have a Shot at some of the more premium domains Like you know back in the.com some of Those were like business.com and things Like that and so by paying the ten Dollars it's going to give me early Access to it they're going to launch on May 27th now if you don't want to do That you can also sign up for their Newsletter to and they'll let you know I Guess after that 24 hours is over that You can go in and and buy the domains so The link of that to that'll be in the Top of the description it's on the home Page when you go to the link just scroll Down and you can do the early launch Reservation or the get the free sign up For the free newsletter John Deaton There's a huge misunderstanding on CT And YouTube only motions that have been Pending more than six months must be Reported on a list to con Congress the Six month list does not apply to judge Torres summary judgment ruling because The motion has been pending for a little Over three months and then this is the Important part right here there's no Deadline of today for she's talking About yesterday for her to rule the Decision could come out within the next Hour or could take another 30 to 60 days Based on previous cases judge Torres has Issued her ruling on summary judgment Within a couple of months of her

Daughter expert's decision which she's Already made so what's cool about this 30 to 60 days is basically the final Window here in the next 30 to 60 days What I think would be really cool Because xrp Las Vegas is in 34 Days 7 Hours 51 minutes 19 seconds what would Be really cool is if that decision came Before this and so everybody got to and It was a hopefully a favorable decision And that everybody got to stand in that Room together and celebrate that would Be really cool e-grad crypto xrp this I Love these terms that he Greg crypto Comes up with I don't know or maybe he Doesn't come up with them maybe this is Chart terminology I don't know because I Don't do charts that's why I look at Show people like him and what they do The secret of 10th candle for Pythagoras Pythagoras it's been a while since I Studied Greek or Greek the Greek Mythology 10 was the symbol of the Universe and it also expressed the whole Of human knowledge the number 10 is Regarded as the most perfect of numbers Because it contains the unit that did it All the Z and the zero the symbol of Matter and Chaos of which and I don't Even know what all he's talking about Here but Xrp let's get down to this xrp is now in The ninth quarter candle and the tenth Quarter candle starts on the first of

July 2023 check out my chart men and Women live but charts and numbers do not Lie stay steady then dark Defender xrp Based on ew completed wave one around at Around 59 cents Wave 2 will find support Between 48 I think we're at 51 cents or So right now 48 and 38 uh 38 cents for W3 is a structure aims between uh by the Way two dollars and 3.47 by the end of This year however this waved three above 1.33 will be predecessor of the grand Wave three scenario two will follow So that's what they're thinking I want To just share with you something This is a little video I put together I've been watching the show on Netflix Which is excellent about Pablo Escobar And the drug cartels done in Columbia Back in the 70s 80s 90s or 80s 90s I Guess and um I was I was watching narcos I was on the Treadmill yesterday I'm watching narcos And this one scene hit me after they Killed Pablo Escobar okay then they had They went to go after and this is season Three they went to go after the other Cartels the Cali cartel was the one that Controlled New York City they're out of Columbia just like Pablo Escobar I guess But they control their their biggest uh City that they controlled was New York City the cocaine distribution and I was Watching this one scene and they said They chose it for obvious reasons

Because of the population that's high Demand of cocaine well they said the Other reason they chose it is because They they can ship the number one Ingredient in Cocaine into New York in The highest amounts and that number one Ingredient was ether now folks when I Saw this I was like no way because what I've seen if you're a member in the Ethereum Ico the Disco guys whales I've Never really heard a story about what Ethereum was named after and what hit me Immediately when I saw these barrels of Ether is I literally because I've had This hunch that Bitcoin and ethereum not Were not just prototypes for the last 10 Years but I've had this hunch that part Of the reason of the creation part of The reason we already know that the Government has pretended they don't know Who Satoshi is when they do why would You do that why would you spend the last 10 plus years acting like you don't know Who Satoshi is and what else have they Done for the last 10 plus years is They've had the media go out and say Well this is for money launderers and Drug dealers and so what would the money Launderers and the drug dealers do they Would go into these things thinking that They were transacting in secret it would Be a way to throw a net around them so What I'm wondering because here's the Other part of this

So ethereum we don't know what how it Got its name and I'm sure they have a Story for how it got its name but what I'm wondering is did they name it after Ether is kind of like a a play on on the Money laundering and Drug thing did they Did they name it knowing that it would Partially be used to capture the bad Guys in a net That is my question and on the surface That might sound crazy okay but remember A couple of things first remember when We were uncovering this Eastgate Remember Stephen nerioff he's the guy That had to come he he's the guy that Tried to come up with how they could get Out from under being called a security And as he said to prevent from going to Jail he came up with the concept of and He didn't call it a theorem he called it Ether Is the gas as a product and that's what And he remember the the video it's in This video I'm not going to play it Though He came up with the concept of ether as Being a product as a gasp kind of like Ether a product and as a rest part of The recipe of cocaine and then that's How they created this as an and got the SEC to look the other way on calling it A secure a security back during the Ico Then what happened during the Ico Well the sky's whales happened some

People could caught could say potential Money laundering happened What did they do in the cocaine trade They did it was all about yeah making Money off cocaine but also money Laundering How would you catch them well that this May all sound crazy to you until you Till I tell you the last part of this When we're uncovering heathgate there Were three books that I that I looked Over To see if we could find other things That went on behind the scenes and the Founding of ethereum one of those books They were all pro ethereum books one of Them was called out of The Ether and I Remembered the cover of that book when I Saw this clip on narcos What is that on the cover of that book And my question is did this author Was he did he know That maybe it was named after that Primary ingredient in Cocaine that's my Question and maybe he didn't maybe it's Pure coincidence maybe he's trying to Make this look like Maybe a spray or something but it to me If you look at the cover of that book it Literally looks like either cocaine on a On a table or cocaine that's been thrown Into the air against a black backdrop Anyway maybe there's nothing to that But what I've learned is that there are

No coincidences folks India to settle trade in Indian rupees With certain countries instead of U.S Dollars Commerce Secretary says and then You've got this Chinese Yuan suppress Surpasses the euro to become Brazil's Second largest currency in foreign Reserves Then we get this this this Bitcoin Maxi Here thinks he's being smart he says Imagine imagine being in the xrp Army And hanging your entire bull thesis on Helping Banks transfer transfer money Faster instead of embracing Bitcoin Freedom money well first thing the Cowboy crypto the official Cowboy of the Digital asset investor Channel Said take some notes Mark if you Approach The Regulators with a you need To adapt to us I mean that is Dead on Arrival like my Experience and globally and frankly even Here in Davos meetings Financial Regulators in all kinds of countries I Think uh We have to acknowledge Ben Bernanke the Former head of the U.S fed came to one Of Ripple's uh Customer Events and one Of the things he said is Countries will not give up their ability To control monetary Supply they will Roll tanks into the streets first Because it's giving up sovereignty now We can debate whether or not some

Countries at the longer tail ever had Control of their money supply but the G20 I think whether I mean I agree with Jeremy that digital cash or excuse me uh Cash is anonymous and private and all Those things but if you ever walk into The bank and ask to withdraw twenty Thousand dollars of cash Uh they're gonna ask you a lot of Questions That's what the adults in the room have Been saying for years folks now I Responded to Martin Moss as well and I Said imagine being a Bitcoin maxian Having video of Homeland Security agents Saying that Homeland Security met with The four satoshi's and not asking Yourself why the U.S government would Continue to pretend that Satoshi was Unknown That's the question folks Eleanor Knew as a direct result of continued Regulatory uncertainty and lack of Interest from U.S Regulators regarding Sensible policies bittrex has made the Difficult decision to wind down and will Close its U.S operations effective April 30th so Gary has done his job for Wall Street now so what's going to happen Here is maybe one of Gary's friends on Wall Street one of his Banks or or Brokerage firms will come in and buy Bittrex and that way they can use the And buy them on the cheap by the way and

They'll be able to use bittrex Infrastructure to provide digital assets Since they are legitimate because Gary And them said so they are Wall Street And then Gary look at this this is the SEC commissioner of the United States on April Fool's Day literally making fun of The same people in crypto that he's been Attacking all this time he put on the Same glasses that those guys were using For when they were doing nfts and the Monkeys and all that stuff he's Literally Poking fun at everybody in crypto and I Said he's now openly mocking crypto and Why wouldn't he it's not like Congress Is doing anything to hold him Accountable besides talking and tweeting And in the upcoming hearings may be Asking a couple of tough questions the Government overreach will not end until The bad guy's action is matched with Action not words and tweets and hard Questions but action you know the kind Of action that Congress my understanding Is Congress has the power to pull the Freaking funding of the SEC For anything crypto related or even have Gary Gensler fired That's the way I understand it Stuart El Doradi is not in a good mood about it he Says suddenly now saying you haven't Prejudged every crypto with the possible Exception of Bitcoin as a security after

Being called out for publicly prejudging Every crypto as a security doesn't Unring the Bell words have consequences Even for unelected senior bureaucrats I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe and hit the like button tell Your friends and family That words have consequences or another Way of saying that is that Words mean things thanks for listening [Music] [Music]


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