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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel what a time to be in the world Of crypto as just about every indicator Under the Sun is telling us that what is Most probable is a particularly big move To the upside and this is after what has Already been a pretty darn good year in Crypto in certainly including for xrp Holders with legal Clarity xrp price Being substantially higher than when the Year started look at this headline from You today xrp cardano in record-breaking Inflow surge largest bull run since 2021 so I'm going to share with you some Things in this video that should get you Very excited for the future but before Going further I do want to be clear I do Not have a financial background of any Kind I am not offering Financial advice And you definitely should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say All right I'm just a simple little Moon Lambo D Moon Lambo stuff out Bend this but to be clear that does not mean That you should buy or sell anything Because of me I just make this content For fun but as I record this video this Latest Moon nembo hot Jam xrp is 60 Cents Bitcoin is at 37,2 30 bucks market cap for the ass Class 1.4 trillion and crypto fear and Grent deck sitting at 68 out of 100 take a look at this here's Perspective from chart analyst credible

Crypto uh he's just sharing a Bitcoin USD chart here and without going too in Depth because I just want to share what His current thought process is he is he Has regular updates there's so much Happening in the with well in particular With with Bitcoin right now which is Leading the market he's got constant Regular updates but I just wanted to let You know what his sentiment is and he Wrote in part in a most recent post Pertaining just this morning uh to Bitcoin price action the following until We get some shift in low time frame Structure here it's possible we continue To push lower to flush out leveraged Levered Longs that being said this type Of a move would just be a deviation to Take liquidity the same way we deviated Above range highs to take liquidity Prior to the selloff and doesn't affect The higher time frame bullish picture Okay and so translation here he thinks It's reasonable to suppose we may be Seen in the short-term uh price action To the downside but that doesn't change A damn thing and he still thinks that We're going to be seeing an all-time High very soon now credible crypto uh is Is very well known in the world of Crypto for having been one of the only Chart analyst out there who is well Known who has called for a new Bitcoin All-time high this year 2023 but we've

Only got about a month left so does he Still feel that it's probable that we're Going to be seeing a Bitcoin alltime High and uh xrp Community member Brian Monarch asked him just that he wrote do You think we will still hit alltime high In 2023 only about a month left thanks And pretty reasonable question I've been Wondering this myself because he's been Calling for this since I don't know Exactly when he started but certainly at The beginning part of this year and so Credible crypto did respond and he wrote Only a month left till we find out and If not by end of year still before Having and much earlier than most are Expecting regardless and fair enough Response um I hope that it comes to pass But uh that wasn't a firm yes here so it Might be the case that he's becoming a Bit less confident on that front and This is the thing and like and I'm a Huge fan of credible crypto for sure I Think that he's one of the best analysts Out there but this is why I always get a Little bit queasy when I see any analyst No matter how much I respect them put a Timeline on something especially when It's of the importance and magnitude of An all-time high for Bitcoin which leads The market so it could still happen he Could still be right for sure I don't Know I don't pretend to know I'm not a Chart guy but uh like in all doas too

Like things happen fast in crypto you Can think about how fast uh you know xrp Went from from 20 cents to almost 4 Bucks uh when it hit its all-time high Back in the day back in like 19 dickity 2 or whenever it was um but that being Said he's still right on the vast Majority of calls he's way more right Than Incorrect and even then it's more About probability of outcomes right um So the only thing that would be rough For him is if if this doesn't come to Pass if we don't see an all-time high uh For for Bitcoin in 2023 If he if does Get that one wrong unfortunately this is Like one of the calls that would be more Noticed of higher consequence and that Will make this not fun but it doesn't Change the fact that he could still be Absolutely correct in in what he sees in The charts you know if he's off on the Timing okay that is what it is and That's why I get a little nervous when Any analyst starts talking about a Timeline but he could be right on the Chart structure here so we'll still see How things play out but either way as You'll see as we go further to this Video like pretty much every metric Under the Sun is singing is is is just Show like uh yes you know we we got uh We got blue skies ahead uh there was This post from Anthony pompo one of the Most well-known Bitcoin maximalists on

The entire planet say what you will of Him but um this is an interesting point Here it's I mean it's just data he wrote The Following more than 57% of Bitcoin Circulating supply has not moved in at Least 2 years that includes a drop from 69,00 ,000 to 15,000 followed by a gain From $15,000 to $37,000 the volatility hasn't shaken the Confidence of Bitcoin holders yeah and Uh I will note that I am one of those People and I I don't care look some People would give me crap for not Selling and you know same for xrp or any Of my coins not taking profit this or That uh I've implemented my own strategy Which I've articulated what it is you Know for a span of years now and I've I've done what I call idiot proofing it Too many people try to get in and out of Positions try to Time stuff and for me Either it's going to get to a level Where it is life-changing wealth or I'm Just going to keep holding or I'm wrong And it goes to zero that's pretty much It I'm idiot proofing this thing I'm Just not worrying about it I am super Duper patient this works for me I know That most people don't want to do that And that's fine I'm not telling you to Do that I'm not telling anyone to do That I'm telling you that I've been Doing this for 6 years and it's working For me and I think after this this will

Be the third Euphoria phase that I've Ever gone through in crypto once it Really hits it'll be my third one and This is the one where I'm anticipating Based on what I have before the bull Really gets nuts based on what I have Everything about where it is now I don't Need that big of a multiplier effect so Then I'll finally start taking profit But I just I don't think that I'm Smarter than anybody else out there Getting in and out of positions but I do See people that get in and out of Positions and don't just hold they tend To do less well than those who just buy And sit on what they hold you know and So I'm just idiot proving it that's it I Don't care if I'm not selling highs and I'm missing stuff I also didn't sell xrp When it was at two bucks in 2021 I don't Give a damn is what it is and I'm not The only one like that but I don't think Most people are like that but I am super Patient and in the meantime I'm living My happy normal life I just I keep Making more money and I've been putting Money in as time passes uh it's fine Either I'm right or I'm wrong and I'm Just trying to prevent myself from Making stupid decisions so I don't I Just I just I don't feel emotions about This anymore and Attorney John Deon kind Of seems like he has at least a similar Approach in some regards here at least

As it pertains to bitcoin uh he reposted That and wrote 57% in 2 years is huge I Must admit I'm in the 57% I know people will say that I should Have sold half of my Holdings took Profits and then bought again when it Was under $20,000 it certainly wasn't fun watching My net worth drop like it did but you Either believe or you don't spot on Attorney Deon I am and I've been I've Been saying this on my channel the whole Time I've been that is exactly how I Feel I have the strongest conviction on The planet uh for xrp specifically uh But Bitcoin leads and I'm happy that I Hold it it's it's one of my largest Holdings and so yeah I was I was one of The people that just continue to hold I I just don't give a damn I really Genuinely don't and it's been working For me I first bought Bitcoin at 6,500 Bucks I bought xrp as low as 15 cents I Bought cardano at 2 or three cents Whatever the hell it was I bought chain Link at 25 cents or something like that And went up to 50 bucks I just you get The cut of my jib right either I'll be Enticed to sell or I'm not and I have a Very strong feeling once this because of What I've accumulated to this point and If I knew six years ago that I'd have The dollar quantity of crypto that I Have today I would have been very

Happy even not taking profits I would Have been very happy so now knowing what I have as my starting ball wax before This cycle right what I'm starting with Before this cycle specifically yeah Pretty thrilled about that so people Make fun of me but again at least it's Working what I'm Doing now take a look at this xrp Cardano in record-breaking inflow surge Largest bull run since 2021 cryptocurrencies xrp on cardano are Not left out of the recent Market Optimism with the ETF anticipation Fueling the largest surge in inflow Since late 2021 according to the most recent coin Shares report digital asset in Investment product attracted $346 Million in inflows in the previous week And so there's this post from onchain Analytics guy will Clemente and he shared the following With his 695,000 followers on social Media platform X and here I'll make this Chart full screen for you guys it's this Weekly crypto ass it flows in uh just Dollars United States dollars and Millions he wrote last week crypto Investment products saw their largest Inflows of the year at $350 Million signs of ETF front running Euphoria or a Prelude of continued Institutional demand to come yes things

To ponder well it's probably one of the Other or both uh either way it's great It's it's absolutely Fantastic um and and so uh there's an Account called woo blockchain that wrote The Following on this topic digital Asset investment products s inflows Totaling $346 Million last week the Largest weekly inflow inflows in this Nine consecutive week run Bitcoin saw Inflows totaling 312 million ethereum Saw $34 Million inflows last week Marking a decisive turnaround in Sentiment now as far as where xrp is in This substantially lower but that's not Some sort of dig against xrp or some Sort of indicator that things are wrong Uh or doesn't mean that you know xrp's Crap or anything of the sort but it was Just $200,000 for xrp for the Week but consider this there are over 20,000 different cryptocurrencies in Existence and almost all of them get Zero for the week almost all of them and Other major cryptocurrencies are within The realm of what we're seeing with xrp Like with card 600,000 right you know Litecoin negative 600,000 salana 3.5 Million so a little bigger Tron flat you Know it's it's just most aren't even Tracked okay so just to be clear and we Have seen some bigger numbers there have Been weeks where I've shared bigger Numbers than that while bitcoin's been

Down to the tune of millions of dollars Tens of millions of dollars while xrp's Been up so just to be clear this Snapshot in and of itself doesn't mean There's something wrong with xrp no no No like it's it's a moving landscape it It changes sometimes X xrp will be Higher than Bitcoin and that's been Fascinating when we see that but still Bitcoin leads the way and I'm happy to See it what the hell do I care there's Way less money in xrp repres that Represents opportunity I'm thrilled for That why would I not be thrilled for That of course U but still this is a Recognition that even at just $200,000 And it's being tracked xrp is one of the Big boys you know it has way less money In it than Bitcoin or ethereum but it is One of the big boys You know and in the future you you go Fast fast for like a decade from now Getting in a large cap will not yield The same results as getting in in what Is known as a large cap in 2023 there's Opportunity life-changing opportunity in Large caps in 2023 in crypto I don't Know that that's going to be true a Decade from now I'm highly skeptical of That I mean unless your time frame for Lifechanging wealth would be a very long Time frame maybe but in terms of the Like what we're talking about the Volatility and the relative quickness

With which things happen in crypto it's Just not going to be the same as the Asset class matures and more money Flows In it's going to take way way way more Money flowing in to get a multiplier Effect so we're very fortunate to be Here that's re why I said at the outside Of the video I was just sitting there Thinking like what a freaking time to be Alive what what it's like a hell of a Time to be in crypto it's absolutely Incredible and take a look at this too This is exciting the daily huddle 100 Biggest tether whales add 1.67 billion dollar in usdt in six Months Says analytics firm sentiment now maybe You're like me and you're like what the Hell I don't give a damn about tether Well I I don't own like a personal level You know I I've never used it before I've never used any stable coins before Actually I'm sure many of you have and There's utility there for real for sure I get that um I just haven't because When I buy a a coin I just hold it and Don't do like I don't have a I haven't Had a need yet to get into tether or Usdc or pick your your stable coin um Potentially there will be an like a Desire on my part when I start selling To temporarily use them uh but I would Never keep uh just it's the same Approach I have to keeping Crypt

Exchanges don't do it so I wouldn't I Also wouldn't keep any U any sort of Portion of my net worth in a stable coin For anything other than a really short Period of time here but this does matter Because this is actually an Indicator that precedes movement in the Market to the upside again it's just one More piece of the puzzle you can look At piece reads as follows leading crypto Analytics firm santiment says that the Largest tether whales have been gobbling Up the stable coin usdt in the past 6 Months santiment notes that the top 100 Usdt addresses have added $ 1.67 billion Do worth of the top stablecoin by market Cap over a six-month period indicating a Nearly 10% rise in buying power the Analytics firm says that if usdt Wales Continue boosting their buying power it Could increase the chances that Bitcoin Surges past $4,000 Bitcoin is trading at $ 36933 at time of writing santiment also Notes that 3.54% of usd's entire Supply and 72% of Usdc Supply moved to exchanges between August 19th to August 16th according to The analytics firm another rounded usdt And usdc deposits to exchanges could Preedee more rallies for the crypto Markets before the end of the year quote These transfers were the predecessor to The crypto wide Rally from late October

To Mid November after a coold down usdt And usdc returning to exchanges will be Crucial to seeing market caps continuing To increase for a big final five weeks Of 2023 end quote and so that's why fre You'll see stable coins like like tether Called dry powder waiting to be deployed So when you see this type of increase And they're they're just noting here This is just Data it has preceded big moves Recently so given this is the case what Should we expect well nobody knows for Sure but the suspicion would be it's Reasonable to assume at least that uh we We could be seen it's just one more fact That could lead to a big Surge so it's just look at look at Inflows look at all The pick a metric son like seriously Pick a metric I I just I I don't see a Reason to to find it most probable that We're about to drop into despair like Does that look like where we're going I Just I don't see you know the things That lead to increase in crypto Historically I don't see the the metrics That are worth tracking uh showing any Sort of hint that we should be sad I Mean yeah you can see now you can in the Short term see a move to the downside I Mean I like talked about that a little Bit earlier in the video that's

Certainly Plausible but in terms of what's going To happen over the next quarter you know First quarter of 2024 first half Year do you think it's more likely that We're going to be seeing some fireworks And having some really fun times or do You think that we're going to be like at $112,000 for Bitcoin because I don't Think that's the most plausible you know What I'm saying here so again it's just There's no one silver bullet for all This it's just there's a lot of things That you can look at and that's why I Want to highlight various things that's Why I do on this channel just kind of Get a kind of get a glimpse of Everything that's happening on the whole It's looking pretty damn good this is Way more fun than than 2022 and I think Next year is going to be even better I'm Not a financial adviser you should not Buy yourself anything because of Anything I say are right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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