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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel I'm going to expand upon two Topics I covered in videos yesterday Because the conversation is certainly Continued within the xrp community um Here's the first one from the Crypt Basic expert sites ripples monthly xrp Sales as proof that xrp price is Suppressed so look Folks like I'm here to fight nonsense And Destroy lies like I I'm tired of the Lies out there now when it comes to Price R not I'm not claiming that Everybody out there is lying in this Case I just particularly think that uh Some people are kind of missing the mark That's just my opinion and if you Disagree that's fine I respect where You're coming from but uh there are People that are lying about certain Topics specifically here from the Crypt Basic uh cardano founder addresses his Grand conspiracy statement to xrp Holders so look I posted a video about Charles hoskinson yesterday and after I Posted he he made comments to not to me But to a different xrp Community member And he's like quadrupling down yet again On his nonsense he's literally lying I Have the proof I've been screaming the Proof I don't it makes me wonder if he's Seen my thread because my thread that I Initially posted proving it over a year Ago was so widely circulated I don't

Know how it wouldn't have hit his Notification feed Honestly like it was so like all the People hitting likes and the notices for My really long it like something like Over I think over 20 posts in a row in The thread on what was then known as Twitter it's now social media platform X And all of that how could that not CU How could that not have hit his Notifications and he not been curious Enough to click on it because he was Looking at all sorts of stuff and Responding to all sorts of people at the Same time that my content had to have Been blowing up his notifications so I'm Gonna I'm GNA highlight the LIE again And I gave him the benefit of the doubt From the beginning and I've been a Cardano holder since 2017 I gave him the benefit of the doubt I thought oh this must be a Mis Misunderstanding mistake Miscommunication and then once the lies You know or once the what he was pointed Out to him that what he said is just not True he just he just refuses to Acknowledge it like a petulant child I Just don't get It I'm tired of the LI so I'm going to Call that but before going further I do Want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you

Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun you know what let's just Dig into this one first because this One's really burning my biscuits here um I don't need to read the article but uh There was this post shared by xrp Community member Stefan Huber yesterday And he wrote I'm Sorry Charles hoskinson But for two years you did everything you Could to make the xrp community to look Ridiculous and embarrass Us in public I Know you offered peace but only to come Out of nowhere and call us crazy Conspiracy theorists again and so look The reason that um he wrote that post is Because there was this rant that went Viral Ro within the world of crypto Yesterday and I highlighted in my video I'm not going to end this video cuz I Already did it but uh he was basically Ranting against the SEC and I'm Sympathetic to that argument and I'm on The same page I think all of us are with What he with the strong majority of what He said in particular in the clip that I Shared yesterday because it's garbage It's nonsense it's an attack on the Entire crypto space harming people Wasting hundreds of millions of dollars A lot of lost sleep and then for what in

The end cuz the SEC is not going to win It's just helping the incumbents here so That's why this even came up in the First place now Charles hoskinson did Did Respond and um and this is was not Included in my video yesterday and this Is what set me off because I'm just like My God he just it's the same lies for Over a year now these are lies at this Point it's been pointed out to him I'm Not the only one that has said this I Just did this in a way that shoves the Actual transcript of what he said in his Face in chronological order in a way That's undeniable Maybe that's why he Doesn't respond to me but he responds to Other xrp community members because I've Got the damn timeline there and if he Draws attention to me by responding then He has to acknowledge it maybe that's What it is so here's what Charles Hoskinson said again no matter how many Times you tweet there is zero evidence That has ever been presented that Joe Luben bribed the SEC to go after Ethereum you are utterly incapable of Differentiating between the free pass Argument and the allegation of consensus The SEC to go after XP okay so there Recognizing there is a difference There's the AUM free speech with Billy Boy Henman and so there you know there Could be there associated with that you

Know some with ethereum in the SEC but Then there's also separately the Joe Luben stuff now in the Joe when it comes To the Joe Luben allocations there's a Separate you'll see as I go through this Further separate um he he made up this This assertion that uh what he was Actually talking about or what was Brought up what he was asked about was The idea of Joe Luben and ethereum uh Partnering up with the SEC to attack Ripple now that's a separate concept That concept of Joe Luben ethereum and The SEC teaming up to attack Ripple is Separate from the idea of there being Corruption between the ethereum people And the SEC those are two different Things right and so here he's talking About Joe Luben and you'll see why this Matters as we go through further I want To tear this to shreds again and then Charles hoskinson says still waiting on A single piece of evidence for the Latter if you cannot provide it then yes You are spreading conspiracies and Slander that's what this has been about For two years now and somehow you guys Still fight I don't get the stupidity of It no no Charles you're not paying Attention the stupidity of it is that You're acting as though we were making Arguments that pretty much none of us in The community are making and then when We show you that you said things that

Are not true you you just ignore it you Just ignore all of it and I cuz look Again I'm not the only one that has said Anytime somebody has pointed this out That he's he's asserting things that are Not true he he's just it's he's nowhere To be found but then he's he's all over All these other Comments so then um we had somebody Exerp Community member named Muse Forge who wrote to hoskinson and said The narrative you're attempting to Regulate here is so far from what anyone Investigating actually Says who has made this direct claim and What is your evidence of such this is Cognitive dissonance on the level of Your so-called orange pilled Moon boys And so the orange orange pilled Moon Boys that's a reference to his rant from Yesterday um and this is where Charles Hoskinson keyboard breaks key keyboard Breaks is just it's in all caps right Now for most of this post anyway and so He he's screaming now and he wrote and This is so absurd because he l And he's screaming at us and we're Supposed to believe his lie because he's Screaming now and he says the entire Grand conspiracy statement is about Joe Bribing the SEC to go after Ripple not The free pass not the free pass not the Free pass and then his keyboard starts Working again and there's no more caps

Lock and he says for two effing years We've been talking past each other it's Beyond sanity no Charles you are lying And I'm going to prove it right now Because this is my channel Dam and I do What I won't I wrote a whole thread over A year ago I'm not going to run through That I have basically what is a Truncated version that highlights my Thread from over a year ago which was Widely circulated and so just a few Hours ago I wrote The Following Responding to Charles Hoskinson I wrote cardano holder here But this is not true you were not asked About Joe Luben in the thinking crypto Interview that set this all off I trans Described everything last year and Reviewed the conflict as it unfolded Chronologically here's what you were Asked and here you can see my Transcription I typed this up myself and On October 11th 2022 here's what Tony from the thinking Crypto YouTube channel asked him and This is what set this whole thing off he Said lots of people not happy with Gary Guinsler the recent Kim Kardashian PR Stunt as well as the SEC Ripple lawsuit And the judges you know takes on what's Been happening there as it relates to Ethereum and the amicus briefs and Things like that folks it's on your Screen that's the transcription you can

Check it out on the thinking crypto YouTube channel in that which prompted Charles's response do you see anywhere Tony from the thinking crypto YouTube Channel asking him what he thinks about Joe Luben and ethereum people and the SEC teaming up to attack Ripple is that Anywhere in the Question no you don't see it either okay So I'm not an idiot then it's not so he Wasn't asked that he was not asked if There's a conspiracy to tear down Ripple He wasn't asked that okay cool all right Let's proceed then I write the Following here is how you responded to That question in full context you Claimed the xrp community created a Grand conspiracy that there is Corruption between the SEC and ethereum That is not a consp iracy though and It's not favoritism as you later call it And folks what I'm talking about here And you'll see that Charles actually Agrees with this is that there is clear Evidence that there is some sort of Coordination and Corruption between the SEC and ethereum not as it pertains to Ripple I'm not asserting that who's Asserting that that'd be a fringe Opinion in our community if you can even Find a person that believes that but There's between the SEC and there's Actual proof of this Joe Luben meeting With them and then Jay Clayton chiming

In on the drafts of the ethereum free Pass speech that's stuff and you'll see Later when I get a little bit further in The video Charles hoskinson acknowledges That there's probably something there he Acknowledges it now he calls it Favoritism rather than corruption but We'll get to that in a second here but In the meantime here was Charles's Response to to Tony in that particular Interview Charles hoskinson said yeah Well there's some people in the xrp Community that are trying to invent this Grand conspiracy that there was blatant Corruption between the Insiders the SEC In ethereum there you go that's the part That I highlighted in red followed by The rest of his content and he kind of Goes ships in the different gears it's On your screen if you want to pause and Read go ahead but right there he's Saying that the grand conspiracy the Grand conspiracy itself is this claim That there's corruption between the SEC And etherium people nothing about Joe Luben and eth people and the SEC teaming Up to fight Ripple that's not what he Said there that's not what he was asked And that's not what he said he said that It's a grand conspiracy that the SEC uh And and uh and ether The Ether people Had there was any sort of corruption There that's it that's it full stop That's it this is the proof it is right

There you can go see the video clips Yourself Okay and it's so funny because later and I'll I'll show you my it's coming up Very soon here you'll see that he's Calling the corruption between the SEC And ethereum folks a grand conspiracy Created by xrp Community but you'll see Later he agrees with that he just calls It favoritism he agrees with that though That's what makes it so AB it makes it Extra Absurd and so I then wrote after the Controversy blew up you falsely claimed You were asked about the belief that the SEC is in a conspiracy with Joe Luben And the ethereum group to go after Ripple as I proved above with the Transcript this is not what you were Asked see here and then I shared another Another part of my thread from October 11 2022 and this is a transcription from a Separate video where Charles is ranting Because we he'd already had the for days At this point the xrp community xrp Community coming at him saying no that's That's no no no there is a conspiracy uh Between the with the SEC and in ethereum That's what we were talking about and Now you're Switching gears talking about Luben and and so people are saying that And here is what Charles says and this Is an outright lie what you what I'm

About to share with you which is Transcribed it's on your screen and I'm About to read it this is a lie from Charles hoskinson he Says I was I was on an interview called Thinking crypto at my Ranch and casually Asked a question about what I thought About a belief that the entirety of the Securities and Exchange Commission is Engaged in a financial conspiracy with Joe Luben and the ethereum group to Solely single out and go after Ripple Folks I my God I'm just dumbfounded by This it's he knows that's not what he Was asked I showed you that's not what He was asked if you want to read it Again here I'm scrolling up pause right Here or I'm circling right here this is What he was asked he was not asked about A conspiracy to take down Ripple between Joe Luben and the E ethereum Group he Was not asked about That and so I then wrote making the Claim the SEC Joe Luben and ethereum Group is going after Ripple is very Different than claiming there was Corruption between the SEC and ethereum You said it's a conspiracy that there's Corruption between the SEC and ethereum That's what people took issue With much later on you acknowledge that There is likely corruption between the SEC and ethereum but you said it's Favoritism and not

Corruption here I need to make this full Uh this is the argument the xrp Community has been making you're just Calling it something different no Grand Conspiracy theory here and so folks this Is this is what makes it extra absurd Way later after this had settled to some Degree it popped back up and this is a Quote from Charles hoskinson did the Ethereum Founders use connections and Maybe even money to convince the SEC yes Probably but this is not corruption just Favoritism so he says yes it probably Did happen now again go back up here he Said where's the quote here it is right Here the xrp community that are trying To invent this grand grand conspiracy That there was blatant corruption Between the Insiders at the SEC and Ethereum so so there he said that was a Grand conspiracy then now he says yeah It probably happened Oh it's not corruption though it's Favoritism it's just favor favoritism Folks so I then wrote it's worth noting That the depraved Behavior between the SEC and ethereum does fit the Mariam Webster definition of the word Corruption you're softening the Seriousness of their actions by calling It Favoritism and here's the definition of Corruption and I read this yesterday so I'm not going to again I made it full

Screen you can pause right here if you Want to read it this is the definition Of corruption what Charles hoskinson Described fits it's the definition of Corruption it's not favoritism it's Literally corruption so so then he's Part of the he agrees with the grand Conspiracy then right that's what that's What the Charles hoskinson of a little Over a year ago called this he called it A grand conspiracy well he believes in The grand conspiracy then and he's Propping it up you see how stupid this Is he can't he's not stupid though he's Brilliant he's lying he is a Liar I then wrote you need to stop Saying that your grand conspiracy Statement was about Joe Luben I have Proved here with the transcript with Your words that is not what your grand Conspiracy statement was about that's Why people have taken issue with your Approach okay there we go feel better That was cathartic I needed to I needed To release that because my God it's Absurd it is Absurd he is absolutely lying Unquestionably Lying and I just I gave him the benefit Of that at the beginning but I'm not Going to let him sit here and just Scream at our community with outright Lies to his nearly 1 million followers On X without pushing back a bit cuz he's

Got a way bigger platform than than I'll Ever have you know about a million Followers on X yeah that's gigantic but Still I'm going to do what I can to get The truth out there that's why I'm doing This and it came back up again so I'm Going to try and rip it down again Because it's Stupid now the next topic and I'm not Going to re this if anybody wants to see This I'm just pulling this up as a Little bit of table setting because I Was mentioning this topic in a video Yesterday too there's this idea of there Being Manipulation you know against the xrp Specifically and I just think it's Absurd my argument is that in a nutshell It's that the entire crypto asset class Is marketed a lot of times by whales a Lot of times by Bots but there's there's No sort of sinister Force attacking xrp Outright specifically and then I Highlighted year-to-date returns uh for The top 15 cryptos by market cap Excluding stable coins that's what's on Your screen right there if you want to Read it go ahead and pause I read it Yesterday on my channel Um but the the narrative is silly well I Have some additional stuff on this as Well and um as you can see here it's Continuing into today expert sites Ripple's monthly xrp sales as proof that

Xrp price is suppressed they highlight a Poll from my fellow xrp YouTuber jungle Inc uh but I also want I'm going to Highlight first a perspective from uh Attorney Bill Morgan because there is a There was talk about Ripple suppressing The price of xrp and I Just it's mind numbing at this point Here's what attorney Morgan wrote is That selling pressure suppressing xrp Price I say no firstly it's not 3 Billion xrp per quarter that much is Released from escrow by Ripple but about 800 million xrp per month is put back Into Escrow secondly 200 million xrp per Month is not much compared to xrp volume Per day which is usually over 1 billion Evidence in the secv Ripple case is that Ripple share of volume is less L than Half of 1% thirdly Ripple's release from escrow That is sold according to a report I Recall last year maybe the misari report Results in an inflation rate in the Terms of the circulating supply of 5.4% compare that to flare which is 10% Of circulating Supply this year uh Reducing to 7% next year or Solana's Inflation rate of 5.65 4% C salana infl Inflation schedule below So whatever the reason for xrp's Underwhelming Price performance over 5 Years and I don't have the answer it is

Not a result of Ripple sales of xrp Released from escrow that spot and I Mean I have the answer I I have pretty Strong belief on this it's just that Price of xrp was harmed because of the Secv Ripple lawsuit there's all sorts of People that would be holding it today That are not because of over two and a Half years of Damage now this can be healed but it Doesn't just happen with a snap of a Finger right so that that's what I Believe anyway but he's spot on here and Pointing out That there is addition there are you Know look at various other Cryptocurrencies there is an inflation Rate right and so if you want to call This an inflation we with ripple not That I not that I personally do but if You want to call Ripple selling of xrp Inflation uh it's so minuscule that it It wouldn't impact the global price of Xrp and it doesn't Ripple was selling at The same time that xrp ran to almost Four bucks so clearly what they're Selling isn't exactly a problem Right they're not enough to move the Market and So I responded to um and I Wrote uh these are great points you make Additionally when Ripple does sell xrp That doesn't mean that it's all Immediately for sale on exchanges for All we know it's just sold to a market

Maker who is holding it if that's the Case then the retail side wouldn't feel Any change and so folks you got to ask Yourself when market makers or any any Business client is purchasing xrp from Ripple especially if it's for odl is it Just all getting dumped on the market And this is just permanently on the Market forever all on retail holders or Is a lot of it getting held in a because If it's getting held it's not entering What's considered circulating Supply at This point and that then it wouldn't Impact the supply and demand Dynamics Would it so you can look at the Minuscule increase in Supply if you want To call it that when Ripple sells xrp But even then I think that's overstated Because I doubt that all of it literally Ends up in the hands of retailers Immediately even if it ultimately does If not that it all will but even if it Did it wouldn't all it wouldn't be Happen all Once Bill Morgan responded to me and Said correct another good point also the Sec's evidence in the secv Ripple case Overwhelmingly showed that Ripple put in Place measures to butress the xrp price The SEC uced this evidence because it Suited the sec's Howie arguments the Ripple dumps on the market explanation For xrp's Price performance over the Last 5 years is not tenable yeah and

That's that's spot on and I'll say also You could argue that every sale by any Person anywhere suppresses uh the price Of XR xrp right even by me you could Sell like five xrp that's that's price Impression if you want to argue that I'm Not arguing that but if you could I mean It's a downward force in terms of price Action after all right it's not going to Show up in the global price of xrp if You sell at 5 xrp but it's a downward Price action right but when people say Ripple a suppressing price a lot of Times they're insinuating something Sinister specifically by Ripple's Act of Selling xrp this is nonsense Ripple owns Their xrp and they have every right to Sell it same as you do this mentality Makes even less sense though when you Realize that Ripple sales as a Percentage of global sales are so Minuscule that when they sell the global Price of xrp does not shift at all now Yes you can argue that over a long Period of time over a span of decades Once they sell it the price will look Different than it otherwise would have But what I'm telling you is that with a Small percentage increase it's it's not In this period of time in any sort of Noticeable way impact it's the same way Like Bitcoin in the past has had Inflation rates higher than this it Still's worth way more the problem so

What's the problem then there's not Enough demand that's the problem as the Market heats up and more people get in The crypto that problem solved that's it That's the actual answer it's a boring Answer that's the truth there's not Enough demand wait until there's more Demand if you want the price to be Higher there you Go my fellow xrp YouTuber jungle Inc put Out this poll do you believe the price Of xrp is manipulated or suppressed in Some way 82.9% of people responded Yes 17.1% responded no now I've made my Stance pretty clear the answer is yes it Is but so is every coin there are whales And there are Bots the answer is Yes but I am against this idea that There's something some sort of unique Attack against xrp because those are the Arguments that I just think are Completely absurd I am not in favor of That xrp community M Jerry Hall wrote to Jungle Lincoln said I have believed the Price of xrp has been suppressed for Years when I realized Ripple was selling Into the market on a monthly basis to Finance their business I knew Ripple and I had different goals bag holders are Financing Ripple while Ripple is not Financing bag holders and and fair Enough everybody's entitled with their Opinion and ripple may not have exactly The same goals as you but they're

Running a business and you're not Running a crypto business unless there's Something I'm unaware of but uh some you Know where there is overlap Ripple wants To sell xrp at a profit and you Jerry Hall you do want to sell xrp at a profit Correct is that a fair assumption so There is overlap there it's just they're Doing it right now and maybe you're not I mean I don't know your specific Situation and nothing in Jerry at all I'm just sharing my thoughts on the Topic since we're talking about because The article the reason that article Exists is because of the comment from From Jerry Hall actually that's the Reason I want to highlight here and so Nothing against anybody like Jerry hall Or anybody that agrees with them because There are going to be people listening That disagree that's fine I'm just Sharing with you my perspective because I respectfully Disagree uh jungl link responded to him And said it's hard for me to say Something that is currently valued at Three cardos or five polka dots is Suppressed if anything xrp has been Traditional pretty high which in which In the face of some bad stuff made it a Bad Value could the problem be the opposite Of suppression and so look the point's Not lost on me you know and I think I

Responded to him I have something Here Uh oh maybe I didn't specifically to That One but um but he he is right there you Know the the price of the price of Xrp um I mean it's it's a large cap Coin and so maybe the market cap is Going to look like it'll be be like a Small cap you know way in the future Like a small cap coin might have a 30 Something billion dollar market cap in The future if the the asset class gets Big enough but it's gigantic still and Yes I do think it would be worth more if There hadn't been The actual suppression from the SEC like That is real suppression that that's the Only part there and actually I may have Written about that here because I did End up writing something Else um yeah xrp Community member Mo and Co responded to Jungle Link in that that Post there with the poll and said um not Xrp alone but crypto in general lower The market cap the easier it is the rich Elite guy can play on this I think Moon Lambo was on something here and then he Shared my post which I which I put Yesterday and I already shared with you Give you an opportunity to read it if You wanted to pause the screen I read it In a video yesterday and I responded to Him and said yep there's all sorts of

Market manipulation especially from Wales it's not unique to uh not unique To xrp though jungl link responded to me And said I think the biggest Misconception is xrp is manipulated down To keep the price cheap there is nothing Cheap about xrp it's obviously a highly Valued blockchain I responded to him Yeah this is what I was thinking of here I wrote I agree with this actually make This full screen uh the only real price Suppression of xrp I can think of off The top of my head occurred when the SEC Sued Ripple beyond that I've seen no Evidence of price suppression or Manipulation that's unique to xrp xrp is Way more expensive than almost any every Crypto in existence it's a top 10 large Cap completely Agree perhaps people are just frustrated Because they want xrp to be worth more Right now but if so it's still unre Reasonable for them to delve into Conspiracy theory land in an attempt to Explain why xrp is worth What It's Worth xrp Community member Vesta Responded to me and said I remember Reading that David even commented on This some time back he agreed that no Matter what news or what achievement it Didn't move the price it acts of its own Will and so of course he's referencing Uh David Schwarz Ripple CTO co-creator Of xrp and The xrp Ledger and So I

Responded to that and said that's true I Can't think of a single time xrp price Moved because of Ripple news if it ever Has then someone can provide an example And that's fine but still that would be A rarity xrp price can move on News uh it moved on legal news on Multiple occasions and it moved on fake Xrp ETF news yeah so but when people are Saying that the news doesn't move xrp I Know what they're talking about they're Talking about Ripple news that doesn't I I can't think of single instance where It ever has and even if you can again It's in the minority there so I just Wanted to flush that out and some Additional thoughts on that because the Community continues to discuss this and I'm glad the community discussed this Stuff like I love that stuff this Doesn't really grind my gears it's Really just the the hoskinson stuff Because that guy's he's he's lying that Guy's a liar uh but this discussion I Just wanted to share my perspective Because I I I enjoy discussion Thoughtful discussion and Lively debate That's fun as long as stuff doesn't Devolve into arguments that's a Different thing than debate uh I think I I think debates are fun discussions are Fun and I I like that people are just Trying to get to the truth and they're Sharing ideas that's all healthy and

Good for our community that's why I like To cover the stuff on my channel so that People can think through it and come to Their own Conclusions um but the stuff with Charles hoskinson those are out that's Outright Lineing and he he's just he's he's Making our community look like crap on Major platforms he has such a gigantic Microphone having almost a million Followers on X and getting interviewed On this and this and he's picked up by Crypto media and mainstream media and He's saying crap about our community and Stuff that isn't true well I got to push Back because that's garbage it's utter Garbage and it's provable I have proven It on multiple occasions I did it again In this video and yes it grinds my Gears but I feel better now I feel a Little better I'm not a financial Adviser you should not buy yourself Anything because of anything I say or Right that would be a very very very bad Idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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