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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel if you're on social media and You're in the xrp community you may have Sniffed out the fact that there's a lot Of negative sentiment going on within The xrp community right now and I've Said many times recently I'm not Convinced it's even most xrp holders I Really don't think so if sentiment were Like that spread evenly throughout the Xrp community or even heavily in that Direction I think the price of xrp Frankly would be much much lower than it Is I do not believe that's actually the Case I think that what we're seeing is a Result of a lot of people uh who are are Not so happy with the price action of Xrp being very vocal and so that can Give the appearance since mostly you're Seeing negative sentiment on social Media that'll give the appearance that's The sentiment broadly accepted by most Xrp holders and although I'm not Convinced that's the case uh it is true That this is the worst sentiment I've Seen probably since you know 2017 before Xrp took off probably if there was a Time worse than that I mean set aside The SEC stuff there was a time worse Than that you guys tell me maybe I'm not Thinking of something off the top of my Head here but I'm going to share with You in this video uh a variety of Opinions having to do with this and and

So look at this headline xrp Army calls Ripple Executives to act fast on xrp Price declines that's right there are a Lot of people I'm not saying it's a Majority I'm not saying it's a plurality I'm just saying that there are a lot of People uh that want that want Ripple to Do stuff to to to cause the price of xrp To go up I kid you not and now if you're One of those people are like yeah what Do you mean kid yeah of course I believe That uh look no disrespect to anybody That believes along those lines I Respectfully disagree with you I do not Think this perspective makes sense so I'm just going to share with you some Thoughts I'm going to share with you Perspective on both sides of this Argument here but I just got to ask Before we really get into the me this Why should it be Ripple's responsibility To manipulate or impact to the price of Xrp in terms of building value why Should it be why would you even want Ripple to have that kind of power Regarding a decentralized cryptocurrency Again specifically in terms of building The value that would result in the price Going up why would you want Ripple to be The sole driver of That it doesn't make any sense and also I have to wonder will people admit their Positions were a bit silly and Emotion-based when xrp starts rocketing

Up in price I'm Doubtful anyway piece reads as follows Some members of the xrp community have Called on the leaders of the xrp Ecosystem including Ripple Executives to Address the xrp's price Actions xrp Enthusiast Mack from the Netherlands first issued this call Generating significant traction from Other community members taking xmc Lamented that it was high time for Something to be done about the xrp price As quickly as possible he he issued a Warning note calling Ripple its CEO Brad Garlinghouse and its CTO David Schwarz Besides he tagged xrp labs and the team Behind uh which is the team behind xrpl Wallet Sum in the Tweet Mac specifically Highlighted that the xrp community is Becoming increasingly Restless let me I Don't need read the rest of the article It was a good setup though so here's Here's what he actually wrote this is Mac attack xrp uh we follow each other On on social media platform x uh he's Got a big following 66,800 followers That's not for nothing he's been very Engaged in the community and he's done a Lot of good stuff in terms of sharing Articles uh broadly throughout the xrp Community on a very regular basis that Takes serious interest and drive to do That so um I don't share his concerns in

Perspective but that's not to take away From his genuine following that he has Built and deserves and the actual Efforts and good stuff that he's done I'm just saying I respectfully disagree But uh we should be able to disagree and Be uh adults and engage in civil Discourse and just share uh thoughts That are odds with one another and then Just let people come to their own Conclusions that's that's all that's Being done here uh but here's what ma Attack xrp Said I think it is high time to do Something about the xrp price quickly Here's a sincere warning to Brad Garlinghouse Ripple and xrpl labs and David Schwarz because the community is Starting to get Restless things are Really going in the wrong direction with Xrp let's see I'm bringing in so much Money every month but my connections are Starting to drop and I'm starting to Sell and so ma attack according to what He stated there it looks like he's Selling at least some of his xrp and to Anybody he or anybody anybody listening If you want to sell sell I don't care I'm not telling you to buy or sell or Hold it doesn't I don't care it doesn't Matter to me any sort of person personal Level if you think that's right that's Right for you and if you think that the Current price level of xrp is some sort

Of indication something's wrong go forth But I will I will just State here that Like this is the same stuff that was Being spouted in 2017 it's the same Stuff and I understand why it's because Humans are are humans it's just it's you Know people going to people like that's It people going to people and as as as The market goes up and xrp looks like It's not doing as well uh people start To panic this has nothing to do with Ripple in fact uh now that I've been in This for over six years at the end of The year it'll be seven years for me Which sounds crazy as I say That throughout most of this I I've seen People uh regularly especially in the First several years lamenting the fact That there was all this good news with Ripple and it didn't impact the price of Xrp and that's just a fact like what Good new News that that Ripple has announced has Ever moved the price of xrp if you can Find an outlier I'd be impressed if you Can find one or two I'd be impressed I'm Aware and I mean this I'm aware of none Off the top of my head and don't talk About the SEC stuff because that's not a Ripple positive development that's the SEC causing the price of xrp to go up or Down depending on if you're talking About them initiating the lawsuit or Losing in July of last year that's the

SEC not Ripple doing that sec made the Claim when has Ripple put out a positive News development which there's been no Shortage of throughout their storyed History to this point when is there an Instance where that's happened and again I challenge you because even if you can Find one uh okay that would be the Outlier and even if you can prove that It there were a few I would ask to what Degree a fraction of a percent I mean Are you because you're gonna if you Start to go that route you're gonna Start to sound to me like uh one of Those expert Witnesses for the SEC that Was trying to make that exact argument That Ripple controls the price which is Just absurd I'm sorry I don't say to be Offensive uh it's just I I do I do not Believe that for a freaking second it Makes no sense in the world to me it's Just people going to people price goes Sideways or a little bit down uh which Has been happening recently for xrp even Though it's up if you look Year-over-year xp's up but X be down we Don't want to focus on that do we right Because Bitcoin number go up and salana Number go up so on and so forth right This is what we keep Seeing but it's normal it is it Historically this is normal and I get it Our community has been through way more Than any other community that's a fact

We missed a freaking bull cycle yes xrp Moved in correlation with the rest of The market but it did it's the only top 10 coin that didn't hit a new alltime High and that's because of those Pricks Over at the SEC we got the shaft I give You that I give you that but just Because it's been that long as a result Of over 6 years since xrp hit a new Alltime high that's not Ripple's fault Where's the proof that they've ever Controlled the price of xrp it doesn't Exist it literally doesn't exist and so Again nothing against Mac attack xrp but Since I know that is true what I just Said that Ripple has never controlled The the price of Xrp ISS you're issuing a sincere warning To Brad garlinghouse and David Schwarz Because they're going to do what Exactly they are one persistent uh one One participant an important participant Within the Ecosystem they're they've never had Power what would you have them do what Is it you say you're issuing the Warning you're asking for what Though it's not clear but there are a Lot of people that agree with this so Let's go through some of these responses I'm going to start with some that mostly Agree with him because there are a lot Of people that agree with him I dis Respectfully disagree and I'm making my

Case here and you guys whatever you Think is more persuasive you believe Whatever you believe that's fine uh and If you find Mac attacks position to be More compelling than what I'm Articulating that's fine I don't Disrespect you or think you're stupid I Just disagree I don't think it makes uh The most sense I just Don't here you have chart analyst dark Defender responding to him uh because He's been noticing the sentiment the Negative sentiment oh my God it is Prevalent dark Defender wrote to Mac Attack he said the following well Honestly I do experience these hard Times right before the surge all the Time Mac so I know people with like to Make money but I recommend not to lose The clarity on what is happening at the Moment all the things are in favor of Xrp this is a effect and so you'll see Time and again a lot of people losing Confidence because xrp is where it is Other stuff is doing better even though Xrp is up year-over-year and also They're not happy because it's not Moving up higher on the timeline they Would prefer is that a way to invest Though I say no I say that makes no Sense when it comes to investing either The fundamentals are sound and in terms Of long-term viability it makes sense to Believe that xrp is going to be around

Or it Doesn't we see adoption doing what Increasing or decreasing what do we see We see it increasing do you believe that Utility matters and will win the day I'm Just asking because that's my investment Thesis in a Nutshell so if those things are true Then what must be H what what's Happening in the short term must be what Regular volatility in the most volatile Asset class on the entire planet doesn't That make more Sense somebody named Harris responded to Dark Defender and and um wrote The Following yes I agree with Mac I have Written this for seven years I'll pause To say congratulations Harris I've been Here for almost seven whole years myself So I'm with you on that part any and Then he says and have now because of the Economy had to start selling some of Every few weeks I'm sorry selling some Every few weeks then he selling xrp Every few Weeks I'm sure this is or at least feels Like the plan to me and many others I Have as many others have had hopes of a Decent price not a moon to be able to be Comfortable it only takes a few minutes For Brad garlinghouse to make an Announcement to as what is going on and What they are doing to help the Situation I mean if 90% of the people

Have to sell because of hardship or Boredom the price will tank and again so Look I don't know what he would have Ripple do we know that Ripple doesn't Have the power to do anything as Evidenced by the fact that they have Almost exclusively put out positive news And that doesn't matter because we're in Inent asset class and the market moves In Tandem and it's not about one Developer building on top of the Blockchain uh so that's that's clearly Fact so I don't know what he would have Brad garlinghouse to do like he's the Savior of xrp because he sure as hell Isn't and I'm a fan of Brad Garling House nothing against him I'm I'm a fan But he isn't in charge of it very Clearly here and yeah if people lose Confidence price goes down but guess What xrp is number six in market cap and It has been in the the top 10 cryptos by Market cap its entire existence over a Decade now so it's moving sideways and Despite all this short-term price action Or or some would say even midterm price Action that you don't like it's still Number SE number six in market cap not How you going to act because it's Straight up is them the facts most of What it is to hold xrp is sideways or Downward price action with occasional Gigantic bursts to the upside that Result in a trend that moves up over a

Span of years that's pretty much It so the fact that xrp is still where It is one of the most successful Valuable cryptocurrencies ever created Number six Currently despite what you're saying Right here the market disagrees with you And if the market agreed with you then It wouldn't be in the top 10 would it Most people don't agree so far as I can Tell it's just the people that do think Along these lines are very vocal and They're entitled to their perspectives I Just respectfully disagree and I'm just Flushing out my thoughts on this while Sharing their thoughts because I I love To have civil discourse and I love to Have a variety of thoughts or else it Would be a lot more boring here somebody Named wi Moon wrote to Mac and said Agreed the SEC lawsuit worked as an Invincibility blanket that where in the Xrp community's eyes Ripple could do no Wrong the invincibility blanket has run Out of steam and we can now see you are You working to bring value to xrp or Using it or use it as exit liquidity Scrutiny will increase well I'll tell You this if if you think if you think Ripple's goal is to just crap all over The market and drive it down well they Sure haven't behaved in such a manner You know if you consider uh Ripple's Holdings of of xrp including their

Escrow if you consider the percentage That goes into circulation every year if You consider that as new uh if that's The case where's the dump what do you It's been a known quantity that they've Been selling since the very freaking Beginning if you didn't like that why Did you even buy xrp in the first place I got to ask I was aware of this in 2017 And I saw that that was one of the Things Bitcoin Maxis were giving us a Ton of crap over are you kidding me a Company with that much xrp they could Just drive the market down I was like Well they could but after doing research It looks like everything's reputable Here and if they did it uh they'd have They'd stand the most to lose and so When you have that much success xrp Already at that point in time when I Jumped in in 2017 it was number three uh In market cap you'd have to be absolute Fools absolute idiots to dump all over The market rather than understand the Long-term potential if you don't ruin The market you know what I'm saying so It was a known Factor so why is this Still stuff that people are complaining About in 2024 that's what I want to know Ripple's been around since 2012 damn it Like why why are people complaining About this if you have a problem with it Then why are you holding xrp and if you If you're like me you don't have a

Problem with it why are you bitching it Doesn't make sense to me it really Genuinely does not somebody named Mr Fish responded to him though and said They use xrp to fund their business they Do not care nor ever cared about the Community and its holders again it's no Secret that they've been using xrp to Fund their business why shouldn't they Be able to sell that asset that they Hold and do with it as they wish they Wish because I'll tell you this when Ripple started and they got their xrp And the founders got their xrp it was Worth precisely $0.0 it's not the fault of Ripple that The rest of the world saw what xrp can Do from a technological perspective Started trading it driving the price up Which did benefit Ripple and then they Sell it it's not Ripple's fault they Didn't do something bad for that Happening they couldn't make it be worth Something they they don't have that kind Of control as evidenced by over a decade Of price action at this point but think About it a little Further yes Ripple uses xrp to fund Their business shocker guess what Bitcoin miners use Bitcoin to fund their Mining businesses I guess that means Bitcoin miners don't care about the Bitcoin community and you know what even If that's true and they don't even if

Ripple only somewhat cares about the xrp Community or whatever I don't Care we have efficient interest there's An overlap of interest in terms of Long-term viability for the entire xrp Ecosystem I don't care what the hell They Think Bitcoin miners don't want Bitcoin To crumble and fall apart why would Ripple want XR the entire xrp ecosystem To crumble and fall apart even if They're looking at their bottom line First yeah there's such a thing as Self-interest what the hell is the Problem I'm not seeing It here we have a post from somebody Named Tom wrote to mcac and said I've Already sold s 75% of my bag and I'm Going to exit very soon we've lived Through super high risk and have not Been rewarded for it and again he's Entitled to do what he Wants fine I don't care it just makes me Think of that YouTuber I've told the Story many times over the years two or Three days before Bitcoin or sorry Rather xrp went on its face melting Rally roughly the middle of 2017 it was Two or three days literally before that This YouTuber posted a video he had held Xrp for a long time but it hadn't gone Yet and oh my God the opportunity cost It just doesn't go anywhere I'm selling It and he sold it because it didn't move

On the timeline he wanted and other Stuff was doing better at the moment and Then it melted faces so if that's the Rationale like I was saying earlier in The video hey you use whatever rationale You want I'm just saying I don't think That's the best way to approach Investments it's not higher when I want It right now well okay that's how you Want to look at it uh good luck in like Traditional Finance which moves even Slower Then takes a span of decades to get Life-changing wealth in literally for Most people investing in traditional Finance equities and here people are are Getting sour because it's a span of like Half a decade like for me it's been over Six years for some for many people it's Been just a few years but they're not Rewarded fast enough good luck in Equities good luck takes Decades I just I can't it's amazing to Me the way some of these people are Looking at this stuff and again I mean No offense by that but I just I do not Share the mindset I don't think it makes Sense somebody named xrp realist R to MC Attack and said am with you bro they Have six months left and am out been in Since 2017 so I've been patient Tik Tock Okay and again fair enough if you want To sell then sell again I have no quals With that obviously most people don't

Want to which is why xrp is still number Six in market cap and has been in the Top 10 for its entire existence over a Decade Yeah most people are way more confident Than you I think that's fine but if You're not you do whatever is best for You that's perfectly fine I very Genuinely mean that I very genuinely Mean that if that's what you want to do Go for It I've been in since 2017 Too I have I've been holding XP since 2017 it's 2024 Now but I don't control when markets go And the entire asset class Moves In Tandom This is not this is not an xrp Specific thing to be honest with you and What happened with the SEC last Market Cycle that's not an xrp problem that was A government problem so do whatever you Want uh I'm I'm staying the course Period because all I see is fundamentals Getting stronger and adoption increasing It starts to go the other direction We'll have a talk in a separate video I'm just not seeing It and then you have this guy named Bitcoin is the Revolution and he simply Responded So this he wrote you sir he says this Toac attack you sir have been scammed Cuz he bought xrp and he he's yelling at The Ripple people he says you've been

Scammed this guy right here I've never Heard of him before he is a Bitcoin Maximalist this is when you have a Bitcoin maximalist agreeing with what You're saying about Ripple Andor xrp you Might have lost the plot I'm just saying You might Have here you have xrp Community member Xrp JB who does not agree with Mac Attack And I save this stuff where there's more Agreement uh for like in terms of my Line of thinking towards the end of the Video because I think that the the Disagreement is more interesting and Gives me an opportunity to share some Additional thoughts along the way but Anyway xrp JB wrote to MCH and said There's nothing wrong with xrp to change The financial system worldwide takes Time and narratives have to play out you Know this and I thought that was a fair Point then there was this from somebody Who goes by the name none dare call it Iracy he simply wrote call the Wham Vience sell it all and run for the hills And for some reason when I was reading That before recording this video it kind Of made me laugh the you know the crying The Ambulance I know it's it's so juvenile But I don't know Like I'm adult by age I don't know what Do you want it made me laugh it is what

It is man um and then there's uh yeah Okay here's this from Elmer Elmer Bratz Bratz Uh he responded to Mac attack xrp and Said is this a joke they owe no xrp Holder anything they use xrp for their Business not to enrich xrp holders this Is a sad post I agree with that Sentiment I I I just um and look at I Mean this the post itself is sad I'm not Saying he's a sad person for I mean he Could be technically sad I I don't mean It in a derogatory way what I mean is um Yeah the post itself is sad but uh I'm Glad that he's publicly sharing his Perspective and it it spurred Conversation like there's never anything Wrong with that whatsoever whether it's To the negative the absolutely as long As people are being civil like I'm all About the discourse man agree with me Disagree with me all good um but but Elmer's right here it is not Ripple's Job to make us rich and they don't have That ability anywhere unless they're Literally going to give us on an Individual basis Xrp which isn't happening clearly is not Going to happen oh what a bunch of Silliness then there was this from Beim he wrote to mcac and said there's No reason to tweet like this you didn't Sign a contract with them you can sell Your bags they didn't force you to buy

Okay now that's spot on when you hold Xrp that is not stock in a company it is A decentralized cryptocurrency there are Many participants within the xrp Ecosystem and all of them collectively Are having an impact on the price of xrp But what moves it even more greatly is Broader crypto Market Movements that's it it really is that Simple what do you mean run to Ripple Doesn't make sense doesn't make any Sense here's a post from SD grind never Stops he wrote to Mac attack and said Sell y'all have zero idea what it takes To invest so sell everything the fact That this warning even exists is Hilarious sell it all or better yet Learn how to diversify and stop crying About something you invested in you're Responsible for your Investments not Them okay and so on that last point in Particular that is true because again Xrp is not stock in a company Ripple is Not responsible for anything you've done Regarding xrp or anything anything that You're expecting Ripple's not in charge Of that it's a decentralized ecosystem We got to wrap your guys heads around This if you think Otherwise and so I don't think warning Ripple makes sense I just I really don't And I don't mean that to be rude I just I don't think it makes any sense Whatsoever for all the reasons I've

Articulated in this video but in terms Of you know the the the concept of Diversifying yes that is exactly what I've done xrp is my largest individual Crypto holding I'm happy to say that I'm Happy to say because I think it's going To be worth a fortune and if I'm wrong I'm wrong then I'll just eat it it could Go to zero I admit that and then I just I'll be a Sad Panda for a while but uh The other two3 of my crypto roughly are Other coins I hold about 30 different Cryptocurrencies I go be fine Diversifying makes Sense that's why you should never be a Maximalist of any coin not even xrp even If it's your favorite like xrp is my Favorite coin I would never be a Maximalist of xrp not a snowballs chance In hell and I love xrp it has changed my Life and gotten me into all this this Whole the world of crypto and everything You I've told a story before and shared My thoughts along those lines so I won't Digress further than that but Yeah so I know that this is spicy and It's going to evoke emotions here but Just let me know you think and whether You agree with me or not that's fine but I wanted to talk about this because this Is hotly contested within the xrp Community on social media right now drop Some comments below I'd love to hear From you I'm not a financial adviser you

Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next Time to the Moon Lambo


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