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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel the market has been running hot Today and I've got some things to say on This topic but first I want to open this Video by just saying look I've been Holding xrp for over six years now Because the big money is in the waiting Do you know who said that I'm going to Share that with you at the beginning Part of the video but it's just a truth And I fully Embrace this and it's it's Because I believe the waiting like this Is what it takes to achieve lifechanging Wealth in crypto and and of course all Of us uh you know that have been holding Xrp since before the SEC sued Ripple Have been holding a lot longer than Perhaps we thought we'd need to granted But that's life you know it's not our Fault that happened and you know the the Empowering thing about all this is that We do still have this opportunity for Life-changing wealth despite that but Before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Backround of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun and who Said that quote who said that whole Thing that whole silly sounding thing

About uh you know it's all about the Waiting well that would be none other Than Charlie Munger who unfortunately Passed away several days ago Charlie Munger of course uh most famous for Having uh built up burky hathway along With Warren Buffett and um I think that Birkshire hathway now is something like Don't quote me on this but I think I Read something like a trillion dollars In assets under management whatever it Is it's a lot it it's a lot and I Understand that Charle merer was anti- Crypto but he was also 99 years old okay Let's just be real the people like Jin Z And the Millennials uh we all on right I'm like an elder Millennial if you will But uh but we're WR You know the younger people are more Likely to embrace it so I'm not Surprised but despite that it doesn't Take away from the fact that he done Some amazing things in his life and like The mentality that he has which he Applied to stocks generally speaking it Absolutely is com it's the same mindset That's required when it comes to Investing in general especially in Crypto the most volatile class in the Entire damn planet and so this article Here is from y I'm not going to read it But the the quote that I want highlight Is right here I Believe um yeah here we go the big money

Is not in the buying and the selling but In the waiting and that is the truth and Most of what it is to invest in crypto On the surface like it's kind of boring Because for for Mo most of the time I've Been in crypto like it's been moving Down or sideways that's most of it and Then you occasionally you get these big Exciting periods where it just shoots on To the upside and I love that that's the Most fun part of being in crypto it's Just those moments are few and far Between but the cool thing is we're into That as so far as I can tell like we're In it um and and so in the meantime yes The the we we do have to wait it's just That so many people have so much trouble With this which is why my strategy has Been to just not be like them it's been Simply just hold you know and there's Another quote from from Charlie Monger Said I'm trying to be not stupid instead Of very intelligent and I I know he Wasn't talking about crypto but that Comment basically sums up my approach to Crypto you know I don't try and be smart In time markets and get in and out of Positions or go like stupid and think That I'm smart by investing in small cap Meme coins and stuff like that um you Know the the tiny no no no the the small Cap coins with rare exception are not For me right and so I try to not be Stupid and I'm not trying to be super

Smart either I'm just taking a pretty Reasonable approach by being in the Market for a long period of time for me Now over 6 years and investing in in Large cap coins and midcap coins and now I'm up I'm way way way up despite things Not panning out for xrp yet because of The SEC I fully blame them we would had A new alltime high for xrp if not for The SEC but if I if I knew six years ago I'd have this much of my net worth in Crypto in terms of what the dollar Figure is it would have blown my simple Little mind so I'm thrilled about it I Still haven't cashed out into USD but I Believe that I will for this next Market Cycle and look at where things are going I want to spend the rest of video Talking about this because uh XR P 62 Cents uh moving in tanon with Bitcoin Bitcoin now $ 39,5 and couple things on this so at the Time I'm recording this in case anyone's Curious um I I call this today just Because I haven't slept yet technically It's December 3rd it's now Sunday Technically but it doesn't count until I Go to sleep damn it it is 3:47 a.m. Because I record videos at weird times Because as far as I'm aware I don't have Any children no guarantees I'm kidding I'm kidding no kids um so I get to do Weird stuff like this but it's 3:47 a.m. And um and and so it doesn't count as

Tomorrow until I actually go to sleep But uh you know Bitcoin it jumped above $39,000 around what what time you want To call this say roughly around just say About 100 p.m. so you know we're we're Picking up what close to 15 hours ago And it has sustained that ever since it Broke above that $39,000 level it's been Above it and a fair bit above it in fact Which is interesting and I also wanted To point out and this shouldn't shock You if you've been around for more than 5 minutes but worth pointing out from Time to time and for those of you Looking at the screen feel you can see What I'm talking about here's the xrp Chart for 24 hours here's the Bitcoin Chart for 24 hours let me just flip back And forth between the two a bunch here That's the same damn chart xrp is just F Which is what we want to see so Bitcoin Leads the way and you see a lot of times Xrp moving perfectly in tandem uh Bitcoin will reach a escape velocity First it's eventually going to hit a new Alltime high and then if history is to Repeat based on what we've seen in the Past now that the SEC is out of the way Xrp will lag behind although who knows Maybe it'll won't have to won't lag as Much as you know 2017 you know early 2018 it could though historically we Should expect that and then it hits a New alltime high and interest price

Discover that's what we're that's what's In the cards here so we have a lot to Look forward to and I want to share with You a couple things from my fellow xrp YouTuber the blockchain backer Unquestion unquestionably not just one Of the best chart analysts within the Xrp community but one of the very best Chart analysts in all of crypto full Stop like he absolutely is and he shared This chart which is a crypto total Market cap excluding Bitcoin and uh he wrote The Following And this was today this afternoon so Fine technically yesterday whatever I'm Calling it today though at 2:48 p.m. Central Time my timeone and he said Today Bitcoin and ethereum hit the Highest prices since May 2022 altcoin Market teasing The Great Escape and so if history is to repeat in The way that we want it to perhaps we See a huge break to the upside though It's not technically guaranteed I just Got to tell you with all of the set a Aside the chart stuff because I've seen The arguments from a ton of chart Analysts I highlight their perspectives On my channel fairly regular in certain Videos aside from that if you look at Other factors onchain metrics macro Factors uh what's happening on social Media just just pick a different Category of what you can do what you can

Look at in terms of analyzing what's Happening with Bitcoin and the broader Crypto asset class all signs point to This thing's about to blast Off it's it's not just about the look at Everything look at the whole picture so There's no guarantee and fine maybe the Same breaks down and then it teases us For a longer period of time and we Actually don't see a new all-time high For Bitcoin for over another year Whatever it may be okay and there are People that thinks that that's possible It's not the craziest idea I'm hoping That's not the case but we are at a Point right now where we're going to Find out what the conviction is Directionally in terms of Bitcoin price Action in the very short uh in the very Short term here which is exciting and I'm optimistic we're going to be seeing Some positive stuff here and there are Some that think you know maybe we're Only going to see upper 48,000 maybe 50,000 then it craters back down then we Really don't see another big move up for Over a year within the next year or two Okay well I don't pretend to know I Never know which is why I have my dumb Strategy I just I'm just trying to not Be stupid I'm trying to make my my Investment process as idiot proof as Possible by just removing involvement It's just I buy stuff and then I

Literally do nothing uh for however long It takes I mean the xrp that I bought Over six years ago it's still just Sitting there I just I don't touch it It's just there and either I'm writing It's worth of Fortune and I'll sell it In the future or I'm wrong and it goes To zero that's my bet that's what it's Been ever since I saw the the the you Know the market crumbling in 2018 is Like oh we're going to the bare Market Probably going to be here for a while And we were but that's it because I but I firmly my conviction has never been Stronger period we're going to hit a new Alltime high with xrp we're going to Enter price discovery that is my Conviction and if I'm wrong so be it I'm An adult I'm a big boy if I lose my Money I lose my money and that could Happen but I really don't believe that's What's most probable then there was this And this is so telling I love this oh my God if you guys can look at the chart if You're not driving or anything something Anything like that uh take a look at This this is a Bitcoin USD chart shared By the blockchain backer my God this is Why I said this is one of many reasons Why I said that blockchain backer is Among the best analysts in crypto period Just like full stop not just within the Xrp community he just he consistently Nails stuff so here's a chart and this

Is going back through uh well the far Left would be the year 2020 and so you Can see this last Market cycle when Bitcoin hit its top that would have been What November of 20 21 and as the market was at its top Everybody believed that it was going to Keep going higher right as evidenced by This Poll so the blockchain backer and social Media platform X put out a poll on November 14th 2021 and this was probably just days After the actual top if I'm looking at This chart properly um I think I am so It was like right after the top and so People are just really excited oh it's Going to keep going it's going to keep Running right so what comes next there Are two options in this poll Bitcoin Equals $100,000 or Bitcoin equals $20,000 which one of those was going to Happen First what what what did people think Was going to happen now the blockchain Backer if you were following him at the Time you knew that he said this thing's Over this was the top of the Bitcoin Bull cycle he's about the only person That was saying that and he got so much Crap from so many analysts some of them Are outright rude which really turned me Off to some of them I won't name names Here but some of them were and I

Remember them and they were rude so I Don't care if they disagree and they Want to debate and sayate that's fine as Long as they're being taxable it's just The rudeness that bothered me um but the Blockchain backer was right and the rest Of them were wrong he held the minority Position and he was correct so 64.4% of respondents said yeah Bitcoin Is going to be hitting $100,000 and only 35.6% of respondents To this poll said that Bitcoin would hit $20,000 first that's what would come Next And if you thought it was going 100K you Were wrong if you thought that the next Thing to happen would be Bitcoin would Hit $20,000 you were right but you'd be In the minority if you held that Position which proves the point that the Masses are almost always wrong that's Just how it is even within the people That follow him that's just it's human Nature and it's not to disparage the People it's just to Acknowledge these are what the human Machines do like these are what the Humans do this is this is it pretty much And it did Crater after that as you can See on the screen and then he ran Another poll and this is just this is Just get it just proves how good he is At this stuff he put out another poll December 21st 2022 so almost a year ago

And it was the same question what comes Next two options Bitcoin equals and by The way I'll note that at the time Bitcoin was I don't know exactly but it Was probably around $16,000 or so December 21st of last year so $16,000 Bitcoin roughly and what comes next two Choices either Bitcoin goes to $40,000 Or Bitcoin goes to $112,000 what do you Think people thought was the most Probable 35.1% because again this is bare mode This is sad time right everybody's a Sad Panda 35.1% of respondents said Bitcoin Is going to 40,000 only 35% but 64.9% responded Bitcoin is going to $122,000 probably the same people that At the top of the cycle uh you know uh In November of 2021 probably the same People that thought that Bitcoin was Going to $100,000 Because it's about the same percentage So some people ain't learning the Lessons here but the blockchain backer Put out these polls at particularly Interesting points in time the first one I share with you marked the top of the Cycle and he was talking he said no this Is the top and then at the bottom what Was he saying and he did when he put out That poll that was right at the bottom And now we've been climbing out of it And so the people that voted bitcoin's

Going to $112,000 were wrong and fine Technically Bitcoin hasn't H $40,000 yet So technically they could still be Proven right in which case I'll make a Hilarious video about that in the future But we're knocking on 40,000 door like It's about to happen again what did I so What is it now the time recording 3955 bucks that's what it is at the time That I'm recording this latest moono H Jam so there's a lesson in this there's A lesson in this a couple things you can Take away obviously the masses are Almost always wrong but the market Always comes comes back it it always That's why I have my stupid strategy my Stupid ass boring Unsophisticated uh strategy investing in Crypto it freaking works I buy stuff and I do nothing and then when I have more Money is I've had more money over the Years because I have few income streams Is I I earn money I got to put it Somewhere and I put a chunk of it in Crypto I've been doing that for over six Years now from time to time then there Are long periods of time where I haven't Because I feel like I'm just ready for This thing to take off I put I put a Whole lot in and then I earn more money It's got to go somewhere and I put it in And that's it it's that unsophisticated You know it it's you don't have to be Some sort of professional to do this

It's just get exposure it's the same Concept investing in equi you don't have To be you know some sort of wizard to Plan for your retirement by investing in The stock market mutual funds and index Funds and all that stuff you don't have To be a wizard you just have to do it And it doesn't have to be perfect it's Going to be a little sloppy it's it's Just you know people worry too much About the little things and commissions Going to you know Financial um Financial Represent so on and so forth just like Just the point just get the money in Just do something because most people Get this paralysis where they're not Doing anything and that's far worse than Worrying about little details like that The point is just take the damn action So that's been my mentality when it Comes to investing broadly speaking and I have applied that to crypto because I Know for sure it works in Legacy Finance Like equities and it sure as hell Works In crypto oh it sure as hell does you Just got to be you know I think it need To be a more ENT because there's much More risk in crypto and things are Moving fairly fast and some coins may Never come back and you got to watch and You know there's imagine that you had Everything in Luna for example you know A year and a half ago well if you Weren't watching that that went to zero

You know what I'm saying and maybe it Bounced back a little bit since but Either way whether that did or didn't Happen I thought I saw something in the Newsfeed and I just rolled my eyes but Anyway it doesn't matter it's neither Here nor there the the point is that um Regardless uh you just you do need to Just pay a little bit B more attention In in that regard but as long as you Have broad exposure and if you have Exposure to you know larger midcap coins You're probably going to be in pretty Damn good shape here overall Right so anyway uh shout out and props And credit to the blockchain backer for Absolutely nailing this thing so we are At this inflection point we don't know Exactly what's going to happen next but I'll just say I personally more Optimistic that we're going to be seeing A lot of positive fireworks and I don't Know for sure I'm just a dude but the Good thing is I'm not a chart analyst And if my suspicion is wrong as we and We go back down I'll keep earning more Money and then I'll just buy more crypto And then when it finally does go which Is inevitable then I'll make that much More money oh so sad no yeah I'm not you Know be that'll still be fantastic However long this takes because I can't Control these the stuff that is outside Of my control I just try to not worry

About like the SEC nonsense that harmed Me that harmed you it harmed all of us Right and if if there's a if we have to Wait years even if we're so we're all Excited things going to take off what if We're wrong and it takes you okay Whatever I can't control that I can Control certain things but I can't Control that and as long as I keep Earning money I'm just going to keep Plowing it into this damn thing because I think it's going to be worth an Absolute Fortune there's just never been An opportunity like this in the history Of our species yet here we are living Through this it's a Once in a species Event you can't just recre like once the Genie is out of the bottle and it is you Can't just recreate this this moment in Time you just can't here's a post from Chart analyst credible Crypto and here I'll make this full Screen this chart was was this a Dominant yeah market cap Bitcoin Dominance chart this is fascinating so Here's here's what he shared uh this Evening 9:35 p.m. central Time alt Season trending as Bitcoin dominance Sits comfortable at 53% maintaining its Uptrend and a higher low as I said in my Last tweet a few weeks ago Bitcoin Dominance is still trending up with no Signs of slowing down and we don't have Any sort of a trend shift in this until

SL unless we dip below 48% which is not Going to happen here in my opinion the Biggest moves on bitcoin are yet to come And I expect dominance to continue to Plow higher during this time there will Always be some alts that outperform Especially during Windows where Bitcoin Is ranging SL consolidating but things Will change quickly when Bitcoin breaks Out and starts trending again yeah That's right and so we have seen stuff Like that like salana popped off Um that's just one example off the top Of my head there there have been some Others uh but mostly it's just been you Know trending in the upward direction For altcoins following Bitcoin which is Fun to see still so there will be some Outliers that do pop off first but Bitcoin is going to lead the market but Then we do get to have the fun because Eventually that dominance is just going To Crater when when alts pick up that's The strong suspicion here so there's Definitely a lot to look forward here And U and let me share with you this Also here's a headline from the daily Hudle bitcoin's 2022 bare Market Differed in one critical way compared to Its 2018 slump crypto analyst Jamie CS Former Bloomberg intelligence analyst Jamie Coots says one metric shows a key Difference between bitcoin's bearish Phases in 2018 and

2022 cot says that the number of Bitcoin Accumulation addresses soared in the 2022 bar Market while they decreased in The 2018 Bitcoin Market slump and so Folks this is just how it goes the Earlier on you invested in crypto the More risk you took on because there were Much much greater unknowns I mean if you Go back a decade there were still and it Was much more reasonable to to question Back then was this asset class even Going to continue to exist and there Were some people that had strong Conviction and they were they ended up Being right but it was newer and it was More reasonable to be having those types Of questions and when xrp came out uh Because I mean it wasn't until I think August of 2013 that xrp was first Tracked and traded on an exchange if Memory serves I could be wrong in that But at a minimum I know that was the First time that it was tracked on like If you go back uh to the historical Snapshots on for instance like coin Market cap I do know that that's the Case so um so anyway it's been over a Decade but if you were among the first To purchase xrp well what the hell do You know that's like that's tremendous Risk just like if there's a new coin That launches a month from now it's just This some this thing no body's heard of Maybe it is the next thing that becomes

A top 10 crypto in terms of market cap And it's a small cap you know when when You find out about but the risk my God and so what you have Happening Here Is with each market cycle even after the Bare Market we see oh there's another Bare market yet the thing's still here That crypto magic internet money that Stuff oh it's still here and then people Gain confidence oh I guess it's really Not going away and and that's right it's Not going away even if a lot of the Coins that we hold even if we're wrong About X xrp and xrp goes to zero and it Goes away we're still right about the Crypto asset Class and I don't think we're wrong About xrp but you get the point I'm Making right and so with each subsequent Market cycle there's that much of a Stronger conviction and so that's part Of it for me but a lot of it really is Just utility because I'm a utility guy Like when it comes to cryptocurrencies Being used uh that's what is of the Utmost important to me because Importance to me because in a mature Market that's what everyone's going to Be looking at right and so it's just so Fasc like see like this is proof and That's why I said even if we entered a Bare market and we crater on down we do See $112,000 Bitcoin which I don't think Is is probable just be honest with you

I'm just saying if the off chance the Wildly off chance that that happens I Don't care in the end I will buy more Stuff and then it will still take off And so like people are getting this like What this article I'm going to share More with you right now but that's what This shows that's That's so exciting and Again I know it's Bitcoin but Bitcoin Leads the market we need Bitcoin to keep Doing what it's doing and then xrp takes Off and it's going to it's just going to Dwarf the returns that we get anybody Will get for Bitcoin you know you're You're not going to be getting life Change wealth from life changing wealth From Bitcoin anytime soon if you just Jumped in let me just say that but with Xrp depending on how much you put on I Mean that's it's just going to sub this Is my belief it's this Market cycle will Dwarf whatever Bitcoin does but again Happy to see Bitcoin leading the way and It's proving this point and the same Thing's true with xrp more people Jumping into xrp you can the number of Xrp addresses Now versus half a decade Ago it's just how it is everything's Looking Incredible so piece continues according To CS the increase in accumulation Addresses indicates a stronger belief in The future of Bitcoin quote one of these Bitcoin bare markets is not like the

Other accumulation accumulation Addresses uh bought twice and never sold In 2018 Nega – 20% in 2022 plus 60% conviction in end quote yep that's About Right and you can see the positive Sentiment increasing with xrp as time Has passed and the legal Clarity let's Be real that doesn't hurt does it that Definitely doesn't hurt you can see the Institutional money that's been pouring In since July especially and and before That I mean you know there's certainly Institutional money you know they're Placing their bets before the the legal Decision came up from Judge Torres but Post that yeah you saw another tick up You know which is great to see it's what You'd expect right Piece continues Bitcoin is trading at 3882 bucks at the time of writing up 2.8% in the last 24 hours another big Difference in the crypto space over the Past several years says cots is that There was a massive increase in daily Active users which is the number of Unique addresses transacting on a Blockchain each day and so here's a Quote and again this is certainly true That the same concept applies to xrp There are more people there are more Transactions duh but but again I'm Pointing this out to show this is what

Weally what we need to see to have this Actual level of conviction and Confidence in crypto this is a good Reason to sleep easy at night as far as I'm concerned and so here's the quote Crypto daily active users in layer 1/ Layer 2s in 2019 200,000 in 2023 5 million that's right from 200,000 To 5 million crypto daily active users In layer 1/ layer 2s not even close Folks yeah that crypto thing with the Magic The Magic internet money yeah it's It's it's kind of just a little bit or a Lot here to stay just say and then and Then he says four-year compound annual Growth rate 123% let's see where this goes end quote Oh yes yes we will see where this goes Up is the Answer I've never been more convinced of This in my entire damn life this is the Most exciting thing on the planet to me Which is why I love running this YouTube Channel and uh I get to nerd out with People like you who have equal interest Which is the greatest thing on the Planet it would be so oh my God if if I Were alone in this that would suck I'm So glad I have the xrp community because I mean my my youngest brother he's Pretty into crypto he's yeah he's in He's into crypto but um and I and I know That since when I when I jumped in you

Know over six years ago but I didn't Understand the degree to which he is Until maybe when did I find that within The last couple years so for most of the Last six years I didn't realize that and So I can talk to him a little bit about That from time to time but other than That I don't really have anybody in my Life that gives a damn sufficiently About this like a lot of my family and Friends they own some crypto but they're Not watching I don't know they probably Pretty much just got Bitcoin and Whatever they're they're not like you And I let's say you know because you and I we're in the weeds here like we are Tracking this stuff and we understand The the Life-changing potential in all of this But and that's why I've invested Accordingly let's just say that I I have Positioned myself in such a way that I Do not need a particularly large M Multiplier effect on the totality of the My my personal crypto Holdings to have What is equivalent to a winning lottery Ticket but it's taken me six years to Get to this point and just holding Through I I I hold held through the Entirety of the last two cycles or I say Entirety I jumped in at the end of 2017 But you get the cut of my jib I just Been holding as the point but now with How much I have now and just unless this

Goes terrifically wrong my intent is to Finally cash out into United States Dollars as this gets heated up and I'll Be talking about the moves that I Personally am making but recently I just Been purchasing some stuff because I Mean compared to where things are going To be once the market heats up I mean Like almost no altcoins have really Taken off they've been moving in t with Bitcoin sure and they're a little bit Broadly speaking a little bit higher Than you know like the middle of October Sure but even altcoins broadly speaking They they haven't they haven't been Rocketing so there's still a ton of Opportunity and so I've been taking Advantage of that over the last you know Six seven8 weeks whatever been but man Get ready Son lots to look forward to I'm not a Financial adviser you should not byy Yourself anything because of anything I Say or right that would be a very very Very bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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