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Hello this is Matt on the moon family Sedan Channel despite what many fearful Analysts said this past November the Collapse of Ponzi scheme FTX will not Set us back five to ten years in fact if You're watching markets it looks like The collapse of FTX set us back Less than two months Nicole heps of FTX Ponzi scheme uh FTX now bankrupt looks Like it's set back crypto certainly in Terms of price action less than two Months and so yes markets could tank Further but at that point it clearly Wouldn't be due to FTX unless you're Talking about like a contagion effect But even if the contagion spreads the Idea of this holding us back five to ten Years as many touted just you know two Months ago to me that had always seemed A bit absurd and ensure there will be Some maybe especially from the late World of Legacy Finance it'll make them A little bit more about jumping into Crypto but outside of that market Participants don't seem to agree with That scare scare narrative Doomsday Prophecy five to ten years no And so look I do think we xrp holders Missed out this past Market cycle on a New all-time high due to the SEC But xrp is about to become the only Large cap coin in the world to have Legal Clarity uh and uh look the market Is already heating up

So no we're not going to have to wait 10 Years for a new all-time high And look I I won't I won't make price Predictions I never have I never will But wouldn't you be surprised if five Years from now xrp hasn't hit a new All-time high you listening no seriously I mean that tell me like wouldn't you be Surprised if by then it hadn't happened And because look unless like a Horrendous Wild Card event occurs on a Scale that we couldn't even imagine if You know if something like that happens Becomes reality okay fine outside of Something like that I don't see it Because and then on top of that we're Already seeing reports of if you're just Looking at on-chain analytics there are All sorts of metrics that are flashing Hey pay attention to me you know Including you're seeing all sorts of Whales buying a number of altcoins it's Business as usual and so yes we xrp Holders we got the shaft And uh the SEC came after Ripple which You know effectively resulted in the Harming coming after effectively xrp Holders Uh but but even though we did miss out On an all-time high this past Market Cycle and I I do think it's because of The SEC and the re by the way part of The reason I say this because every Other top 10 crypto by market cap every

Single one of them had a new all-time High compared to their previous cycle Xrp is the only one that didn't but it Still did rally like it ran up to two Bucks and I was happy to see that at Least But it's because of the SEC not because Market participants wouldn't have Otherwise valued it substantially higher I think it's pretty clear what's going On here what the only one that didn't Hit a new all-time high in the top 10 Happened to be attacked by the SEC yeah I think that matters But from this point in time I just I Can't imagine not seeing things ramp up Uh soon sooner than later because you Don't have bear markets forever Um and by the way in case you missed it As of two days ago we entered um agreed Again for the first time in roughly 10 Months and then we slightly exited it Yesterday we were in neutral uh the fear Of green index but now we're back at it In 55 out of 100 on the crypto fear and Green index markets feel greedy right Now folks so what do you actually need To watch big picture uh in in terms of You know figuring out what's what's Actually going to happen well It's just a friendly reminder here Crypto Always has and for the foreseeable Future will continue to perhaps for a

Really long time or maybe it never Changes crypto does move into animal Stocks it was in tangible So uh when you're looking at what's Impacting stocks specifically I mean What what do you what do you think What's impacting people's buying and Selling Well look at this headline from Cointelegraph this is the type of thing It's not and look nothing is the end-all Be-all when it comes to investing There's all sorts of things as I always Say that you need to consider especially With crypto you know there's technical Analysis fundamental analysis on-chain Analytics you know the if you're talking Short term it's interesting and looking At a sentiment on social media which is Effectively what you know the crypto Fear and greed index looks at here but You know like it or not and I don't like It what the FED does has a tremendous Impact on the global price of crypto it Just does right and and again I'm not Convinced it's always going to be like That but if you want to try and figure Out what might be happening in the Future you need to be aware of what's Happening with this so look at this Headline from cointelegraph U.S Government uh 1.5 trillion dollar debt Interest will be will be equal to three Times Bitcoin market cap in 2023. and

This is really interesting because I'll Tell you this going through this article Basically what they're getting at is the Idea that Um you you're you know if you're the FED You're not going to be able to continue Hiking interest rates uh forever it's I Mean I think we probably pretty much Maybe would agree on that but there's Another consideration that not a ton of People are talking about which is the Degree to which it's impacting the Amount of debt that is being paid on the Interest in terms of actual dollars Because as the rates go up and new debt Is accrued it's at higher interest rate Levels and I'm going to show you a chart In a second it's just it'll make your Brain explode when you look at it though It's just disgusting how like how Irresponsible the federal government is Behaving from a monetary perspective Uh but but this can't persist like even In terms of dollars even these Reckless People running the country uh you know Just printing the dollar into Oblivion That's what they've done to this point Like You're I just I don't believe that They're going to continue the Quantitative tightening forever meaning Increasing interest rates it's just it's Not something that's actually Sustainable and given that you've

Already seen interest year over year uh Although it's it's high you know there's A Vega increase I think the last number We saw was like something like six and a Half percent if you look for a month a Month though we're actually seeing a Decline which is the direction that you Would want things to go unexpected to go And this is important because as the FED Pivots uh which they will and I just Don't pretend to know exactly one but as That ends up happening what you will see Is a flood of money into stocks and Crypto and this is where we're at right Now so unless you get something where we Enter some sort of horrendous recession Or even just a little bit of recession To be honest with it doesn't have to be Horrendous necessarily I'll retract that Actually even if you if so if you enter A recession okay then you have a delayed Effect but also recall like every Sessions are not the end of the world Recessions historically on average last What I can't remember the exact number You can just just Google if you're Curious but I think it's somewhere Around like a year And most of them aren't the end of the World so you have you don't have a Complete destruction of economic output You have a reduction to some certain Degree it may not even be monstrous and Then you start to go back to the upside

So that's what we're looking at but this Is what will ultimately Drive what's Happening in terms of price action for Crypto and stocks I think fundamental Fundamentals are incredibly interesting When it comes to crypto I think that in A mature Market they should matter Substantially more and will but right Now they don't unfortunately so when we Check out this article commentators Believe that Bitcoin bulls do not need To wait long for the United States to Start printing money again The latest analysis of U.S macroeconomic Data has led One Market strategist to Predict quantitative tightening ending To avoid a catastrophic debt crisis the U.S federal reserve continues to remove Liquidity from the financial system to Fight inflation reverse in the years of Covert error money printing while Interest rate hikes look set to continue Declining in scope some now believe that The FED will soon have only one option To Halt the process altogether Why the FED will have no choice but to Cut or risk a catastrophic debt crisis a Sven Hendricks founder of Northman Trader summarize on January 27th quote Higher for longer is a fantasy not Rooted in math reality end quote Henrich Uploaded a chart showing interest Payments on current U.S government Expenditure now hurtling towards one

Trillion dollars a year A dizzying number the interest comes From U.S government debt being over 31 Trillion dollars with the FED printing Trillions of dollars since March 2020. Since then interest payments have Increased by 42 percent energy noted the Phenomenon has not gone unnoticed Elsewhere in crypto circles popular Twitter account Wall Street Silver Compared the interest payments as a Portion of U.S tax revenue quote U.S Paid 853 billion dollars in interest for 31 trillion dollars in debt in 2022 more Than defense budget in 2023. If the Fed Keeps rates at these levels or higher we Will be at 1.2 trillion to 1.5 trillion Dollars in interest paid on the debt end Quote and here's the chart in question Here I'll make this a little bit bigger For you there and so this chart is Showing federal government current Expenditures interest payments It goes back to a little bit before 1950 And you can see obviously it's been Increasing the whole time but look right If you look right where I'm circling for Those who care to look at the screen Rock it to the upside this is this is Basically the beginning of 2022 right Here as the the rate tax beginning So look at that monstrous increase I it's it's like so this is something That

Is well it's clearly not sustainable but Even with the government being as Reckless as they are Do you foresee them allowing that rocket To the upside in terms of the amount of Straight up dollars actually paid to Continue to rock it like that increasing I mean it's not going to happen and so And this is why again like being aware Of this it's it's it's it's not complex To understand eventually the the FED They are going to Pivot and what that in Fact frankly you've already kind of seen The beginning phases of it because you Saw last year rate hike increases of 75 Basis points well last month the the the The increase was only 50 basis points so You already see them going in the other Direction here so Um at the end of the month January 30th There's another meeting coming up here With the fed fomc and we'll see what They do Um it could be 50 basis points but who Knows maybe it'll be 25 basis points I Don't think it's going to go straight to Zero out of nowhere that would be Surprising anyway But again you can see the direction that We're going so if we don't hit uh if we Don't have a denotable economic downturn Meaning like some sort of notable Recession even even if it's not Horrendous if we don't see that like we

Are even if you look sickly in terms of How humans historically behave when it Comes to purchasing crypto we are in This phase where people are clearly Accumulate the Bottom's already in then If that's the case and I always say Again to be I think it's fair unless There's Wild Card event the bottom is in Folks that's what's most probable Doesn't mean it's a guarantee it's What's probable and as cited here by Investopedia they were talking about This concept back in October in fact I Want to share just a small part of this They wrote this little subheading here Higher rates could mean more costly debt The US has borrowed heavily in recent Years to address the pandemic and to Facilitate major tax cuts now as the FED Moves to combat inflation the interest The government owes on public debt could Jump since borrowing costs for the US Government rise and fall along with Interest rates and an increase in the Federal fund rate to a predicted 4.6 Percent by the end of 2023 could Drastically increase the cost of debt Now folks so they were on the right path By writing that again that was October Of this past year and they're saying Well if you hit 4.6 by the end of 2023 Um as I record this we're at 4.25 to 4.5 Percent as of the end of 2022 not 2023. Is so look it's fine Jack it up some

More and they probably will it's not Going to last forever and especially if You consent can you see the uh the Direction shift like especially once you Get down to a 25 basis point increase Which is what I think is most probable At some point anyway that's gonna be a Clear sign to Market participants and You know what that means because look Again and the reason this is important Which I haven't articulated in this Video Just to be clear is the reason That uh they're they're hiking the Interest rate is because inflation is Out of control so the reason this tamps Down that is because in order to take Out a loan whether you're a person or a Business it's more costly so fewer People do it you're discouraging people To participate in the market effectively Decreasing the demand so if you're Decreasing demand obviously I mean it Doesn't take a rocket science to figure Out what that means in terms of changing The direction of inflation so that's the Reason that they're doing this they're Trying to basically they're slowing down The economy intentionally but they're Not going to do this forever so we're at A very exciting time actually and that's Why I started the video by saying look When it comes to xrp like we're going to Get ours it's going to I firmly believe It's some unknown point in the future

Xrp is going to hit a new all-time high And waiting five to ten years again I Don't make price predictions but that Would just be absolutely Looney Tunes Land wacky to me unless you have some Sort of catastrophic thing that makes us Although if something like that happens We got bigger problems we're going to be Talking and worrying about crypto if You're talking about that I don't even Know what that would be Asteroid hit Earth I don't know I'm just Saying so I don't think we have to worry About that Uh interesting times ahead but this is Like but this is why I'm excited too It's like I I recognize this You don't have to be some sort of Financial Guru the everyday person can Understand this stuff and what's driving Uh you know Well not just crypto I was gonna say Crypto but really just markets more Broadly speaking And I know it's stupid and I don't like It but it's the vet it's not solely the FED but my gosh huge impact If they were doing nothing you could see What the market would actually just do In a vacuum where it's just the market Market participants but they are doing Stuff and it's impacting what Market Participants do heavily so it is what it Is

But um and it does make me a bit sick to My stomach that we didn't get a new All-time high for xrp this past Market Cycle it really does I was I was Thinking about that more recently and it Really does bother me actually Um it bothers me more now for some Reason than it did even a couple years Ago I don't know it's just time letting Everything sink in but uh because I Really do firmly believe it if not for The SEC intervening the way that they Did choosing attempting anyway to choose Winners and losers in the in the free Market Uh you know regulation by enforcement of The crap I I do think we would have seen That new all-time high and again One of the main reasons I firmly believe That well you saw the impact when the SEC intervened price plummeted so Obviously people are paying attention to That that's a no-brainer and then for Xrp to then be the only top 10 crypto That didn't hit a new all-time highlight Come on What was the low for ethereum because Which by the way ethereum and xrp were Running neck and neck for much of the The market cycle before that in terms of Market cap where they topped and they Topped at different times but were xrp And Eve topped it was at about the same Uh you know uh level in terms of dollars

Of market cap Well you didn't see that this market so How low did eth go didn't it wouldn't Get down to like 90 bucks or something 88 bucks 90 bucks 100 but I can't read I Can't remember exactly but the point is It went from whatever that really low Number was all the way up to almost five Thousand dollars We did not see that for xrp but the Previous Market cycle they were running Neck and neck and we didn't see that This time it's not like anything got Worse for xrp everything got better Everything else got better other than The only bad thing was the SEC Everything else got way better in terms Of adoption and utility everything you Name it So what do you think's going on here but But that's also why I say you know if We're really at a point and I think we Are we're Market's heating up and we're Going to have Clarity uh surrounding xrp From a legal perspective the SEC Ripple Case wrapping up as long as we get a Positive ruling for xrp holders even if That means Ripple loses and has to pay Fine as long as there's a path forward For xrp that's a major win for us So we could get a disastrous Rule and We'll talk about it if it happens but I Don't think that's what's most probable And at least judge Annalisa Torres has

Made it very clear that she's very Interested seemingly very genuinely Interested in Market participants Outside of the case and how the SEC Ripple case is going to impact and That's a really good sign that's and if You and if you just if she's really and I think she is genuinely getting to a Point where she understands uh the you Know the the totality of the xrp Ecosystem effectively I just I I don't see how she doesn't You know approach the her ruling in the SEC Ripple case in a way I don't see how She couldn't approach in a way that's Going to protect or at least cause the Most minimal harm for xrp holders Themselves So we'll see maybe that's wishful Thinking but I'm still optimistic I'm not a financial advisor you should Not buy or sell anything because of Anything I say right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon family sedan

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