XRP Developers “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” With XRPL Sidechain

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel let's talk about the latest xrp Conflict of interest in quotes uh There's further dispute between Proponents of zaha which is a side chain Of The xrp Ledger and The xrp Ledger Itself and I'll just tell you at the Outset right here I I just I don't think That there's any conflict of interest Here whatsoever I I'll I will articulate Why we progress in the video here and if There's a flaw in my thinking bring it To my attention because this is what Should be happening so some could look At this especially from the outside and Go look at this drama in the xrp Community I'm like no no no no I mean as Long as everybody's being polite this is What should be unfolding there should be A discussion between thoughtful Individuals that you know can Respectfully disagree with with each Other and just share the ideas and get To the bottom of this and so I'm going To share with you some of what's been Been discussed here and then you can Come away with your own perspective your Own thoughts and if some of my thinking Is wrong that's fine I'm open to being Wrong but I just I'm not seeing I not Seeing a conflict of interest here I Don't think that this is something That's going to take away from xrp or The xrp Ledger I don't see anything

That's happening with this xrp Ledger Side chain as bad it's something that in Theory could help The xrp Ledger if it's Broadly adopted um and then if it's not Broadly adopted or if it fails then okay No skin-off xrp's back Anyway uh but before explaining what's Going down here I do be clear I do not Have a financial background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun all right so there's an xrp Community member who goes by the name Darkhorse on social media platform X and Shared this post starting with three Angry frowny face that's the red frowny Face and wrote conflict of interest # Zah how and # Xrpl both ran by xrp Ledger Foundation I Called this saw this and today heard This and he's referencing a spaces event On X you have forked distributed Ledger Technology but still ran by The xrp Ledger Foundation which one will be pushed more Not the xrpl for the xrp holders listen Yourself and then he tagged link to and Wrote got shaky voice reped and I did I Listen to the clip I'm not going to play It for the purpose of this video it's

Not necessary I didn't hear any Shakiness in the Voice but the the idea here being that Because there's the zah how Network Which is a a side chain of The xrp Ledger that has functionality that The Xrp Ledger does not with limited smart Contract lay one functionality because Understand there's no smart contract Functionality whatsoever on The xrp Ledger you know it could be modified Through an amendment if the community Wants to allow that but there's always Risk associated with various changes and So there was a side chain created uh by A number of individuals including whe Say win one of one of the most respected Individuals within our xrp community and He did it not because he wanted to Abandon The xrp Ledger he's pushing for Uh this type of functionality to be Added to the xrp Ledger with the hooks Amendment for years and it hasn't been But he wants to build stuff so he Created a side chain and if he hadn't Created the side chain he could have Just completely abandoned the ecosystem For these use cases and gone on I don't Know ethereum or card or pick pick your Smart contract platform he could have Done that instead but you can't do it on The xrp Ledger right but still the Concern here is what's going to get Pushed more is the is The xrp Ledger

Foundation uh are they going to be Pushing more for one chain over the Other that's the question being posed Here and he thinks that the answer must Be that uh xrp Ledger Foundation uh has Incentive to do everything possible to Help zahal but not the xrp Ledger that's The assertion anyway now I'm not buying That but I'm glad that it's being Discussed within the community so Nothing against Dark Horse for bringing This up I don't have his concerns but Let's break down why there's a post from W wind himself he responded to Darkhorse And wrote this was addressed all the way At the start and I pause to note he Shared a link to this uh this is on the XR xrp Ledger Foundation website it and They wrote that his Pages titled hello Zaha and I'm not going to read it you Can pause if you want to read this it's Not necessary for the purposes of this Video but they were addressing zaha uh The zaha white paper and this is uh August 28th of this year so this is Known for some time this isn't some sort Of secret this isn't something that is Going to take any sort of you know Interest in the long-term viability of Xrp or The xrp Ledger away although I Will say also even if it were I don't Care but I'm going to have to Circle Back around to that idea cuz I got to go Through things procedurally but my

Answer is even if the xrp Ledger Foundation no longer wanted to push and Prop up xrp uh xrp and The xrp Ledger Then maybe they should rename themselves But I don't Care I'll I'll explain what I mean by That it's you can't take that on as a Surface common then don't know what I Mean but let me Circle back around here But then W wind also wrote how is this a Conflict of interest The xrp Ledger Foundation like everyone should welcome Ecosystem growth more utility more use Cases more Development building on zaha Doesn't negatively impact xrp Ledger and Vice Versa um and he's right it it certainly Doesn't there's nothing that can Materially impact it and then we had a Response from uh Richard who is the CTO At xrpl Labs working with whe wind and Richard wrote to Darkhorse and said the Future of blockchain is horizontal Scaling with seamless asset and data Interoperability it is not feasible or Advisable to put all traffic and all Features on a single chain don't be a Monoch chain maximalist yeah and I've Seen a fair bit of that out there Because I I shared a post on this topic I think I think just one because I Mostly just wanted to talk about in a Video because just easier that way but I Shared a post and one of the responses

That I saw was that well yeah if if There you know a good enough chain then We wouldn't even have to have this Discussion something to that effect and I'm thinking no that's not how this is Ever going to work you're never going to Have one chain that just does everything It's just not it's just not feasible Because there are always trade-offs when You have certain features on certain Chains and then there's a lot of also a Lot of risk but then also on top of that You got to understand it's not realistic To to expect that anyway because people Have different motivating factors as it Should be but is this really a conflict Of interest I mean if some if there's a Developer that wants to build on top of Ethereum and cardano is that a conflict Of interest or might it just be the case That maybe they understand that there's Different user bases with not not Sufficient overlap and they want to Uh have their applications out there Using the ethereum virtual machine well Like well down it wouldn't be but if There were another smart contract name Another smart contract platform because Evm is used for like 90% right of of the Of chains out there but set that aside The the point that I'm making here is Even without that if you pushing if You're building on one chain and another So it could be cardano it could be

Whatever is it truly a conflict of Interest or might you be trying to Increase your market share with whatever Your business plan is if you're a Developer might you be trying to get Adoption for your platform on multiple Chains because that's eight it's not I'm Just all I'm saying is it's not Necessarily a conflict of interest I Mean is it is it a conflict of interest For a video game developer to publish a Game for PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Well not necessarily is this is Everything bad if it's on two different Platforms not necessarily right but I Want to expand upon this thought further Because what I'm arguing is even if There was good motivation for The xrp Ledger Foundation or anyone else to no Longer support xrp and The xrp Ledger my Answer is okay so what so let's explain Why though there was this post also from Xrp Community member Panos and I think That well he's a real sharp guy he's had Ex excellent blogs in in the past um I've shared some of what he shared what What he's shared with the xre community Over the years I think he's a really Thought individual and I think he's on The right path generally speaking and Here's what he wrote conflicts in the Xrpl community uh keep going on talking About conflict of interest between xrpl Mainnet and xrpl side chains such as the

How are evm makes no sense what I see is That these conflicts come from Speculators who care mostly about the Price of xrp and what they hold in the End we all should care above all about Adoption new use cases and apps that Makes our lives easier all these are Using the xrpl tech and in the end xrp Is what will benefit the most stop Creating conflicts in the community and Start contributing and collaborate so I I broadly agree with that now I am glad That there's conversation and I will Also say selfishly that the thing that I Care about the most in the end is the Bottom line which for me means the price Of xrp but I also do understand and I Appreciate what he's writing though uh Because you know one of the things That's going to result in price you know Number go up way way way higher as time Passes is the type of adoption that he's Talking about here and all the apps that Makes make lives better all of that so So he's right there still um but yeah I Mean obviously um some of the stuff I Think it's some of the concerns I think It's coming from people that haven't Sufficiently thought through this and They're missing some highly logical Points and so I I wrote to uh to Panos Uh the Following if the xrpl is so fragile that A side chain can mortally wound it then

The xrp Ledger needs to die frequently People in the xrp community say Bitcoiners attack xrp because they're Threatened by the superior Tech these same people now seem to feel That xrp is threatened by Zaha and folks isn't that what we're Talking about it's a conflict of Interest xrp Ledger Foundation why would They prop up xrp when they got this Whole zah thing going on now are we sure That's how this works are we sure that's How this Works I'm going to make some further Points but stick with me further because Uh one of the responses that I I do want To share came from uh Francis bo uh Francis rather Francis bovine Swift uh Somebody I have a lot of respect for Within our xrp community he's a guy that Created the xrp rich list which is a Fantastic website and uh he had a little Bit of a different perspective and so I Want to share with you what he had to Say and then I'll share with you my Thoughts to wrap this whole thing up but Here's what he Said N I just don't like the politics That come along with having people with A foot in each domain I understand that Is the evolution but I find myself Questioning their motives and incentives Unavoidable but not a warm fuzzy place To be one example of this is the amm

Automated Market maker there are vote Cas in members on the xrpl that also Have large incentives in the zaha Network I heard on an X spaces that an Automated Market maker was being Considered on Zaha a competing motive to continue Blocking the automated Market maker on Xrp Ledger would be the incentive to Co-opt that tool for that Network I'm Not saying that is what is happening I'm Saying it sucks that those Considerations are now within the realm Of reality on the positive side testing The amm functionality on zah how and Hooks would hopefully satisfy any doubts These voting xrp members may still Harbor yeah so perfectly rational Response um I don't share personally the The same concerns that he's he's talking About here um because look what it comes Down to for me The xrp Ledger is not Centralized so even if the xrp Ledger Foundation has an incentive to support Zaha to the detriment of The xrp Ledger Why shouldn't they operate in a way they Believe is in their best interest why Shouldn't they do That that's the nature of decentralized Systems people get to do what they Want you know they they get to act in Ways that they believe are in their best Interest so I still go back to my main Point which is that if the xrp Ledger is

So fragile that it can't handle the xrp Ledger Foundation or or any other person Or entity for that matter acting in a Way that that favors in a way that that Helps another chain while destroying The Xrp Ledger then The xrp Ledger deserves To die I'm sorry that's just that's just How it Is you know if you believe that the xrp Ledger is Centralized rather than decentralized And you believe that the xrp Ledger Foundation is in control of it then yes You'd be in the in the right to be very Worried if you believe that the xrp Ledger is centralized yeah you should be Worried if they've got the power to Control this but does The xrp Ledger Foundation have that power do they Because look with that in mind I just Must ask do you believe that the xrp Ledger is centralized cuz I I think if The zaha developer We're building on cardano or get you Know any other smart contract blockchain Instead of zahal then no one would be Screaming about a conflict of Interest instead it would be recognized That the devs are using both platforms Because they both have different Technical specifications which allow for Different things to be Built so again I'm just not seeing the Conflict here and so um I appreciate the

Response from Francis bovine Swift and He's he's not the only one that holds That position I just don't share that Concern if if a developer even so even Even if it were the case that that Anyone that's backing zah how even at The XP Ledger Foundation or anywhere if They're pushing to to build on the uh on On the zaha network when if that didn't Exist they were they otherwise would Have built on xrp The xrp Ledger okay Let them go do that then like I just Don't think that we're so fragile here It's the same thing where like I I Really believe what I wrote here you Know because I've seen for so many People say that bitcoiners they Attacking xrp because they know xrp is Superior and there is truth that to the Fact that the xrp Ledger from a Technical logical perspective like yes Of course it's Superior to bitcoin There's no question about That you know arguably Bitcoin is the Worst the bit the worst cryptocurrency In existence from a tech perspective Because it was the first but I still Hold it I I'm I'm glad I you know I'm Pro Bitcoin I'm just saying I'm just Being a realist Here so I I just I I don't see what the Problem is so even if it were all true Even if and I don't you know and Francis Brine so he's not even asserting that

This is is the case that they're doing This he's just throwing a hypothetical Out there which is perfectly fine but I'm just saying even if it were True who but they can't they can't do Anything to negatively impact the xrp or The xrp Ledger all they could do is not Build on it they could just stop that And they I mean they could say nasty Things and lie about it I guess but you Know the cool thing about a Decentralized system like The xrp Ledger Is if they start acting in a way that's Not good for the ecosystem and everybody Else agrees that the xrp Ledger Foundation is not acting in good faith Or a way that will help the ecosystem You just stop trusting them that's it That's the way this works don't trust Their validator boom gone no Problem so this they don't have the Power over the rest of us to ruin us and There's also so much adoption for xrp And The xrp Ledger at this point without Smart contract functionality like you Got to understand it's hit Network Effect it's been around for over a Decade if something if it were if it Were the case that a cryptocurrency must Have on layer one smart contract Functionality in order to be broadly Adopted we' know that by now because xrp Would have already gone to zero but Instead it's flourishing and it's in the

Top 10 cryptos by market cap so we know That the smart contract functionality is Not required at this point Not that it but look if you if you pass The hook amendments and it doesn't mess Anything up I'm not saying that it Wouldn't be useful or necessarily but I'm not the developer type so I'm not I Don't have an opinion on that on whether It would or wouldn't be good most of us Can't have a reasonable opinion on that With without having some really in the No developers who are in the code Explaining it to us like we're 5-year-olds right that's the reality of It because almost none of us are Developers we're not writing computer Code Right so So I just I I even if xrp Ledger never Has any layer one smart contract Functionality it's already so adopted to Use for all all these use Cases why why would this go away because The stuff that the people building on Zah how want to build they're going to Build it anyway whether it's zah how Network or whether it's pick your smart Contract platform it's happening anyway And that if they went and started Building on again cardano pick or Whatever the platform is does that hurt The xrp Ledger no not directly there's Just and and by the way some of the

Activity it's not even that it would be Pulling the activity from The xway xrp Ledger in terms of developer Activity like broadly speaking what is To be built on zaha can't be built on The xrp Ledger because there is no l one Smart contract functionality it Literally can't be so how is this a Problem this is all it's it's just I'm Glad that everybody's talking and from What I've seen it's been rather Civil uh you can see that people feel Pretty strongly one way or another and Okay fine but I haven't seen anything Nasty so that's good I'm just glad People are talking this out I just Wanted to throw down my two cents you Know I'm no more special than anybody Else in the community but I just I just I can't relate to the arguments I just Don't think that they're right that this Is some sort of problem and so the xrp Ledger Foundation being supportive of Both both ecosystems even if it's the Case that they're they're going to prop Up one chain over the other even if That's true I don't give a damn I simply Don't if they are voting uh within our Ecosystem the xrp Community and we see that they're no Longer acting in good faith we stop Listening to them who cares even so even If they were trying even if they could

Do something that's actively bad who Cares this is how decentralized systems Are supposed to work so I just don't Give a damn and I don't think that They're operating in bad faith but if You ever point out to me proof that they Are I'll say okay let's just trust them Anymore problem solved xrp keeps Chugging along there you go that's it Wash your hands at it we're good it's Not a big deal guys everything's fine so That's what I think and I know not Everybody will agree with me but I I Think what I'm saying makes sense if I'm Missing something from a logical Perspective maybe there's something I Had consider let me know because I I do Like discussions and debates on on stuff Like this but I think everything's Perfectly Fine I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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