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Welcome back to the show everybody well Today is March 31st will we see a ruling Or a settlement in the SEC versus Ripple Case Somebody wrote that beautiful intro Brad kimes come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now We are looking at 28 400 plus for Bitcoin and ethereum 1838 and change Tether market cap 79.8 billion plus xrp Is 53 cents it's up 19.1 percent let's Take a look at this the range of price Right now is between drum roll 54 and 56 cents for xrp we'll keep an Eye on it hey ladies and gentlemen 35 Days and counting for xrp Las Vegas Don't mess around get your tickets Absolutely going to sell out and as it Looks with the way we're going it will Sell out this month April is it I'm Telling you if you're going to be on the Fence about whether I want to go but I Don't know some people want to go but They don't know anybody well that's what This is for You're going to be at this physical Connection point this meeting place xrp Las Vegas and you know what we're going To have a q a with John Deaton on stage You're going to be a part of that get Your ticket the tickets will not last Long 35 days and counting make sure you

Click the link underneath the video Let's take a look at this uh John Deaton Here retweets Elizabeth Warren as she Says I'm in this fight to put our Government on the side of Working Families Join the re-election campaign and we all Know that she's starting an anti-crypto Army Well John Deaton rightfully so says here The practice I practice law in Massachusetts Massachusetts judges have Mandatory retirement at age 70. in other Words if Elizabeth Warren was a judge in Massachusetts and not a senator she Would have to retire If you're too old to rule on the Application of the law maybe you're too Old to be making the law Coach Auntie damn He says here apparently Jim Cramer had Come out the other day we did cover that I believe or at least I saw it And said that he thought that the SEC Was going to be okay well that scared The hell out of me and I believe it Scared the hell out of everybody else That saw it John Deaton believes xrp is Better off with Kramer as a critican and I do too because everything seems to Happen in the opposite fashion as the Wall Street puppet speaks from his Pulpit Brad garlinghouse said yesterday and I

Covered this this morning but stay with Me here Because I want to go somewhere today Because you know we know that Jim filing Doesn't mean he has to be right or wrong Or whatever we're not holding him to Anything or anyone else But the reality is is that he did make a Prediction that he thought that on or Before March 31st 2023 there would be a Ruling or some kind of settlement Judgment what have you In the SEC versus Ripple case But I look to this which right here was Shots that were fired here and Rightfully so from CEO Brad garlinghouse Over the SEC in the remarks they made That existing rules to regulate crypto That legislation was unnecessary And you can see from Brad's tone here When you behave like an autocrat which Is an absolute ruler running a 2.2 Billion dollar bloated agency why would You ever want to provide clarity about What's in or out without clear Jurisdiction ambiguity masquerades as Power and it's absolutely true and read That again and the reason I bring that Up is is to show the tone that's going On right now and I don't think you have To be a big time lawyer to figure out That there's probably not a settlement Because this is the kind of posturing That says I'm gonna fight you to the end

If you're not ready to go to the table And that does not look like they're Ready to go to the table so I agree with Riz here no settlement in lawsuit as Ripple CEO and general counsel blast the SEC in recent tweets and I think that's Spot on for now for a settlement But what about a ruling and I want to Remind people that back in February here We found out that it was breaking one Word order from District Judge Torres Had denied the sec's motion to file a Cerser reply in its support of its Motion to strike and then we had heard Other things that seemed to lean in to The judge giving the understanding to Both parties that she's not seeing xrp As a as occur as a security here in this Case you know they're not definitive Completely but leaning in right tones And things that we've seen case References have shown that the judge may Be citing that you know xrp is not a Security we will see whether it's today Or not but let's move on forward here Because this is a clip that I pulled From coindesk when Stuart El doradi was On it after the summary judgments were Filed and all the materials were Submitted and I want to play play this Few minutes here and listen to Stuart Out of Roddy and how important Everything he says takes us right to This moment that we're in today and how

Important it is take a listen here and And the other thing the law is very very Clear on and it may sound like a you Know a lawyer you know giving you a fine Legal point but it's an important legal Point and the United States court of Appeals for the second circuit has been Very clear on this point what Howie Requires is an investment in a common Enterprise not an investment in efforts And that is a remarkable statement and I Think we all know it maybe we all know It Ad nauseam but you know what I just Feel like on this day Where we could see a ruling in this case It is important to delineate the Difference right this is not a common Enterprise we're talking about and a Common interest in something is not the Same thing as a common Enterprise right Very very important Point here it's an Important legal point and the United States court of appeals for the second Circuit has been very clear on this Point what Howie requires is an Investment in a common Enterprise not an Investment in efforts and the quote is You cannot so easily satisfy the Howie Test by simply saying that you're Investing in efforts you need to invest In a common Enterprise in other words You need to invest in a business venture You need to have the right title or Interest in that business venture and no

Holder of xrp has any right title or Interest in the business venture known As Ripple if you want to write title or Interest in the business which are known As Ripple you need to go out in the Secondary market and buy a share of Ripples so just a quick which you can do On link two as we talk about here on This channel check out my sponsor for That if you do want to get Ripple Private Equity because I want you to Think about from that angle for a second Okay The plug aside click the link if you Want it but look the plug aside If there's a ruling today how much Longer is that going to be available Because Brad garlinghaus has said Clearly publicly They intend to IPO after after ruling in This case Follow-up to that do you think there are Cryptocurrencies out there that are Indeed unregistered Securities and SEC Chair Gary Gensler himself has said that You don't need any further guidance it's All written out there in case law that You don't need any further explanation From SEC do you I I imagine you know you Don't agree with that well there's two Questions there Um uh could there be digital assets that Are packaged and sold as Securities I Imagine there could be

Um what do I Gare againstler says is we Don't need any further clarification Maybe that was true if the SEC under the Prior leadership and the SEC under Gary Genser's leadership was Faithfully Applying the law what they're doing here Is they're not applying the law they're Seeking to remake the law the SEC has Already been called out by this court by Engaging in hypocrisy because they're Engaging in litigation Behavior to Further a desired result rather than a Faithful allegiance to the law so maybe I would agree with Gary again so that we Don't need any further Clarity if he was Faithfully applying the law but he's not He's twisting the law or the SEC is I Don't want to meet this personal Institute Jerry Gensler the SEC is Twisting the law they're using sleight Of hand to pretend that common interest Could be a common Enterprise That you don't need a contract from Investment to satisfy an investment Contract so if we were to Faithfully Apply the law maybe we don't need any More clarity but over the past Six years I'll say starting with the Clayton administration at the SEC and Now continuing into the Gary genser Administration there's been so much Confusion and Havoc wrought by this Agency and I think intentionally because With that with confusion comes power uh

Let me put it this way is Gary Gensler Or the SEC truly believed that they had The power that they suggest they have in Speeches and interviews they would be Exercising that power and they're not And the reason they're not is because They don't have the power under the law And that's going to be exposed in this Case Stephen being told you're running Out of time so we appreciate you coming On the show no less though here they ask Him about settlement listen what he says About settlement or ruling here yes or No any settlement on the table We've said publicly since day one that This case settles if the SEC makes clear That Ripple sales and distributions of Xrp and xrp is trading in the secondary Market does not constitute a security if They're willing to acknowledge that the Case settles and settles very very Quickly without that acknowledgment we Have no choice to continue to defend the Case and we're defending the case not Only on behalf of Ripple we're really Defending this case on behalf of the Entire crypto industry because if we're Not going to get clarity through Regulatory rulemaking and we're not We're getting deliberate Um confusion brought upon the market if We're not going to get clarity through The legislative process and there's some Good faith efforts to make that work the

Only other place that where you can get Clarity is through the judicial process The litigation process and that's where We're going to get it And that's where we are on this day but Don't go anywhere because I want to show You this clip now and uh you know you Have to wonder why we're on the heels of A ruling and decision in the SEC versus Ripple case I have to wonder what it and How it reflects on the rest of the Market how will it how will a ruling Speak to the other digital Assets in This space that only have presumed Clarity not legal Clarity take a listen Here in essence I'm not a strong Believer in Bitcoin it is it isn't Developing us Essentially And for all the reasons it's a strong Developing asset class it may fail Um remember part of the integrity Of an asset class or part of the Integrity of a system Is knowing who owns it and knowing who Has it and knowing why it's being Transferred and is it being used for Legitimate causes is it being used for Good Or is it being used for illegitimate Causes is it being used in Corrupt Practices and corrupt ways the Bitcoin System today has no transparency to it So there are a lot of people that

Question why would you need a system That does not have an audit Trail does Not have integrity you don't know who Owns it you don't know exactly how much Exists today how much has been mine how Much has been lost how much has been Thrown away on hard drives because they Don't exist anymore so it lacks some of The basic integrities of a real market So as you start to see this play out Obviously Bitcoin appears right now to Be the most likely candidate to kind of Fill this role are there other aspects Technologies digital currencies that you Think could potentially fill this role Or is it just Bitcoin and that's kind of The one shot we have uh for kind of a Nation-state agnostic currency here but Yeah the only one I see that actually Can reserve that yeah think that has the The security of being like a global Reserve asset is something like Bitcoin If you think about the xrp transaction From one regulated financial institution A bank or a payment provider they're Doing a what's called a kyc check which References know your customer there's a Global regulatory framework around kyc That's at the both endpoints of an xrp Transaction into and out of so Ripple Decided earlier on that we wanted to be At kind of the infrastructure layer There's a whole bunch of strategic Issues associated with that one of them

Quite frankly is that if you work with Regulated endpoints that's where all the Regulatory Frameworks apply kyc know Your customer AML anti-money laundering All the acronyms if you work just with Regulated endpoints they're making sure That that is the case And you know when you think about that Contrast it's not hard to understand for Me why there is a case with the SEC and Ripple over xrp because they've been Working to work to design what they do To work within the financial system Because there is a crisis amongst us and It is a liquidity crisis it is a Monetary crisis and it's very very real And it's getting more real every day And I have to say I do agree with this As we talked about here that the way They're hammering away here and Bill Morgan said it best uh the way Stuart El Doradi and Brad garlinghouse were making Their tweets yesterday it doesn't seem That a settlement is anywhere in sight And then I asked you all of you Where are you on this day where do you See this Will judge Torres deliver a ruling for The SEC versus Ripple case regarding xrp Today Shockingly fourteen hundred plus people Have voted 70 percent of you 70.7 in Fact have said no there will be no Ruling today

And 29.3 has said yes well I hope that Judge Torres doesn't read this and play To the masses Look I don't know where this goes today And I know we all want to see a Resolution here and one that allows the Digital asset and all of us is secondary Market holders to continue to Participate Buy sell sense babe save Spend send hold the asset exactly the Way we have before and maybe even at a Bank going forward that would be nice Too right But we don't know but I was shocked to Find out that 70 plus percent of you out Of over 1400 people so far feel like There will be no judgment today or Ruling today so Hopefully judge Torres doesn't hear all Of you Baja but I want to see it rolling I'm pulling for the underdog to 29.3 I'm In there too I might make it 30 with my Little vote we'll see what happens not Financial advice for me or anyone else It's just my digital perspectives head On a swivel this is crypto you just Never know I'll catch all of you on the Next one


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